Beautiful setting. Service good but it was a bit busy. The game drive to see the desert elephants was done a very high speed.

Floyd, Liz - 13th Apr, 2018

Location is lovely but didn't love this lodge. Not having A/C made sleeping really uncomfortable. The pool was really small for hotel of this size and really not enough space nor any chairs to sit around the pool. The best thing about this hotel was the sundowner drive.

Morino, Meredith - 08th Jan, 2018

Do not send independent travelers here. It is for large tour groups only. The rooms are so poorly ventilated, that one night we actually took our car 500 meters from the lodge and just slept in the tent. For the price paid, you get a lousy room and terrible food. The staff are very nice, the pool is nice, and the location is lovely. But it is simply not a place for travelers like us, and so it was a mistake to stay here, especially for what we paid.

Shah, Gautam - 17th Dec, 2017

Wonderful place. Many things to do . Activities in the evening for the elephants great and amazing landscapes.

Thurre,roger - 11th Nov, 2017

Very god buffet, astonishing pool, standard rooms, confortable

Brunel, Matthieu - 26th Oct, 2017

Very impressed by this lodge. love the African style natural design

Ke, Angela - 20th Oct, 2017

NICE lodge, we love the dinner in TWyfelfontein very much, and the tour guide is very good too.

Free Bird, Mina - 13th Oct, 2017

Great desert adapted elephant drive! Really good lodge in a stunning scenary. Great view from the restaurant.

Marson, Pier Paolo - 18th Sep, 2017

The hotel is incredible, the location is amazing, even though the road is reallyy hard to handle. The dinner buffet is very rich.

Ardigo, Nadia - 07th Sep, 2017

It look like luxury but it is not. 2 single beds for 3 children

Chulliat,oliver - 02nd Sep, 2017

Great setting and accommodation, food okay, friendly staff.

Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

Nicer place then we expected. Would have liked to stay here longer.

Verheij,olaf - 14th Aug, 2017

Great Lodge also, stunning scenery. Cabin was OK but not as comfortable as others outside Etosha we experienced.

Farmer, Chris - 31st Jul, 2017

Venue was OK, service was a shocker. Unprofessional and unhelpful. Sulky and rude staff in bar and restaurant.

De Villiers, Jean (1) - 12th Jul, 2017

This lodge was in a great location, and looked nice, but there were several things about the room that wasn't quite right, or wasn't ideal. It was quite hot in the room, with limited ventilation, even though it was very cool outside. In the summer this would probably be oppressively hot.

Regelman, Jeff - 23rd Jun, 2017

We opted for this more expensive accomodation due to its location but while it was absolutely beautiful we found the room stifling hot!! There was no a/c and none us of slept much as the air was unbearable. We sat outside some of the night just to breathe. The dinner buffet was good but very expensive. It felt like they took advantage of you because there was no menu option & no other place to eat for miles around. The pool was nice. It was the only place where we felt obligated to tip, everywhere else we wanted to because the people were genuinely kind & helpful. They obviously are used to a wealthier clientele than us!

Smith, Donna - 22nd May, 2017

Most beautiful setting and designed amazingly to fit in with environment! Service excellent.

De Bruin, Justine - 19th May, 2017

The place was excellent. Very beautiful and very close to the Damara attractions. The buffet breakfast and dinner were very good. The Elephant tracking was expensive but still worth it.

Rao, Girish - 10th Jan, 2017

Accommodation set in natural surroundings and really nice historic place, very good restaurant

Quares, Vittorino - 19th Dec, 2016

Disappointed with the service. The wine was undrinkable, the receptionist was unforthcoming, the accommodation was too hot to sleep in, the food was average. The staff did not react well to the problems we encountered. Lilly, however, saved the day with a very speedy and efficient rebook elsewhere.

