Gideon was an excellent guide. Food was brilliant & wine was good. Night drive definitely worth doing as was night hide visit Rooms had stunning views over plains with game roaming. Good sightings of wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs.

Yeomans, Susan - 18th Jun, 2018

Wonderful. It was fairly quiet and am not sure what it would be like in the busy season. The Canadian lad Daniel (?) who took us cheetah tracking was excellent. Food, service, all excellent.

Floyd, Liz - 13th Apr, 2018

Very fancy and at first the fact that each visiting party is allocated their own 'tracker / guide' feels a bit intimidating as it comes across as if this is a way to push one towards booking expensive game drives. But later on, this actually is a good system while the guides do not push you towards anything, you do not need to book when you prefer not to. But when you do, you build up a nice acquaintance with the guide over several days or during several tours. The guides understand what you are looking for and they really go out of their way to give you the best possible experience. In the end, it is worth the price.

Dietvorst, Desiree - 01st Mar, 2018

The lodge and rooms were very good. The food was outstanding. The staff were excellent. The only draw back was the Cheetah tracking, which in my view was a scam. I have been involved in wildlife conservation for more than 25 years and the tracking exercise was not authentic. The two "free-roaming" cheetah we were taken to are being fed, are completely tame and used to human interaction and have no suitable prey species available to hunt. Very disappointed.

Felton, Ian - 24th Nov, 2017

Great food, comfortable room, easy to get to (however, we were a little late arriving. We were told to get in before noon to make it to this first stop on time. With the time it took us to obtain the SIM card and install, then go through the Avis process, we did not get to Okonjima until about dinner time, but it was well before dark in any case. And after a long flight the day before, perhaps it was fine that we did not have to get moving at the crack of dawn.

Roy, Judy - 25th Oct, 2017

We were upgraded from a Garden Room to a Standard Room. Very spacious and comfortable. We were surprised to be charged extra for the afternoon activity at high cost, as previously staying 4 years with Okonjima we did not get charged

Barmby, John - 23rd Oct, 2017

The special activities attracted and impressed us.

Ke, Angela - 20th Oct, 2017

Amazing room with a view - would like to have stayed an extra night to participate in activities

Brune, Dave - 18th Oct, 2017

Amazing - one of the highlights of our trip! Everyone should go here! Cheetah and leopard activities in the dawn and dusk were brilliant and highly recommended.

Allan, Nicholas - 05th Oct, 2017

it's been one of the best place to stay

Carniti,sergio - 28th Sep, 2017

Wonderful accommodation, very friendly staff

Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

Amazing! We were upgraded to the bush camp which with a sleeping chalet and a saala.

Hill, Michelle - 30th Jul, 2017

Fantastic place - especially since we were upgraded from Garden rooms to their very luxurious View rooms! Cheetah tracking was absolutely amazing.

Zackrission, Henrik - 16th Jul, 2017

This felt a little ultra modern after being at Mundulea, but we quickly settled in and ended up enjoying it very much. I think wifi in the view cabins would be a positive addition so you don't have to walk to the lodge repeatedly throughout the day. This is a good location for people at the beginning or end of a visit to Namibia. For us it was a comfortable location to relax and get organized before returning to Windhoek and ultimately heading home; we weren't interested in the game drives and various activities, which were pushed pretty hard and, I thought, expensive. Great staff.

Downer, Ann - 09th Jul, 2017

Without asking, we were upgraded to the stunning standard rooms and could easily have spent the time in bed just staring out the window at the amazing view. But no time for that as it was a dawn start to track a leopard, and we spent an hour following one and watching it stalk, kill and remove an unlucky baby warthog to a tree. It's rare to see the whole process according to our excellent guides, Emanuel and Maliti. They also took us on a drive tracking cheetahs on foot, and we stood watching two cheetahs just metres from us. An excellent place to end our holiday.

Morgan, David - 16th Jun, 2017

This place was amazing!

Ungar, Peter - 14th Jun, 2017

Excellent afternoon tea. The activities were very well conducted.

