Good centrally located camp for exploring Etosha - waterhole had good activity. Using the Braai was fun but would be good if the camp shop could sell some tools. The catering staff (at Breakfast) were really friendly and food very good.

Yeomans, Susan - 18th Jun, 2018

Fantastic waterhole. Room clean . Good stay

Gibbons, Natalie - 20th May, 2018

A perfectly good lodge, but the food was not as good as elsewhere (too salty) and unfortunately the waterhole was not lit at night. However, staff friendly and helpful, good pool, and room good

Mitchel, Ian - 25th Feb, 2018

Halali is very well run and the pool was exceptional. The food was also the best I ate. The waterhole wildlife was abundant but it rained when I was there so wildlife around that area was scarcer.

Clubley, Annette - 21st Jan, 2018

Nice, more quiet than Okaukuejo

Bultynck, CÚline - 27th Dec, 2017

Disappointing buffet and basic room, but necessary stop in Etosha. Saw Rhino at waterhole at night

Robinson, Colin - 16th Dec, 2017

The worst campsite experience with individual pitches poorly defined and organisation disappointing. The facilities on the site were otherwise OK and I suppose that they don`t have to try to hard to attract customers.

Malley, Andy - 04th Dec, 2017

Very helpful staff - especially Perez !

Ferron, Pierre - 09th Nov, 2017

This was a very big campsite with lots of busy spots. however the facilities were always clean and handy and the pool was clean if a little busy. The restaurant was handy as we ran out of cooking gas and they were able to take cards as we had issues with the ATM before going into Etosha.

Waller, Matt - 02nd Nov, 2017

Not very friendly at reception. Nice waterhole

Van Der Veen, Julie - 30th Oct, 2017

All meals were buffet owing to large number of guests and expensive for what was provided. Bedroom cramped - we prefer the original old chalets with more space. Bathroom needed renovation

Barmby, John - 23rd Oct, 2017

Some camping sites lack table and chairs while some have. Some camping sites are not in good shape. Excellent swimming pool Shop poorly supplied in food

Dufour, Jean Marc - 21st Oct, 2017

nice place - especially the jacuzzi in Honeymoon chalet

Ziegler Rolf - 16th Oct, 2017

Watering hole was amazing at the camp. Many animals. Camp was good.

Chow, Henry - 07th Oct, 2017

Wonderful waterhole.

Santos, Begona - 02nd Oct, 2017

Halali is more modern and the accommodation and catering much better than Okaukuejo. However, the water hole was not so close to camp. The path and seating at the water hole was too rocky and not suitable for my wife to access at night due to her hip and knees so we only went in the day time. the room we had was a disabled room which is fine apart from the lack of privacy when using the toilet as there was no door on the bathroom. The diesel pump was not working so I regretted not filling before I left Okaukuejo.

Liddington, John - 28th Sep, 2017

A great pool; but open and dusty campsite. The shop sold products available at Okaukuejo and Namutoni, but at double the price - not good.

Henderson, Jack - 28th Sep, 2017

Staff not very welcoming,low quality buffet for dinner.breakfast was okay.

Badiali,luca - 16th Sep, 2017

A magical place once again! It was very busy but special all the same.

Mccall-tomlinson, Rorie - 02nd Sep, 2017

without charm, restaurant very bad: not able to manage so many people, very bad odor

Radice, Laura - 27th Aug, 2017

Lovely place with nice chalet ... again a pitty not to have been able to stay longer as half of the chalet were empty.

Giral, Stephan - 26th Aug, 2017

Accommodation was fine, very friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, food okay.

Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

The only crowded place we went to in Namibia. Cabins unexceptional, food (buffet) good.

Sanderson, Sarah - 17th Aug, 2017

Comparing Halali with Namutoni and Okaukuejo (where we did not stay though), I think it is clearly the best of the three : Okaukuejo is way too busy, Namutoni is perhaps not in such a good shape. The chalet we had in Halali was nice, except for a drainage problem in the bathroom that they could not solve. The waterhole was interesting too as we saws rhino, lion and hyaena, so yes we liked it really. Despite to what we had read the food in the somewhat busy restaurant was not so bad at all.

Von Sachs, Reiner - 12th Aug, 2017

all was perfect

Meister, Henri-armand - 03rd Aug, 2017

Cabins are really a bit tired. We had 3 rooms and all of them had very poor plumbing in basins and showers which did not drain - not particularly hygienic. The reception staff were surly. Restaurant food was average.

Farmer, Chris - 31st Jul, 2017

Very well equipped family chalet. Waterhole had lovely viewing area away from main camp area-take a torch for the uneven path.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

It was glorious being in Etosha and we were so happy to be here, with our hard-won accommodation! The chalets themselves were small but perfectly adequate. The beds were comfy with lovely mosquito nets. Mattresses had been arranged for the children as requested - and they were really comfortable mattresses too. The restaurant serves simple, hearty food - it might be a good idea for the cooks to have some training so they do not completely overcook the beautiful produce.

Pascoe, Michelle - 21st Jul, 2017

Long drive to get to it but clean rooms and water hole setting was exceptional.

Kinahan, Jackie - 21st Jul, 2017

Our night in Halali camp was great. The campsite is nice but most of all we got the chance to see five black rhinos at the water-hole! What a show!

Della, Mylene Monica - 20th Jul, 2017

This was our 2nd favourite camp and we'd definitely go back.

Humphreys, Rose - 17th Jul, 2017

Family chalet excellent location. Breakfast very nice. Restaurant staff good.

Mylrea, Stephen - 04th Jul, 2017

Nice to stay here, as it is situated in the centre of Etosha, but relatively basic campsite.

Wouters, Arno - 28th Jun, 2017

Average. Accommodation OK but attitude of NWR Staff not good. Sullen and disinterested.

Donovan, Andy - 16th Jun, 2017

We liked this lodge as well. the waterhole here is really nice.

Jackson, Kelley - 16th Jun, 2017

If we had more time, a second night here to spend a day beside the excellent pool would have been good. The pool is big and you can actually swim up and down. The waterhole was fantastic, with plenty of wildlife coming and going - lion, elephant and rhino. A good sized set-up. Again, we had to pay for wifi and it was expensive.

Morgan, David - 16th Jun, 2017

Nice waterhole, clean swimming pool

Olleon, Martine - 03rd Jun, 2017

A very nice camp and an improvement on the service provided. Lovely accommodation which could not be faulted and generally a great place to stay.

Weemys,mike - 02nd Jun, 2017

Worst food of the trip. If you have any other options for meals, take them, and avoid the restaurant at Halali. That being said, the bush chalet was nice and a good value. It was a bit of a hassle getting to the waterhole as it is located a fair distance from the chalets, so we didn't spend much time at all there. They also had far fewer animals than Okaukuejo, both at the camp waterhole and in the surrounding area. I probably would skip Halali on the next trip.

Aswin, Andrea - 01st Jun, 2017


Jarry Charles - Ismerie - 17th May, 2017

Rooms (like old Horse stables) adequate, but each room should have 2 chairs and a small table outside and perhaps a central braai area between the rows of rooms. The Fort is very dillapidated and so is the Information Centre. Old historic photographs, which were nicely framed (a long time ago!) are still just leaning agains the walls in their framers' clingwrapping. Again, "DON'T CARE" and lack of supervision.

Keevy, Alan - 16th May, 2017

Etosha is deteriorating. Bad management of the park. Namutoni was a mess and the staff at halali are not very hygienic and proper. Waiters hinted that tips should be paid separately in cash and not in the total of the bill. What a pity of such a beautiful park. Two of us got acute diarrhoea i think of the jacuzzi's.

Van Iersel, Hans & Harriette - 13th May, 2017

Great place to stay as a midpoint for a 2-night trip through the park, and the night-viewing waterhole experience was fantastic. Staff not the friendliest

Kennedy Alan - 12th May, 2017

We loved it! Amazing waterhole and perfect camp facilities (though we did our own cooking). No complaints! It was also great to experience the atmosphere of being in the park and hearing the stories of other travelers.

Harvey, Sinead - 04th May, 2017

Accomodation was very tired and the "resort has seen better days" Reception staff were having an'off' day, other staff were trying very hard to make up for it. Still saw 2 young male rhinos disputing ownership of the water hole, a lucky encounter for casual visitors.

Young, Jeff - 28th Apr, 2017

Great place to stay, food was fine, staff were friendly, they even changed a tyre and fixed it for us!!

Humm, Grant - 26th Apr, 2017

Fine but with a very limited choice re food.

Gillette, John - 13th Apr, 2017

OK...however...did not leave a lasting impression.

Nilsson, Lars Erik - 07th Mar, 2017

also uncomfortable benches at the waterhole but at least some are repaired and they put some new ledges on but im sure they never tried to sit on the benches for longer. The restaurant has improved it is much cleaner as last year and also the quality of the food improved. The restaurant staff is very friendly.

Buchert, Thomas - 19th Feb, 2017

Rooms were also good but also a lot maintenance backlog. Beautiful waterhole.

Grobben Peter - 11th Feb, 2017

Our least favorite pick. We liked the room, but there were many spiders in the bathroom which was a bit of an issue to me. Also the waterhole is not so great. The food options were strange as the had buffet for lunch, but only a very limited choice for dinner.

Schmidt,jonas - 07th Feb, 2017

food (buffet) is not good. A la card restaurant would be better

Schellinger, Roland - 31st Jan, 2017

Great location, a pity that is is being run like a soviet-style holiday complex.