Stockings, Jon - 07th Dec, 2016

Great location. Lovely lodge let down by poor food & cold dining room

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

One of least favorites. The beautiful rock entrance and location were amazing. The room itself was ok but felt like motel. Plus you can't park near the room which was odd. The thing that was the deal-breaker is that it had terrible food. We arrived early and wanted lunch, which was only a buffet. The choices were limited and the food had been standing for hours. Even breakfast was pretty terrible. In such a lovely place, these folks need to do something about the kitchen. We ate so much good food in Nambia, even in tiny towns and gas stations, that there's no excuse for such poor food.

Walker, Fran - 16th Oct, 2016

We liked Twyfelfontein and one night was too short. The food was good. Funny the rooms had no bedside tables and a kettle in the room would have been nice.

Whitehorn, Hilary - 09th Oct, 2016

Great location

Turrini, Alberto - 08th Oct, 2016

Absolutely luxurious - the setting was beautiful, proximity to Twyfelfontein was perfect, rooms well appointed and I could happily have spent the rest of my life sitting in that bar watching the sun go down!

Courtney, Claire - 03rd Oct, 2016

Great location and impressive lodge. Rooms were comfortable and clean. Quality of the dinner didn't match that of our other accommodations, however. Not bad, but cooking for a large group requires compromises. The visit to the carvings made for an interesting afternoon outing. Stunning landscape.

Guth, Brian D - 24th Aug, 2016

Brilliant location with outstanding views from public areas. Our accommodation somewhat basic /simple. Food very disappointing. Buffet supper limited and of not great quality on our night. Breakfast similar. Reception somewhat lacking in customer service. Not unfriendly - just a little detached and distant..Hotel did offer an opportunity to star gaze with a local astronomer which was lovely (at additional cost).

Botterill, Gina - 02nd Aug, 2016

Do not take the tour to the rock carvings, burnt mountain, and organ pipes. Two reasons. First, they are very very close (10 minute drive max). Second, our guide was awful. Other guests were asking him questions about the amazing sights, and he told them things that were completely false. If he doesn't know the answers, that seems OK. But it is irresponsible to grossly misinform people. The location and setting of this place is amazing though. It was warm even for us to enjoy their beautiful pool (we were there in July). The wait staff was not great though compared to other establishments. After the first night of not being offered any beverages until our meal was nearly finished, we got up to track someone down on the second night. It worked fine.

Bishop, Lee - 28th Jul, 2016

place is very pretty ad worth the stay. However there are no tea stations as advertised. the buffet is overpriced and not catering for vegetarians at all.

Seegobin, Kuki - 25th Jul, 2016

Very hot during the night, air conditioning would be a must for such a nice placed lodge.

Nedea, Octavian - 18th Jul, 2016

This lodge is at a stunning location and very well construed, wish the services and hospitality would match those. The staff needs traning an much motivation.

Szocs, Tamas - 04th Jul, 2016

Staff wasn't as friendly as in other places.

O'connor-clarke, Sharon - 28th Jun, 2016

Stunning location but the room was very small - with the extra bed in it for our daughter it was not possible to walk around the room.

Shaw, Andrew - 09th Jun, 2016

The least impressive place we stayed. Buffet dinner very expensive and not that nice. It was a hot night and the very high fan was totally ineffectual. Easily my least favourite place.

Pring, Lesley - 28th Apr, 2016

Also a nice lodge with good food. However, the guidance on rock art was mediocre, we could have done the tour by ourselves.

Ulmius, Jan - 16th Apr, 2016

We were incredibly lucky as the desert elephants came to "visit" the lodge waterhole while we were there. Great service from staff. Buffet dinner on the expensive side and you have to eat in the restaurant or have a picnic dinner. There is a diesel pump if you need to top up, which was lucky for us!

Holgate, Carolyn - 04th Apr, 2016

Very good accomodation and good service. Rooms and restaurant were good. We enjoyed our stay.

Assmann, Beate - 28th Feb, 2016

Not my favorite. Accommodations and food were nothing special, and two nights there was way too much.