Serafim, Renata - 10th Jun, 2017

Upgraded to standard rooms. The best lodge during our trip

Olleon, Martine - 03rd Jun, 2017

Fabulous lodge, lovely staff, good restaurant. Highly recommend

Hogan, Lesley - 30th May, 2017

I would spend a couple of days there. Wonderful

Calvin, Veronica - 22nd May, 2017

This was amazing. We managed to see the leopard and the lodge was perfect.

Ascolese,andrea - 04th May, 2017

We were upgraded to a view room , another place we wished to have stayed longer. Excellent staff, game drivers who knew what photographers wanted and the accomodation and dining room was breathtaking. Our own resident warthog family and a lone Impala on the door step.

Young, Jeff - 28th Apr, 2017

So lucky to be upgraded here to the Bush camp which was absolutely fabulous, just a wonderful place to end our holiday. Drives and walks with guides were excellent, delicious food and whole place beautifully designed and furnished.

Read, Mary - 18th Apr, 2017

Good lodge and activities. Would recommend

Raphael,deborah - 13th Apr, 2017

This is a great place. Although very commercial they have put enough attention to the right details to not make one feel like part of a herd of tourists. Upon arrival, each group is allocated an individual 'consultant' to explain the type of tours they have (cheetah, leopard, wild dogs, general safari) - this is a bit of a sales pitch type reception, and maybe not the best way of receiving guests - though it must be said that they need this kind of information at the start. You are not pushed into signing on, and you can vary or add to your choice also afterwards, which is good. Each group then gets its own game driver for the days one is there. This is a good thing, if the guide is good. In our case he was excellent. We did all four tours with him and were not disappointed. The closest I have ever come to wild dogs, the were almost in the car.

Dietvorst, Desiree - 01st Mar, 2017

This is an incredibly impressive outfit. The staff are very well trained and friendly. The game guide was excellent. Accommodation is excellent as is the food.

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

A great place to end our holiday. Awesome accommodation, service and food. Another great excursion to view the cheetahs and the sunset drive.

Stockings, Jon - 07th Dec, 2016

The staff in the camp are excitedly friendly. That was last night of this trip which made our while trip perfectly.

Taylor, Helen - 01st Nov, 2016

The place to go. Absolutely wonderful, wonderful room, wonderful activities and excellent food.

Larchier,christian - 22nd Oct, 2016

Great guides, very informative, good place to start.

Dueck, Karin - 28th Sep, 2016

Great place, our kids loved it. The view rooms were very spacious and we could watch wildlife from our beds. The leopard tracking was great.

Mcneil, Vicky - 07th Sep, 2016

Great accommodations with lots of room and well appointed. Quite a professional outfit but a bit heavy on their marketing efforts. The morning and evening rides are worth the price, but are not cheap. Friendly and professional staff and overall a good quality of the food, even though I was getting a bit tired of eating Oryx by that time. We managed to see both cheetahs and leopards, which are not that easy to find despite the radio devices. Our guide was super.

Guth, Brian D - 24th Aug, 2016

The most pleasant surprise and more excitement

Andreatta, Marco - 16th Aug, 2016

Confusion over what the kids can and cannot do. In the end it was fine, we could go see the cheetahs, just staying in the car.

Clendenen, Jason - 15th Aug, 2016

We stayed in either a "standard" or "garden" room, not the "view" rooms, and the view was STUNNING. Gigantic windows looking out on this open field where you could watch wildlife from your bed. We were even visited by a family of wild boars. The nature drives are fantastic. We were within 20 feet of some reasonably friendly looking cheetahs and within 10 feet of a very scary leopard. Fantastic.

Bishop, Lee - 28th Jul, 2016

Great place to visit. Was good to start with.

Gafni, Oren - 19th Jul, 2016

Great facility. Room View was superb. Friendly staff and food was good. We enjoyed the cheetah trekking and we also did the leopard drive/sundowner.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

Highlight of the trip. A class above everything else.

Allen, Angus - 19th Jun, 2016

What fun! The cheetah and leopard tracking were wonderful, and the cabins were spacious and comfortable. Food in the barn was also great. I was sorry that we have to leave after one day.

