AMAZING! Such a pleasant place. Cheerful staff, lovely accomodation and good food. Also, the proximity to the Etosha pan made this a highlight of the trip. Obviously under different management to Okaukuejo. We left them a glowing review.

Hewitt, Carol - 30th Apr, 2018

Namutoni is in a great location when it comes to watching animals! On the down-side, it is probably the worst of the camps inside the park when it comes to maintenance and service.. We therefore prefer to stay either at Onkoshi, or at Halali or Okaukuejo. Or in one of the lodges outside the part.

Skauerud, Vibeke - 09th Apr, 2018

A little place in Etosha very pleasant, easy to go out Etosha.

Ledent, Guy - 07th Apr, 2018

camp left a little abandoned : it's a shame ; average reception and staff ; no improvement since our first visit 3 years ago

Corinne, Mounier - 29th Mar, 2018

Would have liked to stay here two nights rather than one. It was the best of all the campsites.

Lyons, Hiromi - 03rd Feb, 2018

Namutoni room facilities were great, a plumbing maintenance issue was sorted out by reception promptly. The waterhole is a let down. Food was mixed (one good meal, one less than good meal). The pool and kiosk were enjoyable but pool needs maintenance (I realise it is now low season).

Clubley, Annette - 21st Jan, 2018

Nice rooms and service

Schmidt,jonas - 17th Jan, 2018

Lovely accommodation - close to the water hole. Very good game drive. Please inform your clients that it is very cold in a jeep at sunrise. We were told they were starting to do night drives. We saw good game and it is very easy to navigate within the park. the shop is ok. The breakfast is good and the evening meal, although simple, is very good. The staff were very cheerful and kind.

Tatham, Charles - 13th Jan, 2018

The better of the two Etosha camps we stayed in for ambience, staff and food. We didn't see as much game, however we enjoyed the experience there more than Okaukuejo.

Crago, David - 30th Dec, 2017

Wonderful accomodation, very luxuous

Bistos, Nathalie - 20th Nov, 2017

nice location but less personal in general compared to other places we have stayed at.

Ignatescu - 06th Nov, 2017

Great lodge with good services. Museum was very interesting. Onsite watering hole was not the best.

Hagel, Luke - 04th Nov, 2017

pleasant meeting with mongooses

Ben Chadli, Yassine - 31st Oct, 2017

The best of the 3 camps we stayed by far; well run with pleasant and efficient staff, very good catering, comfortable and clean accommodation

Barmby, John - 23rd Oct, 2017

Everything was fine. reception, nice room, good dinner, breakfast, etc...

Van Coillie,koen - 23rd Oct, 2017

Disappointed there were no longer coffee and meals available at n the fort. Nice grass around came clean amenities

Moysey, Deb - 14th Oct, 2017

Not sure why they are not using the fort which would be a great asset if they moved the restaurant/bar there & repaired the walkway.

Heald, Warwick - 05th Oct, 2017

Namutoni seems to be halfway through a re-build and not everything is finished. Waterhole isn't even 10% as busy as the one at Okaukuejo.

Allan, Nicholas - 05th Oct, 2017

Beautiful campsite.

Santos, Begona - 02nd Oct, 2017

Great relaxed camp, superb evening drive

Dawkins, Tim - 30th Sep, 2017

The diesel pump was working so we filled up as soon as we arrived. The camp was very interesting but I felt the car parking outside the rooms needed organizing as it seems everybody drives over the paths which are braking up. We checked out the water hole to see if we could visit it later but it seemed that the seating area was east of the water hole which would mean you would be looking into the sun at sunset. We decided not to go to the water hole that night as my wife was concerned about path from the room.

Liddington, John - 28th Sep, 2017

Good hotel, however would be better if it were renovated. The other camps in Ethosa were cleaner and newer. The swimming pool was rather dirty

Debaeke, Thomas - 26th Sep, 2017

Lovely rooms and swimming pool. Disappointing that only dinner option was very expensive buffet, even for children, so difficult to get any value for meals. Watering hole disappointing, but the best game was seen close to the camp, including Leopard and Cheetah, so very happy we visited.

Wundram, Kathy - 07th Sep, 2017

beautiful room. camp's own waterhole not nice

Rossetto, Irene - 31st Aug, 2017

good lodge but highly disappointing waterhole. Wouldn't stay there again.

Ganesan, Sathish Kumar - 30th Aug, 2017

Fine - the very early morning drive was fantastic

Toennes, John - 29th Aug, 2017

Having stayed in the other two camps previously I was quite surprised how much I liked this camp. We had a double room which was quite modern, spacious and quite comfortable. The bath was a bit of a treat. We also liked a lot of the water holes at this end of the park. In the evening Namutoni was much quieter than the other two camps and in July greener. The waterhole in the camp is currently not at all good although they do appear to be working on this.

Lynch, Robyn - 21st Aug, 2017

Newly refurbished rooms with private screened off sitting out areas. Sadly refurbishment done to look amazing rather than function well. Food better than Waterberg. A lovely place to stay, and good for surrounding game viewing.

Sanderson, Sarah - 17th Aug, 2017

Nice cottages, to bad there was a problem with the drains

Cruysberghs, Steven - 15th Aug, 2017

The place is in need of maintenance, part of the staff did not seem to care very much about their work.

Verheij,olaf - 14th Aug, 2017

The facilities in Namutoni camp site are very good and clean. Highly recommended.

Nina, Ni - 03rd Aug, 2017

Bush Chalet: Room worked for us but layout would not be suitable for all, too open plan and step down to bathroom (and bath) tricky if dark. Whole room seemed to be about style and not usability. Strange access-had to drive over pathways and across front of other chalets. Food good, staff friendly and helpful.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

Extremely well run camp. We received the friendliest greeting on arrival in the whole of Namibia. The staff all took great pride in their work and everything was spotless. The only sad part was the state of the Fort. It is neglected and does not appear to have any use - even though it is a national monument. The waterhole was highly disappointing.

Mason, June - 24th Jul, 2017

While we had a great 3 days overall, Namutoni was slightly less wonderful as the waterhole is not really 'watchable'. I've heard subsequently that they are working on it. Everything else was fine.

Humphreys, Rose - 17th Jul, 2017

Very run down. Staff were very unpleasant and seemed very unhappy. Breakfast and dinner was ok but nothing special. Rooms very spacious but bizarre that there is no door or divider to the toilet. The waterhole there is a waste of time. Would stay outside of the park next time.

Gray, Robert - 13th Jul, 2017

Everything a little run down, but we enjoyed it all the same.

Cutler, Neil - 11th Jul, 2017

Dinner very good. Restaurant staff good.

Mylrea, Stephen - 04th Jul, 2017

The rooms were lovely and also well located

Coleman, Birgit - 28th Jun, 2017

Fine place, in the park.