Birsan Tudor - 09th Jan, 2017

Rooms were reasonable, but not consistent in their room services. Food was actually bad for the price and service is shocking! We would also suggest staying in different camps each night so that we can explore more of the park.

Kuhlmann, Ernst - 04th Jan, 2017


Alves, Bueno - 09th Dec, 2016

Wonderful position but the service and the accommodation are quite basic for the price. The person at the reception was bored and not supportive at all, we had to fight for a tour we reserved but she forgot to register. The waterhole is really fantastic!

Sogne, Mauro - 21st Nov, 2016

Positiv: waterhole frequently visited by animals, very good experience. Negativ: incredible unfriendly and unhelpful staff at the restaurant, once I almost fell when one cleaner/servant pushed me with her tools. A noisy and notworking A/C was not repaired, but we asked them to, so we had to move the beds. The waterhole fantastic and in use by a lot of animals..........

Gulyas,berit - 11th Nov, 2016

A fun camp site with lots of facilities (excellent pool) and lots of in-camp wildlife (honey badger, jackal etc) we were close to the walk to Moringo waterhole which was outstanding (10 black rhino at once!). Again very popular and, unfortunately, a little noisy in the evenings, but tiredness and ear plugs meant we could sleep through the partying!

Wright, David - 07th Nov, 2016

Also enjoyable, seemed a bit quieter than Okaukuejo, and again had very good animal viewing at the water hole. Both resorts lack any option for a light snack for lunch (like a sandwich) - all they were offering was a sit-down buffet meal or the usual drinks/chips/biscuits in the shop.

Lamb, Alistair - 06th Nov, 2016

apartement +/- ok, but old fashioned (need a renovation) super waterhole !

Schaller, Patrick - 01st Nov, 2016

Spacious lodge with lots of amenities

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

fantastic water hole, very nice big chalet.

Dominici, Antonella - 31st Oct, 2016

After an incredible stay in Namutoni, I was I little bit disappointed with the Halali chalet. Confortable, but much more simple than Namutoni. Halali is a good base to visit the Etosha Waterholes because it's in its middle,

Nishizaki, Ricardo - 31st Oct, 2016

Everything was very nice

Lecunff, Chantal - 23rd Oct, 2016

Better than Okaukuejo. Smaller and quieter

Sidwell, Martyn - 17th Oct, 2016

Wonderful !

Caraffa,alessandro - 10th Oct, 2016

For Etosha: we loved Olifantsrus, and we thought it was a nice add-on of the more busy Halali experience.

Valkhoff, Vera - 08th Oct, 2016

Great water hole

Turrini, Alberto - 08th Oct, 2016

The campgrounds at all of the national parks were okay. Nothing special. The staff in the office was friendly and helpful. I had contacted them about arranging a game drive in advance and was told you couldn't book them until you checked in. My I arrived I immediately ask about a game drive and was told that several were already full due to pre-booking...maybe group travel and I told them I was told I couldn't pre-book. Anyway, I got on a morning drive and, while very cold, it was excellant....saw lion, leopard and cheetah...all the same morning. Lighted waterhole was good.

Gates,ron - 07th Oct, 2016

The accommodation was extremely comfortable and the chalet with a lounge and kitchenette was a real bonus. However, both in terms of camp facilities and game viewing (waterhole), this camp was nowhere near as good as Okaukuejo.

Courtney, Claire - 03rd Oct, 2016

Very big and comfortable room. OK the dinner and the breakfast

Chiarelli,stefano - 03rd Oct, 2016

bit tired after all that we had become accustomed to, but service etc was fine.....

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

Perfectly ok, had NWR meal too.

Meer, Les & Ruth - 12th Sep, 2016

So So lodge but the waterhole was great with all the rhinos

Perkins, Robert & Carol - 09th Sep, 2016

Good place for animals - Cleaner than expected regarding negative comments which were on some website -That's mean OK for a big camp

Mathonnat, Jacky - 04th Sep, 2016

We didn't realise that the national parks campsites operate on a first come first choose basis, so we moved the second night to a better site

Ness,linda - 30th Aug, 2016

Lovely accomodation, great pool, nice staff at the restaurant. Honey badgers - who could ask for more.

Howard, Jenny - 26th Aug, 2016

Room was fine, dinner buffet was excellent.

Machtans,craig - 25th Aug, 2016

Nice lodge inside the park. Not good meals.

Francesconi, Andrea - 24th Aug, 2016

Everything was clean and nice. The food was delicious. Overall - a good experience.

Centrih, Tina - 22nd Aug, 2016

Great water hole, nice cabin. We enjoyed our early morning game drive with the local guide. Dhruv wished there were more vegetarian options in the buffet.

Dhruv, Sharma - 15th Aug, 2016

Very crowded, but completely worth it to stay in the middle of Etosha. The on-site waterhole was amazing -- we saw 3 black rhinos our one night there.

Noble, Eva - 09th Aug, 2016

Accommodations were pleasant, tho the kettle didn't work. Waterhole absolutely prefectly situated and seating around well arranged. Everything good except found the store very low in stock and nothing worth buying as gifts. Would love to go back to Etosha for sure

Deacon Ingrid - 08th Aug, 2016

Double chalet was really perfect accommodation not so expensive

Minzer, Philippe - 03rd Aug, 2016

Accommodation was very spartan and old-fashioned. In our room, the outdoor chairs were broken and in the other unit there simply were no chairs. The woman at the reception desk was generally rude and unhelpful. The food was plentiful but basic. It is a shame that this experience was so completely different to that we experienced everywhere else. It is also important to note that the game drives were taken by a very good guide so the whole experience was not entirely negative!

Lavender, Geoff - 02nd Aug, 2016

We Loved the Chalet we were in. Very comfortable. Although there was a nice fireplace outside to braai, there was no cutlery. we managed to get some from the kitchen. We wanted to braai there as we did not want to have a full buffet every night. We suggest they put more cutlery in the chalets in order to be self catering.

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

Food was not good. Quality can be improved.

Bambagioni, Simone - 26th Jul, 2016

My new favorite camp. Will stay here longer next time. Was great to have a braai in our unit.

Moolman, Dewet - 25th Jul, 2016

the place is in desperate need of refurbishment. and the chef HOPELESS

Seegobin, Kuki - 25th Jul, 2016

The best staff of the three disappointing NWR resorts in Etosha.

Jarvis,glen - 20th Jul, 2016

We enjoyed our stay at Halali. We loved the water hole. We stayed in a double room. The camp provided a mattress for my daughter. Even with the mattress the room was sufficiently spacious. The room included a small bar fridge, as well as a kettle and 2 mugs.

Marais, Antoinette - 19th Jul, 2016

Excellent accommodation. The ability to braai and the availability of a "kitchen box: was a pleasant surprise.

Annear, Christopher - 14th Jul, 2016

simple but good

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

Is thriving on this fantastic waterhole. As we are tourists also, we should not complain about them, but for me - after Dolomite - it was not very satisfying with so many of them around, so we left one day earlier.

Edinger, Wolfgang - 08th Jul, 2016

Nice waterhole and nice rooms, but very dusty compared to the other two.

Mccreadie, Ron - 04th Jul, 2016

The Cheerful Chef is a species which is difficult to find in Etosha but we found one at Halali. He also served up the best roast meats. We had a 2 bedroom bush chalet which impressed us immensely when we first checked in but unfortunately this impression did not last. Many of the fittings needed repair work and the string blinds provided in the bedrooms were ineffective at providing privacy at night or shutting out the many lights outside. I was unable to sleep due to the lights shining through the windows and ended up sleeping on the lounge, which had proper curtains. The waterhole at Halali was not so impressive. The movement of the human herd at sunset far exceeded any at the waterhole and the gurgling of the pipe carrying water to the waterhole meant there was little peace and quiet.

Tindale, Colin - 30th Jun, 2016

Double room was nothing special, but was clean and comfortable. Watering hole was good. Buffet was okay, not great. Restaurant service was very good, much better than I expected, given the reviews I have read.

Wittenberg, Tom - 25th Jun, 2016

Definitely recommend bringing your own food to cook for lunch & dinner as the buffet is expensive for the quality of food & wine. Otherwise, the chalet was nice (although would have been nicer to look out in to the bush rather than another chalet), the watering hole and the pre-sunrise game drive were amazing!

Bond, Joanna - 21st Jun, 2016

Great lodge, frienfly staff

Chiba, Alex - 05th Jun, 2016

Very large place - nice to have a kitchen area separate from the sleeping area. Very nice camp with basics found in the store. Waterhole is fabulous - had some great sightings while we were there. We were satisfied with the food.

Bartosik, Karen - 05th Jun, 2016

Good place, simple rooms and dinner ok (not so special but ok).

Magistrelli,anna - 24th May, 2016

Another great place to stay, luckily we were here for two nights.

Overweel, Ron - 12th May, 2016

Great waterhole here. Ablutions very clean and well maintained - and plentiful. Nice to have shady areas for eating.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

a campsite a little older and a means maintenance

Planes, Christoph - 11th May, 2016

MUCH nicer than Okaukuejo. Beds comfortable, room spacious, large bathroom, cleaniness was good, Waterhole fantastic, food quite good with several choices. The buildings are not very impressive but the lodging itself was very good.

Schneeweiss, Rebecca - 09th May, 2016

Great food and very comfortable bed.

