Great! We come back!

Hoferer, Claudia - 26th Nov, 2017

Great sunrise drive, very good guide (David). Comfortable rooms and the swimming pool

Marson, Pier Paolo - 18th Sep, 2017

Excellent, wonderful to see the sky in the desert

Coppini, Roberta - 03rd Sep, 2017

This was perfect for our needs.

Friedman, Jacob - 24th Jun, 2017

Nice place, catering mainly to large german tour groups - no wonder the staff were a bit jaded. Would have preferred a place closer to the Dunes and a little bit more personable,. but otherwise fine,

Humm, Grant - 26th Apr, 2017

A nice place. Big and full of tourist-groups. Well-functioning WIFI in the lobby-area, no TV in the rooms (which we did not miss) and the location is great, with oryxes walking around and the red hills behind the hotel is a perfect back-drop to the hotel. The buffet is good and breakfast also so. We had one night here and then upgraded to Dune Star Lodge which was a FANTASTIC experience and we highly recommend that to anybody.

Jorgensen, Erlend - 27th Oct, 2016

Very nice lodge and place with excellent accomodation and especially clean swimming pools. Why was Dinner not included in the cost?

Suleau, Marcel - 25th Apr, 2015

Very nice place but the rooms are without charm! The food is not good.

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

Basic accommodation, but good enough. Motel style. Sheets felt polyester the only criticism. The food was fine, and the staff were excellent. (perhaps not ideal for vegetarians looking at the options there) The walk to the petrified dunes and the surround was great. Recommended. 

Terblanche, Dave - 10th Jul, 2014

Very friendly staff and good facilities but we would have liked to be closer to the dunes. This was dictated by the time of year being the busy Easter holiday. Next time we will need to book earlier.

Fletcher, Paul - 29th Apr, 2014

wonderful lodge

Emonard, Herve - 12th Aug, 2013

Very good service friendly, helpful and lots to do Food was good

Pearse, Fay - 03rd Jun, 2013

What a wonderful resort ! If it could be arranged we would have stayed a day longer.

Van Heerden, Willie - 08th Oct, 2012


Esterhuise, Ilse - 28th Sep, 2012


Lubino, Virginie - 09th Jul, 2012

Seemed to be a lack of information with the staff here. Were also late on two occasions that caused us to get a late start (kitchen was late with breakfast so we got a late start to the Dunes, and the reception office was late opening when we were trying to check out and get back to the airport - another guest actually had the chef track down an employee in the staff housing).

Ealy's, The - 08th Feb, 2012

A good option for visitng Sossusvlei area. Nice rooms and useful breakfast pack available.

Popescu, George - 30th Aug, 2011

Good value for money accommodation

Louw, Andre - 12th Jul, 2011

Better than expected. Underrated.

Persson, Joakim - 10th Nov, 2010


Shipman, Trish - 04th Oct, 2010

Best value for money. Wonderful sundowner trip on the petrified dunes. Perfect place to relax after the long journey from europe and a full day at Sossusvlei.

Meloni, Pierpaolo - 19th Jan, 2010

Excellent venue

Smith, Arthur - 05th Nov, 2009

Fine lodge, good atmosphere. Good dinner. What a beautiful landscape !

Feuerstake, Fred - 12th Sep, 2009

I thought this was good value and their sundown drive is pretty is a bit far from the dunes but a great place to stay.

Hewson, Chad - 09th Sep, 2009


An Hoang,thien - 09th Sep, 2009

Excellent, good location and still not too far from Sesriem

Mcdougall, Neil - 28th Jul, 2009