Regelman, Jeff - 23rd Jun, 2017

This particular camp was a bit tired and the waterhole disappointing as it was overgrown and you can't see anything that is there. The food was lovely.

Jackson, Kelley - 16th Jun, 2017

In our view, the nicest of the camps that we stayed in. The accommodation was spacious, clean and very comfortable. Service was good and despite having the customary menu (oryx/springbok/kudu etc), we enjoyed the restaurant and the friendly staff etc.

Weemys,mike - 02nd Jun, 2017

The front desk people at check in were very unfriendly & not very helpful with questions but the acoomadations were beautiful & we enjoyed the breakfast & evening buffet. It was here we got to try kudu & springbok.

Smith, Donna - 22nd May, 2017

As Halali and Okaukuejo, this campsite was great, with large areas, nice bathroom, table and braai ... I recommend the three campsite of NWR in Etosha

Jarry Charles - Ismerie - 17th May, 2017

Nice Accommodation but in need of maintenace (clearly no supervision)Beautiful bathroom tiles need to be resealed behind the Showers! Towel rails hangin off the wall etc. The Camp looks like a building site with old concrete in the ground and bricks from previous renovations needing to be removed. "Don't Care" attitude evident although expensive accommodation, no chairs outside etc.

Keevy, Alan - 16th May, 2017

Maybe the worst lodge were we stayed but had not big issue.

Ascolese,andrea - 04th May, 2017

Nice camp, very spacious room with modern open plan bathroom including 3 showers but no door for WC which was little odd. Evening buffet well presented and with a bit of exploration provided several vegetarian options. Good breakfast. Such a good centre for wildlife spotting - plenty to see at the waterholes very near to the camp

Read, Mary - 18th Apr, 2017

All OK. The staff struggling with the large numbers of tourists. All very willing but just overrun Etosha is wonderful.

Hodgson, Mandy - 28th Mar, 2017

The restaurant has improved, very friendly staff at reception and restaurant. it is more than a pity that the wall-walk of the Fort is still closed so you can not watch the life at the waterhole from there. The wire of the electric-fence at the waterhole is broken so the whole fence is unsafe. The main problem in all NWR camps is the poor maintenance and or supervision

Buchert, Thomas - 19th Feb, 2017

Rooms very nice and the service and food are the best of Etosha.

Grobben Peter - 11th Feb, 2017

We loved the lodge and the room we got! It was spacious, clean and nice, the staff was very friendly and the food good! Top!

Schmidt,jonas - 07th Feb, 2017

We were unable to use these facilities because we arrived at the park gate 15 minutes after dark. Cardboard Box had warned us clearly and frequently of the need to arrive before dark, but we were delayed by unforeseen circumstances. That was completely our issue, not that of anyone else.

Abbott, Lon - 16th Jan, 2017

We loved the vibe of this lodge. It appeared that perhaps it is undergoing renovations. Maybe because of the time of year, but the restaurants that are inside the fort are either not yet open, or we're closed due to holiday time. This site has much potential. We enjoyed our accommodations here very much.

House, Teri - 06th Jan, 2017

Cabin is good. Floodlit waterhole disappointing. Nearby waterholes are just fantastic !!!

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

Accommodation was a bit disappointing, we thought that it was updated and inside the Fort.

Stockings, Jon - 07th Dec, 2016

Wonderful accommodation and good service. The waterhole bad compare to Halali

Sogne, Mauro - 21st Nov, 2016

Nice place, helpful and kind staff. Surroundings interesting because of the museum and the old building, waterhole nice but very quiet.

Gulyas,berit - 11th Nov, 2016

Large units but not as nice as Okaukuejo also in Etosha

Thorson, Chris - 10th Nov, 2016

Great camp, helpful staff and good location, although no one seems to respect the "no noise after 10pm" rule ... luckily we took ear plugs for sleeping.

Wright, David - 07th Nov, 2016

Bush chalet excellent. Large double with twin showers/hand basins. Evening meals good.

Hurrell,claire - 07th Nov, 2016

Nice place, smaller and more familiar than Okaukuejo - which I found gave it quite a nice feel. The service was a bit slow sometimes and if you look more closely you see all the ignored maintenance Problems bedind the facade, but that is the trade-off for staying at accommodation in the park and they are not Things which particularly impeded our stay. What probably disappointed the most was the water-hole. Whether it was a one-off I cannot say, but the water-hole had absolutely no activity when we were there.

Bonell, Andrew - 01st Nov, 2016

Super clean apartement; great waterhole (dinner: broccoli contained sand; otherwise the meal was good)

Schaller, Patrick - 01st Nov, 2016

wonderful chalet

Dominici, Antonella - 31st Oct, 2016

The double bush chalet is beautiful. Much more than I expect. The restaurant of lodge only had a buffet, not a la carte service, but the food wasn't bad.

Nishizaki, Ricardo - 31st Oct, 2016

As usual, we enjoyed the large and beautiful room, friendly welcoming, good food. Waterhole not fantastic but we already knew it, and the neighborhoods are very interesting.

Larchier,christian - 22nd Oct, 2016

Great campsite - with shade and good amenities on each pitch

Brown-kenyon, Carol - 20th Oct, 2016

the bathrooms here were amazing and this was the only bathroom that had a built in hairdryer

Whitehorn, Hilary - 09th Oct, 2016

This was okay. Used it primarily as a stopover.

Gates,ron - 07th Oct, 2016

The convenience of being inside the park is unmatched, however, didn't see a single animal at the waterhole in 3 days/2 nights. You feel very separated from nature and feel like you're in a big resort. But it was comfortable with decent food. Staff were the least friendly and helpful of my entire trip, seemed very unhappy. Room was nice but a bit dirty.

Hugosson,annika - 25th Sep, 2016

Nice choice to stay on the east side of Etosha NP

Montserrat, Jordi - 20th Sep, 2016

First time we have stayed there. A lovely campsite and well organized.

Pollock, - 12th Sep, 2016

Great accommodation in the most beautiful and less commercial camp within Etosha. The restaurant deserves 6 out of 5 starts: fresh food in the best variety and selection plus outstanding service.

Karge, Desiree - 26th Aug, 2016

Lovely historic site - waterhole not the best - but the pool was lovely and the rooms were plush - especially the bathrooms.

Howard, Jenny - 26th Aug, 2016

Enjoyed it. Good. Etosha is fantastic.

Tiroler, Zoltan - 25th Aug, 2016

Very nice room, very quiet at the waterhole though.

Machtans,craig - 25th Aug, 2016

Great accommodation; food better than Okaukuejo but could still improve; service needs improvement. Why isn't the Fort at the camp utilised better - It would make a great centre for the restaurant, bar, reservations - it really is eye-catching (and under-utilised and in need of upkeep).

Welbourne, Glynis - 24th Aug, 2016

Blackout was inconvenient. Was expected but not planned for. But rooms and food really good.

