Luxury swimming pool

Ben Chadli, Yassine - 31st Oct, 2017

Excellent location, very nice pool.

Coppini, Roberta - 03rd Sep, 2017

We stayed for two nights. Could have been enough with one. Nice place though! Service ok. Breakfast buffet ok! Could do with a fridge in the rooms.

Furuholm, Annika - 29th Dec, 2016

too expensive for what it is offering, basic rooms, without refrigerator, food is served cold,looks stale , staff not really good, we will never go back again

Andric, Barbara - 01st Nov, 2016

The Manager at the lodge was amazing

Ness,linda - 30th Aug, 2016

Nicely renewed chalet - friendly staff

Richter, Martin - 14th Jun, 2016

Himba village visit a disaster. We came by surprise and the vet was busy vaccinating the goat heard. Hotel OK. Got some of the money for the trip back

Lybeck, Stig Olof - 12th Apr, 2016

Rather comfortable. The only place where wifi was charged and provided the worst service. The best point of this hotel is the terrace of the restaurant, along the pool where we enjoyed breakfast and dinner.

Mondot, Jm - 17th Oct, 2015

Simple structure but ok. One of the ladies at reception was not really nice first. We asked 2 months before arriving about a private Himba Tour and even the evening when we arrived they were not able to confirm it to us. We have in any case done it and it was really beautiful.

Beggi, Valeria - 17th Sep, 2015

The views from the pool are out of this world! The wait staff in the restaurant appeared uninterested and waiting for our food required a lot of patience. The room was adequate but could have been cleaner.

Androsoff, Katya - 07th Apr, 2015

Opuwo town was fascinating. Where else in the world would you see a PEP store full of women either practically naked covered in red mud and goat skins, alongside women dressed in victorian dresses and cow horn head dresses buying grey shorts for the children to go to school. The lodge was ok and we enjoyed the pool and the view.

Barkworth, Clare - 31st Jan, 2015

All perfect

Peti, Daniele - 07th Sep, 2014

It`s an overrated accomodation, but it`s also probably the only one in the area.

Bottigelli, Marco - 29th Aug, 2014

expensive for the product

Coupe, Christine - 22nd Aug, 2014

A rough road up the hill from Opuwo but worth the effort for it`s location, appearance and facilities. Enjoyed my brief stay there.

Elliot, James - 16th Jul, 2014

Good stop over

Van Gend,marie - 11th Jul, 2014

Very good.

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

friendly place

Holdham, Christine - 20th Jun, 2014

Opuwo was nice enough. Inefficient air-conditioner so the bedroom was hot, but pretty and comfortable. Nice bathroom and great shower. The pool again had a lot of slippery algae on it, making it a bit treacherous going down the steps in to the pool, but it was nice and cool with stunning views. Staff were great, food OK.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

room 4/5 lodge 5/5 staff 4/5 owner 4/5 meal 4/5 wonderfull lodge (restaurant and bar)

Gilles, Braisaz - 12th Oct, 2013

Too expensive comparing to room standard, all services (including WiFi) charged by hotel, excellent view from great swimming pool

Cezary Kopij - 02nd Oct, 2013

Very nice, but the standard room was very small !!!!

Botzong, Philip - 29th Aug, 2013

The employees were very friendly and helpful. Excellent views from the terrace and pool.

Hacker Rochat Sylvie - 10th Aug, 2013

We all enjoyed the Opuwo Country Hotel. The staff was very accommodating and helpful. I was surprised by the drink of juice that we received upon entering the hotel.

Narciso, Bonnie - 27th Jul, 2013

Despite a very good common area like restaurant, pool, reception, bar standard room are very very small, no place to open two luggages !!! Restaurant was also below expectation, both on service and the quality of meal. Road to reach the lodge is a nightmare if compared with garvel road in Namibia. Why they don`t provide to repair it ? If in future I will visit Opuwo will look for alternativi lodge may be in Opuwo town !

Lavizzari, Guido - 07th Jul, 2013

Standard rooms are small and not in sync with the main building, restaurant, terrace and pool of the hotel which are simply terrific. Just brightening them up and ensuring lighting is better would at least give the impression of a bit more space.

Cuijpers, Wendy - 17th Jun, 2013

My wife and daughter's favourite place during our Namibia stay. Gorgeous infinity pool with spectacular views towards Angola. An oasis of calm perched on a hilltop.

Frey, Michael - 01st Apr, 2013

Très bel endroit. Personnel avenant, sympathique. Lieux trés propres. Camping trés agréable

Valdenaire ,patrick - 21st Nov, 2012

Very good, considering the town, friendly staff, good food.

Tosos, Michail - 03rd Nov, 2012

The access road is very bad. The standard rooms are very basic.

Drago, Francesco - 09th Oct, 2012

The standard room is really bad but the country hotel is a good choice if you want to have a trip to Epupa Falls. Good buffet at dinner.

Marcucci, Carlalberto - 20th Sep, 2012

a good buffet dinner.. very kind assistants

Fincato, Alessandro & Laura - 02nd Sep, 2012

An extraordinary place through its location with a wonderful view. Very well designed and extremely good service. Very helpful staff.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012

very nice view

Frilli, Deborah - 20th Aug, 2012

very dirty, very old, shower and wc working badly - poor buffet, unpleasant at reception

Ognibene, Stefania - 20th Aug, 2012

The main building looks nice and the food was good but the rooms were small, ugly and dirty. Perhaps the only place where you can stay in Opuwo - if there would be a choice, i would go somewhere else

Kirchoff, Manfred - 15th Aug, 2012


More, Diane - 03rd Jun, 2012

Very pleasant hotel, they had a very nice attention for our honeymoon, in fact it's the only place where we received sth.... so we really appreciated it !

Spolidoro, Martine - 30th May, 2012

very good service; we left our beauty case in the room - shame. Need to go back some day. Manager has everything under control. Very good !

Mariman, Karin - 13th Jan, 2012

Poor services, room cleaning non exesiting, bad atmospehere, bad manager. The location is good and the place could be nice (nice location and nice view) if redecorated a little bit and if the service was well performed. The manager does not behave correctly and seem to demotivate his personnel.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Nice lodge, but not very nice rooms, they are quite old and not fully cleaned.

Salerno, Diego - 19th Oct, 2011

Tha luxury rooms are too expensive for what they are, average dinner

Contini, Linda - 21st Sep, 2011

Very wonderfull trip to himba village with a local guide. lovely accomodation

Pipitone, Raffaella - 12th Sep, 2011

This Lodge is situated so nicely. The verandah and dining room was very nice. The food excellent! - The rooms were not so nice, since they are far too small. What a pitty! No proper cupboards, but apparently do the people only stay for 1 night and do not need any space to unpack their luggage. - Great place to stay on the way to Epupa and Damaraland.

Alten, Kathrin - 31st Aug, 2011

Did not like this lodge. Despite the pleasant location of the lodge and common areas and pool standard rooms are really bad and dinner buffet is soo poor!

Sarri, Laura - 29th Aug, 2011

Perfectly located & beautiful lodge. Although the staff are friendly, they lack basic service industry training.

Marais, Lona - 14th Apr, 2011

Hotel was very nice and bedrooms were extrenely luxurious

New, Patrick - 08th Sep, 2010

The main lodge building is very unique with the chalet being more than adequate, but not outstanding. That said, it was by far the nicest lodging we saw in Opuwo. The food at the lodge was good.

Jackson, Stanley - 09th Sep, 2009

This is a nice lodge. The room was small and did not have as much of the African style as some of the other lodges.

Tusing, Jeff - 30th Jul, 2009