This incredible resort offered us a great way to end these weeks, far from the noise of Windhoek

Ardigo, Nadia - 07th Sep, 2017

pitched camp on grass; well laid out and kept, Private ablutions. Staff very helpful. We enjoyed doing one of the hikes.

Bernhardi, Ian - 22nd Jun, 2017

VERY NICE and most enjoyable. Very pretty scenery.

Keevy, Alan - 16th May, 2017

A luxurious stop. Brilliant reception and facilities. We were allocated a luxury campsite - not sure if this was correct? The private enclosed kitchen and bathroom/showers were very convenient when the first of the rains started pouring down. Would have liked to stay longer.

De Beer, Elzette - 15th Jan, 2017

Camp staff were noisy. Vehicles driving up and down

Leij Van Der Jenny - 21st Nov, 2016

Beautiful campsite, great facilities.

Siegert Marizaan - 08th Aug, 2016

LOVED IT!! Quite expensive though. Accommodation was really very nice. the best mattress I have EVER slept on!! Dinner was really nice as well as breakfast. staff very friendly.

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

Five star reception. Wonderful and unfforgetable sun set.

Leitao, Diamantino - 18th Nov, 2015

Our first night on the road. We should have taken Allison's advice and spent two nights in this beautiful game reserve. Comfortable camping on a grassy lawn, with well-maintained ablutions close by. Individual sites had power, lighting, a sink and a braai. Had an excellent meal in the restaurant.

Vaughton, Glenda - 16th Oct, 2015

Beautiful setting. Spotlessly clean. Noisy group in campsite and very noisy conference group spoiled the night a bit.

Behne Richard - 17th Jul, 2015


Mcgowan, S - 06th Aug, 2014

We had a very large room which was lovely. The rooms are quite cold as they do not get much sun during the day and it was very cold at night, but the aircon acts as a heater if required! The lunch and dinners we ate here were excellent and very good value compared with Etosha. The birds and the walks were very good.

Hempstead, Tracy - 02nd Jul, 2014

The most beautiful campsite but the most incompetent staff

Juergen - 29th Apr, 2014

Lovely clean camp. Quiet and peaceful and very friendly staff. Would be helpful to know which campsites have Braii. This did which was useful to us. Their little game drive is a great way to start to see wildlife. I`d book this place again and use your services again. Thanks

Pickard,jessica - 04th Jan, 2014

We upgraded to a chalet which was expensive but well appointed.

Van Wyk, Pieter - 23rd Oct, 2013

The campsite is very confortable, even luxurious (sanitaries).

Bottinelli Julien - 31st Aug, 2013

Fabulous place to spend our first real night on the road. Meant that we had a chance to try out all the equipment so if we had any issues we weren't far from Windhoek and the ability to go walking with the wildife was a wonderful introduction to Namibia

Mills, Ian - 13th Oct, 2012