The service, food and setting of this lodge was spectacular. I would recommend this hotel. The staff seemed to really care at this lodge. THe sundowner drive was excellent.

Morino, Meredith - 08th Jan, 2018

beautiful place to rest after 4 days in Etosha. Good service.

D'hoop, Isaline - 02nd Dec, 2017

our 4th visit - special welcome given best room and delicious dinner

Barmby, John - 23rd Oct, 2017

This Lodge was really nice, the best of our trip: Very nice location, food very good and close to CCF which was really convenient

Paren,gwen - 27th Aug, 2017

Very nice stopover on the way to Etosha.

Cabrini, Diana - 12th Aug, 2017

Far from waterberg plateau. Difficult to include a visit at the plateau and then reach the lodge.

Desrosiers, Luc - 25th Feb, 2017

Really nice lodge, great staff, everything wonderful, but your main view is over an enclosure with exotic and Caprivi antelopes which was just weird. We used it as a base to go to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Croukamp, Carmel - 07th Dec, 2016

Excellent price/quality

Van Sprang, Didier - 14th Nov, 2016

A good stop on the way to Etosha. Great facility that gets you into the sfari feel. Road is very bumpy, food and room was great. Could have stayed two days

Thorson, Chris - 10th Nov, 2016

Very comfortable. Set meals good. Helpful and happy staff.

Hurrell,claire - 07th Nov, 2016

Excellent lodge in beautiful grounds

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

Fantastic Lodge - excellent staff, amenities and accomodation

Holden, Wendy - 05th Aug, 2016

Looooooooved it loved it loved it!!! Very nice accommodation. one could see they have a very good management team there. Staff very friendly, food was amazing!!!!! the only negative is that the water hole is too far. they are aware of it but the owner does not want to change it. Really recommend this place!!

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

Rooms very good. Staff also very polite and friendly. Drawback is the food. Instead of concentrating on good tasty wholesome food they try to be too stylish and fancy. Too much game on the menu. Have stayed here before and will again.

Wilkinson, Colin - 30th May, 2016

Also very very perfect !!!

Faivre, Gisele & Jean-francois - 20th Apr, 2016

Our first stop in Namibia. The Chalets were nice and clean, the food was quite good - but not the best

Long,colin - 15th Feb, 2016

This was also a great location. Great accommodations, food and staff. We loved this place too!

Kaplan, Sybil - 24th Jan, 2016

beautiful stop on the way, thanks for recommending.

Tamsar, Toomas - 16th Jan, 2016

A lovely starting point for my Namibian adventure. Some of the best service I had on on the whole trip.

Kessler, James - 09th Jan, 2016

Very nice - lovely farm-style atmosphere

Powell, Jason - 02nd Nov, 2015

Beautiful place. Glad we stayed 2 nights. went to the Cheetah Conservation it was excellent. A Japanese film crew were filming round the pool with drones etc which spilt the peace a bit. The food, service and room were excellent.

Mccomiskey,shelagh - 14th Oct, 2015

Nice lodge and well located for visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund. The game drives at the lodge are limited in what you will actually see due to dense bush. Like most game drives, a bit of luck is involved.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

This was a more comfortable experience for us as a Lodge. Again it was clean, and we were well looked after. It had a great viewing platform and tower, and we even heard frogs for the first time. There were enough fires, blankets and patio heaters around to keep people warm in the evening during and after the meal.

Timbertopper, Sarah - 22nd Aug, 2015

A good stopover destination but quite far from the airport after almost a 24 hour journey to get to Namibia

Yeomans, Susan - 05th Jul, 2015

A bit off-route, but pleasant location, very comfortable, again good food. Very good value.

Richardson, Gary - 26th Jun, 2015

Lovely place. Accommodation outstanding, food excellent, staff attentive and very much 'on the ball". Highly recommended.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Great stopover between Windhoek and Etosha. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Hess, Jolanta - 09th Jun, 2015


Stolk,boudewijn - 31st May, 2015

Clean fresh chalet, and good food and really helpful hosts, although we thought it just a stop over after vingerklip a little plain. Unfortunately we missed the rhinos because of rain, only rain we had, shame.

