Beautiful lodge with friendly staff and really good dinner.

Siewert, Sebastian - 09th Jul, 2018

Incredible service, spectacular accommodations.

Cox, Joshua - 29th Oct, 2015

Very luxury lodge in modern but nice style (nice to have once something completely different). Very friendly staff. Gastronomic food. Beautifull swinning pool and general accomodation. Very spacious lodges. Certainly to recommend !

De Bruycker, Siska - 28th Apr, 2013

Very modern facilities and delicious food.

Ridorsa, Natalia - 14th Oct, 2012

This lodge is new. The staff is very helpful and makes all effort to keep the guests happy. Unfortunately the architectural design of the lodge is not practical, and not really convenient for tourists visiting Etosha. This may be rather a place convenient for business people during the warm period of the year.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012

What a beautiful place and hostess who was really keen to deliver quality service. Really well trained, nice staff. By far the best food we had on the entire trip - fabulous!! Plus lovely rooms.

Barber, Rachael - 03rd Feb, 2012