Williamson, Jan - 10th Aug, 2016

Accommodations were large and spacious. The bath must have seemed better on paper than in reality, it really is quite an odd contraption. Waterhole less impressive than Halali. Sliding door difficult to open and close. Unit was also difficult to find intitially, no signage pointing in the right direction. Dinner at the restaurant was good and again store very low in stock and nothing worth buying as gifts. The old fort has so much potential, but seems abandoned and has 2 miserable gift stores with Chinese African knockoff products. Great opportunity for someone to revamp all the gift stores in all the camps. Tourists are willing to part with their money for worthwhile souvenires but sadly their was nothing worth buying.

Deacon Ingrid - 08th Aug, 2016

A bit run down. Staff at reception not friendly at all. we found this at all the camps. The restaurant staff is friendly but the staff at reception is very unfriendly and unwelcoming.

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

The layout of this place is very weird, but the rooms were quite nice. Fine entry into Etosha. We went on a night drive which was unbelievable! So many nocturnal creatures, including an entire hyena family with two adolescents and a tiny baby, sniffing the tires of our truck.

Bishop, Lee - 28th Jul, 2016

Excellent accommodation but not a great game/waterhole experience. More should be made of the Fort. Restaurant adequate.

Henderson, Stewart - 27th Jul, 2016

clean and comfortable

Bird, Laura - 24th Jul, 2016

Nice accommodation and ok food. Staff could do with customer service training.

Jarvis,glen - 20th Jul, 2016

very nice rooms, but there are no animals at their waterhole

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

excellent location but only an average resort, buffet dinner in the restaurant does not really cater for vegetarians.

Potter, Suzanne - 09th Jul, 2016

Lodging in Etosha was the biggest disappointment of our trip. Staff was very suspicious because we were travelling with our daughter and they said they were not aware event if I showed them the reservation... We had to wait for her bed and towels. The whole site is falling apart and staff don't seem to care. The food was the worst of our trip. The room was clean but it looked better on the website than in reality. We should have paid more to stay outside the park. What a shame.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

The camp is lovely, but the waterhole leaves a lot to be desired.

Mccreadie, Ron - 04th Jul, 2016

We had booked the expensive Bush Chalet at Namutoni because we were told the double rooms were all booked. There appeared to be numerous vacancies when we were actually there. The bush chalet is very large and nicely furnished. It has an open floor plan, so there is not much privacy when sitting on the throne or taking a shower, which has two shower heads for couples who like to save time!! The restaurant has a huge dining area but most people preferred to sit outside because the weather was very mild. The service was friendly, but unfortunately the food was below standard. The waterhole has a very pleasant viewing deck in which to watch the sunset, but with the resort on the eastern side, a road on the western side, and noise from a nearby works depot, the Guinea Fowl had this waterhole to themselves.

Tindale, Colin - 30th Jun, 2016

We couldn't believe how many animals we got to see. The staff there could be more helpful in advising the best times and locations to see animals.

Allen, Angus - 19th Jun, 2016

Great place. Good campsite. Secure your garbage cans so animals can't get in and get habituated to human trash. Water hole seemed empty?

Dietrich, Daniel - 07th Jun, 2016

The chalet was beautiful, with a lot of space, a terrace and a nice bathroom. The water was running the whole night in the toilet which is a pity in a "dry" country such as Namibia where the water should be saved. We tried to prepare it or find a solution, but it was not possible. We told this to the responsible person ... let's hope maintenance will be done (we - and other tourists with whom we have been exchanging - have noticed a general lack of maintenance in all camps in Etosha, but we trust that this will be improved).

Jetzer, Josee - 01st Jun, 2016

I like the area. Game is good and there are quite a few good water holes. Camp OK but starting to show signs of very bad management!! Gutters on the Double Rooms are rusting through. The bathrooms are bad. The bath is exceptionally dangerous for anyone unsure on their feet. I also prefer the Double Rooms to the Bush Chalets because there is a door into the bathroom.

Wilkinson, Colin - 30th May, 2016

Love this campsite. Our fave at Etosha.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

Excellent rooms - The best of all 3 camps. Everything was 100% except for the towels. They were very old, washed out, hard and nearly unusable. A great disappointment given the excellent rooms, linen, bedding, etc

Nel, Johan - 06th May, 2016

Perfect campsite & great and helpful guides at entrance¦

Marionnet, Marianne - 28th Apr, 2016

Ideally placed to leave early on the self-drive game drives.The facilities are in good state and clean!

Evrard, Daniel - 19th Apr, 2016

Nice and clean.

Przkop, Jack - 03rd Apr, 2016

Very friendly staff at the reception and in the restaurant. Cleaness and functionality much better than in the last articles readable in the AZ and FB. Food simple but ok.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2016

Probably the nicest of the three.

Oliveres, Michele - 22nd Feb, 2016

The least relaxing camp site of our stay, but fine for one night. There was not much to do at the camp itself (the fort was closed, the waterhole not very comfortable or interesting).

Lodder, Jasmijn - 04th Jan, 2016

Lush green campsite, nice spots. Recommend to repair the braai stands.

Van De Ven, Ronald - 04th Jan, 2016

Larger and busier but good sites with shade and lots of birds.

Morrisey, Don - 01st Jan, 2016

Really nice campsite. The best one of all of them.

Cots, Teresa - 25th Dec, 2015

Namutoni was the third of our Etosha stops and it provided us with the most variety of wildlife in the near vicinity. I highly recommend spending time in a variety of locations throughout the park as you never know where the animals will be. Namutoni was very close to our favourite water hole where we encountered a family of 14 elephants one afternoon in what was the most surreal experience of our lives. Etosha is unbelievable.

Auge, Michael - 22nd Dec, 2015

Rooms are nice, but the rest of the resort needs some looked after, splecialy the fort. The restaurant on Namutoni was the best one

Castela, Miguel - 07th Dec, 2015

Enjoyable relaxed camp site. Nice fort. Great guides for the night drives.

Wood, Graeme - 26th Nov, 2015

excellent experience

Hope, Greg - 20th Nov, 2015

Like Okaukuejo, the accommodation & food was good but not anything special & the food which is also buffet style was plentiful but not memorable.

Stansfeld, Peter & Anne - 05th Nov, 2015

Room good. Again, typical NWR standard of service. Swimming pool was out of action for one day. The whole area around the pool looked dirty and uncared for. The whole site looked generally in need of care and attention. The night game drive we had was excellent.

Rothwell, Michael - 05th Nov, 2015

Good location and very comfortable room.

Jeltrup, Eric - 18th Oct, 2015

Chalet very comfortable, but the lodge does not meet the level of, say, Mokuti lodge nearby.

Mondot, Jm - 17th Oct, 2015

We stayed in a Bush Chalet for 3 nights, which made a nice change from camping. The accommodation was well-appointed and breakfast was good. The chalet had a fridge, allowing us to self-cater (sandwiches) for dinner. The area outside the chalet was rather poorly maintained, but we were able to park just outside our unit, which was convenient.