Canty, Molly - 18th Apr, 2016

Nice resort, restaurant was good. Helpful staff. Room very specious facilities reasonable for braai etc.

Talbot, Andrew - 16th Apr, 2016

Enjoyed this camp. Smaller but quieter. We are vegetarian and they were very accommodating. Loved the waterhole

Segel, Felicity - 04th Apr, 2016

Not the best resort out of the three, accommodation very basis if not to say sub-standard, customer service of the staff below average ( the receptionist was rather upset the we were checking out 30min late, was trying to charge us for overstay, not a great deal but.......). We won't be going back there.

Przkop, Jack - 03rd Apr, 2016

Very friendly staff at the reception and in the restaurant. Cleaness and functionality much better than in the last articles readable in the AZ and FB. Food simple but ok. The only complaint, they should put comfortable benches to the waterhole, the old once are to less, uncomfortable and in very bad shape.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2016

Very comfortable, clean, adequate

Oliveres, Michele - 22nd Feb, 2016

We were really please with out two bedroomed cottage with kitchenette. Good aircon, clean, fabulous waterhole, restaurant pleasant, and staff mainly friendly. a couple of them were a bit slack but others excellent.

Martin, Barbara - 05th Jan, 2016

Larger and busier than some other sites but rhinos at water hole and good shade.

Morrisey, Don - 01st Jan, 2016

not clean, dirty, we would not come back here

Rymen, August - 13th Dec, 2015

not quite as good as namutoni, but the wildlife was exceptional

Hope, Greg - 20th Nov, 2015

Good situation. Facilities just OK. Great waterhole.

Bravo, Mauro - 05th Nov, 2015

Not great accommodation but here for the animals and waterholes in the evening so was still good

Powell, Jason - 02nd Nov, 2015

Animals were fantastic as was the waterhole - the waterhole was a huge success day and night. Room very nice and had a braai so we had our own braai dinner the two nights we were there as get tired of buffet meals. Service at reception was minimal - lacking in customer service skills. Breakfast was a bit disorderly as it basically was not ready when they opened at 6:00 - tour groups seemed to monopolise early service. Store had very limited selection of food and souvenirs. No sightings board.

Hotchkies, Barry - 25th Oct, 2015

We spent 3 nights in the campground here. Unfortunately because our visit overlapped with South African school holidays, the campground was packed. Indeed there seemed to be more campers than sites. Sites were cramped and many had multiple tents and cars. Our site lacked shade and had a rough gravel surface. The camp was quite hectic with people driving to the waterhole late at night and packing up before first light in the morning. Despite the crowds, however, the ablutions were clean and the showers were hot with no queues. We loved the wildlife and scenery in Etosha, but the camping not so much.

Vaughton, Glenda - 16th Oct, 2015

Great location to experience Etosha and its wildlife Accommodation to a reasonable standard

Payne, James - 16th Oct, 2015

Very similar to Okaukuejo Resort although slightly smaller, not as busy and better food. Waterhole gets crowded at night at bust times as there is not as much seating space as others.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

Staff not very caring or helpful

Anne Nanson - 29th Sep, 2015

Nice Bush chalet , and beautifull place to see many animals in maringa whole But the staff was not very friendly

Cabaret, Nathalie - 16th Sep, 2015

This was the biggest disappointment for us. The food and service here were the worst of whole trip. If going again would stay at other lodge.

Diers, Lisbet - 11th Sep, 2015

Halali should upgrade the kitchen equipment in the self-catering units - they do not supply any food preparation or cooking utensils - not even braai tongs or a cutting knife.

Wilkes, Mark - 10th Sep, 2015

Basic acomodation. Okay.

Weihrauch,sascha - 10th Sep, 2015

quieter and smaller than okaukuejo but the restaurant was not as good, same for the waterhole. All fine, though.

Mouradian, Pierre - 05th Sep, 2015

You put us here as the other two camps at each end of the park were full. But that was an added bonus, Halali was fantastic, and as it is central, you can really explore both sides of the park to the full. I would recomend Halali over the other two. You should also make it clear how easy the self-driving is in Etosha: my only other experience in safaris was in the 1990s in the Masai mara in kenya - there you had to be driven as there were no signs, maps or clear routes in a huge area - but Etosha is well signed and you have to stick to the tracks anyway - some people like myself might not be aware of that in advance.tell people to buy the map and bird guide too - really useful and very well made.

Tzimas, Pavlos - 02nd Sep, 2015

Etosha great. Chalet clean and functional. Food a bit school dinner like - but here, its about the animals, we had a brilliant time...

Ward, Esme - 27th Aug, 2015

this is a nice campsite, a bit crowded. The pitches have little shade. Ablution blocks need upgrading and the camp also has a problem with jackals. However it is worth staying here for the amazing experience of the water hole. 5/10

Pycroft, Liz - 27th Aug, 2015

In our opinion this camp site is the best one in Etosha East area and we really enjoyed our stay there from every point of view.

Zani,viviana - 26th Aug, 2015

The waterhole is great. Unfortunately the welcome is very impersonal, the drives are expensive, the "buffet" restaurant is not great and the ablutions of campsites smell bad.

Durand, Pierre - 25th Aug, 2015

This wasn't out first choice but it worked out well. The campsite is less attractive than others we stayed at, but the staff were good (even advising on best pitches)and once again the toilets and shower blocks were regularly cleaned. The waterhole was good: easy to walk to and we saw lions, rhino, giraffe, jackals and various antelopes. The lions had killed a baby elephant in sight of the waterhole so that reduced animal visits but made for memorable sights, and game viewing in the area was excellent. We had the lunchtime buffet there which was tasty and good value. We did stop at Namutoni on the way through and came across a very surly and rude woman at the shop in the camp there: another loss for NWR, although the staff in the café there were more friendly.

Timbertopper, Sarah - 22nd Aug, 2015

An interesting water-hole and a few interesting animals walking around the camp at night (honey badgers, mongoose etc).

Thompson, Andy - 16th Aug, 2015

Good room and food. Lots of animals.

Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

A nice camp with some space and shade. The waterhole was fantastic at night when I was there.

Hughes, Kevin - 14th Aug, 2015

Great waterhole. We saw rinos, lions and giraffes...

Vangenechten,ingrid - 14th Aug, 2015

Halali was ok. Room was quite basic. No wifi, not even in a central area. Drive from Hobatere to Halali was quite long. In retrospect, would have been better to stay one night in Okaukuejo and one night in Halali, instead of 2 nights in Halali. Dinner wasn't worth it (so we skipped it on the second night). Breakfast, on the other hand, was quite good.

Tuytelaars, Tinne - 29th Jul, 2015

Excellent room, clean, spacious and well spaced out from neighbours. Flood lit waterhole brilliant. Food OK.

Donovan, Dennis & Patricia - 28th Jul, 2015

Very nice, neat and clean. Will definately book again in the future

Minen, Tercia - 24th Jul, 2015

Quite beautiful place and accomodation.

Pezzolo, Matteo - 23rd Jul, 2015

Best watering hole of all the lodges.

Dong, Laurene - 22nd Jul, 2015

The waterhole is nice, the place is so-so. Just somewhere to sleep. Service is hit and miss as always. Breakfast ran out of coffee and small plates the first day. Only gets replaced after pointing it out to staff, and then it takes a while. Out of muffins and very long queue for eggs the 2nd day. These are not major things but they do put a sour note on the experience. On the other hand staff are friendly and do try their best usually.

Uys, Barend - 22nd Jul, 2015

While the location is good and we had some interesting sitings at the water hole, this camp is a bit run down. Also, our bathroom and bedroom flooded, while we were there (a leaky pipe), and the staff basically told us to leave for a while so they could look into it. No offer to move us or to compensate us in any way. Our least favorite of the camps.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

Beautiful camp, lovely waterhole, well appointed double rooms, well trained, helpful and friendly staff, food quality and pricing very good, grounds well kept, lovely atmosphere overall

Gilbert,barbara - 15th Jul, 2015

Staff a bit slow in the shops and reception. Room was fine.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

The double room was really nioce and very clean. The waterhole at Halali is great for vieing animals, and very peaceful and natural. The surrounding waterholes are not as good as those at Okaukuejo for larger animals but for the smaller ones and particularly birds, they are very good. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful including the manager who came for a quick chat to welcome us at dinner!

Mcgovern, Barry - 12th Jul, 2015

we liked this camping place the most in Etosha. There was a real camping atmosphere. And from there you can go to different places in Etosha.

De Busscher, Katia - 10th Jul, 2015

Great camp and close to some of our favourite waterholes. Food was good but vegetarian options again limited.

Yeomans, Susan - 05th Jul, 2015

Nice camp, clean and comfortable accommodation. The dining area was a bit sterile, but I had the nicest Eland Steak there. Also experienced the Badgers raiding the bins at night. Nice to see the critters close up but a pity about the mess they leave. NWR can easily make a steel frame in which to put the recycle bins. This way the badgers wont be able to tip them over

Zank, Edwin - 29th Jun, 2015

Very nice with a fantastic water hole. Staff aren't as friendly as at Olifantsrus but then it is a bigger resort

Duncan, Alison - 16th Jun, 2015

Good accomodation in bungalows, the waterhole is amazing.

Michel Le Page, Valerie - 10th Jun, 2015

Accommodation fine. Waterhole great. However, the seating area around the waterhole needs serious attention. Half the benches are broken and when we were there the bins had not been emptied.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Pleasant enough staff, great waterhole (Moringa). We had the "honeymoon suite". Poorly designed and obviously meant for king size bed but we had smaller bed, which was not terribly comfortable.