Glass, Robert - 08th Jun, 2016

The perfect introduction to our tour. Top quality room, staff, catering, activities

Forster, Sarah - 26th Jan, 2016

This was such a great place to start our adventures. We loved the lodge building - beautifully done out and had the best shop of anywhere we visited - should have bought more! The rooms were lovely and very comfortable. The game drive in the morning was tremendous - we saw a leopard and hyena as well as cheetah - all close up. Great place to visit.

Eastell, Rupert - 10th Jan, 2016

excellent experience

Hope, Greg - 20th Nov, 2015

Really fantasic place and a great start to the holiday. Less intimate than other places we stayed at but a great place to Safari

Lovegrove, Tom - 18th Nov, 2015

Fantastic close up experience with big cats - very good customer service, sending forgotten boots back to UK for me. Lovely tranquil rooms - very good vegetarian food as well!

Powell, Jason - 02nd Nov, 2015

The optional tours were fantastic.

Jeltrup, Eric - 18th Oct, 2015

the staff and service was excellent, the guide we had very knowledgeable and I was totally spoilt for my birthday, we really enjoyed being in the garden rooms as almost felt as though we were at home and so were pleased we hadn't been up graded to the standard rooms.

Boulton, Trish - 18th Sep, 2015

Stunning. Great accommodation, great service, great wildlife

Flint,jamie - 16th Sep, 2015

Fabulous place with excellent accommodation, food and guides. One of the highlights of our trip.

Diers, Lisbet - 11th Sep, 2015

excellent, we would liked to have stayed there longer

Elbert, Thomas - 31st Aug, 2015


Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

Okonjima was another highlight of our trip, and a perfect way to end it. Expensive, but very nice place. Great room with large viewing windows. Did leopard and cheetah drive (both from the vehicle, as too dangerous for 10-year old - but allowed to get closer to the cheetahs on foot after all). Great food. Great service.

Tuytelaars, Tinne - 29th Jul, 2015

Excellent facilities and services, except that, as vegetarians, the fish that we were served for dinner was almost inedible. However, our complaint was handled sympathetically and with apologies.

Harlech-jones, Brian - 15th Jun, 2015

This lodge was really well organised and the guides were great. The rooms were big, well appointed and well serviced. They made surprised us with a special dinner and champagne for as it was our honeymoon.

Durrington, Luke - 04th Jun, 2015

This was ok unless doing the activities and for people coming down to Etosha to Windhoek I would suggest somewhere closer, but nice lodge.

Humphries, Liam - 24th May, 2015

Lovely rooms and common areas (and full credit for being the only place with a fridge in the room) but a bit disorganised - they left us behind on 1st game drive in spite of the fact we were waiting in reception, failed to give us a wake up call for either morning drive (turns out they were calling the room next door) and there was no recognition of this when we settled the bill.

Mcintosh, Tracy - 08th May, 2015

Excellent experience in all areas - loved the rooms. Game galore, excellent guides and the cheetah/leopard trekking was incredible. Food good, especially the breakfast. Not a choice for dinner, which was a little disappointing and we only finished the game drive at 8pm and were told we need to head straight to dinner. We were hoping to have a quick wash and change instead of rushing to dinner. Overall however it is a great project and we ended our trip on a high.

Hall,stacey - 01st Apr, 2015

This was absolutely fantastic. All members of the group have said that they would definitely go back here. Rooms, food, staff, safaris - all absolutely brilliant.

Jenkins, Giulia - 24th Feb, 2015

Our highlight was when we saw a cheetah and leopard Good accomodation and great food.

Rancic,bora - 11th Jan, 2015

This is exquisite place. Staff is very professional and so kind. Plenty of activities is available. Food is perfect. Definitely one of the best place of our trip!!!

Guillaume, Sebastien - 26th Oct, 2014

Wonderful. Can`t fault both room, food, staff and activities

Burns, Annie - 19th Oct, 2014

Nice rooms and good buffet breakfast Dinner need to have more variety In general I would recommend to all hotels, menus with more food variety rather than antelope

Evangelista, Paulo - 16th Oct, 2014

The leopard and cheetah tracking was very good and certainly to be recommended

Vermaire, Sonet - 07th Sep, 2014

Disliked it. Felt very manufactured, cold , and very very commercial. Food was OK , staff seemed disinterested and only keen to grab as much revenue as was possible. We were saddened on the game drive to see the Cheetah that our guide seemed determined to find the cheetah at all costs hence we missed sunset drinks and it was pitch black by the time we find her. Parked the jeep 10 ft from the cheetah making the experience all seem very insensitive. We cancelled our proposed Leopard game drive the following day for all the above reasons.

