Tsondab was set in beautiful surroundings, with a 20 minute drive off-road. We stayed in a room, instead of camping, and the bungalows were very luxurious, clean and well presented. The staff were incredibly helpful and offered to move the mattress to the roof so we could sleep under the stars. The evening meal was splendid, very luxurious and delicious food with a large selection of salads.

Waller, Matt - 02nd Nov, 2017

Amazing place, loved sleeping on the roof. Coped really well with a confusion over booking, highly recommended. Again lovey food including for vegetarian

Read, Mary - 18th Apr, 2017

Outstanding guest service, great food and excellent accommodation even under the stars! This lodge would deserve to be pictured on the cover of sunset magazine....

Karge, Desiree - 26th Aug, 2016

Beatiful lodge. Good meals.

Francesconi, Andrea - 24th Aug, 2016

Lovely location and rooms although we cannot imagine the rooms mid-summer. There is just not enough air flow to keep cool. The dinner was delicious. We had the staff drive us to the opening of their canyon so that we could go for a morning walk, which was lovely. Out of our whole trip, this was the one place where we did not feel entirely welcome. A few touches that can improve overall - the electricity was shut off promptly after everyone left from the dinner table. It would be good if it was left on until 11 or 11:30 to ensure everyone had ample time to prepare for bed. Additionally, the owners have several small dogs that bark when animals or people approach - it can be annoying.

Gondre, Karen - 22nd Dec, 2015

Super nice and special this place. Wonderful view. And the guys enjoyed sleeping on the roof terrace. Good food.

Lex, Ute - 31st Aug, 2015

Superb in all respects

Cole, Trevor - 11th May, 2015

Great self guided walks; challenging sandy drive in

Williams, Stacey - 06th May, 2015

Food was excellent

Von Well, Rieka - 01st May, 2015

Great place - needs more support. dramatic scenery. friendly service

Beauclerk, Peter - 07th Sep, 2014

Loved this venue so much. Hans and Kristina(?) were so welcoming and the place was incredibly clean. We ate our evening meal with them and they shared so much great knowledge about the wildlife, etc. Breakfast was stunning, with smoked meats that Hans had caught and smoked himself. Would have liked to have had an extra night here as we feel we didn`t have time to properly explore it.

Parkes, Simon - 16th Nov, 2013

This place at `the end of the world` is absolutely magical. The landscape is wonderful.We were very well welcomed,dinner and breakfast were excellent and the lodge offers very interesting activities.

Albano, Veronique - 16th Jan, 2013

great setting, very nice people, lovely food.

Nobels, Ingrid - 27th Nov, 2012

Family run lodge with campsite in an extraordinary landscape. Very nice in all respects. Good food.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012