Vaughton, Glenda - 16th Oct, 2015

Although probably not as game rich as other sites, the campsite itself was lovely.

Macdonald, Ron - 15th Oct, 2015

Very nice - the food wasn't all that great in the restaurant but the game viewing was so good it didn't matter.

Mccomiskey,shelagh - 14th Oct, 2015

Reasonable site albeit less privacy. Facilities OK and kept clean. Jackals at night were a pest rummaging in the bins

Slatter, Marc - 03rd Oct, 2015

We managed to get into chalets at all the centers i.e. Okaukeujo, Halali and Namutoni. The criticisms we have are really to do with Etosha as a whole: the toilets in the picnic area are atrocious and NOT a good example to all the international guests. The other thing is there are no signs telling the guests in Okaukeujo not to feed the jackals who are a real nuisance there. 

Abbott, John - 30th Sep, 2015

Much nicer than Halali.Staff much more pleasant and attentive.

Anne Nanson - 29th Sep, 2015

unfortunaltely although the rooms were fine, the service at the check in was slow as only one person working at a time, the service at the restaurant was poor and no one really seemed to care. The food was very average, such a shame as they could do so much better.

Boulton, Trish - 18th Sep, 2015

Accommodation was good, food poor but that didn't matter

Flint,jamie - 16th Sep, 2015

The best game viewing area and the best camp that we stayed in while in Etosha

Wilkes, Mark - 10th Sep, 2015

very nice place, clean, among the unfriendly ones, the friendliest of the three etosha camps

Kredel, Katrin - 07th Sep, 2015

Lovely room, but poorly located on edge of camp. Third person's bed was a mattress on the floor with no bedding. Reception was closed before 8pm and by pure chance managed to find someone to find someone to get some bedding. Again, reception have an attitude problem, other members of staff great.

Mckinley,christopher - 02nd Sep, 2015

Chalet very luxurious and nice.

Keusseyan, Celine - 29th Aug, 2015

Overall it is a beautiful structure that would need a good and constant maintenance. Untidy, careless part outdoor.

Farci, Emanuela - 28th Aug, 2015

The new cabins are very nice.

Hayden, Jack - 25th Aug, 2015

We didn't stay here but did stop at this camp on our way through Etosha. The service by restaurant staff was okay, but was a little slow. However, the main issue was the rude woman in the shop, which reflected badly on the experience. NWR need to do much more on customer service overall but especially on front-of-house staff.

Timbertopper, Sarah - 22nd Aug, 2015

The bush chalet we stayed in was the best of all the lodges we used on our trip. Watching elephants at sunset at the waterhole was an unforgettable experience. The only regret is that we could not stay longer...

Gorecki, Tadeusz - 20th Aug, 2015

Great lodge!

Buratti, Elisabetta - 19th Aug, 2015

A great base from which large areas of the park can be explored.

Thompson, Andy - 16th Aug, 2015

Good room. Food acceptable. Some works still ongoing. Fort bad maintained.

Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

We were not very lucky at the waterhole, but the surroundings are very interesting. At Klein Namutoni we saw a leopard!

Vangenechten,ingrid - 14th Aug, 2015

I think they are missing a trick. The museum has been under renovation for more than a year. The fort is not used to it's full potential. The fort also is in need of repair - looks like the decking overlooking the waterhole has been broken for quite a while; the toilets are out of order; the restaurants are all closed...

Helgerud, Oyvind - 11th Aug, 2015

The people working the desk here were surly and unfriendly.

Chatham, Robert - 31st Jul, 2015

Accommodation much better than staff

Haddad, Victor - 30th Jul, 2015

Never going there again. Big disappointment. Bush Lodges are attractive but whole camp is poorly managed in all areas. The Water hole is not being maintained, the game vehicles are being used for maid and laundry services, the staff are unfriendly, the grounds are unkept with building rubble lying around for more than 9 years, the tourist shop is stocked with items only desirable for the staff that works there and the restaurant and food was the worst of the lot.

Gilbert,barbara - 15th Jul, 2015

Picturesque and photogenic fort. Worst waterhole viewing. No self-catering option for non-campers.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

Nice chalets although weird not having a road to drive to them, just pavement for suitcases of coach tourists. Food good, restaurant staff need more training though. Shop very pricey and very poorly stocked. But game viewing made up for everything. Yes we will be booking again through Cardboard Box!

Wood, Helene - 12th Jul, 2015

The campsite and facilities were well maintained and the staff were friendly.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

Nice camp. The staff in the restaurant were very friendly

Duncan, Alison - 16th Jun, 2015

Brilliant service, brilliant accommodation, will definitely go back there!!

Hoogenhout,dalene - 09th May, 2015

The chalet was nice, the restaurant and other accomodation not that good but the food was excellent.

Suleau, Marcel - 25th Apr, 2015

Namutoni was our favourite place to stay in Etosha. Our hut was very clean and nicely decorated.

Androsoff, Katya - 07th Apr, 2015

the renovation and the new construction of the restaurant are done well but the restaurant gives you from inside the impression being in the old GDR. the pool should be cleaned more often, a lot of sand and dirt on the ground.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2015

Big room in a bit tired place

Berti, Saudo - 15th Dec, 2014

Room is correct but not very friendly.

Morin, Christele - 10th Dec, 2014

We were quite surprised by this property. We hadn`t expected it to be as nice as it was, very nice indeed and as they had so few patrons the menu was a la carte rather than buffet. This suited us fine and the food and prices were wonderful

Powell, Susan - 29th Nov, 2014

NEEDS Renovation, starting to get very worn, was nice but need improvement ASAP!! Will not recomend..

Haagenrud, Arne - 09th Nov, 2014

Improved since last year, alot of renovation going on. This good, in need of it really. Overall good.

Haagenrud, Arne - 09th Nov, 2014

Well located inside Etosha but quality inferior compare to the rest of the Namibian lodges. Bring you meat for BBQ !

Bailley, Vivien - 06th Nov, 2014

Hot spot for giraffe. Room was nice, restaurant is appalling.

Guillaume, Sebastien - 26th Oct, 2014

Great room and good place

Burns, Annie - 19th Oct, 2014

Comfortable. Of course more people (since obligation for all to go in one of the 3 lodges.

Laloux,olivier - 19th Oct, 2014

The pool was just being redone. Apart from that the accomodation was nice - large rooms. Our Problem with the toilet was fixed at 9 o clock in the night which we appreciated very much. Waterhole without animals when we were there.

Umbricht, Regula - 14th Oct, 2014

Nice place. Close to waterholes

Cummings, John - 03rd Oct, 2014

We loved the bush chalet but recommend they put a self catering/kitchen in it as well as a braai on the stoep. It is big enough for it.

Reeves, Marianne - 22nd Sep, 2014

Least active camp watering hole.