Waite, Nicholas - 04th Sep, 2014

Amazing stay - with leopard and cheetah tracking. Very nice rooms at plains camp. Good food for all meals.

Ballance, Tony - 31st Aug, 2014

Great lodge, very welcoming. We were upgraded again to a huge and beautiful room. The food was delicious and the overall atmosphere of the lodge very warm.

Maganza, Florian - 24th Aug, 2014

An Africat Foundation Preservation. A large new Barn area with large windows, the dining/lounge area, overlooking waterholes and the Savannah. Our new chalet (No.10) on the end of the row, had a fantastic large window where we could see animals on the Plains from our bed! We tracked Cheetah and Hyena here, getting very close to them, on foot, and were very lucky to see Leopard at a waterhole. Very cold on the back of the safari truck this time of year. Food very disappointing here.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

This was an amazing place to stay, wow, what a real treat. The accomodations were nothing short of spectacular. The views, food and ambiance all wonderful. EXCELLENT!!!!!

Colello, Darren - 13th Aug, 2014

Really impressed with this place. It had only been open for one week, but everyone was very friendly and welcoming, the game drive to see the cheetah was fantastic (we saw two, and were even able to approach them on foot). The food was great, loved the afternoon cake and savouries. The room was spacious, plenty of storage space, lovely big bathroom and a little deck to catch the afternoon sun. Huge picture windows.

Beswick, Karen - 28th Jul, 2014

Fantastic camp. Would recommend to anyone. Room had a great view, staff were very friendly and helpful, food was very nice and well prepared, service was great . . . . What more can I say? Definitely in the top 3 lodges we stayed at. Possibly the best! A lovely lady helped me find a small birthday present for my wife sang `Happy Birthday` to her in the morning. Definitely one of the top 3 lodges we stayed at.

Blenkinsop,don - 03rd Jun, 2014

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! While it was the most expensive place by far, it was fine to pay that to support the foundation. The room was stunning and comfortable and a great place to just rest and relax after a busy few weeks. The leopard drive was excellent with two local leopards found. I would have done either a morning or evening drive too except I did not have enough warm clothes with me (basically none) and having frozen on the Halili drive (even with a poncho from the NWR available) I chose not to freeze myself again instead I will come back again one day, should I return to Namibia, along with some thermal tops so the night and early morning drives can be done. The staff were great, constant access to OK coffee excellent, although the set menu for dinner was a bit blah (particularly on the first night), and it would have been great if they had had options available, even if you had to select your option by 5pm (as they had at Kunene).

- 14th Jan, 2014

Really enjoyed the whole experience

Vickers, Stephen - 21st Nov, 2013

Again everything excellent plus, apart from disappointing evening set meal. The game drives, with Previous, brilliant.

Hurrell,claire - 05th Nov, 2013

A very good place to be, especially in the park area. The safari trips were excellent, and well organised

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013

Interesting activities and good food. The view room is worth the extra money.

Vulpe, Lucian - 26th Sep, 2013

Amazing! Loved the bush camp. The service, food and accommodation were all outstanding

Jenkins, Lisa & Alex - 02nd Sep, 2013

Wonderful camp, nice people, good food, very nice activities tracking cheetahs and leopards

Giraud, Vincent - 25th Aug, 2013

Brilliant experience - Ranger De Fries ensured we saw leopard and on one occasion her reunion with her cub

Maudslay, Simon - 18th Aug, 2013

Everything absolutely great. Really kind staff!!!

Ricci, Patriczia - 18th Jun, 2013

Amazing lodge! All the staff was great and the activities offered amazing. We really liked visiting the Africat foundation and learning about everything they do.

