good lodge, very clean, breakfast was ok, dinner nice, a lodge for relaxing

Schokrowski, Nils - 29th Oct, 2017

it's been one of the best place to stay

Carniti,sergio - 28th Sep, 2017

Wonderful place! Timo made great meals, there are tables in Front of Restaurant/bar from where you can sit and watch the waterhole (lit At night). Private, secluded feeling. Sit around the fire in the evening. Wonderfully decorated rooms - just a FANTASTIC stay.

Diehl,anke - 25th Aug, 2016

Joern Grassmann gave us an introduction to the San people, he has grown up with them and speaks their language. First class accomodation with every thing.

Lybeck, Stig Olof - 12th Apr, 2016

We enjoyed our visit to the San people altough it was a poignant experience. Very sad that they are not allowed to hunt over the land. Given this is the heart of their culture, can't see their culture surviving. The owner of Fiume lodge has some definite views about lots of things some of which you laugh off but the more sensitive might take offence.

Macdonald, Ron - 15th Oct, 2015

Very nice place, clean, not very busy at this time of year. The food and accommodation were of good quality. We enjoyed our stay there.

Hoke, Steven - 30th Jul, 2015

We were lucky and had Chalets 7 and 8 which were excellent. We also had Chalet 6, which is similar to most of the others. This is a little dark, but clean with good shower etc. Food at dinner and breakfast was rationed ie they ran out of scrambled egg and 3 of us had none. If it is difficult to make a profit, they need to charge a little more, because the food rationing would make us say, we wouldn`t stay here again. The staff were young and pleasant. The bar shut at 9pm and generally it lacked a little holiday atmosphere.

Jewel, Steve - 08th Sep, 2014

This was a small camp and the only reason to visit is for the Bushman experience, there was no game drive available at the time. The Bushman trip was a long drive there and back but well worth the experience. Our German guide was extremely passionate and imparted a wealth of knowledge regarding the history, life and future of the Bushman. This was an interactive experience and should be part of any visit to Namibia. We visited during winter and found the camp to be cold, the owners lent us a heater, the room heater was not working, the chalets and common areas are all brick so this could be a little overpowering. We have to say the owners and staff were extremely helpful and friendly, the meals here amongst the best we encountered and it is well worth a stop just for the food.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

Great lodge, wonderful people

Herran, Frederic - 21st Jul, 2014

We can highly recommend the Bushman Tour run by Fiume. Only negative with Fiume was that they must have recently stained/ treated the wooden beams in the rooms and the smell was a little overwhelming.

Sumich, Kim - 18th Dec, 2013

Good for a stop over accommodation fine, grounds nice and food Ok though we did think it wasn`'t the best breakfast of our visit.

Hayes, Diane - 02nd Oct, 2013

warm welcome. Good food.

Rey Pubhoo, Marielle - 28th Aug, 2013

Great hospitality of both Bianca and Joern. There is a waterhole behind the lodge and we saw a big group of eland, oryx and springbok there, even some giraf. When visiting the Bushmen, Joern, who speaks their language, is a great guide and you can feel there is a bond between the Bushmen and Joern: pretty special.

Cuijpers, Wendy - 17th Jun, 2013

lodge is nice and clean, and the owner takes utmost care of his guests.

Pannecoeck, Luc - 24th Sep, 2012