Wilson, Vanda - 14th Apr, 2015

A perfect camp- especially after Onkoshi!! Everything worked the way it should, the staff were friendly and the meals were very good. Highly recommended

Wilkinson, Colin - 23rd Feb, 2015

Ok as a stop over. Next time we would stay in the park another day and do the whole drive to Windhoek in one day.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 14th Jan, 2015

We should have had longer here to explore the area but this is a really fantastic place to stay. Immaculate grounds, comfortable accommodation, lovely food and one of the most interesting wine lists I came across in Namibia.

Worton,deb - 06th Jan, 2015

We stayed here for the last night of our trip and were so pleased that we did. Our chalet was lovely - really peaceful and comfortable. The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was big with a huge shower. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly. We went on the evening game drive and the guide went out of his way to find some rhino which we eventually saw. Nice souvenir shop here for any last minute buys and lovely grounds to relax in.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

Charming place. Rooms and architecture +++. Welcome OK; Very good food. Worth 1 night (or two if you need to relax there). Cheetah conservation fund is a must.

Laloux,olivier - 19th Oct, 2014

beautiful, nice people there, good safari, beautiful house, good meal, far away from the Waterberg

Gerber, Jacqueline - 16th Oct, 2014

Top lodge. Rooms at highest level. Restaurant elegant trying to achieve top level. Breakfast was by far the richest in offer with an incredible choice. Unfortunately the game drive was very disappointing (at the end of our scala of experiences), this not because we have not seen any remarkable animals but especially because the guide was not making any effort to show the animals or driving the vehicle in the right light for pictures or following the obvious tracks that would have led to the big animals. A pity!

Cavali,ivor - 04th Oct, 2014

The best of the lot. Excellent food. Game drive fantastic. The driver did not give up until we saw the Rhinos.

Kirkwood,annette - 30th Aug, 2014

Awesome lodge and great service

Shipman,dave - 30th Aug, 2014

This is a pleasant place to stay for one or two nights. We spent a morning at the CCF (about 1.5hr away), which was well organised and interesting. We especially enjoyed the early morning cheetah runĚ. We also enjoyed the 4hr walking trail from the lodge. It was quite cold in the lodge in early August and I think the lodge would benefit from more indoor seating areas to read and relax.

Proffit,katie - 25th Aug, 2014

for sure to recommend on the road between Windhoek and Etosha.

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

A lovely lodge but they were not at all equipped for the very cold weather we experienced while there. The restaurant area was freezing even though they put mobile gas heaters around some of the tables. The bedroom was like a fridge and we slept with night clthes and dressing gowns to stay comfortable. In winter they should really do something to provide some effective heating in the bedrooms as well as the restaurant.

Jones, Bruce - 03rd Jul, 2014

Very pleasant lodge - breakfast not too good, but otherwise a good experience.

Banks, Henry - 06th May, 2014

Great last stop over with excellent food

Krige, Skip - 04th Nov, 2013

Very beautiful lodge. However frogs made it impossible to sleep in the night. It`s a question why frogs have to be in a lodge!!

Jaburg, Frank - 27th Oct, 2013

Huge hit. One personal note: we were treated exceptionally well, given the bungalow in which we stayed on earlier occasions, and a welcome-back letter. Everyone enjoyed beautifully appointed bungalows. The dining room exceeded expectations. A lovely spot to wind down. Our eight companions went to the cheetah reserve and were blown away; they experienced more activities than we had on a previous occasion. They saw cheetahs outside the caged area and were very impressed with the guide. The  manager - sorry, name forgotten - at Frans Indongo made all the arrangements and was most helpful throughout our stay.

Greenwood, Jan - 21st Oct, 2013

We found Frans Indongo Lodge to be excellent both in the standard of accommodation and the cuisine, which was first class. The staff were all helpful and friendly. The costs for such an excellent standard of service were very good value

Walker, Valerie - 01st Oct, 2013

Very pleasant.

Cutter, Leslie - 26th Sep, 2013

The best of entire journey. Quality of service and qualiti of meal, staff is superlative. This is `the`example how to manage a Lodge. Simply the best

Lavizzari, Guido - 07th Jul, 2013

Very nice setting, good first stop on your way to Etosha, good food, nice rooms, friendly staff.

Gelder, Jeroen - 06th Jul, 2013

great location, good food, perfect service.