Kaplan, Sybil - 24th Jan, 2016

Excellent place, the chalet which we got was not completely made up after the former client, excellent food in the restaurant.

Nahlik, Vladislav - 03rd Nov, 2015

Very nice Lodge - quiet and peaceful. Great bar and dining room with view over the mountains. Dinner and breakfast were excellent. Only negative - WiFi would be nice

Hotchkies, Barry - 25th Oct, 2015

Nice place in a great setting with excellent food. A bit remote, however.

Jeltrup, Eric - 18th Oct, 2015

Nice place, funny excursion with elephants , nice buffet for dinner and breakfast but so cold in the restaurant

Cabaret, Nathalie - 16th Sep, 2015

Good location with excellent views. However, service was mediocre and staff not that friendly. Food was reasonable but restaurant is in the open air and although gas fires were evident staff refused to use them so guests had to eat wearing outdoor jackets etc or freeze. No heating provided in the room so again cold. Saving water was a mockery as it took several minutes for hot water to come through.

Hallam, David - 31st Aug, 2015

Loved the setting. Nice food.

Keusseyan, Celine - 29th Aug, 2015

Beautiful location though the dining room can be really cold!

Buratti, Elisabetta - 19th Aug, 2015

This Lodge is awful - so bad we complained to the manager, who said they could do nothing about it. We were expecting good quality considering the price, but we got basically a hostel room (old, run-down finishings, lights didn't work, intermittent cold shower, tiny bed with no heating, old towels, no tea/ coffee in room, cheapest and thinnest toilet paper you could possibly get, no view). They had a general coffee station in the main building, but this didn't serve tea either. The restaurant in the evening was so overpriced and the waitress said they had run out of gas for their gas heaters, which meant you were freezing and had to be all wrapped up for dinner. We decided in the end to skip dinner as it wasn't worth it. Breakfast was the only positive thing about the accommodation. Would definitely tell all others to avoid this Lodge!

Sessions, Claire - 03rd Aug, 2015

Lodge was nice but the rooms were substandard with fan that did not work. We smelled gas in the room and had to change rooms. All the other lodges were great.

Orloff, Sue - 01st Aug, 2015

This one was a bit disappointing but I am not sure that there is too much else to choose from in this part of the country. The setting was magnificent but once again a VERY long walk from the rooms to the dining area. Rooms could definitely do with a 'makeover' as they look fairly depressing. There is no air-con and the fan provided is definitely not sufficient. (Hate to think what it must be like there in December!!) Food pretty poor and staff poorly trained. The trade here seems to be mainly "coach tours" and other large touring parties.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Beautiful settings but very pricey for the service and quality of food and accomodation. i suppose there is not much choice in the area...

Bourdelet, Jean - 22nd Apr, 2015

Amazing setting, good restaurant, great ambiance.

Johnson, Melanie - 20th Apr, 2015

Expensive dinner related to the quality (after Sossusvlei..)

Pichard, Stephanie - 17th Apr, 2015

The restaurant/bar area is beautiful, as is the entrance. The dinner buffet was above par. The rooms however, were small, dingy and hot. There is not a lot of choice of places to stay in this area. If I was to return to the area again I would look for a different place to stay.

Androsoff, Katya - 07th Apr, 2015

Incredible place and great food.

Gustafsson, Josephine - 22nd Dec, 2014

Although Twyfelfontein Country Lodge was in a beautiful location and had incredible character it lacked something. After careful consideration, we attributed this to the staff. Specifically no one did anything, but, in comparison to every other place we stayed, they just didn`t have that `welcoming feeling` that we experienced everywhere else.

Powell, Susan - 29th Nov, 2014

Food too expensive. Night drive in the desert was excellent, beautiful landscapes and friendly guide.

Guillaume, Sebastien - 26th Oct, 2014


Coggiola, Nadia - 22nd Oct, 2014

Hotel room was ok, however the room must have air conditioning.

