Great hotel, great location, great service, immersed in the wild nature

Coppini, Roberta - 03rd Sep, 2017

Very nice, diner with zebras and dik dik !

Lecunff, Chantal - 23rd Oct, 2016

This was an excellent lodge. We felt so lucky to be there. Aoba has it's own reserve and the sunset game drive with the very knowledgeable Victor was very fun. We weren't able to do the game walk (fully booked)but we took our own drive into Eastern Etosha and sighted many animals on our own, including 2 lions and a cheetah. Tasty meals were served outdoors near the fire and in view of the waterhole. Having a dik dik greet us not far from our breakfast table was a treat. It was also nice to look at stars and animals from around the fire after dinner. Our room was very luxurious, with AC! I don't know if other cabins were as nice ours. It seemed to us that Allison booked the best rooms in every location. It was good to have two nights here. The staff couldn't be nicer, with some very bright, interesting young women running the show.

Walker, Fran - 16th Oct, 2016

Nice lodge, the oldest of all Onguma stays. Beautifull rooms, good food, very close to Etosha (entrance to the Onguma reserve is literally next to the Von Lindquist gate - the lodge is 13 km away from the entrancr of the reserve). Did a private game trip but didn't see any animals...500 $NAD per person was a lot of money compared to other drives we did with much more to see. Would not recommend this.

Corteel, Trui - 12th Aug, 2016

Our favorite of all the lodges we stayed at - I wish we could have spent a week there

Holden, Wendy - 05th Aug, 2016

Very friendly staff but our short stay meant a little wasted in not using the facilities and the reserve. No morning safari drive to allow us to experience the game reserve and the animals there. No self drive through the reserve allowed.

Foulds, Adrian - 01st Aug, 2016

Etosha Aoba was very private with lovely rooms and facilities. The food and dining experience were absolutely amazing and the staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. We'd definitely recommend Onguma and this lodge to anyone visiting Etosha. If we were to have changed our itinerary we'd opt for more nights here and fewer at Okaukuejo.

Sullivan, Robert - 03rd Jul, 2016

Very very perfect

Faivre, Gisele & Jean-francois - 20th Apr, 2016

We stayed here for Xmas and whilst it doesn't have the obvious luxury of some lodges, we loved it. Really genuine place - the manager (Uwe) was a brilliant guide on a long drive into Etosha - we saw fantastic game and had to work really hard for it as the animals had started to disperse with the rains. The 2 days here were then made better by the evening drive in the Onguma reserve when we saw leopard and lion.

Eastell, Rupert - 10th Jan, 2016

We had a wonderful experience at Etosha Aoba lodge. It was towards the end of our trip and it was a fantastic place to just sit quietly by the poolside. The staff was very attentive to our needs and the location, in the middle of the wilderness, was thoughtfully secluded to allow us to really appreciate and feel part of nature. The food (and the wine selection) was equally great. We would definitely recommend or return!

Gondre, Karen - 22nd Dec, 2015

This is a very comfortable lodge with excellent food. And a very friendly staff and capable manager.

Shaffer, Sally - 12th Nov, 2015

Lovely, a bit of luxury, very accomplished staff.

Leaver, Ellen - 29th Sep, 2015

Great service and nice food.

Mcintosh, Tracy - 08th May, 2015

Great staff and lovely food and beautiful lodges would certainly return there again.

Rancic,bora - 11th Jan, 2015

A highlight of the trip. was quite special. Just on the drive in from the main gate we saw giraffes, zebras and dik diks! We were warmly greeted by Nelson, who along with his wife Sarah, manages the lodge. All of the staff were very friendly! Nelson was genuinely warm and has a gift for story-telling. Very cute/luxurious chalets (we had an Explorer Bungalow). The chalets were connected by lighted paths through the woods. That evening we just relaxed with some wine at the lodge (Nelson was very knowledgeable about wines, and after a tasting of 4 wines, we selected a nice Merlot for dinner). Etosha Aoba has its own small lighted waterhole next to where one has dinner outside and as we ate groups of zebras and antelopes came up to drink in the darkness. The food was some of the best we had on our trip.

Hill,karl - 19th Sep, 2014

An excellent lodge and great value for money.! We wish we had booked more nights here.

Shipman,dave - 30th Aug, 2014

A very nice lodge with excellent cottages and great food. We stayed just one night which was not long enough to enjoy the lodge fully.

Jones, Bruce - 03rd Jul, 2014

A bit disappointing. Nice room but the main lodge lacked personality and those little touches which add to the holiday experience. I wouldnt recommend it.

Clifford, Anne - 19th Mar, 2014

The access road was very bad, but the lodge itself is nicely kept up.

Warner, Beverly - 07th Jun, 2011

Very nice lodge, had an excellent chalet, food very good. A bit on the pricey side considering what is on offer.

Dobbs, Dagmar - 05th Oct, 2010

We loved this place. At first I was a bit apprehensive about staying outside the park gates and having to deal with the additional drive, but as it turns out, we preferred this to being in the park at the overly crowded, college campus-style, impersonal Okaukuejo. The mgmt were fantastic, the environs were quiet, secluded and gorgeous, the food delicious and the location perfect. Would definitely stay there again and recommend to others. We had a great visit.

Loughran, Joe - 04th Jun, 2010

Very good lodge

Kinder, Wolfgang - 03rd Feb, 2010

Nice. Initially we were a bit dissappointed and expected it to be a bit more luxurious but the friendly attentive service made the difference. The staff made us feel very special and for that reason I would reccommend it.

Croke, Michael - 03rd Dec, 2009

Perfect lodge. Friendly staff. Perfect dinner outside in a friendly atmosphere.

Feuerstake, Fred - 12th Sep, 2009

Nice spot right in the bush, very pleasent welcome, the bungalows were very nice and "friendly" would have liked to stay longer. Good game drive pleasent guide and very nice sundowner spot. The dinning area was good food fine.

Mccarthy, Peter - 12th Sep, 2009

Good lodge and good dinner, but too cold to eat outside

Bordoni, Viviana - 09th Sep, 2009