Awesome place! We needed this "luxury" after a week camping-style!

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

The location was perfect (right in front of the gate) and the staff helped us to repare our flat tire. The Buffet was ok. However, we didn't get to enjoy some of the facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, spa...) since we didn't have enough time.

Torres, Ana - 19th Aug, 2017

Diner and breakfast were perfect, friendly people.

Van Doornik, Miranda - 19th Jul, 2017

Great place with very friendly staff.

Zackrission, Henrik - 16th Jul, 2017

Very nice place to stay close to the park. We enjoyed the fact that there were enough sunbeds and umbrellas to relax at the poolside after a day on safari. We would have preferred to eat a la carte, but the buffet was good and fresh.

Voppen, Liza - 12th Jan, 2017

Great place with bonus of wildlife in the grounds

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

Very nice

Turrini, Alberto - 08th Oct, 2016


Cochrane,kevin - 19th May, 2016

A lovely place. Good service and good food. Grounds meticulously kept.

Rothwell, Michael - 05th Nov, 2015

Very good place, friendly staff, rooms comfortable, good cuisine.

Mondot, Jm - 17th Oct, 2015

Wonderful place very friendly staff.

Weihrauch,sascha - 10th Sep, 2015

Mokuti Lodge was good. Accommodation was good, and dinner/ breakfast did not disappoint. Liked the fact that we did not have to have all three courses for the dinner buffet - we weren't that hungry so opted only for starter buffet, which was perfectly sufficient.

Sessions, Claire - 03rd Aug, 2015

Great venue! A new discovery for us, will be returning for sure. Service and food much better than the National Parks camps which makes for a refreshing rest. (But no waterhole of course, the only real disadvantage. The camp "wildlife" of mongooses and squirrels make up for it.)

Uys, Barend - 22nd Jul, 2015

Luxurious as warned. Very fancy and great location with great and helpful staff. Great access to the park and good waterholes. And they offered us a reasonable discount for dinner meals.

Anstey, Gary - 14th Jul, 2015

A big commercial lodge but surprisingly enjoyable with good food and clean rooms and much better than staying in the park in that area.

White, Daphne & Steven - 22nd Jun, 2015

Very good for a large lodge. We were concerned about the size of the place when we arrived but it was big enough to absorb the couple of bus loads of tourists we spotted to our horror when we first arrived. Nice pool. Good food, nice to have a buffet so that we could taste lots of different things.

Dhenin, Sophie - 29th Nov, 2014

Not really in keeping with the rest of the products that you booked for us. It was OK but very `corporate` compared to everything else

Lyons, Josie - 06th Oct, 2014

a very big lodge well organized and a pleasant place to stay

Nunziante, Giulia - 29th Aug, 2014

The place has become much more luxurious since we stayed there 7 years ago. Its very comfortable & the room was outstanding. Good staff and good food. A bit expensive though.

Loftus, Steve - 03rd Jul, 2014

Also good except if you got children in the next room you could hear them late into the night not sound proof rooms

Roessel, Martine - 17th May, 2014

Everything EXCELLENT PLUS PLUS. The service extended to solving a minor car problem.

Hurrell,claire - 05th Nov, 2013

A very luxurious lodge, very pleasant after 5 days at Etosha.

Bottinelli Julien - 31st Aug, 2013

very upmarket

Hofler, Corina - 05th Aug, 2013

Philomene the guide we had for Etosha is an expert It was our first experience within Etosha reserve and we will remember it as we will remember the welcome after hours driving

Bonnet, Jean-charles - 21st May, 2013

Nice big lodge at the gate of Etosha. Nice places to stay and friendly staff. Nice game drives too..

Dielen, Paul - 27th Jul, 2012

excellent location with outstanding service and one of the only places we had internet access:-)

Haenzi, Markus - 25th Oct, 2011

Very pleasant accomodation, 10 mn drive from Namutoni. Nice and helpfull staff.

Mondot, Jm - 29th Aug, 2011

Very nice but a bit over-rated. Worth staying here though. We were very lucky in that a large group stayed there the same night and had arranged a private bush dinner. This meant that the hotel put on a special a la carte menu for those not in the group. Meant a nice, quiet dinner with excellent food and service.

Rowden, Virginia - 11th Jun, 2011

Wonderful place also for the kids. Everybody friendly.

Rutz, Lotta - 28th Apr, 2011

A large hotel with nice grounds, good amenities and good service. The rooms are well equipped, typical hotel rooms, but in a rather remote setting. The initial room assigned had a toilet problem which was quickly solved by moving us to an alternate room. The large pool was welcomed on a hot afternoon. The grounds are a garden of native trees and plants, flowers, a rocky stream and lawn. Lawn care seems to be taken care of by a herd of beautifully colored, wild bontebok which were fun to watch. The cold draft beer in the ample bar was especially appreciated. The buffet dinner offered a wide assortment of food, but comparable to many similar lodges. The good looking beef roast, carved to order, turned out to be tough as shoe leather. The facility includes a small, but well done, snake and reptile zoo worth a visit to see black mambas, cobras and boomslinger from behind safety glass. The onsight petrol facilities were a great convenience. If you are looking for a good hotel close to Etosha, this is the place.

Sampson, Michael - 12th Oct, 2010


Bergstad, Odd - 18th Nov, 2009

Every other place we stayed tried to respect the enviroment but this lodge was a major exception. For example, leaving all the steam room and jacuzzi facilities on all day is not necessary.

Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009

A bit expensive, but it was also nice to get a bit of luxury after so many days driving

Esteva, Laura - 19th Sep, 2009

well placed at the gates of the Etosha game park But apart from that you could be in a hotel any where. They only time they got excited was when they had several coach loads staying. They were treated like royalty while we felt pushed to one side.

Gregory, Stewart - 10th Sep, 2009

Facilities were very good, our room was not as impressive

Talg, Irene - 30th Jul, 2009