The Kayaking is a must for any visitor to the region ... Guides on the Harbour tour were very informative , friendly and thankfully also good drivers :)

Henshall,tony - 08th Sep, 2016

Really lovely experience. Both were well organized with oysters and champagne lunch in the desert, awesome!

Van Binsbergen, Mick - 05th Sep, 2016

We were afraid kayaking was going to be too cold and almost didn't go, but I'm so glad we went! The seals were great fun and the 4X4 drive with the nice lunch on the dunes also. It was a great day.

Dhruv, Sharma - 15th Aug, 2016

outstanding day.... great tour

Bequary, Eric - 29th Jul, 2016

Best day of the trip. So worth it!

Poreda, Jackie - 12th Jun, 2016

What a fantastic trip. We never expected to get so close to the seals and the Sandwich Harbour element was better than we expected. The lunch provided, the guide and weather were all brilliant. We recommended this trip to others we met on the way round

Newsome, Michael - 04th Sep, 2015

The kayaking with the seals was great. We thought we would get some of the pics that Leon, the guide, was taking, but in the end we didn't (maybe because we switched to a different guide and car for the second part of the trip). Sandwich Harbour was nice, and a bit adventurous as the car broke down in the middle of the desert. Luckily, we had a good driver who doesn't need 4x4 and could get us back in 2x4 over the dunes just as well.

Tuytelaars, Tinne - 29th Jul, 2015

It was a fantastic experience that we would love to repeat. The guides were very nice and professional.

Vanderstraeten, Igor - 01st Jul, 2015

Very fun and challenging ... We loved it. The DVD's we were given afterwards is a great souvenir.

Muller, Jette - 08th Aug, 2013

sandwich harbour element was very disappointing in contrast to the excellent guide and experience with Sian and the seals- she knows her stuff and her enthusiasm comes through

Davies, Linda - 13th Nov, 2011