Nice place, children friendly.

Fikse, Olav - 01st Apr, 2018

Good experience.

Allemekinders, Marije - 01st Jan, 2018

Top floor sleeping too hot, possibility of fan?

Mcgowan, S - 28th Oct, 2015

The male manager was very help when I needed assistance tracking down the luggage that the airline misplaced. Visiting the nearby Cheetah Conservation Fund was the highlight of my holiday.

Chatham, Robert - 31st Jul, 2015

Reasonable, good-value accommodation

Thea - 09th Mar, 2015

nice garden & swimming pool

Bailley, Vivien - 06th Nov, 2014

The perfect place for resting one or two nights

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

Shame the pool was out of action, most places not just this one Although your winter it was our summer and hot and a pool would have been good for the children

Mcgowan, S - 06th Aug, 2014

OK, good rate, big room, food is nothing extraordinary but ok. Service during breakfast is slow and poor. All the parrots and other birds they have close to the deluxe rooms are bothering all the day with terrible screeming. Extremly effected are the rooms 81, 82, 83. Here you need earprotection.

Buchert, Thomas - 04th Mar, 2014

Nice and quiet place to stay. The only problem was the location of our room. It was right next to the area where the staff took their breaks and the smoke from their cigarettes came into our room, even with the windows and door closed. We enjoyed our stay.

Velasco, Marianne - 07th Jan, 2014

a good place for a one night stay

Talbot, Graham - 06th May, 2012