Evangelista, Paulo - 16th Oct, 2014

Saw our first elephant there and a Giraffe - just in front of the Bungalows. We were lucky to get accomodation facing the plain - others were not as lucky and got rooms facing the cliff. Food is overpriced.

Umbricht, Regula - 14th Oct, 2014

Lovely Setting. Game Drive is a must

Cummings, John - 03rd Oct, 2014

Absolutely lovely. Enjoyed the bushman carvings.

Kirkwood,annette - 30th Aug, 2014

Fantastic ambientation but very poor facilities. Only one shower towel for 2 persons, no soap in the dispencer after the housekeeping, not very good food at dinner buffet (except desserts that were very good!) Great experience with elefants, good workshop for tyre reparing. BAD BAD BAD road to get there with our VW Polo.

Pollastri,federica - 22nd Aug, 2014

The location is perfect, The Lodge is 14 years old and the room, more specifically, the bathroom could use a renovation. The buffet was so and so, overall too expensive, not really value for money.

Van Der Heyden, Johan - 15th Jul, 2014

Excellent setting capped by the herd of desert elephants visiting the waterhole

Hey, Peter - 12th May, 2014

Quite some way behind the standard of the other accomodation.

Lourens, Walter - 24th Feb, 2014

Twyfelfontein was FABULOUS!! Beautiful lodge, excellent service, great food (yum), lovely room with efficient fan, and good shower. Great drive to see the Desert Elephants. The pool had quite a bit of algae on it but the manager said they had plans to completely redo the pool when the number of guests was down – still, would have been nice to have had the algae addressed regularly. Would have loved to have had two nights there instead of one at Brandberg, and as the places are so close that would have been possible.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Very good

Vickers, Stephen - 21st Nov, 2013

Main lodge - good to excellent. Warm welcome. Meals good. Accommodation not as good as expected. 1 drinking glass, 1 inside chair, 1 outside chair. No beverage tray/kettle. No information in room. Not always enough hot water for shower. Problems with laundry. Felt staff `overpowering` on departure.

Hurrell,claire - 05th Nov, 2013

Very nice lodge with beautiful country side

Jaburg, Frank - 27th Oct, 2013

Another good Lodge experience. The people were good, the food excellent, and they were very close to main attractions in the area

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013


Cutter, Leslie - 26th Sep, 2013

A great lodge with wonderful vistas and good memories

Steinhaus, Rolf - 18th Aug, 2013

all was good

Emonard, Herve - 12th Aug, 2013

Good location BUT This lodge is way too expensive compared to other places we used. There were tiles missing in the shower and we did not have hot water until they moved us to another room - after asking 3 times. The accommodation is not of acceptable standard for what one pays. They should quote a DBB rate as there is no alternative place to go for dinner.

Raubenheimer, Martin - 09th Jul, 2013

Spectacular situated lodge. We loved the dining room and bar area. The rooms were too hot as they only had a small overhead fan in the 42C temperatures.

Frey, Michael - 01st Apr, 2013

Reasonable accommodation, bad food!

Huiskes, Inge - 14th Mar, 2013

very nice location and view. It's good place to relax.

Dalle Case, Daniela - 22nd Dec, 2012

Staff very professionnel and very beautiful place. The room couldnt be more confortable. Bar and restaurant have an outstanding view.

Uhl, Olivier - 14th Nov, 2012

Beautiful lodge, good location near the engravings. Very difficult to self-drive even with a 4x4.

Fung, Dorothy - 23rd Oct, 2012

Perfect place to have a rest on the way to Etosha and to visit Twyfelfontein area. Delicious food!!

Mate, Ana - 25th Sep, 2012

Very nice place. Simple room, a bit overpriced (location....), food is good.

Wasserstrum, Ariel - 17th Sep, 2012

Beautiful. Not enough information on the engravings apart from going on their tour. A lot can be accomplished on your own. Not much information on other things to do. Mention the Damara Living Museum - an excellent experience.

