Awesome. Great food, service. Spectacular location.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

We had mixed views of Namushasha. We had a wonderful evening on the river and the rooms were lovely BUT they need new sheets!! The bedding is really old and thin and worn. Also, on the second night we were there it rained in and onto the bed in a steady stream which made it hard to sleep. I think maybe it was a bit big for us too, we would have been happier in a smaller camp. To be fair, the rain meant we spent more time in the lodge than we would otherwise have chosen to do. So I`d say it was ok but not fabulous.

Holtmann, Barbara - 11th Jan, 2014

Fantastic experience!!!

Bruch, Carl - 16th Apr, 2013

realy beautiful. rooms and lodge are very stylish. views are nice. service is very freiendly. great dinner

Vermeulen, Eimert - 05th Mar, 2012

Again, great people, great location and accommodation, good food, they really put themselves out to ensure that we had a good time, loved the river and the hippos

Kaszo, Attila - 02nd Jul, 2011

Good hotel

Sergardi, Monica - 02nd Aug, 2009