Hess, Jolanta - 09th Jun, 2015

The best waterhole in Etosha!

Stuyt, Jason - 05th Jun, 2015

The accommodation in Etosha park was more typical and friendly 10 years ago. Now, NWR aims to be more european but, for us, it is not a success.

Clauser, Betty - 31st May, 2015

Remote, but very nice. Well equipped facilities (ablutions, pool, etc.).

Vanderhorst, Aaron - 07th May, 2015

9 out of 10 all was very good for that type of venue.

Donkin, Margaret - 04th May, 2015

Great rooms, great game drives, the watering hole was awesome, you could sit there and watch the animals come to you

Johnson, Melanie - 20th Apr, 2015

Restaurant has improved since last year. Service was ok. Wildlife at the Moringa waterhole was excellent.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2015

Good resort - comfortable room and more easy going feel to the place than Okakuejo.

Kingman,sylvia - 23rd Feb, 2015

Busy touristy campsite with adequate well-maintained facilities. I prefer this site and find it less touristy than Okaukuejo. Main reason for staying is the fantastic views at the water hole. Also offers, in my opinion, the best swimming pool of the Etosha camps. Otherwise, perfectly pleasant camping option to provide access to Etosha, but not somewhere to stay for any length of time if you prefer peace and quiet in the wilderness away from main tourist attractions!

Leggat, Katheryn - 07th Jan, 2015

Disappointing food and very bad service, not to be recommended.

Gustafsson, Josephine - 22nd Dec, 2014

Good sized chalet with lounge/kitchen area separate from the bedroom. Comfortable bed. Meals were buffet style - adequate, but nothing special. Good shop on site for food and souvenirs. Nice waterhole area, although, unfortunately, we did not see any rhino here.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

Very good!

Haagenrud, Arne - 09th Nov, 2014

Halali is quite run down, but the room was comfortable and everything worked.

Piljic, Bianca - 26th Oct, 2014

Nice chalet. Well located in the middle of the park

Guillaume, Sebastien - 26th Oct, 2014

Good room but poor food. Felt as if the place was not well managed

Burns, Annie - 19th Oct, 2014

Enjoyed the camping - facilities were good. Etosha was fantastic.

Stoner, Kit - 18th Oct, 2014

The access road to the waterhole must be pedestrian only. Bush chalet was nice, however without any specific view. Small bathroom inside an huge room. Dinner and breakfast buffet need huge improvements.

Evangelista, Paulo - 16th Oct, 2014

After Okauluejo resort we were disappointed, the house was okay (clean), but not as beautiful as the one in Okauluejo, bad meal, unkempt, too much people, two nights was too much, one night it`s enough

Gerber, Jacqueline - 16th Oct, 2014

Excellent food, accommodation, location

Barton, Richard - 15th Oct, 2014


Schachter, Su - 13th Oct, 2014

Lovely spacious clean family bungalow. It was secluded and right next to the bush, giving you a feel of being alone. Food was nice. Water hole was lovely and very busy. Saw a heard of elephants with babies. Got some beautiful pictures.

Hoekstra, Joanne - 09th Oct, 2014

Accommodation is fine but evening meals aren`t that great. Okakauejo might be a better alternative given the profusion of game at its waterhole.

Abbott, Peter & Carol - 06th Oct, 2014

Rooms are very nice and tidy.

Khoungui, Amina - 06th Oct, 2014

Wonderful setting

Cummings, John - 03rd Oct, 2014

Having stayed at both camps, we found Halali to be a nicer rest camp than Okaukuejo, but you have better views at the waterhole in the latter. NWR govt run camps are mediocre at best, here the location was good, enabling us to explore the east side of the park (towards Namutoni) and the rhino viewing at the floodlit waterhole on the 1st night was cool.

Rocliffe, Jamie - 03rd Oct, 2014

Lovely accommodation. Did a night drive and saw some lions. Food was good.

Esslinger, Ellen - 25th Sep, 2014

We enjoyed the camp. The restaurant was also good.

Reeves, Marianne - 22nd Sep, 2014

excellent, but they should improve the campsite...

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

Good facilities, a little dusty but well situated in the center of the Park.

Bray, Elizabeth - 13th Sep, 2014

Everything was good/ very good. Good old-fashioned camp buffet for meals with a good call order chef. Chalets very good and an excellent waterhole.

Murray, Drew - 13th Sep, 2014

Wonderful night viewing of rhinos, hyena at the camp watering hole

Murphy, Bernie - 12th Sep, 2014

Lovely camp. Feels far more relaxed than Okaukuejo. Food was pretty good and service okay.

Ballance, Tony - 31st Aug, 2014

Accommodation lovely. Plenty animals,

Kirkwood,annette - 30th Aug, 2014

Very nice oasis and very accomodating services.

Skelton, Monica - 29th Aug, 2014

lovely accomodation. simple but very efficient. And also a great deal for any airport-related stopover.

Bottigelli, Marco - 29th Aug, 2014

great waterhole

Johnston, Neil - 26th Aug, 2014

The lodges look like toilet blocks and the restaurant was a bit chaotic but a great location.

Hunter,nick - 21st Aug, 2014

Sufficient place to be in the park.

Van Der Molen Diederick - 19th Aug, 2014

This is a large camp inside Etosha and best suited for economy travellers and groups. For a couple travelling alone we found it soul less and set up for bulk travellers and campers. The chalet was clean but spartan, but the door jam had been broken previously,was difficult to lock, and not very secure. The food was nothing special but was reasonably well prepared and plentiful, but being a big camp the buffets were always busy. The only highlight was the waterhole where we were able to view Black Rhino in daylight, again because of the size of the camp the viewing area was busy. This is a NWR camp, as they have the monopoly in Etosha Park, Dolomite another of their camps is newer, smaller and better appointed. It you are looking for something more than basic, Halali is not the place for you.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

Poor restaurant and shop. 9 years ago i throught it was much better. No water and diesel for 2 days!

Hopmans, Marco - 14th Aug, 2014

Halali was enjoyable, espccially the flood-lit waterhole. Exciting wildlife encounters.

Colello, Darren - 13th Aug, 2014

Great waterhole

Mcgowan, S - 06th Aug, 2014

Fantastic waterhole viewing. Having to buy a full buffet meal did not suit us. After the first night we just ate snacks instead.

Rattray, Hugh - 02nd Aug, 2014

Not wonderful but worth a night or two. Saw many rhinos and elephants at the lighted waterhole. Easy drive back toward Namutoni to visit waterholes in that area.

Murphy, Dennis - 01st Aug, 2014

Was what we expected for the price in comparison with the other places. Impersonal but clean and medium food.

Sterckx, Jean-claude - 26th Jul, 2014

largely under the other lodges for service, accomodations, .. only to recommend for the water hole !

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

the worse food in the trip

Picariello, Giorgia - 21st Jul, 2014

Lodge is old and food is horrible

Decker,dana - 06th Jul, 2014

Halali is much better than Okaukuejo. Rooms are clean and spacious, staff very gently and restaurant ok. Shop is very interesting too. Water hole in a good location and game drive in the morning with Ranger Rambo perfect.

Tomasina, Giorgio - 04th Jul, 2014

We`d stayed at Halali before and so knew what to expect. Our honeymoon chalet was very nice. The waterhole was very good. Food at Halali is good - probably the best of the 3 main Etosha camps.

Hempstead, Tracy - 02nd Jul, 2014

Great animal viewing.

Kerlagon, Jeffery - 01st Jul, 2014

Our accommodation was good. Dinning facilities could be improved.

Jones, David - 30th Jun, 2014

We enjoyed our stay in Halali and our visit to Etosha. There were very few other visitors which we enjoyed. The process where one enters Etosha at Anderson`s Gate and where they deal with one car at a time, is very inefficient and time wasting and can easily be improved. It was very dusty while we were there and serious consideration should be given to surfacing the main routes.

Kritzinger, Hannes - 30th Jun, 2014

Great waterhole!! Campsite pretty boring but in fairly good shape.

Bergstrom, Bo - 29th May, 2014

Enjoyed our stay at Halali. Waterhole, accommodation, food - all excellent. Game Ranger very informative on the Game Drive.

Tyldesley, Audrey - 26th May, 2014

The chairs at the waterhole should be better. More variety on dinner choices.

Van-deste, Walter - 20th May, 2014

nice waterhole, ok standard

Linge, Thomas - 19th May, 2014

basic camp but good water hole got to see black rhino

Roessel, Martine - 17th May, 2014

A wonderful honeymoon suite! Ask for the room `Lion`'!!! The room above the bed is made of glass, so you can admire the stars and in the private garden is a Jaccuzzi!

Hugentobler,michael - 09th May, 2014

Very good campsite ! No issue

Cassier -coudert Lydia - 04th May, 2014

Found the staff here unfriendly. Accommodation was fine but we were unlucky and saw nothing at waterhole on any of our 4 attempts.

Macdonald, Dee - 01st May, 2014

Bad bathroom facilities for campers

Juergen - 29th Apr, 2014

Electrical problems but helpful staff

Alex & Heather Mccleave - 08th Apr, 2014

Staff at the site were very friendly and probably some of the best service we experienced. The rooms were better than I expected for the price.

Edhouse, Grant - 30th Mar, 2014

Has also improved. They should install new or brighter floodlights at the waterhole. It is quite dark and difficult to make pictures during the night.

