Also excellent. A great start of our trip. Nice to see the Cheetah's as part of the AfriCat foundation. A pity that they can replace so few Cheetah's in their surroundings.

Martijnse, Robert - 06th Nov, 2017

superb lodge and food

Stevens, Dino - 19th Apr, 2017

More exclusive than the plains camp, I would recommend this option. activities are very interesting and our guide (jonas) made it much more enjoyable. we did leopard tracking (a must) and AfriCat activity. Would not do cheetah tracking if you are short on time as you will see them during you AfriCat activity

Betti, Gian Maria - 24th Sep, 2016

The best of all ! A very private, intimate place and we were upgraded to a villa which we appreciated very much. It is so tastefully decorated and such an unusual layout.Our guide, Charles is absolutely passionate about his work, his cheetahs, his leopard ! The meals were succulent and the cook was such a friendly lady. We had a great experience there.We had only a night there,we should have stayed a little longer.

Oliveres, Michele - 22nd Feb, 2016

Holy smokes! What an incredible place. Being met on arrival by baboons and Giraffes was a bit over the top! Not sure how they managed that... Leopard and Cheetah watching was incredible. Probably the best part of the trip. Lodging and food was great! Watching a cheetah take down a wildebeest was a once in a lifetime experience! Great guides! Rohan and Juuso were the best on the trip. Great team!

Barrick, Wally - 21st Jan, 2016

Loved it, shame we could only stay for one night. great accommodation, guides, and staff.

Grange, Sharon - 20th Dec, 2015

Excellent accommodation with splendid viewing from the room. Good game drives with knowledgeable guides who are clearly passionate about conservation.

Jepson, Bill - 09th Nov, 2015

Good property, excellent experience

Middleton, John - 04th Sep, 2015

Fantastic lodge.Our room was elegant and huge, they were 2 different room, with every facilities. Activities interesting. It has been exciting walking with cheetahs of the lodge. I reccommend this lodge for the next tourists

Benocci, Massimo - 21st Aug, 2015

Superb in everyway, including encounters with leopards, cheetahs, hyeana, wild dogs, porcupine. Danial our guide was friendly, knowledgable and good fun. Accommadation, food, staff all exemplary.

Middleton, Richard - 19th Dec, 2014

This place is pure magic, the staff, especially our Tracker/Guide Rowan, made the everything happen. Couldn`t fault anything.

Dickson, Paul & Helen - 07th Sep, 2014

Excellent. Great facilities, food , personnal and activities.

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

A great experience. Staff and guides very friendly, helpful and informative. I had minor car problems and all rallied to help.

Sutcliffe, Paul - 22nd Dec, 2013

We were upgraded to the Suite! Very luxurious - and lovely to have a final rest as this was our last stop before leaving.

Nevill, David - 03rd Nov, 2013

Just amazing, a wonderful experience with the leopard tracking

Trevisan, Silvia - 02nd Oct, 2013

Everythings was good! Very good chef. Professional guides.

Lunaschi, Alessandro - 09th Jul, 2013

Idyllic location - very friendly and enthousiastic staff. A lot of activities. To recommend.

De Bruycker, Siska - 28th Apr, 2013

We were glad we treated ourselves to a stay in the Chalets, which were very comfortable and lots of fun. We were grateful for the opportunity to experience seeing big cats up close (both cheetah and leopard) as well as porcupine and honey badger at night. Yes, they track the cats with radio collars, but that doesnt mean you'll find them in the thick bush. It is sad to see the decline of such great species and so we were happy to support an organization that focuses upon conservation through education. The camp is run by staff who are surprisingly young in age.

Fife, Kim - 22nd Oct, 2012

wow!!! our place #9 was fantastic! friendly and professional greeting and service. the leopard tracking was excellent. our guide was a good instructor. views from room were great, took lots of photos of various birds and animals. great food. we could have happily stayed longer.

Mueller, Friedrich - 17th Aug, 2012

Very enjoyable stay in lovely accommodation

More, Diane - 03rd Jun, 2012

Wonderful. We were prepared for something quite commercial, but instead we found a really special place and had a great time.

Spratt, Leanne - 29th Sep, 2011

Excellent - Clean, comfortable and with good food. Game drives interesing with first class guide.

Rodger Thomas - 10th Mar, 2010

The room was very nice. The food was better here than the Lodge but again, in comparison with other locations, we feel that it is over priced.

Perch, Jane - 15th Dec, 2009

Great experience with activities highlighting the work of Africat. Learned a lot about flora and fauna. Lovely, open room. Very friendly welcome.

Van Foreest, Lynsey - 05th Nov, 2009

Very nice place, very nice activities. One night is not enough

Tararan, Laura - 09th Sep, 2009

beautiful stay

De Gennaro, Luca - 09th Sep, 2009

Fantastic place, fantastic staff and fantastic food. We will, however,recommend that they install some heating in the cottages. It was freezing cold in the evenings and nights.

Ostermand, Inge - 06th Aug, 2009