Costello, Keith - 23rd Aug, 2012

very nice and good position

Ognibene, Stefania - 20th Aug, 2012

Nice place. strategic position to visit Twijfelfontein, Organ pipe and petrified forest. Rooms confotable and clean. Restaurant not at the same level than the accomodations comfort. Perfect for international tourism less interested by authentic contacts

Crasset - 08th Aug, 2012

The location was excellent, but certainly not the best lodge of our trip.

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

Good location and comfortable but extremely overpriced. Service patchy and not very sympathetic to vegetarian requirements. Guests should be advised that visiting the rock engravings requires an arduous climb in very hot conditions.

Eldridge, Russell - 14th May, 2012

A beautiful location with fabulous customer service. The food was quite pricey for lunch and dinner compared to the quality, but as it was the only option in the desert, we went with it. The rooms got a bit warm in the evening, but there were two fans in our room to help with this.

Dziuban, Keri - 05th May, 2012

Good product for the money, certainly not the best of our trip.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Dinner was very good, but service was worst among all others - especially for thoise guys, who wanted to care baggage (no thank you after giving them a tip) and some ladies wanted to "polish" the car (without water - causing scratched on the paint) - Vingerklip was ok, but not recommended to others at all.

Bescher, Klaus - 04th Dec, 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this lodge

Bakker, Piet & Beverly - 22nd Oct, 2011

excellent location

Zambelli, Giorgio - 29th Sep, 2011

Great resort and great location.

Arnelas, Raul Cruz - 07th Sep, 2011

dramatic setting - rooms quite plain however

Houghton, Brian - 29th Aug, 2011

accomodation dark and smelly, room not ready as we were checked into the room by housekeeping, nature drive completely overprice, know-how guide poor, buffet good choice & quality

Evans-leitner, Bettina - 25th Aug, 2011

Very nice, except even in winter, they have no airco and it was quit warm.

Meeder, Rowena - 31st Jul, 2011

Lodge is very nice, overall experience was great

Riccitelli, Dario - 27th Jun, 2011

This was a wonderful place to stay, and the service was exceptional. Food was not such great quality and in comparison to other places was expensive. Although the accommodation rates seemed reasonable, when adding in the mandatory dining costs it was not such great value for money.

Rowden, Virginia - 11th Jun, 2011

It was okay as it was warm here. Food was British and German and bland and not hot. In fact, we had to ask them to microwave our dinner. We liked the singing but not for 40 minutes. We felt it was intrusive. Laundry was not delivered as promised. Also, when we said we might camp our second night there, we were looked upon as though we were crazy. Namibians seem to look down on campers. Reception was okay, but we felt rushed from the bar at 9 PM.

Starkey, Garcia - 05th Jun, 2011

Location great but probably due to size not as `personal` as all the other lodges but no complaints

Reed, Chris & Maria - 03rd Jun, 2011

excellent, especially the food !!!!

Houette, Patrick - 01st Mar, 2011

Very nice place. The desert elephant excursion was marvellous. We also bought the CD with the restaurant people singing and still listen to it in the car when we want some "Africa feeling"

Johansson, Per-olof - 11th Nov, 2010

Great place!

Persson, Joakim - 10th Nov, 2010

Food was excellent as was the service, probably best food we had in any of the lodges. Some of the staff, in particular the bar staff, very friendly and knowledgable. However, receptionist was either new in the job or did not know the area at all. Rooms were somewhat tired looking, a bit of a let down.

Dobbs, Dagmar - 05th Oct, 2010

Fantastic sunrise.

Garcia, Isabel - 09th Sep, 2010

Stunning bar and dinning area. Accommodation was basic but had everything you need. Conveniently located for travellers on the way between Etosha and Swakopmund. Best feature was the little show put on by the staff during dinner - definitely worth waiting for it!

Steyn, J - 16th Jul, 2010

we loved every single thing about this lodge.