Buchert, Thomas - 04th Mar, 2014

â€generally lovely. Great room with excellent air conditioning and awesome shower, although it had slow drainage. Dinner was standard and OK. Breakfast fine. Early morning drive freezing and excellent! As there had been a lot of rain two nights before we got there a lot of the back roads had turned to mud and I was glad to have been on the organised drive with the big Land Rover to go over this area rather than in the HiLux we had. The rain also meant that for the first hour there were only a few animals but a beautiful sunrise made up for that.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Very good location for visiting Etosha

Pagnoni, Massimo - 06th Jan, 2014

Hardly saw any game here but perhaps because of recent rains. Clock on gate said that they closed at 7:30pm yet gate was closed an hour earlier. Conflicting information from staff

Mantratzis Constantinos - 06th Jan, 2014

Good resort in very good position but the management is not up to

Longhi, Daniel - 17th Dec, 2013

maybe in our case book 1 night in halali and 1 night in other camp

Tassent, Philippe - 29th Nov, 2013

Good aircoditioning but no internet and full of large parties. OK for one night.

Vickers, Stephen - 21st Nov, 2013

Excellent, great food, good waterhole with lots of animals.

Wilson, Colin - 17th Nov, 2013

We preferred this quieter location to that of Okaukuejo ... and our accommodation was fantastic. Didn`t want another expensive buffet meal, so had a braai. With hindsight, would have preferred one night in Okaukuejo and two nights here.

Parkes, Simon - 16th Nov, 2013

Excellent accomodation, great food, good service. Loved the waterhole at the camp and saw great game. Signage in the camp is poor and it is difficult to see signs to waterhole and to chalets. They should make signs that are more visible and legible. Otherwise a great experience

Hedding, Alan - 14th Nov, 2013

Etosha is a great destination! We were pleasantly surprised with our accommodation! Just wish we had an extra night there but time didn`t allow

Dodd, Renee - 14th Nov, 2013

Very pleasant campsite, nice swimming-pool and a superb waterhole.

Levaique, Patrick - 12th Nov, 2013

it was very luxurous though quite expensive

Kozlova, Tatiana - 06th Nov, 2013

Accomodation better than expected (in comparison to our experience in Kruger). Slow meal service.

Hurrell,claire - 05th Nov, 2013

Great camp and waterhole

Krige, Skip - 04th Nov, 2013

We again had probably the best room in the camp with our own jacuzzi!! Nice to be able to walk around the camp as sitting in the car all day meant our legs began not to know how to work. Rhino chasing off a hyena at the water hole after dark was great to see.

Nevill, David - 03rd Nov, 2013

our home was perfect, clean and safe.

Pervilli, Simona - 01st Nov, 2013

Not recommendable. Very bad food

Jaburg, Frank - 27th Oct, 2013

Very glad we stayed here as opposed to at the park entrance, as we were in the middle of the park. This allowed us to use travel around most of the park over the 2 days without having to go anywhere near as far.

Loveland, David - 25th Oct, 2013

The attraction of halali is where it is - in the middle of Etosha. The place itself was ok, but nothing special. Food was good, service was indifferent.

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013

We both love Halali - it`s not the most sophisticated of the accommodation in Etosha, but has a lovely feeling about it. We could only get a Standard Room, but it was actually very nice and comfortable. Staff were friendly and efficient and the food was pretty good. The waterhole is a fantastic attraction with visiting lions, elephant and rhino each night.

Janson, Candida - 21st Oct, 2013

On balance, Halali was preferred by all our companions to Okaukuejo. The waterhole was a huge hit; they felt that it seemed less `artificial` (however you interpret that). Equally comfortable, nicely appointed rooms. Similar dining room with same charming staff. The pool was considered excellent by those who used it.

Greenwood, Jan - 21st Oct, 2013

Beautiful spot with the water hole. Really nice.

Joosten, Winnie - 12th Oct, 2013

Excellent place to stay although service was a bit ordinary and food and drinks were quite expensive.

Thoener, Peta - 12th Oct, 2013

Great evening `show` made by animals on waterhole

Cezary Kopij - 02nd Oct, 2013

Much and much better camp than Okaukuejo.

Bongers, Andre - 01st Oct, 2013

another `must` because of the location; acc. simple but sufficient, some things should be repaired: best dinner we had (except Rostock Ritz), great starters;

May, Bernd - Juergen - 17th Sep, 2013


Padgett, Stephen - 16th Sep, 2013

good site and restaurant. But garbages are not protected, despite animals !

Bottinelli Julien - 31st Aug, 2013

I was really great. A little bit dusty. The accomodations were well cleaned and functional. The restaurant was nice, the waterhole was interesting. The manager of Halali was excellent, very helpful.

Bolle De Xaxier - 31st Aug, 2013

Stayed in a quad chalet. Happy with chalet.

Dillion, Peter - 30th Aug, 2013

Excellent camping experience. Great water hole. Recommended.

Harms Stefan - 28th Aug, 2013

Badly needs to be renovated. But it remains correct with an interesting waterhole.

Rey Pubhoo, Marielle - 28th Aug, 2013

Sadly it was very evident the difference between private facilities staff and NWR staff particularly attitude & service delivery. Halali accommodation was very comfortable and well furnished. It cannot be classified as self-catering because there are absolutely no cooking utensils, pots or hot plate to prepare a meal (even though we had our own food). We were forced to go to the kiosk at lunch time or the fairly expensive restuarant for dinner.

Jordan, John - 27th Aug, 2013

Conveniently located right inside the Etosha park with very good services (except Internet).

Faria, Joao - 15th Aug, 2013

beautiful lodge

Emonard, Herve - 12th Aug, 2013

Amazing watering hole

Titley, Jack - 10th Aug, 2013

The facilities were better than those at Okaukuejo. It was also cleaner than Okaukuejo.

Hacker Rochat Sylvie - 10th Aug, 2013

Great stay!

Hol, Felix - 08th Aug, 2013

Our favourite of the 3 sites we stayed in at Etosha. Much quieter than Okaukuejo. Smaller waterhole but much more natural and visited by loads of animals. Watch out for badgers around the campsite at night!

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

Excellent accommodation! It is disappointing though that there is no proper self catering option though especially when the restaurant only prepares meals off a very expensive buffet. If a family were to eat all meals at the restaurant, that cost per day would far exceed the cost of accommodation which seems quite unfair.

Youens, Britt - 29th Jul, 2013

Best NWR in Etosha

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

beautiful campsite

Jonker, Jan - 27th Jul, 2013

Great place for studying animals!

Karlstrom, Annette - 23rd Jul, 2013

Overall good but one of our rooms ( a double cottage) had a sewage problem. Staff not nearly as friendly as in Terrace Bay.

King, Barbara - 15th Jul, 2013

Excellent as always! Please keep maintenance up.

Lacock, Hennie - 09th Jul, 2013

Same as Okaukuejo, they do not know how to treat customers, but that's part of the deal when you are in Etosha. The room was good. Food was average.

Gelder, Jeroen - 06th Jul, 2013

Great experience; very good accommodation, friendly staff, but poor service in the restaurant. The Moringa waterhole was excellent for viewing animals in May/June.

Bezuidenhout, Lynette - 11th Jun, 2013

Nice. Pay attention to the birds who want to share your meals ;-)

Blondiaux, Marie-astrid - 06th Jun, 2013

Friendly, helpful and good service. Also much more peaceful than Okaukuejo with larger more comfortable rooms and much better meals.

Sincup, John - 03rd Jun, 2013

very few people here, we liked that a lot. good birds too.

Beardmore, Carol - 29th May, 2013

The place looks great, but when you look closer,the maintenance is not up to standard. Towel rails falling off and toilet doesn't flush properly. Secondly: not enough communication between reception and restaurant.

Van Den Bon, Patrick - 20th May, 2013

It was very quiet but the camp site was good. Abultions could be modernised a bit.

Goody Allan - 09th May, 2013

What a superb place, we were surprized to find out that we were placed in one of the large family unites. It was ideal for us and the couple that was with us thoroughly enjoyed the close in unit they had. So much improvement has been made to Halali that it is exceedingly pleasant to be there. We would hope more people take advantage of that place!! IT has the best water hole we have ever visited included those we visited in Kenya.

Noden David - 29th Apr, 2013

Halali could do with a bit of a revamp. The food was good though and staff friendly.

Skead, Kathy - 12th Apr, 2013

I had been to Halali once before a few years back. This time I found the place much better with newly refurbished rooms and the food was excellent. All in all a very positive experience. Although it had been raining before our arrival, one evening the waterhole was full of elephants, counting 21 all told. Very impressive.

Flottum, Kjell - 03rd Apr, 2013


Leclercq, Antoine - 26th Mar, 2013

i think it is the nicest place in etosha. the rooms are new made - nice. but the restaurant is still old. the personal could be more friendly at the reception. the waterhole is nice

Fischer, Henrike - 21st Mar, 2013

Great swimming poll!!

Rey, Aitor - 15th Mar, 2013

We did not really like this accommodation. It was outdated, too many people, unpersonal and bad food.

Huiskes, Inge - 14th Mar, 2013

Service poor, food disappointing. we will not stay at this lodge when we return in August.