Palazuelos, Malena - 29th Apr, 2013

We stayed 2 nights and were upgraded to a bush camp suite. The Lodge operates to a very high standard (comparable to what we have found in South Africa, and has that sort of feel). Food, accommodation and service were all excellent. We also had an excellent guide- Martin. Clearly the experience here is a little different to what we had experienced in other game focussed properties because the predators are collared to aid tracking. Of course as is pointed out without this it would be very difficult to see leopard and wild dogs, and through our own experience in other parts of Africa we know this to be the case. With locating made easier, it is possible to see more `action`- we saw a leopard with its kill, and subsequently saw it go up a tree to retrieve its kill, bring it down and take it into thick grass. We saw wild dogs and cheetahs, and also porcupine at the evening feeding. The provision of bird seed to draw birds to the area outside our suite was a particularly nice touch. Overall we enjoyed Okonjima- but we were fortunate to be there in the low season with low visitor numbers. This lodge does have a more commercial feel, and with a full camp and with increased numbers as a consequence of the expansion currently underway, the experience could be very different in the next high season. Certainly it risks moving away from the authentic wilderness experience which attracted us to Namibia in the first place.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

High quality lodge, excellent service and food, highly recommendable, very attractive game drive

Schmitz, Marc - 02nd Jan, 2013

my favorite place in Namibia! In a 24-hour stay I did both cheetah and leopard tracking on the most beautiful lands I saw in Namibia. Gideon was my guide for both these experiences and was fabulous! He knows not only the cats, but all of the other animals and birds on the farm. I compare Africat favorably in comparison to Naankuse. Africat has rehabbed and released so many more big cats. And even the cheetahs that were hand-raised are released in the huge Africat farm to hunt (and live) in freedom.

Block, Jeanne - 01st Oct, 2012


Scalvini, Raffaella - 10th Sep, 2012

Perhaps the most beautiful lodges. A truly fantastic suite

Guerrieri, Ettore - 24th Aug, 2012


Ognibene, Stefania - 20th Aug, 2012

Very friendly, saw both cheetah and leopard as well as seeing porcupine and honeybadger at the hide. Drives were very well done, food was very good and nice selection of wines. The original rooms, one of which we had, are a little tired but still very pleasant.

Walker, Jonathan - 21st May, 2012

Great experience. Excellent guide. Accomodation was great. Atmosphere in dining room a bit stiff.

Pascoe, Esme - 08th Jan, 2012

Had a great experience at Okonjima Lodge. We were upgraded to the Bushman Camp and the food was exceptional. We were fortunate to get paired with a guide named Stefan . . . he was exceptional and worked real hard to ensure we had a great time. He relentlessy tracked a leopard the first day and a cheetah the second day. Would definitely go back.

Pevzner, Eric - 19th Dec, 2011

Very nice stay. We benefited from an upgrade from view room main camp to a bush camp chalet. very nice! When we mentioned that they made us very happy doing this because we were on a honeymoon, they surprised us in the evening with a special table for two, a bottle of sparkling wine and a card to congratulate us. Great stay!

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

Lovely chalet with picture window over the veld. Excellent facilities and food. Felt a visit to Africat (in which we were interested and for which they look for sponsorship) could have been included rather than making it part of an `activity`. Viewing with our guide, Daniel, to see cheetah, leopard and hyenas was good.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

Our view room was luxurious and looked out over savannah where we saw lots of wildlife.

Carr, Norman - 22nd Oct, 2011

Wonderful stop with excellent attention to our needs, good food, fine service and an excellent drive to see leopards. When I became ill, they were very helpful at arranging a visit to a doctor in the town we were headed toward.

Weisfelder, Richard - 10th Oct, 2011

We were upgraded to the Bush Camp for free. Absolutely amazing experience. Truly recommendable, we'd go there again for sure. Adopted a kitten

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

Tracking cheetahs and leopards is an experience I'll never forget. The highlight of the holiday. The accommodation is outstanding too.

Mountfort, Katrina - 14th Sep, 2011

It was absolutely fantastic both the view room and the all organization (Africat foundation program). The tourist guide are really well prepared.

Pipitone, Raffaella - 12th Sep, 2011

Do not recommend. Very poor service. Guests are herded around and told what to do. Activities not very interesting and some guides very ineffective.

