Fixed tent camp, really good place to stay, the morning walk with a local guy has been a great experience.

D'andrea, Paolo - 15th Jun, 2018

Really nice campsite and general accomodation, like reception/dinner area! Great scenery, nice pool.

Strassburger, Sascha - 16th May, 2018

A very nice place, where we sleep very well!

Ledent, Guy - 07th Apr, 2018

Interesting place, which we enjoyed. Again friendly and keen for us to enjoy stay, good braai.

Mitchel, Ian - 25th Feb, 2018

Wonderful camp - ingenious tent and bathroom arrangement.

Hawker, Cassandra - 22nd Feb, 2018


Smith, Andrea - 15th Feb, 2018

It felt like driving into a film set as we approached this camp. It was quirky and really friendly place. The food was great and the bar was fun and original. There is a bit of a hippy touch to the place, so it may not appeal to people who like something more up market.

Tatham, Charles - 13th Jan, 2018

Nice, quiet, friendly staff

Bultynck, CÚline - 27th Dec, 2017

Lovely location and individual sites away from overlanders so very quiet. Once again good facilities

Malley, Andy - 04th Dec, 2017

Nice place with a dirty pool. Good excursion to see the elefants.

Carlsson, Birgitta Bartholdson - 03rd Dec, 2017

Top destination for Damara, friendly host and no electricity at the tent. Really nice stay, I would recommend it!

De Witt, Tom - 15th Nov, 2017

Elephant track : Exiting Camp : wonderful shower

Ben Chadli, Yassine - 31st Oct, 2017

Charming tent with outdoor facilities The 23 km D road to get there was extremely rough

Kotas,heidi - 26th Oct, 2017

Very cozy and friendly personel at the camp site. The camp site we liked the most during the whole trip

Mattsson, Leif - 21st Oct, 2017

Too many mosquitos in our room. The shower didn't work

Ballani, Lorenzo - 17th Oct, 2017

The chef was very friendly and the location was convenient to the Twyfelfontein area, despite the terrible roads to Twyfelfontein.

Whitney, Chris - 07th Oct, 2017

Fun and quirky desert camp.

Allan, Nicholas - 05th Oct, 2017

Beautiful campsite.

Brugoux, Murielle - 06th Sep, 2017

very very nice. beautiful atmosphere and great value for money

Rossetto, Irene - 31st Aug, 2017

Perfect. Very nice campsite. Quiet. Nice bathroom in the open air.

Dalmijn Igno - 27th Aug, 2017

We loved it, great idea and a nice experience. A bit far away from Twyvelfontein and Brandberg.

Giral, Stephan - 26th Aug, 2017

Good location between Brandberg and Twyfelfontain. Nice reception area with a small, cool pool and a bar. Well spaced campsites have private bathrooms and showers, sinks and power. Bit dusty.

Ganzleben,catherine - 24th Aug, 2017

Very pretty, quite camp. Awesome nice stars. Each campsite has its own toilet. The campsites are well spaced apart from each other for privacy!

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

Specical experience in Madisa Camp. shower under the sky.

Shi, Tina - 16th Aug, 2017

Fabulous experience. Definitely on our list of 'go back to places' to 'chill'.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

The luxury tents are really great and we loved the private campsite with outdoor shower and loo. It was so peaceful and quiet at night - my husband said he had the best night sleep here he had had for a long time! The views from the tents were beautiful and the landscape really dramatic. On the downside, we felt like the camp could be more organised in terms of ensuring that they do not run out of cold beer, keep a bottle of white wine in the fridge, provide the option of tea at breakfast. Just small things that people expect. The food was basic but tasty and the staff friendly and helpful.

Pascoe, Michelle - 21st Jul, 2017

Nice campsites and beautiful surroundings next to the river bed, you might even spot some desert elephants at times...

Wouters, Arno - 28th Jun, 2017

A fantastic place. Sleeping in tents and waking up to the dawn and having the wilderness on our doorstep was really something. We took the precaution of booking breakfast and dinner as there was no way we could have catered for ourselves, as carrying no utensils and nowhere to store our food in the car. Very quirky and artistic place, and the seating arrangements for the outdoor restaurant with lights and candles were fun. Friendly dogs! It will be great when the upstairs bar is finished. If the water in the pool was cleaner would have gone in but not sure if we were meant to. The pool surround was under development. A lady offered to do our laundry for a reasonable price - perfect timing!

Morgan, David - 16th Jun, 2017

What a beautiful camp!!

De Coulon,carole - 14th Jun, 2017

Madisa camp is in a beautiful location and we were very happy that Norelle had booked dinner for us, as it gave us the opportunity to talk with the staff and watch them cooking. However we felt that the optional visit to a local village was not worth the money (180 NAD/person for a one hour walk across the road to a local farms). We did not see anything of the real Damara villages.

