Location and facilities excellent, but overpriced. The sunset tour was disappointing, as there was hardly any game and the guide was too busy looking for "cheetah cubs" and so we missed the most beautiful sunset ever! The food was okay, but if it was not for the Manager when we arrived, we would not have been able to get a light lunch at 2pm. This is unacceptable in a lodge of this price and standard. We were also not able to settle our bill easily as the credit card machine did not work. They should have a manual backup, as I doubt this is the first time this problem has occurred. As a result I had to pay cash and left the Fort on a negative, plus there was no Manager to resolve the issue.

Hall,stacey - 01st Apr, 2015

Luxury lodge, perfect services

Le Maux,catherine - 29th Nov, 2014

Superbly well presented with great service and opportunity to relax in beautiful surrounding by the pool overlooking the water-hole. Well fitted individual lodges, with own deck and outside shower, in addition to full indoor bathroom. The only negative was that we booked a morning game walk and rose before dawn to meet the guide, only for it to be cancelled due to unavailability of staff. Also of the two lodges we booked, one had working air-conditioning and the other only a fan.

Coates, Simon - 13th Oct, 2014

The Fort was the highlight of our stay in Namibia...beautiful rooms, great views, staff and swimming in the pool whilst drinking cocktails and watching game wander by was amazing!

Edhouse, Grant - 30th Mar, 2014


Sutcliffe, Paul - 22nd Dec, 2013

Absolutely fantastic

Bargiacchi, Luca - 11th Nov, 2013

beautiful location and very suggestive lodge.

D'argenio, Valeria - 08th Sep, 2013

Extremely luxurious, with nice open fires in the lounge and in the room. Excellent service. Food was not very inventive (always the same soups being a variation of butternut and coco), very tiny portions and again always a mousse for desert. Very interesting drives in Etosha, with highly motivated guide (Vialli). Etosha is really close and as there were only three rooms busy, we got all drives private. Guide very open as to where we would like to go.

Chalon, Marie-christine - 14th Aug, 2012

BEST place we stayed at. We really appreciated being upgraded to the Fort Suite and they really looked after us, this is the place we will recommend to everyone, it's a MUST

Spratt, Leanne - 29th Sep, 2011