Murphy, Bernie - 12th Sep, 2014

Very good

Gugliotta, Calogero - 08th Sep, 2014

Accommodation lovely. Revamped since our last visit. Lovely accommodation.

Kirkwood,annette - 30th Aug, 2014

The room was amazing. Huge! we did 3 game drives with Danny who was brilliant. really knew a lot about animal behaviour. on an early morning drive, we tracked 3 lions for an hour as they tracked zebra. didn`t end in a kill but the lions crossed the road right in front of us. Amazing.

Greenwood, Stusar - 29th Aug, 2014

Sad we could see the waterhole only from one viewpoint

Johnston, Neil - 26th Aug, 2014

Nice camp. again, clean toilets and good showers. The shop closed at 5.30 which was too early for us but the restaurant did a very nice buffet so we treated ourselves. We were surprised to find the camp shops closing before the camps close. (That would have been good to have known beforehand.)

James, Marleen - 21st Aug, 2014

Essentially all the same comments as for Okaukuejo. Downside of Etosha was time of year (my choice due to unavoidable scheduling), as elephants had migrated away and wildlife was not as plentiful as rainy season. Still, I saw a lot and have a lot of great photos.

Taber, Greg - 14th Aug, 2014

Fantastic luxury accommodation!

Venditti,tiziano - 12th Aug, 2014

Beutiful camp - good food (for vegetarians)-

Rattray, Hugh - 02nd Aug, 2014

The chalet was beautiful but the resort is very untidy and not looked after properly. They were also busy with renovations which will hopefully make it a better experience. At the restaurant the dinner was very nice although only the people that came early were served properly. The food very nice. The breakfast was a total disaster - no cups, no set tables, no coffee, etc. This must be looked after properly.

Van Der Bergh, Ronell - 24th Jul, 2014

Room is very clean and spacious and bathroom too. The lodge must be kept better but there are some works in progress. Restaurant average.

Tomasina, Giorgio - 04th Jul, 2014

We`d stayed at Namutoni before so knew what to expect. Our chalet was very nice. It is undergoing refurbishment of the boardwalks and swimming pool but this didn`t cause us any problems although the waterhole is closed because the path is being relaid. The food here was generally good.

Hempstead, Tracy - 02nd Jul, 2014

Allison (from the Cardboard Box Travel Shop) did mention not going to this location. I insisted. Took a very long time to check in, very slow, uncaring. Nothing to see at this water hole. Disappointing.

Kerlagon, Jeffery - 01st Jul, 2014

We visited this resort four years previously and on this occasion noted a distinct fall in maintenance. We also noted that some work was already underway but more needs to be done - particularly outside with the walkways.

Jones, David - 30th Jun, 2014

at this time there are works in progress that make the services not very efficient

Ross, Elisabetta - 29th Jun, 2014

Great place to explore the area around Fishers pan. Namatoni is in disrepair and a lot of things need to be fixed and/or better maintained. As we noted work is in progress and we hope that amendments will be ready before the high season starts

Bergstrom, Bo - 29th May, 2014

Namutoni is undergoing renovations which are long overdue - so our experience at Numtoni was not to the standard of the other camps

Tyldesley, Audrey - 26th May, 2014

Horrible, everything is destroyed (teck trails, pool, garden,...). Prefer a lodge outside Etosha park. Only cooking was not to bad.

Galanter, Jean - 04th Mar, 2014

Again this was a great place to stay, staff very helpful and food very good.

Lyons, Paul - 04th Mar, 2014

the camp improved since 2012, New Management?? Hopefully they finish the renovation of the wooden decks before the season starts.

Buchert, Thomas - 04th Mar, 2014

Great, slightly unkept, maintenance is not a priority, but it was wonderful, we loved it. Rustic, the bush bungelow was wonderful, food was good, people friendly. They did, however, run out of ice!

De Klerk, Charlotte - 17th Jan, 2014

fabulous room with brilliant bathroom and was very romantic. There was also great game around the area. Limited dinner menu but excellent service from a very good trainee waiter. Big issue was lack of maintenance around the place, particularly regarding the boardwalk, which had areas of broken wood and areas that felt unsafe to walk on, particularly by the pool (which was deliciously cool and I was able to get a great swim in). The screen to the outside shower also needed to be replaced or at least fixed, and the air-conditioning unit was large and efficient but too noisy to have on at night even with earplugs in. Would love to stay again in the future, but they really need to have a manager that does a regular walk-around and get maintenance issues sorted. There is a huge amount of potential for a bit of development in the main restaurant/shop area to really provide an excellent service to guests if they had efficient management.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Reception was friendly and efficient. The accommodation was good and clean, although strangely positioned to have no view whatsoever. The food was awful.

Holtmann, Barbara - 11th Jan, 2014

Great game viewing and good campsite

Mantratzis Constantinos - 06th Jan, 2014

Nice room but the camp is less interesting. Staff there weren`t very helpful, nor seemed to care. The waterhole was not lit at night and when we notified the staff, they said they would fix it the day after, but we were only there for one day, so this was a bit unfortunate.

Zucca, Constanza - 02nd Jan, 2014

Splendid room and bathroom ! We were a few disapointed by the waterhole (Okaukuejo\'s one was so marvelous)

Quiblier, Michel - 05th Dec, 2013

The place looks a bit run down. Some woodplanks by the pool and on the path leading to the waterhole need fixing (nails).

Levaique, Patrick - 12th Nov, 2013


Marescotti, Enrico - 10th Nov, 2013

lekker kamp om in oor te bly en van die dag se stof ontslae te raak

Van Dyk,annalien - 28th Oct, 2013

We were pleasantly surprised by Namutoni - our Bush Chalet was clean, lovely and absolutely huge. The staff were very efficient and friendly. Food was fairly good, and it was lovely and romantic sitting eating under the stars in the Fort at night. The wildlife around Namutoni is excellent, but the waterhole is deserted at night.

Janson, Candida - 21st Oct, 2013

Less than Halali, view spot there is also nice but water hole preferable.

Joosten, Winnie - 12th Oct, 2013

Very good accommodation and also enjoyed the food.

Hayes, Diane - 02nd Oct, 2013

Namutoni was very convenient for the Eastern side of Etosha, the quality of the food was perhaps not quite up to the standard of the other places and the shop was poorly stocked which made it difficult to find food to take out for lunch. Overall we had only a couple of minor complaints about the bush chalet.

Walker, Valerie - 01st Oct, 2013

Excellent camp

Padgett, Stephen - 16th Sep, 2013

The additional booking for our child was not honoured - there was no additional bed, towels or anything provided. With respect to that fact, 500 N$ just for a child`s breakfast seems a bit much.

Renner, Christian - 15th Sep, 2013

Good facilities. We like it.