Lakin, Peter - 13th Jun, 2017

This was a beautiful camp! So much more than we were expecting, and very close to the damara living museum.we could have spent more time at this camp site.

Wessels, Mercia - 03rd Jun, 2017

In the middle of nowhere - but that was ok! We found the lack of electricity a slight problem - or some (but not all) of us did!! We knew that it was intended to be self-catering and would have take what was offered as regards pre-ordered meals, but the evening meal was "difficult" and somewhat disappointing. Personally, I loved the location which was miles from anywhere and scenically wonderful. I would recommend a stay there regardless of any reservations mentioned.

Weemys,mike - 02nd Jun, 2017

The one I liked most! Really nice place!

LafertÚ, Bernardo - 10th May, 2017

A very well sorted campsite. My clients very much enjoyed the bar!!. Next year we will want to book the campsutes 8 and 9 near the river

Impala Adventures - 26th Apr, 2017

Pretty location

Hobkinson, Susan - 18th Apr, 2017

Such a special place. How they had integrated the bathroom into the rocks were amazing. Staff also super friendly

Hoyning, Ellen - 20th Mar, 2017

Camping only. Nice sites with private ablutions and showers in the tree tops. Well managed, no restaurant but beer is available :-).

Nilsson, Lars Erik - 07th Mar, 2017

Pleasant to have good distance between campers. Well kept (even though they had a temporary problem with electricity). Nice system of heating water (by fire).

Roald, Knut Halvard - 04th Mar, 2017

GREAT camping site. The best one we stayed at. Very kind staff, private bathroom and shower. Wonderful.

Ronai, Manoela - 19th Feb, 2017

Great place.

Giguree, Alex - 05th Jan, 2017

The campsites are large and private - reasonably close to the reception. Staff was particularly helpful. Enjoyed the breakfast and typical Namibian dinner they made (just let them know in advance you'd like to join). Nice pool & friendly dog. The local road the worst of all the Namibian D roads I drove but the grader was starting to smooth it - and it had good signage. You can climb to the top of the rocks for a great sunset view. I'd recommend it.

Nederlof, Nancy - 20th Nov, 2016

very special location, well maintained

Valkhoff, Vera - 08th Oct, 2016

Helpful people, great campsite with private facilities

Sawicki, Maciej - 01st Oct, 2016

Madisa camp was a great surprise. We didn't expect such a warm welcome and such a site. This is one of our best night!

Boutelant Olivier - 21st Sep, 2016

This was our absolute favourite!

Ness,linda - 30th Aug, 2016

Absolutely in the middle of nothing and nothing to do (once you have seen the sights); maximum good for one night but overpriced. Dinner was a good brai but nothing more

Harter, Gregor - 28th Aug, 2016

Excellent place with friendly staff, nice campsites, and lots of little rock hills to be climbed. We sat atop one at night to enjoy the stars and Milky Way.

Noble, Eva - 09th Aug, 2016

The water of the shower must be heated by yourself by making a campfire. That takes a while ...

Firlefyn,benjamin - 03rd Aug, 2016

the Team is very sympathetic et the site is beautiful

Planes, Christoph - 11th May, 2016

A nice place to stay while exploring all the cool sites that the area has to offer. Although we were a little disappointed that the campsite was not yet running any of their activities (elephant tracking or village tour), the campsite itself was picturesque and a wonderful place to set-up as we explored Twyfelfontein, the petrified forest, and the other sites in the area.

Auge, Michael - 22nd Dec, 2015

This was another favourite campsite. The sites are mostly laid out along a dry riverbed and are spacious, private and well-designed. The area for overland vehicles is separated from the rest of the camping sites. Each site had their own elevated shower and toilet. Hot water is provided by a donkey system, although we were happy with cold showers. Sites had newly laid-down sand, power, lighting, sink, braai and a shady tree. The area is used by the local people for grazing cattle and goats.

Vaughton, Glenda - 16th Oct, 2015

A really quiet spot when we stayed, especially on our second night as there was hardly anyone else there. The new owner was away but her mum was on site running it and it was nice. Again a large pitch, with 'ensuite' open air shower, toilet and wash basin. It takes longer than 30 minutes to warm up the donkey water tank, so be prepared for that or a cold shower. We ended up with the latter. However, the views from the shower, and the surrounding koppes, were stunning. There were a few flies here (compared to other sites), so a good place to perhaps have insect protection.

Timbertopper, Sarah - 22nd Aug, 2015

"peaceful!" We were the only visitors!. A very pleasant place!

Cacciatori, Vittoria - 18th Aug, 2015

The services are a bit basic, and the campsite is far from the amenities of the region. It is well located as a stopping point to the south, though.

Pirotta, Enrico - 11th Aug, 2015