Rahn, Colleen - 07th Jun, 2010

Nice lodge and nice setup BUT, they book too many groups there so from 17h00 you have big group tour busses who come spoil the peace. Worse is when they leave at 6am and if your room is near a loading area you are in for a early wakeup call from 5:30 am. Isolation of the room is terrible so you hear all that happen from the others room in the building and it's like they load the busses right on your door step. On the good side, they have a very good buffet. If you stay there by yourself, I recommand the drive they propose, guides are very competent and interesting. We did the Painting drive, game drive. Also if weather allow, I strongly recommand the star gazzing, it's an experience and Siggy the guide was very experienced and knew what he was talking about, that was a fantastic experience as we had the perfect night.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010


Kinder, Wolfgang - 03rd Feb, 2010

The two days stay at Twyfelfontein were perhaps a bit too much for what was there to be seen, but the lodge is a very pleasant place to stay a night.

Ketels, Marc - 03rd Dec, 2009

Ugly rooms. The main building was nice as it had an upper level open plan bar but in general the feeling of this property was 'tour bus'

Croke, Michael - 03rd Dec, 2009

The Lodge was nice. We had some problems with the food, which was not good as in the other lodges

Ghisalberti, Simona - 09th Nov, 2009

good location and price according to the location. Big and busy lodge

Schuhmacher, Britta - 08th Oct, 2009

Beautiful place to stay - great food and excellent staff.

Connell, Stephanie - 08th Oct, 2009

The Bar and Dining areas were very nice. However, the rooms were fairly spartan for the price.

Kurtenbach, James - 08th Oct, 2009

It' a a very original place. I liked it

Cenci, Cristina - 15th Sep, 2009

Twyfelfontein is a unique place in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. They were well organized with tours readily available to see the local sights and flights available to see further afield. The unmade road to Twyfrlfontein was in a poor state of repair even for an unmade road.

Gregory, Stewart - 10th Sep, 2009

Great lodge. Minor comment re indepenant travelers V those traveling in groups. Lodge should not try to push poorer located tables in the restuarant on to independant travelers! I'm sure that per head we are contibuting more that the group travellers!!!!! We had a problem with our hired vehicle on route to the lodge (nothing serious, just required a spot of welding) and the lodge management were very helpful providing access to their own workshop to sort things out (much appreciated!!!!!)

Humphries, Barbara - 10th Sep, 2009

We should have spent several nights there instead of one ...

Bernard, Vincent - 09th Sep, 2009

This is a wonderful lodge. The main building is very nice and to sit in the bar and just relax looking at the landscape makes a very relaxing time. The food was extremely good and all guests should make sure there are at dinner at 8:00. The chalets were quite nice. The drive to the rock engravings seems much better than the tours that you can pick up at the site and the afternoon nature drive with the chance of seeing the desert adapted elephants and a truly fabulous sundowner are well worth the money.

Jackson, Stanley - 09th Sep, 2009

Good position but not very good service

Bordoni, Viviana - 09th Sep, 2009

Disappointing accommodation, but the main buildings are very impressive. Well worth visiting to see the local attractions but wouldn't want to stay there again

Mitchener, Nick - 09th Sep, 2009

Fantastic place with very good service and delicious food. The rooms are spacy, but quite ordinary. We want to come back.

Ostermand, Inge - 06th Aug, 2009

This is a large lodge and it is very comfortable. We enjoyed the stay there and the game drive. We saw the desert adapted elephants and other wildlife.

Tusing, Jeff - 30th Jul, 2009

Rooms fairly ordinary but lodge excellent with good service and excellent setting

Mcdougall, Neil - 28th Jul, 2009

Much appreciated

Colmant, Jean Phillipe - 27th Jul, 2009

Enjoyed the search for Desert Elephants tremendously. The lodge is so so. Dinner buffet is clearly geared towards tour groups and wasn't very good.

Burkhard, Englert - 27th Jul, 2009

OK, a bit expensive and rooms could do with refurbishment but location is great

Petra - 08th Jul, 2009