Corti, Francesca - 13th Sep, 2013

well located

Barrier, Bertrand - 04th Sep, 2013

Stayed in a double room. Happy with room

Dillion, Peter - 30th Aug, 2013

Hotel very well! Recommend

Botzong, Philip - 29th Aug, 2013

Campsite - loud bullfrogs, dusty, and not the cleanest showers, or toilets. We will give it a miss next time. We did not stay for the second night, but upgraded to Okaukuejo.

Harms Stefan - 28th Aug, 2013

Our preferred choice in Etosha

Peiffer, Rene - 27th Aug, 2013

Camp needs some maintenance.

Muller, Jette - 08th Aug, 2013

Least favourite Etosha site. No big animals visiting the water hole when we went although loads of birds in the reeds which made a beautiful sound. The raised wooden walkways were very noisy and needed maintenance. Didn`t really like the shop/restaurant area very much.

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

Much better option to have an menu with a diversity if meal options. Food was very well prepared and service was excellent. While the accommodation was again of a high standard, the whole Namutoni resort is in need of a great deal if maintenance and management. We went on two night drives here which were lovely, but the resort has so much potential for more.

Youens, Britt - 29th Jul, 2013

Seemed to be the most beuatiful lodge of the 3 we booked, but in reality it needs a lot of maintenance

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

Beautiful room with a huge bathroom, outdoor shower .

Adams, Duane - 17th Jul, 2013

Namutoni`s facilitites are really getting run down and serious maintenance AND preventative maintenance is needed before the place will cost a lot of money to fix up. The camping / lodging experience was great, but we fear what the conditions would be like in 5 year`s time if no upgrades / maintenance will be done now. How NWR acts soon to fix up such a lovely place!

Lacock, Hennie - 09th Jul, 2013

fine but camp site to far away from waterhole and restaurant

Le Grange, Hansie - 20th Jun, 2013

I really liked this lodge.

Puri, Divya - 18th Jun, 2013

lodging very nice, great place for lodging in Etosha.

Beringhof, Michael - 06th Jun, 2013

Namutoni was our 3rd venue and 1st stop in Etosha. By comparison with Okaukuejo Resort and every other lodge/hotel we stayed at, Namutoni needed some TLC. The rooms were fine but in need of maintenance. The waterhole was disappointing. The restaurant provided a fair breakfast but supper was poor.

Louw, Chris - 04th Jun, 2013

waterhole was a bit tricky to figure out how to best situate ourselves for viewing. we really liked the chalets.

Beardmore, Carol - 29th May, 2013

Need to start paying attention to maintenance

Lonmon-davies, Andrew - 12th May, 2013

Streets ahead of Okaukuejo in appearance and service. However dinner was poor.

Smith, Linda - 07th May, 2013

standard quite poor. toilets/shower quite dirty in comparison to other camp sites.

Huber Annina - 27th Apr, 2013

Nice accommodation!!!

Rey, Aitor - 15th Mar, 2013

Again, poorly maintained camping facilities. Adequate dining and facilities in fort, but could be better. Very variable service.

Cantrill. John - 18th Feb, 2013

Very nice grassy campsites. The pool was very much appreciated.

Kincaid, Julie - 27th Jan, 2013

Fantastic camp. Rooms wonderfull, good service and excellent food. Best camp in the park.

Ellis, Gary - 11th Jan, 2013

One of our favourites! Peaceful and beautiful. Saw many animals at the waterhole.

Tallo, John - 23rd Nov, 2012

Personnel pas agréable, pas sympathique. Aucune intimité.

Valdenaire ,patrick - 21st Nov, 2012

What a beautiful location and that historic courtyard is so scenic. The room was quite luxurious!

Heintz, Daniel - 14th Nov, 2012

The best resort in Etosha; the accommodation was superb and we saw Leopard just outside the camp.

Weir, Al - 12th Nov, 2012

Most comfortable of the campsites in Etosha and easiest access to nearby waterholes. Fort has character.

Leutwiler, Sandra - 12th Nov, 2012

Beautiful, beautiful place with a water hole view! A bit of a hassle checking in and booking tables for dinner though...

Runnedahl, Marie - 24th Oct, 2012

again poor shop facility and very limited restaurant menu. The water hole was badly kept and the place was very tired and needed lots of maintenance

Herries, Rae - 23rd Oct, 2012

The place was very luxurious, but kind of impersonal, and moreover, the waterhole was quite empty. So my suggestion is that it should be the last priority amongst the other properties, which are 'inside' Etosha (Halali, Okaukuejo, etc). This is just my opinion, and purely based on the wildlife experience, which was quite abundant on the western side (when we travelled).

Kar, Shabori - 18th Oct, 2012

Beautiful setting, staff a little too relaxed for sharp and efficient service, but a good experience nevertheless.

Andjelkovic Peter - 13th Oct, 2012

Very good resort, good value quality/service.

Mauri, Amando - 06th Oct, 2012

of the 3 Etosha camps, this was our least favourite .. although the room was good!

Hurst, Martyn - 29th Sep, 2012

Rooms are the largest and best looking in Etosha. Maintenance in the rooms is poor (shower, carpets). Breakfast is lousy.

Wasserstrum, Ariel - 17th Sep, 2012

Nice lodge inside the park, good buffet, beautiful and large bushchalet

Elisa - 30th Aug, 2012

wonderful place, nice rooms, spacious and comfortable.

Vendramini, Michele - 26th Aug, 2012

Expensive but nice room, friendly staff

De Ridder, Samuel - 22nd Aug, 2012

Very nice lodge, excellent food, good services

Kirchoff, Manfred - 15th Aug, 2012

We liked the place very much

Feidenhans, Robert - 12th Aug, 2012

Still an excellent site. For campers, the shop carries next to nothing - probably deliberate to encourage people to use the NWR restaurants. The `Bush Bar` with DSTV blaring is sadly out of place.

Murray, Drew - 09th Aug, 2012

Needs attention to upkeep. Only basic buffet available as restaurants all closed. Significant deterioration in standards since our last visit 5 years ago

Bok, Arnold - 05th Aug, 2012

Acommodation was wonderfull. The warehole next to Namutoni was disappointing. In the evening there was a stong smell of sewage. Would still recommend this rest camp to others.

Gunston, Graeme - 15th Jul, 2012

Namutoni was ok for a first night in Etosha. We were happy to be there just the one night. Nothing too special here.

Rateaver, Andrew - 15th Jul, 2012

Great quiet campsite. Too bad the waterhole was not so populair amongst the animals while we were there, but the staff was great.

Rosenbrand-dadema, Lindy - 09th Jul, 2012

Good facilities. Game watching not in the same class as Okaukuejo

Theron, Henk - 02nd Jul, 2012

Very nice staff members

Niemann, Andreas - 22nd Jun, 2012

Clean and ok. Had everything we needed.

Bergstrom, Bo - 19th Jun, 2012

Very nice place to stay at the East side of the Etosha National Park. We stayed in a bungalow, which is very quiet. The waterhole was a little disappointing.

