A must for any trip to Sossus. Great accommodation. Take the opportunity to self cater here using their pre-order facility for provisions.

Phillips, Nick - 19th May, 2018

This was our ultimate best stay. Had we known better - we would have loved to rather extend our nights here and not do Naukluft. The food is magnificent. Blown away by the selection and quality of the food. Worth every penny we paid to experience this. Definitely worth returning to. The accommodation across the road at the 'camping' area was fantastic. The accommodation is terrific. Perfectly setup. Comfortable, the sealed air-conditioned unit has everything one needs and the outside facility for making coffee and bracing - if one can bear to not join the buffet at the main establishment, is perfect. Our trip into the reserve to experience the sand dunes and the vista are still beyond words to describe. Just fabulous. Loved the off road drive at the end of the tar to get to the area where one needs to walk into the dunes. So much fun. And a brilliant car to experience it in. Desert Quiver camp was the highlight of the trip for us.

Bergstrom, Julee - 13th Apr, 2018

Nice location, large and comfortable room

Gierczak, Isabelle - 21st Mar, 2018

Lovely comfortable room - a door to give privacy to the toilet would improve things.

Hawker, Cassandra - 22nd Feb, 2018

lovely, but would have also been happy in the Sossusvlei lodge, as was originally proposed to us. I requested Desert Quiver thinking it would be less 'resorty' but the lodge was very nice too.

Smith, Andrea - 15th Feb, 2018

Constraint : dinner has to be taken a few kilometers away. Perhaps this should be mentioned as that little extra driving is a burdeN. Rooms are loft style, which is not perfect for friends traveling together.

Goupil, Timothe - 18th Jan, 2018

The Camp was very nice

Schmidt,jonas - 17th Jan, 2018

Very good place to stay, however the Sossusvlei Lodge would have been better. Was unfortunate not to stay inside the park to be able to catch the sunrise and sunset at the dunes.

Hermínio, Inês - 20th Dec, 2017

close to the entrance of Sossusvlei; new bungalows with attractive design; have a braai in front of your house; order a breakfast basket before going to the dunes

Maschwitz, Renate - 26th Jun, 2017

Very beautiful lodge, close to the park entrance. Swimming pool was very nice after the hot days. Food in SOSSUSVLEI LODGE was also very nice. buffet but this time a very good one.

Dekkers, Gijs - 19th Dec, 2016

One of my favourite locations! To be able to lie in bed and gaze across the desert was incredible. The layout gave the impression of complete privacy, while the bar and pool provided a highly social atmosphere. Taking our meals at the nearby lodge was not at all inconvenient and the food there was lovely (especially the range of freshly cooked game). The only thing that could be improved on would be access to a fridge.

Courtney, Claire - 03rd Oct, 2016

Very, very nice. This accommodation still feels quite new, the staff were great, pool lovely and the self catering options terrific. We took the chance to brai on the two nights that we were here, it was very cheap and a nice change from eating out. Highly recomend

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

More than happy.....

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

this place is a wow experience.The layout of the units was modern with spectacular views over the desert.Food,accommodation was excellent.The desert tour we did to Daddy's Dune and the Deadvlei as well as the breakfast picnic was amazing.A must on your bucket list to visit while on holiday in Namibia

Barnardo, Sharon - 25th Aug, 2016

beautiful accommodation and great food at the Sossouwlei Lodge

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

Amazing accomodation, new and well equipped

Sguotti, Nicola - 06th Jul, 2016

Fabulous lodge,great surrounding, fabulous food

Chiba, Alex - 05th Jun, 2016


Cochrane,kevin - 19th May, 2016

This is a great place - couldn't have been better. And the food service at Sossusvlei Lodge was wonderful! One should not be able to expect such high quality food in the middle of the desert. We were very pleased. Even the staff services at the Lodge were fine, once we engaged individuals in conversation. The dunes at Sossusvlei are truly a marvel. I would like to visit here again, and also travel elsewhere in Namibia.

Dezember, Robin - 09th Apr, 2016

Loved this camp! Rooms and facilities exceeded our expectations. Staff was great! The only thing lacking was air-conditioning. We heard that only chalets 1 and 24 have air conditioning. You'd think that for a place where it gets so hot and for the prices charged that air conditioning would be standard.

Yu, Karalyn - 19th Oct, 2015

Beautiful new facilities!

Wilford, Garry - 19th Sep, 2015

Great place close to the gate.

Lex, Ute - 31st Aug, 2015

Brilliant...great staff. Freezing pool but great spot.. Immaculate room. So pleased we were her rather than Sossusvlei lodge (though we ate there and good food).

Ward, Esme - 27th Aug, 2015