Ellis, Gary - 11th Jan, 2013

There were maintenance issues. First we had no mosquito net and reported it also letting the front desk know there were no hooks in the ceiling for it. They sent a security man with a net and he was waiting outside our room when we got back from dinner. He came in, saw that there were no hooks and said `it is broken.` Eventually he came back with a key to another room and we moved. We turned on the air conditioner which was incredibly noisy and asked to be moved again. The front desk people were not helpful and seemed annoyed that we would ask for these changes.

Laidlaw, Carol - 06th Jan, 2013

Decent accommodation. No complaints although lacked a place to have a few drinks after dinner and the restaurant staff didn`t seem too obliging to stay on too long.

Tessendorf, Richard - 06th Jan, 2013

Restaurant staff not friendly. Meals too expensive. Camp shop not a nice experience. No lights. Accommodation was good.

Norris, Andre - 25th Nov, 2012

We went on a night drive here, and saw many animals. The chalet was comfortable.

Tallo, John - 23rd Nov, 2012

Halali also has a good waterhole. We got lucky and saw a large family of elephants come get something to drink that evening. The rooms are smaller than Okaukuejo. The buffet is more expensive and there aren't as many options for non meat eaters. The pool also wasn't as well kept up. There were only a few pool chairs for example and the pool water wasn't clean. But overall the experience was good and I'm glad we went.

Ball, Alina - 02nd Nov, 2012

This was a real surprise given it was government run. Our chalets were excellent, buffets very good. Overall a great experience.

Ferguson, Rob - 22nd Oct, 2012

The Halali campsite was our least favorite campsite of all those in which we stayed during our trip. The sites are too close to each other and so it has more of a tail-gate/parking lot atmosphere as opposed to a natural setting. The one saving grace for us was the Moringa waterhole, which is located just a 5 minute walk away. We were skeptical that a flood-lit waterhole would seem too contrived, but it was actually a fun experience for one night and the unpredictability of the animals added the needed element of surprise. We saw several black rhino, including a mother leading her baby, nine elephant including a few youngsters, plus a lioness, several species of antelope, warthog, kudu, countless birds... We appreciated that the spectators at the waterhole were, for the most part, reasonably quiet. Since this type of camping (and wildlife viewing) isn`t our favorite, this was the only night we stayed inside the park so we cannot compare to the other NWR sites inside Etosha.

Fife, Kim - 22nd Oct, 2012

Extremely nice rooms!

Gibson, Nicholas - 19th Oct, 2012

Halali is a very quiet and well organized campsite. Services inside are very good and toilets clean and well organized. The only remark is that at the waterhole the places where people can site are too high too take good pictures of animals. We also booked through Bernard at Okaukuejo and Sesriem. Okaukuejo is not well organized, toilets are insufficient for the number of people. The waterhole at Okaukuejo is ok. In Sesriem where toilets very very dirty and also the service at the Restaurant was very bad.

Braiato - 18th Oct, 2012

Good accommodation, food is basic, waterhole is fine.

Peremans, Annick - 16th Oct, 2012

In my opinion the best camp in Etosha

Drago, Francesco - 09th Oct, 2012

It would help if customers were alerted to the fact that the accommodation includes a braii, but no pots, pans or other cooking utensils and there are none available for purchase in the camp stores. Therefore, people should bring some basic utensils with them, unless they plan to eat every meal in the camp restaurant.

Broad, Murray - 02nd Oct, 2012

loved it

Hurst, Martyn - 29th Sep, 2012

Excellent. Staff could be a little more friendly and detailed

Halpin, Brian - 24th Sep, 2012

Very nice. The view of the rhinos flirting at the waterhole by night was amazing. Staff at the restaurant were very friendly and also very good food.

Ochoa, Silvia - 23rd Sep, 2012

nicer campsite and much better waterhole than Okaukuejo. confusing because you can choose your campsite and there are not clearly separated - all guests are driving around with no plan...

Suter Nina - 23rd Sep, 2012

Best waterhole view and right camp dimension.

Gabellini Lorenzo - 07th Sep, 2012

Nice, even if not at the same level as Okaukuejo, but the waterhole was fantastic. Vote 8/10

Gaboardi, Andrea - 03rd Sep, 2012

really nice room

Merlo, Gabriele - 29th Aug, 2012

Extraordinary location in the middle of Etosha Park. Nice rooms, good food, good service.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012

amazing waterhole at night

Brown, Kirsten - 26th Aug, 2012

A little bit too noisy. Campsites are too close to one another.

Pasquilini Claudia - 20th Aug, 2012

glad we were in etosha, and that this place borders a waterhole. there was game there everytime we went to it. the room was adequate for the need. comfortable bed. food was good and plentiful with very friendly service. very positive experience. in etosha we spent much at some warerholes, lots of wildlife. wonderful.

Mueller, Friedrich - 17th Aug, 2012

Halali was great, with a great shop, friendly staff, enough camping space, enough shaded trees, close to great waterholes and have an excellent local waterhole. Power supply was constant and great to have. The only two problems we had was: No taps at our camping site - I've never went camping anywhere where there was not a tap closeby. Second thing was the ablution facilities - it is generally clean and good layout, but they REALLY have to add shower curtains as the whole bathroom floor would be under water and the end of the night. They also need to add small benches in the shower cubicles to put your clothes on to.

Lacock, Hennie - 16th Aug, 2012

Food almost as good as in Namutoni. The waterwhole is very nice. The chalets are ok but the whole site is not as nice as in Namutoni

Kirchoff, Manfred - 15th Aug, 2012

The quad Chalet in Halali was very cosy and comfortable. The food was more than acceptable and the service was good. The highlight was definitely the lit waterhole were, among other animals we saw elephants and black rhinos!

Meletti, Flora - 13th Aug, 2012

nice place, not as nice as Okaukuejo --watering hole was very quiet but the campsite was nice

Lacey, Tom - 10th Aug, 2012

Classic NWR place. Basic confort in the rooms, little bit strait but good bedding and such a beautifull waterhole with myriad of animals. Very professional and kindly staff.

Crasset - 08th Aug, 2012

Nice campsite, nice water hole

Anger, Ylva - 07th Aug, 2012

Good campsite, great access to the park, and the waterhole was amazing.

Pullford, Stephen - 01st Aug, 2012

Everything as expected from previous experience. No problems but sadly this year no leopards either.

Macleod, Ian - 16th Jul, 2012

Excellent - we were glad we stayed here rather than outside the camp or at either of the other 2 options. We enjoyed that it was central so we could go either direction. Could've easily stayed for 3 nights here.

Sutherland, Jayne - 14th Jul, 2012

Great Campsite. Again, nice people. Wonderful to see the black rhinos at their waterhole. The honeybadgers that came to visit were wonderful as well.

Rosenbrand-dadema, Lindy - 09th Jul, 2012

Good room. Very good position inside the park. Restaurant staff too slow and not so kindness.

Leoncini, Silvia - 08th Jul, 2012

We stayed in the family bush chalet `Mushara.` It was very nice with a great deck and outdoor fire /grill area. Easy walk to the waterhole were we watched black rhino, elephant, impala, etc. Best place in the park to get to the prime lion viewing spots.

Kenny, Daniel - 29th Jun, 2012

Fine camp with the best rooms

Niemann, Andreas - 22nd Jun, 2012

Beautiful chalet. Amazing waterhole with floodlight, we saw 5 black rhinos. Unfortunately we booked but one night!

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

The pitches are very basic and close to eachother. The ablution blocks are very well maintained. Allthough this is a less popular camp in Etosha, it is still worth it because of the waterhole. Do beware of honeybadgers stalking the rubish bins at night.

Verheyleweghen, Tom - 05th Jun, 2012

I loved it - especially the bed and the fluffy down duvet - it was outstanding quality and provided a good nights rest. The camp itself is really quiet and peaceful. Very high standard.

Pitt, Chounett - 31st May, 2012

The quality has improved quite a lot since last year

Buchert, Thomas - 28th May, 2012


Diedericks, Theresa - 26th May, 2012

Nice swimming pool. Amazing waterhole.

Jonville, Edouard - 21st May, 2012

Preferred the more intimate atmosphere and the privacy. Food was OK. Swimming pool the best we came across (the only one big enough to actually swim in). Room and bathroom comfortable. Happy hours at the water hole (38 elephants arrived at midday)

Allen, Monica - 21st May, 2012

Another must stay because of the waterhole. Again, rude and indifferent staff, and the room was extremely shoddy. It was fairly new but every single light fitting, power point, shelf, towel rack etc was broken or loose. At the waterhole, the small rubbish bins were overflowing with empty bottles and there was broken glass underfoot. Some people were ill-behaved while viewing the game - partying, smoking shouting to each other while other people tried to watch the animals in silence.

Eldridge, Russell - 14th May, 2012

We were not impressed with the treatment at the NWR Resorts. Not sure if it is because the employees are not invested in providing good customer care as their jobs with the government entity are quite secure, but there were many times where we were made to feel like they were doing us a big favor by letting us stay at their location.

Dziuban, Keri - 05th May, 2012

For us the best Campsite in Etosha. Quiet and clean!

Rodder, Tanja - 04th May, 2012

Halali the resort is nothing much to rave about - but it was great to stay in the middle of Etosha, and the waterhole at the resort provided some wonderful Rhino sightings for us. Luckily it wasn't very crowded when we were there - imagine it gets quite busy and noisy when crowded. But it served as a great base to explore the Park, and the pool was very refreshing.

Coventry, Nicol - 02nd May, 2012

The best chef in the known universe is at Halali. My son loved his burgers and we both enjoyed the game meals and the chocolate mouse was amazing. This added to the fantastic game drives and large cooling pool. We want to go back. Fantastic.

