Lovely lodge but the food was surprisingly poor.

Theaker, Brian - 17th Oct, 2017

Very good other than pay point not working due no internet connectivity which caused some inconvenience.

Lehman, Derick - 29th Aug, 2017

Good rooms very nice guide who knew his job, good breakfast and dinner. Nice trip to the Canyon in nice weather, got pictures of the horses down by the Fish river.

Lybeck, Stig Olof - 12th Apr, 2016

Excellent location and facilities. Food was very good and the staff very efficient and attentive. Would recommend this hotel for visits to fish River Canyon

Iles, R - 20th Mar, 2015

We were greeted by very friendly en efficient service, staff was amazing, clean crisp linen and very neat room, good advice regarding the canyon distance in order to have sundowners there, the decor and music suit the majestic and tranquil surroundings, the buildings and swimming pool area very appropriate, we highly recommend it.

Naude-fleischhauer,lourette - 05th Jan, 2015

Everything waswonderful. What a beautiful setting.

Kirkwood,annette - 30th Aug, 2014

An absolut stunning place with frienldy staff, they even had Gluten free Bread for our daughter and the staff was helpfull be advising what to eat or not. The romms were clean and charming

Weimann, Christiane - 20th Jan, 2014

A truly wonderful, friendly place, will definitely return soon

Greyling, Chris - 06th Jan, 2014

Gorgeous spot, lovely pool perfect for visiting canyon,helpful staff, good food, accommodation excellent

White, Jennie & John - 15th Oct, 2013

A nice location in close proximity to the Fish River Canyon. The staff were pleasant and very courteous with extremely efficient service. The main Chef went overboard to satisfy our vegetarian food requirements. We had a sunset walk which was nice and refreshing. Overall, the Canyon village was a pleasant experience without any hardships.

Murthy, Vj - 16th Sep, 2013

Nice place with well laid out rooms and facilities. Menu was good and food well prepared. It would have been nice to drive up to the room and not having to trek a long distance to the car park every day. Failing that a luggage trolley would have been handy. Staff was not able to give accurate directions to important visiting points in the area. Wi-Fi working and good speed.

Brink, Willie - 12th Sep, 2013

very very nice and absolutely friendly personal. the atmosphere is perfect, the chalets are fantastic

Fischer, Henrike - 21st Mar, 2013

Amazing place, excellent staff.

Lubino, Virginie - 09th Jul, 2012

We arrived there very late but it immediately appeared as a fantastic place, very quite, in a lovely landscape. Good rooms and all staff were really kind and helpfull.

Leoncini, Silvia - 08th Jul, 2012

Very nice location, very good food.

Cavallone, Maurizio - 05th Sep, 2011

friendly staff, good food

Warren, Elsabe - 20th Sep, 2010

It's a wonderful place, a place I strongly recommend

Cenci, Cristina - 15th Sep, 2009