Vancoillie, Caroline - 08th Jun, 2012

This luxurious resort inside Etosha is wonderful. Allthough you don`t experience the buzz of the gamepark because the waterhole doesn`t attract any wildlife. There are however interesting waterholes nearby. It is a romantic place to stay, as you can dine by candlelight in the middle of the old fort.

Verheyleweghen, Tom - 05th Jun, 2012

Very nice and helpfull staff who helped us a lot to recover our stuff taken by other customers, great swimming pool.

Jonville, Edouard - 21st May, 2012

Quite pleasant campsite with a lot of trees and vegetation around, very well maintained, convenient and functional. The best of the three campsites within Etosha.

Jumeau, Janine - 16th May, 2012

Very professional anbd friendly welcome. Swimming pool was highly appreciated by kids. I don`t know how people in the `luxury` bungalows can bear the noise made on the woodenmade walking bridges ;-) overview on waterhole upon the Fort walls is really penalized by people talking on their mobile phones... does this site wants to become another standard seminar site ???

Bouthors, Vincent - 08th May, 2012

Nice and quiet campsite with Green

Rodder, Tanja - 04th May, 2012

Rooms good. The restaurant and the rest are not well run. It is way behind Okaukuejo in all aspects. They should be sent there for training - from the top to the bottom! MEAT TOUGH?

Coetzee, Rudolf - 29th Apr, 2012

Very very nice Bush Chalet!!!

Guggisberg, Andrea - 24th Apr, 2012

wonderfull room and bathroom, but a lot of things were already broken down (and it is so new). Great night safari

Vermeulen, Eimert - 05th Mar, 2012

Great camp, just had a few problems with noisy guests. Only problem, cant choose your own camp site.

Du Preez, Gina - 10th Jan, 2012

Accomodation was fine. Service in restaurant and bar was bad. Restaurant to small to handle all guest and it took a long time for waiters to take orders. Food variety was not good. Staff at the bar was nowhere to be found and we had to wait a long time and eventually had to ask at the restaurant for assistance at the bar.

Pascoe, Esme - 08th Jan, 2012

No comments. All was perfect. Thank you

Larpin, Christelle - 05th Jan, 2012

Now trying to be too upmarket for a national park. Much has been spent on fancification but a distinct lack of active management (no sign of a manager). The pool was green and un-usable due to a lack of chlorine.

Sweet, Jim - 13th Dec, 2011

A bit more out of the way than Okaukuejo, and a bit more quite. I think I might try Halali if do Etosha again.

Mueller, Manfred - 11th Dec, 2011

We would like the option to check out very early. Is important if you have a long journey as we had from Namutoni to Swakopmund.- The receptionist handled the problem concerning the check of the minibar very nice and trusted us when we told her, that we did not take anything from the minibar.- Just fine.

Gren, Uffe - 08th Dec, 2011

I read the many criticisms of this resort, and found them totally unjustified. the staff were great, the food was good, the rooms were clean and tidy.

Hopwood, Terrance - 29th Nov, 2011

Unique setting around the fort. Staff were excellent & rose to all the challenges we could throw at them - including cooking our own eland steaks to perfection once we found there were no self catering facilities. The restaurant staff were tremendous, we loved the setting & the banded mongoose floor show.

Smith, John - 26th Nov, 2011

Wonderful quality of the rooms, the restaurant, and the whole lodge

Kanitzer, Paul - 20th Nov, 2011

The waterhole cannot be compared to the one of Okaukuejo, so people should not book at this camping site if it is for the waterhole. The electric plugs in the bathroom for shavers didn't work.

De Mulder, Yoni - 17th Nov, 2011

The best

Oven, Iva - 07th Nov, 2011

Perfect location. Quite and close to nice waterholes. Restaurant service okay.

Vaarties, B - 24th Oct, 2011

Good chalet and pool, but seemingly waterhole not visited very often by animals! Fort itself interesting and site very good.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

This resort is tired - the facilites are in a state of disrepair and the staff not welcoming. As we stayed in a chalet we were not able to braai and therefore had to make use of the buffet diningroom. A real problem to us was that there were no ATM machines in this camp and our SA chip credit cards did not work on the old machines the offices were using. We were unable to pay the key deposit because of this. This camp has little character. The museum is non existent the exhibit lights do not work and the exhibits are incomplete and broken.

Bakker, Piet & Beverly - 22nd Oct, 2011

Very luxurious camp, liked our room. Dinner was buffet, and very well prepared (we had it twice). Excellent wine list (as all NWRs). Quiet - as not very tourists were there (happy us).

Eckl, Katja - 30th Sep, 2011

I had a beautiful room and the food was excellent and much better value for money. The waterhole was disappointing.

Moser, Vee - 13th Sep, 2011

Beautifull accomodation and it was perfect the choice to stay only one night.

Pipitone, Raffaella - 12th Sep, 2011

excellent accommodation

Hohenbild, Bernward - 10th Sep, 2011

The place is quite ok - sad to see the difference to a non-government lodge. The staff does not really care about you, and the food was lousy.

Kuenzle, Peter - 31st Aug, 2011

Very very nice rooms. Service in restaurants wasn't that good... one night the only restaurant was fully booked by a bus that came in the morning. No one told us that you could book a table and the only restaurant available was complete for 2.5 hours!!!

Dati, Emanuele - 28th Aug, 2011

Excellent place, nice restaurant

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011

This was a very nice lodge with beautiful accommodations. We only spent one night here, but we enjoyed the lodge very much. It was nice to have the opportunity to get an early start in the morning to see animals at sunrise by staying in the park.

Brown, Alison - 26th Aug, 2011

Best of the Etosha campsites in terms of facilities at the campsite.

Goad, Jon - 25th Aug, 2011

rooms are fine but water hole was really not good. Very few animals in that part of the park.

Dubray, Christophe - 25th Aug, 2011

Great! The most stunning kudu steaks for dinner.

Smith, Alayne - 24th Aug, 2011

Smaller campsite - nice grass!

Langdon, Chris - 22nd Jul, 2011

The roads at this end of Etosha do not seem to be as good as Okaukuejo end but the wildlife is still plentiful and good views of the pan. Fischer's Pan is well worth a drive around as we saw a lot of elephants here and were lucky enough to see a Cheetah mother with three cubs. Amazing!

Tywnam, Stephen - 11th Jul, 2011

Not very well organised, no allocated campsites which made finding one on dusk difficult or if you were staying more than one night having to find a new camp site each night might get frustrating. Large tour group turned up 2 hours after dark and set up tents. Amenity block didn't really cope with the number of people using it. Restaurant was lovely. No information on National Park available here, either provided or for purchase. We stopped at Halali lodge on our way through the National Park and thought it looked good.

Bobeldyk, Simon - 11th Jul, 2011

The only poor food we had on the entire trip.

Kidds, Alan - 06th Jul, 2011

Very nice and upscale place. Staff is friendly. Also very popular with tour groups though.