Bambach, Andrew - 27th Apr, 2012

Good accomodation , big and nice restaurant, and the lighted drinkplace in the evening is unforgettable and gives the opportunity to come very close

Helsen, Ludo - 23rd Apr, 2012

Spacious accommodation, perfect.

Uys, Barend - 14th Apr, 2012

Accomodation fine. Service in restaurant and bar not so good and could be given attention

Pascoe, Esme - 08th Jan, 2012

Lovely rooms, thankfully a bit more in the way of plates and cutlery, but they`re not well stocked or checked, because we only had one knife for four people etc. Really would be useful if they installed an ATM, because we had run out of cash, and sometimes the credit card facilities don`t work either.

Carnie, Sheena - 04th Jan, 2012

Etosha is great and being inside the park was worth it. We thought about taking a guided tour but instead got one of the maps of waterholes. We were glad we did. We were one of three or four cars that saw a herd of twenty elephants walk single file to a waterhole, one of our favorite memories of the trip.

Nixon, Derek - 28th Dec, 2011

Campsites were neat and clean. We loved the waterhole close to the campsite and spend lots off time till late at night at the waterhole. Seen lots of animals in the Etosha. Friendly people at Halali

Lubbe, Hannes - 10th Dec, 2011

Great location but the service was poor with rude staff

Latham, Simon - 06th Dec, 2011

We had stayed at Halali a couple of years ago, and things have regressed slightly, particularly when it comes to meals. Buffets only, and the quality of food and cooking was not that great -sometimes the food was cold.Service not the best we have experienced. Accommodation still very clean and comfortable.

Johnson, Roger - 02nd Dec, 2011

An almost-new bungalow with a lot of space. Very high quality. Same high-standard of service and food. The catering staff, especially the Chef, were a good laugh and very attentive

Hopwood, Terrance - 29th Nov, 2011

Great location, probably the best on our trip, well located, good food and interactive tours available.

Hope, Greg - 29th Nov, 2011

Thank goodness for air conditioning! Grudging service throughout: no one cleaned, we were ignored at meals, and paying for meals was a protracted and inefficient and humorless process. We weren`t there for the accomodations, though, rather for the animals, and animals we saw!

Boldt, Dana - 28th Nov, 2011

It continues to amaze us as to how what should be a perfectly good camp gets it so wrong. the rooms are well appointed and clean and the location is good - especially the waterhole. On reflection we realise that the only contact with staff once checked in is in the restauarnet where service was abysmal. 20 mins for a beer and another for the bill. staff overworked and grumpy. no obvious leadership

Colbourne, Simon - 25th Nov, 2011

Better than I expected. LAst time 8 years ago it was not so nice. Anyway, the bush chalet is nice from inside but the chalets are badly integrated within the camp such that one does not like to open the window or stay for a longer time inside...

Schlenker, Stefan - 25th Nov, 2011

Halali is a resort in the middle of the Etosha pan and so you need to sleep there when you want to see the Etosha pan within two days. And that is the problem. Halali is not a nice resort. We booked the honey moon suite. It was ok but not great. The jacuzzi did not work and also the bath was not up to date. Even the breakfast was not good. The room was dirty and we did not feel comfortable at all.

Weyers, Blandine - 23rd Nov, 2011

Good lodge , the waterhole is too little, but satifying

Kanitzer, Paul - 20th Nov, 2011

12 oct 2011 Campsite with braai, table, benches and power point. Shared and clean toilets facilities. Nice pool. Good restaurant better than Okaukuejo.  

Buee, Christophe - 20th Nov, 2011

Wonderful to be in Etosha. Food great for meateaters but not so good for vegaetarians and there was no choice that night as there was a BBQ

Gatwood, Colin - 20th Nov, 2011

Better than expected, nice for an overnight in the park.

Gossweiler, Beat - 08th Nov, 2011

Disappointing site and so-called honeymoon suite! Dirty jacuzzi outside and food not great. The waterhole made up for this as we saw loads of animals there.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

Also very good, everything was OK.

Grooten, Johan - 24th Oct, 2011

The chalets at both Okaukuejo and Halali had been significantly upgraded since our last visit in 2005 and were extremely comfortable and convenient, but the camps still retained an appealing "bush" sensibility. The food was varied and plentiful with lots of game for us to experience and all the servers were courteous and good humoured (sometimes in response to very rude guests!) Once again we were in awe of the fabulous, accessible waterholes and have only one very minor complaint about the benches at Halali; they were rather uncomfortable for extended viewing, but discomfort was a small price to pay for lions and leopards!

Greenwood, Jan - 24th Oct, 2011

Vast improvement on Okaukuejo Resort, with campsite having shared and clean toilet facilities. Hosts were friendly and helpful. The waterhole was also excellent. Highly Recommend.

Terrett, Andrew - 17th Oct, 2011

A wonderful stop with very nice accommodations. Being in the middle of the park meant that we had a great game drive en route and also on our exit via the Namutona Fort camp the next day.

Weisfelder, Richard - 10th Oct, 2011

Ok, much better facilities than Okaukuejo

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

OK but here again there was quite a long discussion about a futile thing : a bottle of mineral water that was replaced by a similar one in the minibar. After all the matter was settled but we expected some more leniency from the staff.

Martin, Willy - 06th Oct, 2011

Room was ok but nothing special. Water hole was fantastic.

Segerstrom, Dave - 01st Oct, 2011

We had some problems in relation with our lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet. On the other hand the location and facilities at Halali were good enough for game drive purposes

Dr Garcia Bena, Juan Manuel - 30th Sep, 2011

Staff was ok and room was nice. We did not enjoy the jacuzzi since it seemed a little bit dirty (it was outside). The waterhole gave us lots of excitement. We also enjoyed really much a night game drive!

Mangini, Valeria - 26th Sep, 2011

Disappointing waterhole but the location of Halali makes it a great base for exploring the park. Another laborious checkin.

Mountfort, Katrina - 14th Sep, 2011

Great location but very standard rooms and awful food.

Ferguson, Rachel - 10th Sep, 2011

Ok - nice campsite (not so crowded and big as Okaukuejo Resort)

Munzenmayer, Ralf - 06th Sep, 2011

Great waterhole, beautiful campsite! The market shop is not well equipped; not so fair and honest at the restaurant!

Niccolini, Simona - 29th Aug, 2011

Nice place with friendly people good restaurant

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011

Nice place. For me the most beautifull Waterpoint of all ETOSHA campsite.

Liautaud, Vincent - 26th Aug, 2011

Great site, we chose to eat at the restaurant here rather than cook ourselves that night... should have cooked ourselves. Great food, but chaos.

Goad, Jon - 25th Aug, 2011

Very crouded, it was hard to find a camping-spot in the dark and we had to settle for one next to the toilets. It would be better if they give you you're campsite (in order of the booking time, so if you book a couple of months on beforehand you get the better spots).

Mennes, Stijnely - 25th Aug, 2011

Halali was not nearly as nice at Okakueju where we stayed last year.

Baylor, David - 24th Aug, 2011

ok but a bit impersonal.

Meister, Francoise - 02nd Aug, 2011

Ok but the food quality not good

Schulze, Dieter - 01st Aug, 2011

no problems here..bush chalets very comfortable

Macleod, Ian - 24th Jul, 2011

Good cottage (too luxury);water hole without animals

Vittorio, Setti - 16th Jul, 2011

Etosha was a joy for all of us. My daughter has become a bird-watcher, and the variety and amount of birdlife thrilled her - especially seeing a secretary bird hunding at fairly close range. Then, the 3 lions and 37 elephants at the Goas waterhole was thrilling for us all. Halali was perfect for us. We visited all 3 rest camps in Etosha and were glad that we were booked at Halali. We appreciated the uncrowded , relaxed feel of the place. I read a number of negative comments concerning food at the Etosha rest camps on other travel websites, and I have to say were surprised by the quality and variety of the food. We definitely give it high marks, particularly considering the number of people being served.

Roush, James - 13th Jul, 2011

Quite and relaxed campsite in the middle of Etosha with a broad range of watering holes to visit. Saw 40 elephants at one waterhole in one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life! We were there for hours watching them drink, wash, play, eat with one mother teaching her baby how to have a dust bath! Absolutely amazing!

Tywnam, Stephen - 11th Jul, 2011

Very poor service; front desk people suffer lack of experience in dealing with customer; service staff was not attentive and friendly at all; Compared to the prices paid for this camp the service level was much to poor; I will not stay in NWR camps next time in Namibia

Redlingshoefer, Benjamin - 10th Jul, 2011

Great location - super waterhole!

Huzzey, Chris - 07th Jul, 2011

Enjoyed the place, especially the rhino at the waterhole, good etc good

Kaszo, Attila - 02nd Jul, 2011

Smaller camp in the park. We liked the water hole a lot.

Gloth, Tobias - 25th Jun, 2011

Let camping clients know that it can get below freezing here in winter - they might opt for a chalet! the facilities here are excellent, especially the convenience of the camp laundry and kitchen. And we liked the Zebra bar and the sense of community around it.

