Although somewhat older, the lodge can still continue to be recommended because they have a lot of game, but mostly because of the view on the waterhole from the lawn around the swimming pool. One can spend a whole day relaxing while admiring the many different animals and birds come by. A good place for the end of a tour.

Dietvorst, Desiree - 01st Mar, 2018

This iconic Namibian lodge was a real treat. Historically important as a conservation leader and the meeting place for the independence negotiations in 1989(?). The game tours were fantastic and the lion feed a must see. The zoo like experience of the hippos, elephants and bucks feeding on the little island was amazing. we walked (in 40 degree heat) to the dinosaur footprints (amazing).

Crago, David - 30th Dec, 2017

best lodge on our trip. It was great, we were at the Elephant Lodge, best dinner

Schokrowski, Nils - 29th Oct, 2017

Beautiful hotel and location, great lions feeding and amazing dinner

Sanchi, Alessandra - 28th Aug, 2017

We couldn't understand what the manageer Fiola told us when she said she had upgraded us. Till we got inside "The Villa". We were speechless for many days. The animal world is beyond expectations and a pleasure and a surprise. Excellent food!

Coenen, Robert - 16th Dec, 2016

Excellent. In particular, the lions feeding was impressive.

Happ, Martina And Gerald - 01st Nov, 2016

Great lodge, big rooms, nice place to relax! Dinner in boma is really good!

Hopmans, Marco - 14th Aug, 2014

Lion feeding is a most impressive experience.

Renner, Christian - 15th Sep, 2013

Very nice (luxurious) place. This place lives well up to their advertisement/webpages. Nice, calm safaris. For improvement, I believe safaris can be even better when accompanied by more info about wildlife, plants etc. (As a general comment, for all places, we were disappointed with the lions/cheetas/leopards feedings/watchings cause we expected them to be either `free` or together with the other animals. This might be better informed on webpages)

Westby, Eskild - 28th Jan, 2013

Older lodge (like a time warp to the 70s/80s) but in perfect condition and with excellent staff. Lion and cheetah feed are fascinating. Lovely view on local wildlife including hippos, from the property.

Vervaat, Wouter - 26th Jan, 2013

very nice

Nicoli, Paulo - 20th Sep, 2011

Great place to finish off - very diffferent - the lion feeding was a highlight although probably not for everyone - kids thought it was fantastic!

Graham Family - 11th Sep, 2009