Gloth, Tobias - 25th Jun, 2011

the relation price / product is not given. It is a pitty, that within such a short time after the upgrade, some parts of the rooms are falling into pieces, e.g. mosquitoshutters at the doors are torn or not existing any more, the door to the `patio` was not lockable any more. The maintenance has to be improved, the management has to go deeply into this matter. :-((

Buchert, Thomas - 18th Jun, 2011

Great campsite. Fabulous facilites.

Poke, Fiona - 13th Jun, 2011

My favourite of the three Etosha places we stayed at. We wished we`d stayed 2 nights here, and only one night at Halali.

Colban, Alice - 12th May, 2011

The lodge is beautifully restored/rebuilt with excellent facilities. The Bush Chalets were great, a real taste of luxury after spending time in the bush camping!! only minor downside was the food which whilst not bad was maybe not quite as good as the rest. Overall an truly unforgettable location,

Davenport, Nick - 09th May, 2011

Best campsite in Etosha NP. since there is grass on the sites, it is less dusty of muddy, depending on the weather. It provides also much shade. When we were there in April 2011, the Namutoni area was by far the best for game viewing.

Familie Gilies - Peeters - 30th Apr, 2011

The best place inside of Etosha. The standard room here was better than honeymoon suite in Halali or waterhole chalet in Okaukuejo.

Stange, Peter - 12th Apr, 2011

not bad but some features were not working in the room. We made a full comment on the things like blinds that didn`t close, shower heads that didn`t work..etc.

Brooks, Jean - 12th Apr, 2011

Excellent lodge with nice people

Dumont, Jacques - 04th Apr, 2011

For what NWR charge I feel it is overpriced and not the best value for money. But Etosha is fantastic so we would return. Feels like it is the manangement that should be taking things in hand,not nec. the fault of the staff on the ground, they need better leadership.

Cameron, Linda - 16th Mar, 2011

Best of the 3 resorts at Etosha. Room modern and nice. Only de blinds and the curtains didn't work at all in room n° 2!!? Buffet as always, no choice. Rarely we could eat "à la carte". Pity!

Rojas, Jose - 07th Dec, 2010

Lovely with the old fort etc and very nice rooms. Reccomend. Nicest food in Etosha.

Charnley, Robin - 30th Nov, 2010

Accommodation was fine, the restaurant was not so great, but a very minor complaint.

Matheson, Archie - 29th Nov, 2010

Elegant room. Very impressive night drive.

Sadrozinski, Renate - 16th Nov, 2010

Brilliant Lodge the accommodation was outstanding

King, Ian - 10th Nov, 2010

My favourite place - wonderful accomodation & staff were very friendly. Lots of waterholes near the camp & saw more wildlife around there than any other place in Etosha

Ridgwell, Mandy - 10th Nov, 2010

Excellent facilities at reasonable prices and I cannot understand why people complain about Etosha as it was a very pleasant experience for our group

Fourie, Tinus - 25th Oct, 2010

very elegant

Soripesca, Erika - 20th Oct, 2010

Lovely campsite, grassy and shady. the ablution block was clean and adequate despite there being 2 groups camping at the same time

Barnes, Collin & Maureen - 11th Oct, 2010

Good campsite. Facilities a bit run down. Poor maintenance. Staff member at gate spent entire time on a social phonecall whilst we checked in to reserve. Welcome during check in at camp could be better.

Ingle, Larry - 10th Oct, 2010

Good, but I have to say that privately owned lodged are far better in service. Employees in National Parks are less interested / service oriented

Brinks, Hans - 04th Oct, 2010

This was my first trip to this end of the park . Very pleased that I have seen it but I think Okaukuejo is the best

Lowe, Chris - 17th Sep, 2010

A big disappointment after Halali. Waterhole overgrown making it difficult to see anything with virtually no lights. Restaurant very poor.

Ross-jones, Keith - 31st Aug, 2010

A really nice camp with good facilities; fortunately most truck/bus groups by pass here.

Banwell, Adrian - 10th Jun, 2010

We where surprised by the room very modern and well done. Waterhole was absolutely uninteresting, not an animal in sight, but that's not management fault. Otherwise nice place and well run.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010

Nice lodge with OK food, and again the major advantage of being in the park.

Antoniadi, Thalia - 04th Jun, 2010

Enjoyed the resort and accommodation was good. Food not too bad. Plenty of game to view at the waterhole!! Would definitely visit again and recommend to friends anytime of the year!

Murray, Leora - 08th Apr, 2010

very good chalet, too expensive, Food quality was under limit ...

Geissler, Katrin - 08th Apr, 2010

It was our first contact with Etosha. Very good

Schiroli, Riccardo - 04th Feb, 2010

Wow !! Beautiful !!

Buitendacht,conrad - 03rd Feb, 2010

Enjoyed the stay, waterhole not that great.

Brink, Bertie - 03rd Feb, 2010

Was very nice, but the campsite was not great. Lots of mosquitoes due to the fact that there was a lot of water lying about - a leaking pipe from the bathrooms and a faint whiff of sewerage - I hope that this has been rectified.

Green,amanda - 11th Nov, 2009

Nice place but the swimmingpool was out of order

Drost Henk - 06th Nov, 2009

Nice campsite. But a little bit crowded. Facilities were fine. Swimming pool was not in use. That was a shame.

Schaaij,doritha - 05th Nov, 2009

The only saving grace about this place were the rooms. Eating was very disappointing and the rest of it was very run down. The pool looked like a cess pool and it obviously had not been working for months since it was filled with mosiquito larvae, toads and god what else. Next time I would recommend staying outside of the park the first night and then Okaukuejo for the next night.

Musser, W - 05th Nov, 2009

Almost the opposite to Halali, very beautiful location, good standard of rooms, and service was adequate.

Jopp,christian - 09th Oct, 2009

The remodeling improvements here were also done very well, however, the lack of mosquito nets over the beds was puzzling (all of my party suffered mosquito bites here).

Kurtenbach, James - 08th Oct, 2009

How things have changed in 10 years. Clearly a lot has been spent on infrastructure. Camping still great, but let down slightly by the number of overlander trucks now being accommodated.

Humphries, Barbara - 10th Sep, 2009

Very nice

Chaziris, Georgios - 09th Sep, 2009

good camp

Giorgia,franco - 09th Sep, 2009

Good resort. Fantastic rooms.

Ostermand, Inge - 06th Aug, 2009

A lovely camp which had a lot of character. Very nice facilities including the pool etc.

Popplewell, Wendy - 04th Aug, 2009

Expensive but quality accomodation. Only limited eating choices as one restaurant was closed. waterhole poor compared to Okaukuejo

Mcdougall, Neil - 28th Jul, 2009


Roos, Johan & Loes - 28th Jul, 2009

Good. Quiet expensive.

Sage, Jenny - 27th Jul, 2009

Clean and functional.

Burkhard, Englert - 27th Jul, 2009