Beringhof, Michael - 06th Jun, 2013

Used it only as a stage post to continue north. The lodge served its purpose well with good rooms, service and meals. However, in hindsight we should have spent two nights in a lodge closer to the Waterberg plateau as Frans Indongo was too far out to enable a visit.

Sincup, John - 03rd Jun, 2013

Perfectly adequate, but would have preferred somewhere a bit more luxurious. Whilst our room was quite comfortable, the bathroom although clean was showing its age.

Jones, Alun - 29th May, 2013

This was an excellent suggestion for our last night in Namibia. Grace who welcomed us gave us a tour and was friendly. Sitting out on the deck watching the game with a gin and tonic watching the game and the light fading was wonderful. We went inside where there was a fire going and a bookcase of fascinating books to read till dinner time. Learned about mining in Tsumeb and after seeing the Crystal Gallery in Swakopmund, the stone history was of value. Staff excellent, service top notch and food good.

Waddington, Doreen - 18th May, 2013

An efficiently run lodge,in a lovely farm setting. Sundowners watching the animals grazing was super. Food very good, if a little pretentiously presented ......silver dome on your breakfast omelette... but this doesn`t really detract from the overall ambience.

Smith, Linda - 07th May, 2013

Great introduction to game watching and lovely place to stay.

Dalton, Tara - 18th Apr, 2013

Nice lodge for our first night in Namibia. A plus was the ability to do some shorter hikes right from the lodge.

Frey, Michael - 01st Apr, 2013

great value

Ishkanian, Albert - 22nd Nov, 2012

High level of confort. Very professional service and staff. Fine cooked meal. One of our best place in Namibia.

Crasset - 08th Aug, 2012

Excellent value for this nice place with special animals. It was a good place to say goodbye to the bush

Neuvecelle, Didier - 30th Jul, 2012

Wonderful place with excellent guest huts and surrounding ammenities. Be sure to use the observation tower. Also, there is nearby hiking here on trails that are easy to navigate without a guide.

Rateaver, Andrew - 15th Jul, 2012

More of a resort feel than Desert Homestead - very pleasant surrounds, lovely gardens. Enjoyed afternoon Game Drive with very determined guide who miraculously found us a family of Rhino just as the last moments of daylight were fading. Food, wine and service great.

Coventry, Nicol - 02nd May, 2012

nice place with very well thought out and functional wheelchair accessible room. viewing platform great. food presentation great. need to get rid of the televisions, please we are not in Namibia for tv. they need to make pool area accessible. staff very nice. second best place we stayed

Oldham, Erica - 11th Feb, 2012

Our second favorite lodge. If we could have done it all over again, we would have stayed one night in Swakopmund and an extra day adjusting to jet-lag and taking it easy here or having an extra day at Etusis rather than two in Windhoek.

Nixon, Derek - 28th Dec, 2011

Top-quality service. Felt a little like Disneyland, though.

Boldt, Dana - 28th Nov, 2011

An excellent choice for our last 2 nights. Beautiful place, magnificent food, lovely room and splendid service. Our only reservation was that dinner started quite late (8pm) because of the evening game drive. Highly recommended as a place to chill out before returning to Windhoek.

Shackley, Myra - 23rd Nov, 2011

Frans Indongo was the most luxurious of the lodges where we stayed and a perfect ending to a vacation in Namibia. Attention to detail - the chalets, the main lodge, the gardens - is the hallmark of this accommodation. Memorable dinners were enjoyed in a gorgeous setting. The memory that will linger longest, however, is the sound of (friendly, efficient) staff singing in harmony as they cleared tables at the end of the evening. It perhaps surpasses even the wonderful opportunity to see rhino at close quarters during the evening game ride. One caveat: travelling in the back row of the open jeep on the game ride is to be avoided if at all possible since the fumes were almost overwhelming. (A small price to pay for a final look at one of the Big Five).

Greenwood, Jan - 24th Oct, 2011

Perfect stop between Windhoek and Etosha,the lodge is a very high standard, dinner and breakfast were wonderful. One of the best stop in our namibia tour!

Solda, Matteo - 06th Oct, 2011

Very nice guesthouse

Dr Garcia Bena, Juan Manuel - 30th Sep, 2011

As our first contact with Africa it was really amazing. Nicest staff, very very nice room. Dinner was the best we had in Namibia. Sunset game drive was nice, we saw our first white rhinos!!!

