This campsite was probably the highlight of my trip. Beautiful setting, clean, friendly. Totally awesome place.

Gibbons, Natalie - 20th May, 2018

the camp site are probably the best we have had but the pool is too dirty tu use and there are a lot of flies which is a little annoying. Great service (fire lit up in the evening and morning)

D'hoop, Isaline - 02nd Dec, 2017

Huge camping sites with private toilet and bathroom built in the rock. Beautiful and very quiet.

Brugoux, Murielle - 06th Sep, 2017

Spectacular spot, stunning views from up on the rocks, where a pool and bar are build into the boulders. Great camping spots, widely spaced with showers and toilets cunningly hidden in the rocks and great kitchen area. The best campsite ever.

Ganzleben,catherine - 24th Aug, 2017

Our favorite campsite. Expertly arranged around the rocks. Very nice staff. The architecture is so cool. Quiet. Night sky. Local singers came to serenade us before bed. We loved it.

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

Amazing campsite! One night was right though.

Slowe, Jon - 12th Aug, 2017

It was our least favorite. If I have to come back I would spend only one night there

Calvin, Veronica - 22nd May, 2017

The most beautiful campsite! Very peaceful.

Verhaert, Liesbet - 18th Dec, 2016

Very peaceful

Cabianca, Riccardo - 10th Oct, 2016

Helpful people, great campsite with provate facilities

Sawicki, Maciej - 01st Oct, 2016

Very nice place. Don't miss the sunset view form the pool. It could be better if the camping site had a lamp.

Moreno, Teresa - 13th Sep, 2016

Probably the most scenic but shared facilities for 8 people was difficult. Never had hot water in the showers!

Van Binsbergen, Mick - 05th Sep, 2016

This was a quiet campsite and we had a choir serenade us at night which was nice. We also saw the Himba people which was fantastic. We were forced to drive to the Geertberg lodge attached to Hoada (about 26km away) because we could not pay with credit card. It was quiet and had more flies there than other places.

Dickey, Zane - 26th Jul, 2016

great location, helpful staff, cool pool and village tour.

Bird, Laura - 24th Jul, 2016

Perfect, quiet campsite, friendly managers.

Dekeersmaecker, Frank - 06th Jul, 2016

Wonderful campsite, beautiful in its simplicity and rustic nature. Will definitely be back. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

Smith Tanya - 18th Apr, 2016

Very calm and relaxing place, great pool area and friendly staff. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time at the Grootberg lodge as well, but their trips on offer are very expensive.

Lodder, Jasmijn - 04th Jan, 2016

We loved this campsite. It was spacious and it was great to go up into the rocks for a swim or have a drink as the sun was setting. We went on a three and a half hour cycle ride with a lovely fellow whose family has a farm nearby. It was highly educational to witness how such families survive in the parched landscape. We also went up to Grootberg Lodge twice, once for lunch which was excellent and the view was stunning. Perhaps it might be worthwhile for Cardboard Box to mention to prospective travellers that lodges such as Grootberg provide excellent lunches which are inexpensive and enable one to enjoy a bit of luxury!

Henderson, Iain & Pippa - 17th Dec, 2015

Scenically perfect. Camp host Andrew was a real knowledgeable character bringing welcome enjoyment to the camp. Under Andrew's guidance, this camp will become a destination site.

Wood, Graeme - 26th Nov, 2015

Andrew the manager was tremendous, he led his team showing lots of get up and go. A very humerous individual who is prepared to help out in whatever way he can

Macdonald, Ron - 15th Oct, 2015

Perfect surroundings. Good atmosphere. Special place.

Vrancken, Cindy - 24th Sep, 2015

very very nice place, nice People, we loved it ther, just the hint, that there is no electricity and nothing to buy for a good hour. in this case we didn`t know about the bank Holiday as well (heroes day)

Kredel, Katrin - 07th Sep, 2015

Best campsite of the trip. Just fantastic hospitality and staff. Really thoughoutful - love the early morning and late night fire, showers in the rocks, bar etc... We would definitely come back here and recommend.

Ward, Esme - 27th Aug, 2015

This campsite is amazing, it's a little over designed maybe, for only six pitches thee is a lot of infrastructure in the pool and Bar area which actually are not needed . The pitches are spacious and very far apart and well maintained. The water heater and out door shower is very special, it's quite, remote location meant it was so incredibly peaceful and the night sky was superb. The only downside was the mop and wasps, they made it impossible for us to stay 2 days and nights as planned and so we relocated to Grootberg lodge for the second night. 8/10

Pycroft, Liz - 27th Aug, 2015

The best welcome we have ever had in our lives. Andrea is really really super nice and campsites are awesome. The most beautiful campsites we saw in Namibia. The bar is perfect, the pool could be better.

Durand, Pierre - 25th Aug, 2015

Beautiful campsite with excellent structures. The staff was very helpful and gave us useful advice for the organisation of activities in the surrounding areas.

Pirotta, Enrico - 11th Aug, 2015

The swarms of Mopane bees are very annoying and it makes relaxing almost impossible. With hindsight I would not have stayed a second night. It is a beautiful spot but having flies constantly trying to get into your eyes, nose & ears is a serious put off.

Frencken, Ineke - 18th May, 2015

Loved it, very special. Amazing staff.

Ferguson, Paul - 03rd May, 2015

Stunning setting

Elfranco, Coetzee - 20th Jan, 2015

I have to admit, we were a bit nervous about this place, as it was a back-up. We were pleasantly surprised. The campsite was outstanding -- even better than Waterberg -- with a hot shower, toilet and built-in kitchen. The pool and small bar was great too. It was so neat camping among the boulders -- like camping on the moon!

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015

Remote and beautiful location. Efficient and attentive warden. Recommended.

Mclaren, Stuart - 20th Sep, 2014

Beautiful bar/view deck

Albers,christiaan - 28th Jul, 2014

the place is wanderful!!!! there aren`t words to describe......fantastic, splendid, ecologic, magic....and many many more good adjectives!!!!

Stefanazzi, Ilaria - 09th Jun, 2014

Fantastic place!! Wonderful people! Special thanks to Nikolaus, Deska and Simson! A place we would like to return to!!

Bergstrom, Bo - 29th May, 2014

This is one of the best campsites we`ve been to. They way it is designed, with the facilities built into the rocks, is excellent.

Newman, Callum - 17th Jan, 2014

Great camping area in the mountains. Lovely people. Pool offered but needed to be serviced and cleaned regularly. Bring everything you need

Wilson, Andrea - 08th Jan, 2014

an experience but very long journey

Tassent, Philippe - 29th Nov, 2013

Loved this place it was the BEST place we stayed on the trip and that includes lodges

Maclean, Margaret - 16th Nov, 2013

Exceptional campsite!!!!

Roth, Jeremy - 22nd Sep, 2013

Absolutely amazing - wonderful setting, great facilities. The only site I`ve experienced with dedicated wc, shower, hand basin and kitchen basin for each stand on the site.

Padgett, Stephen - 16th Sep, 2013

This was the other favourite campsite. Thoughtfully built camping pitches amongst the rocky outcrops. Large and private. Fabulous shower area.

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013