Rinaldi, Mandy - 24th Jun, 2011

Friendly and helpfull staff, poor quality of the meals. Maintenance of the rooms has to be improved. Lights are too dim. (in all NWR camps) :-(

Buchert, Thomas - 18th Jun, 2011

Renovated. Good. The meals are very fine. We daily had problems with the creditcard-payment in the restaurant (the system was not working)

Reischmann, Evelyne - 05th Jun, 2011

Accommodation was fine but lacked the quality and presentation of food compared to the other lodges

Reed, Chris & Maria - 03rd Jun, 2011

Typical state-owned lodge. A little worn-down, not the fastest service! It's a shame, that a lodge with this perfect location (actually one has to sleep there if you go through etosha) is not managed to the perfect satisfaction of the clients. Considering the price one cannot complain though (although compared with Okaukuejo (almost same pricing) at least the service and the training of staff members need to be significantly improved)

Fritzen, Victor - 17th May, 2011

Excellent location. It is better than Okaukejo

Salvai, Paolo - 06th May, 2011

Not the best place to camp when it is raining. It gets very muddy. Campsites are larger than Okaukuejo and have more facilities. There is more shade than at Okaukuejo

Familie Gilies - Peeters - 30th Apr, 2011

Good accommodation, over-priced, grounds a bit shabby. Great pool and breakfast and fantastic birding. We loved it but feel the Park has lost direction. Even travellers from Europe felt it no longer has the lovely simplet park atmosphere, is unnecessarily posh and horribly overpriced. Low occupancy as a result of price. Why nowhere to braai??

Meiring, Andre - 25th Apr, 2011

The honeymoon suite was nice, but I think the other rooms are rather bad. A lot of game-drive circles are closed in this area.

Stange, Peter - 12th Apr, 2011

Halali was good. I`d been to Etosha so I knew what to expect. Our only complaint was that the mosquitoes were awful and it would be nice if the restaurant either didn`t seat people outside during mosquitoe season or put up some kind of temporary screening for the outside dining area.

Rogers, Margaret - 10th Apr, 2011

Not quite as nice as OkAukuejo, but very close. Also highly recommended

Muckenheim, Doris - 12th Mar, 2011

Bigger room. Place OK. At the reception we found a lady that was as nice as a prison door! Could you do something about it for future clients?! Buffet again...

Rojas, Jose - 07th Dec, 2010

This was what we expected. The meal was fine and so was the accommodation but we found the desk staff quite unhelpful and rather stressed at the end of day when we arrived. We had to make a phone call to cancel an onward reservation but it took a while to persuade the desk staff to let us use their telephone. The public phone was out of order and we couldn`t get a mobile signal in Etosha.

Goodall, Nicholas - 06th Nov, 2010

Apart from being in nature (which was really good) the actual accomodation and service we experienced was of less impressive quality.

Jagusch, Carl - 05th Nov, 2010

The Campsite was very dusty and hot. The ablution facilities were clean

Barnes, Collin & Maureen - 11th Oct, 2010

clean camp, excellent buffet - will go back again

Warren, Elsabe - 20th Sep, 2010

Nice accomodation, good buffet. The waterwhole is a must.

Boll, Sophie - 09th Sep, 2010

Halali is well situated, centrally in Etosha, making it a good base. Good campsite in a good location. The floodlit waterhole usually had something interesting - rhinos, hyena, leopard.

Wright, John - 08th Sep, 2010

Also very nice place, good service

Molnar - 08th Sep, 2010

The Halali property was nice and no issues at all with the room - cleanliness, etc. We were disappointed in the selection and quality of dinner at the restaurant and also disappointed in the upkeep of the grounds especially the entrance to the camp. Overall, we did enjoy our trip through Etosha Park

Travel Express - Ginn, Lori - 08th Sep, 2010

8/10 for me the best place to stay in the park

Marietti, Emanuele - 07th Sep, 2010

great. we liked the fact that we had to sleep in two different lodges while in Etosha, this gave us the opportunity to visit large areas of the reserve

Benedetta, Nicastro - 07th Sep, 2010

Camp site well situated. The waterhole is not as well lit as Okaukuejo so you need a good camera and night setting to take photos. Recommend a tripod. Remember to check the sighting book.

Lynch, Louise & Chris - 07th Sep, 2010

A very nice lodge Beautiful waterhole, with a lot of animals Decent food

Trentin, Anna - 07th Sep, 2010

Campshop is very low on stock, service is ok,

Gerkens, Arda - 07th Sep, 2010

It is a great place.

Marsh, Dan - 07th Sep, 2010

Lovely camp site with lots to see especially the waterhole.

Ross-jones, Keith - 31st Aug, 2010

We had a lovely stay and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dining. Outstanding service.

Martin, Aurelie - 31st Aug, 2010

Well managed resort, though the restaurant and water hole are not as excellent as the one at Okaukuejo.

Joshi, Nikhil - 31st Aug, 2010

A great camp with good facilities - a good experience. Fortunately most of the truck/bus groups bypass here.

Banwell, Adrian - 10th Jun, 2010

Excellent accommodation and OK food (i.e. not buffet!)

Howard, Robert - 13th Apr, 2010

Enjoyed the resort and accommodation was good although not too keen on the food selection. Again The waterhole was deserted and we were told its the wrong time of year and that its better to visit July/Aug but nevertheless still enjoyed being there. Would definitely visit again and recommend to friends anytime of the year!

Murray, Leora - 08th Apr, 2010

old facilities, room absolute disgusting,nasty unfriendly staff, no interest to help AN absolute NO GO!!!! ..If I hadn't paid in advance we would have left immediately!

Geissler, Katrin - 08th Apr, 2010

The resort was fine although it didn't seem to be as well run as Okaukuejo.

Kelly, Anne - 05th Apr, 2010

NIce camp

Gottesbeuren,birgit - 03rd Feb, 2010

Well maintained place over all, but here mainly spoken about rooms and units. Professional reception with ability to answer all necessary questions. Restaurant could be decorated and maintained a little bit better, service staff in restaurant could be more service friendly and exerted to create a nicer atmosphere. The restaurant doesn't keep what the standard of the rooms/units promise. This also applies for the breakfast. Double rooms (not family units) don't have fillings in the minibar. Why is this? Are people, who don't come in family sizes, less thirsty when they arrive after a dusty Etosha day? No sense in this.

Strohm, Christina - 03rd Feb, 2010

Better than Okaukuejo, more private, waterhole more secluded does not feel like a zoo. Accommodation ok.

Rodrigue, Natalie - 10th Dec, 2009

The waterhole here was very disappointing, we spent about 2 hrs there in the evening and saw nothing. We may have just been unlucky, so worth a visit if you have a few nights but if you only have 1 or 2 nights then I would strongly recommend staying at Okaukuejo instead.

Brown, Jeff - 03rd Dec, 2009

nice place and strategic point; goog waterhole; quite expensive the dinner; too expensive the night safari(we didn't see animals and it was really cold).

Butti,s - 25th Nov, 2009

Correct. Nothing special but the room is clean, and the view on the waterhole is great (you are outposted) and people are kind

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

Good location in Etosha.

Roberts, Mitchell - 06th Nov, 2009

We stayed on the campingsite. The facilities were fine. What a problem was for us, was that we couldn't use our credit card to get gasoline. We didn't have enough cash and could also not pay in US dollars.

Schaaij,doritha - 05th Nov, 2009

Lovely venue well located to explore a large component of the park. Pity that the road works limited one on most of the better routes close to Halali. Staff very Staff polite but not particualrly clued up on what to do. A little more interaction with those on self drive trips would make it more meaningful. Remains however a nice place to base oneself when in Etosha

Austin, Richard - 20th Oct, 2009

very expensive accomodation according to the service. It was not very `homey`. But although it was good to be there, because Halali is in the middle of the park and a good station.

Tirre, Britta - 10th Oct, 2009

Very expensive for what you get, the service and food were of poor standard, what you would expect from a govt run business. The reception staff were verging on rude and incompetent. Although the same cannot be said for Namutoni

Jopp,christian - 09th Oct, 2009

wonderful place; camp site was outstanding; the lighted night-time water hole was great; I can't imagine we could have found a nicer spot

Granrud, Gregory - 08th Oct, 2009

The position is strategically at the middle; the waterhole is fantastic with elephants, rhinos, hyenas. The rooms are very comfortable. We think that is better to stay here instead of changing place for the night because you can see the holes and to come back to the best ones.

Veglio, Pierpaolo - 26th Sep, 2009

Good but very dusty and windy. Four nights here was probably stretching it (two at Namutoni probably would have been fine)

Graham Family - 11th Sep, 2009

How things have changed in 10 years. Clearly a lot has been spent on infrastructure. Camping still great, but let down slightly by the number of overlander trucks now being accommodated.

Humphries, Barbara - 10th Sep, 2009

the only very disappointing place, awuful food, unpolite people, overall low level structure

Pasquali, Maurizio - 10th Sep, 2009

best etosha camp

Chaziris, Georgios - 09th Sep, 2009

good camp

Giorgia,franco - 09th Sep, 2009

Not as impressive as Okaukuejo..would rather have spent time at main camp

Noel Naidoo - 27th Aug, 2009

Rooms OK. Food very low quality.

Colmant, Jean Phillipe - 27th Jul, 2009

Very nice. Quiet not too busy. Would go there again. Perhaps a longer stay.

Sage, Jenny - 27th Jul, 2009

The campsite, the ablution blocks were clean, neat and well kept. The prices of the Etosha are much higher than before, but the camps are worth it!!

Louw,j - 27th Jul, 2009

busy but very well kept, quite noisy at times but good atmosphere

Kidd, Tara - 27th Jul, 2009