Happy to hear french again. Nice breakfast

Bistos, Nathalie - 20th Nov, 2017

Nice lodge in front of the sea and birds

Thurre,roger - 11th Nov, 2017

A great place to explore from. The owner went above and beyond and breakfasts were great. The most expensive place we stayed in but it was the first time we weren't camping and I really did appreciate the bed, internet, smile and quietness as it was storm time and as windy as heck in our tent.

Welcome, Louise - 23rd Apr, 2017

Well located in Walvis Bay, nice view & breakfast, nice room for family.

Michel Le Page, Valerie - 10th Jun, 2015

Large room with a huge walk-in cupboard and a tiny bathroom next to it. We were not aware on booking this accommodation that it is situated on a very busy road with lots of heavy lorries going backwards and forwards to the salt works. Very noisy during the day but quiet at night, at least. However, not a pleasant position to spend any time in during the daytime. Main reception area and dining room only accessible by walking round to the front of the building and ringing a bell to be let in, which seemed a little unfriendly.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

Absolutely amazing. This french run lodge is a place where I would have spent a week instead of a night. Really mesmerizing.

Bottigelli, Marco - 29th Aug, 2014

Very nice and helpful hosts, recommended!

Kok,niek - 22nd May, 2014

This place was fantastic. The manager was the nicest we have found in the trip and we did enjoyed a lot this place. Room was comfy and clean. Breakfast was fantastic.

Martin, Angel - 10th Jan, 2013

great location on the lagoon. Helene and Wilfred were very personable and very helpful in making suggestions, scheduling tours, and arranging transfer to Swakopmund.

Block, Jeanne - 01st Oct, 2012

We preferred to stay in Walvisbay iso Swakopmund as it is close to Sandwich bay. The lagoon lodge had everything we needed and has an excellent view on the sunset. The owners were very helpful. Walvisbay is very quiet.

Vancoillie, Caroline - 08th Jun, 2012

Convenient for everything in Walvis Bay, well located.

Andriamialisoa, Fanja - 28th Aug, 2011

Nice lodge, very friendly people and nice view/good room

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011

Worked out very well for us.

Kofoed, Clair - 16th Oct, 2010

what beautiful place!!!

Mauro - 07th Sep, 2010

This accomodation was only OK, a bit too quaint and bed-and-breakfasty for my liking, 70s/80s decor, nothing wrong with anything per-se (everything was presentable and in good order etc), but think things have moved on a bit..

Brands, Mark - 03rd Feb, 2010


An Hoang,thien - 09th Sep, 2009

Very Good, clean and easy to reach

Visentin, Marta - 03rd Aug, 2009