Good stay. Lovely pool.

Van Der Loo, Christa - 10th Jul, 2017

Excellently redone. The receptionist was at her courteous best. Cannot recall her name but would commend her work (date of trip- 15th May ) Services were in the best order one can ever get. Only if they can have some intercom facility with the store/reception from the ablution services, along with a delivery, people can make use of the store too more frequently

Pillai Navnith - 21st May, 2015

The accommodation and pools are filthy

Du Plessis, Billy - 07th Sep, 2010

Anita (their consultant at the Cardboard Box Travel Shop -ed) had warned us that this place was in desperate need of renovations, she was not wrong, but we knew what we were getting, it was okay for just the one night.

Brockwell, Debra - 31st Aug, 2010

where is the money going? - no need to upgreade, just look after the existing structures

Mostert,cisna - 07th Feb, 2010

Wow, the warm bath is still good, but facilities date back to 1920 ?

Buitendacht,conrad - 03rd Feb, 2010