The lodge is very nice and people there are very kind. However, I was told that the accommodations have air-conditioning, and this is not true there are only fans and it was difficult to sleep because the weather was hot.

Rodrigues, Palmira - 02nd Jan, 2018

Perfect for the start of the trip!

Hoferer, Claudia - 26th Nov, 2017

this place was much nicer than we expected, and really set a good tone for the trip (it was our first stop). however, keep in mind that the toilet is just behind a small (NOT floor to ceiling!) divider on one side, no door from the bedroom, so if you and your companion are not comfortable with that level of intimacy, better to stay elsewhere.

Scores, Nikki - 26th Oct, 2017

Great room except for the constant noise from the tin roof. Our neighbours also commented on this. No big deal, we enjoyed it all the same, but its a place where you expect to get some silence.

Cutler, Neil - 11th Jul, 2017

Best lodge ever!! Piet and Maureen are super nice!!

Strickler, Sandy - 24th Nov, 2016

Impeccable accommodation and service, very beautiful lay outs and main lodge. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, which was accompanied by singing and dancing service personal! Very unique!

Karge, Desiree - 26th Aug, 2016

Otjiwa Safari is an awesome stop over if you are going to or coming back from Etosha. The accommodation is beautifully done and very private. We enjoyed our dinner and breakfast at the lodge. Lovely animals and birds around the waterhole. Would recommend rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Swanepoel, Shannon - 12th Jul, 2016

Lovely spacious accommodation and friendly staff. Very good food. Enjoyed the Cheetah Conservation Fund place from here.

Stoner, Kit - 18th Oct, 2014