Ferguson, Rachel - 10th Sep, 2011


Mazzotta, Filippo - 25th Aug, 2011

What a plan to finish your holiday! One or two nights here feels like heaven! The service and food are both brilliant. The rooms are some of the best you'll come across in Namibia and the range and quality of activities is exceptional. Rohan, one of the most experienced guides was absolutely brilliant with local knowledge of both the area and animals and charisa to boot! Highly recommended and would love to return!

Tywnam, Stephen - 11th Jul, 2011

Friendly staff, wonderful view rooms in main camp, excellent dinner. The best lodge during my travel!

Fortini, Iacopo - 13th Jun, 2011

Great lodge, great staff and an incredible chef.

Pedrosa, Rafael - 31st May, 2011

The view rooms have amazing panorama windows. Also the only chance we had on our trip to see cheetahs and leopards, and we found both on the tracking activities. Definitly a unique experience to stand 2-3m away from a Cheetah in the bush!

Lohneiss, Susanne - 20th May, 2011

Fantastic. When we arrived at the gate we had been upgraded to Bush camp. Probably the the best accommodation on tour. The cheetah tracking was amazing. Worth it.

Du Toit, Barry - 12th Apr, 2011

It's a nice place. The staff is very friendly, the food is great. And you have a guarantee to see cheetah and leopard. But it is just too expensive. And there is no advantage in booking the Full Board - booking half board and paying the activities in the lodges comes to the same price.

Stange, Peter - 12th Apr, 2011

Unique. The room with panoramic window was the best I have ever stayed in. The games drives of course are the real highlight.

Charnley, Robin - 30th Nov, 2010

very nice, infrastructure (room and main structure) and welcome; the guide \'s enthusiasm was involving!

Beffa, Sabina - 17th Oct, 2010

Beatiful activities and expert leadership

De Angelis, Sandra - 19th Sep, 2010

The highlight of our stay. A wonderful lodge with excellent guides and great hospitality

New, Patrick - 08th Sep, 2010

Fantastic. Opportunity to see leopard and cheetah. Great food, friendly staff.

Johnson, James - 06th Jun, 2010

Amazing best rooms and Aficat makes it.

Scott, Nigel - 05th Jun, 2010

Best stay of our holidays, but we have been lucky to be upgraded to Bush camp for the 2 nights stay. Absolutely great time, and exciting game drive. Nowhere else it was proposed to track animals by foot and following them in the bush, very exciting experience to run into a hyena. Great photo potential with Leepard and cheetah.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010

The new view rooms are very nice. The food at the lodge was just ok. However for the price, we did not feel it was worth the cost.

Perch, Jane - 15th Dec, 2009


Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009

Really good service, people kind, food was all right but we had an old room and we were really disappointed about it, we were expected a brand new one like on the picture. But to have it, you have to ask for a view room! And when we ask to change, it was full...

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

An excellent cook!

Ghisalberti, Simona - 09th Nov, 2009

Very attentive staff and a pleasant way to end our journey. The food was excellent

Kurtenbach, James - 08th Oct, 2009

A very beutiful place! I adore it! The room are magnificents, the lodge very hospitable and the guides of excursions prepared. The best place of my holiday!

Bianucci, Simona - 08th Oct, 2009

Great experience! Great accomodation!

Benvenuti, Guia - 11th Sep, 2009

Where do you find these great places? Such a cool place to end the trip.

King, Damian - 11th Sep, 2009

luxury and friendliness together, an amazing experience

Rovelli, Paola - 10th Sep, 2009

okonjima is probably overpriced for what you really get but the opportunity to see the leopards is worthwhile. It`s a bit `stuffy` but I sort of expected that

Hewson, Chad - 09th Sep, 2009

Excellent. We really enjoyed with all the animals.

Alvaro, Fernandez - 09th Sep, 2009

Beautiful. Accommodation excellent. Hospitality superb.

Sage, Jenny - 27th Jul, 2009

Beautiful place with a great atmosphere. We really enjoyed our time there.

Burkhard, Englert - 27th Jul, 2009