I was probably most disappointed in this accommodation. The temperature was 38 degrees and our tent had no real shade ( the other three did )The room was uncomfortably hot, the deck too hot to sit or even walk on. The waterhole is lovely as is the concept but we were too uncomfortable to enjoy either. For the price paid I would have liked some shade, a light throw besides the too hot doona, a ceiling fan that worked instead of the useless one installed. I would not recommend this property in the heat.

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

Could definitely return.....

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

Top lodge!! Everything was great: location, decoration, service, food, ....! Wish we booked for more than 1 night (but it is pricy....that's the only downside)

Corteel, Trui - 12th Aug, 2016

We both loved the stay at Onguma, it was unbelievable! The food and the location were outstanding.

Vanderstraeten, Igor - 01st Jul, 2015

Another favorite. a great experience all around. Wish we had two nights here.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 14th Jan, 2015

romantic, adventure, beatutiful room!!

Landi, Emanuela - 25th Aug, 2014

Fantastic location, great concept, amazing food!

Josdal, Helen - 09th Jan, 2014

Best place, my favorite!

Wilcke, Marcus - 10th Dec, 2013

Fantastic location. Loved having dinner with other guests and sharing stories. Beautiful location with own waterhole.

Jenkins, Lisa & Alex - 02nd Sep, 2013

Loved it here. Went to the tented camp for a swim in the pool as it was scorching when we were there. Food amazing!! Enjoyed sitting on the deck, playing cards and relaxing. Felt really comfortable here.

Davis, Simone - 07th Nov, 2012

We were lucky enough to be the only guests! Magical experience, lovely setting, staff could not have been more charming. We glimpsed the tented camp and the fort, both lovely but we were delighted with our choice.

Walker, Jonathan - 21st May, 2012

The best service we recieved in Africa - simply amazing. With only 4 rooms, you have it all to your self. Staff were well organised and helful, with great food and the best knowledge of the wildlife we found anywhere. We had a look at the Fort and the Tented Camp and think ours was the best. It is the most natural with a great waterhole and setting. If you want to feel like you are in nature, then this is the one for you. I wish we had stayed an extra night because the property that they are situated on would be great to explore on a game tour as it has quite a different ecosystem to Etosha next door!

Grgurich, Paul - 10th May, 2012

Very nice camp, great people, great hospitality, would like to stay longer there.

Gossweiler, Beat - 08th Nov, 2011

very nice and friendly.......recommendable

Coenen, Robert - 24th Oct, 2011


Learmonth, Jennifer - 04th Oct, 2010


Learmonth, Jennifer - 04th Oct, 2010

Excellent - really good team running the camp. Good food. Excellent game drives in Etosha and at Onguma. Full marks!!!!

Rodger Thomas - 10th Mar, 2010