Mangini, Valeria - 26th Sep, 2011

A good place to stay for a night. The food was excellent.

Kuenzle, Peter - 31st Aug, 2011

Amazing. I planned to drive direct from Oshikuku to Windhoek, but Audrey advised a stop mid-way. Very glad she did. My only regret is that we arrived very late (after dark) and did not take advantage of the game drive. If we travel again, we`ll stay here 2 nights.

Rowden, Virginia - 11th Jun, 2011

Very nice place.

Van Nielen, Katja - 30th Apr, 2011

Beautiful lodge with friendly staff. Unfortunately we were too tired after the journey to fully enjoy everything.

Rutz, Lotta - 28th Apr, 2011

We were very impressed!

Hackman, Cat - 11th Apr, 2011

Great place!

Persson, Joakim - 10th Nov, 2010

Perfect stop between Windhoek and Etosha

Thiriaux, Philippe - 23rd Oct, 2010

Nice lodge as a stopover between Windhoek and points north, like Etosha. Very well kept facilities, delicious food, helpful staff and nice locations. Would stay there again.

Loughran, Joe - 04th Jun, 2010

This lodge provided us with our best overall experience in Namibia. The owners go out of their way to make guests feel welcome in a home (as opposed to a commercila establishment); the site and the accomodations are first class; also the optional activities are interesting and suggested, not forced upon us. These people deserve to be sent many guests who will leave this place happy!No doubt.

Virthe, Marie-michele - 04th Jun, 2010

Well-positioned for a stop on way to Etosha. Good accommodation, meals & service.

Horsfall, Jenny - 15th Apr, 2010

A pleasant stop on the drive back to Windhoek. The decking area, lit by lanterns at night, was lovely.

Green, Richard - 23rd Mar, 2010

Excellent service from staff, very welcoming, the lodge is of a very high standard and the rooms a very pretty.

Jopp,christian - 09th Oct, 2009

surprise! Very nice, should be recommended

Schuhmacher, Britta - 08th Oct, 2009

A place with identity and charm

Cenci, Cristina - 15th Sep, 2009

Very good ! Exeptional meals

Feuerstake, Fred - 12th Sep, 2009

We arrived late and left early, but this place was extremely clean and food very good, service fine and well organised.

Mccarthy, Peter - 12th Sep, 2009

beautiful, very polite and 5 stars level food position 8/10 restaurant 10/10 simply great! a restaurant at this level of quality in Italy would cost 3 or 4 times the cost we paid cleanliness of the rooms 9/10 comfort 8/10 politness 9/10

Pasquali, Maurizio - 10th Sep, 2009

Just spent one evening there. Wonderful food. Would like to return and spend more time.

Jones, Frederick - 10th Sep, 2009

This lodge is truly one of the best we stayed in. Again, this was really just a transit stop for us be we would love to have had a couple of days there. The chalet is extremely nice and the dining area is a treat in itself with the wonderful food only making it better.

Jackson, Stanley - 09th Sep, 2009

This was our first night and it was well worth the journey and the late arrival. Everything about it set us up for what proved to be a fantastic holiday, and it was probably the sheer quality of the place that made us more critical of Onguma.

Mitchener, Nick - 09th Sep, 2009


Noel Naidoo - 27th Aug, 2009

Wonderful : location - room - food - staff - etc - etc ..

Talg, Irene - 30th Jul, 2009

A very good place to stay. Well appointed, room was very nice, very comfortable. Food was good.

Tusing, Jeff - 30th Jul, 2009

Very nice setting. Impersonal service. Very disappointing bedrooms - no space, not even a stoep

Colmant, Jean Phillipe - 27th Jul, 2009
Service providers reply: These clients were accommodated in a standard double room. Our standard rooms are equipped the same as our bungalows, they only differ in size. Our standard rooms are smaller than our bungalows. Due to our high occupancy, we can not always guarantee a bungalow, even though we strive to accommodate our clients in bungalows We highly regret that you experienced impersonal service, one of the compliments we normally receive from guests is about the friendliness of our staff members. We would like to thank the clients for their input as it will help us improve our service.