Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

We enjoyed this relaxing cruise & the entertaining seals & pelicans. We even got to see several dolphins!

Smith, Donna - 22nd May, 2017

Very fun and informative experience with seals and pelicans on board ! Oysters for snacks are excellent !

Wender, Elsa - 14th May, 2017


Happ, Martina And Gerald - 01st Nov, 2016

An interesting experience with a seal and a pelican on board !

Caraffa,alessandro - 10th Oct, 2016

Informative, fun. Would recommend.

Dueck, Karin - 28th Sep, 2016

Fantastic cruise around Walvis Bay, very interesting commentary, great food and drink provided as part of the cruise, and all done on a lovely boat.

Graham, Chris - 21st Aug, 2016

nice with the dolphin

Maertens, Delphine - 20th Aug, 2016

Loved it!! Pelicans was a HUGE treat!!

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

FANTASTIC - we loved every moment of it.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Fun cruise with a lot of animals to see. Amazing seafood buffé.

Gullstrand, Jonas - 07th May, 2015

Great, highly recommended. Seals, pelicans, champagne :-)

Farka, Martin - 18th Jan, 2015

It was very cold, blankets were provided, but sun tan cream was still needed! Enjoyable trip, no whales but we did share the trip with pelicans and Sea Lions. Oysters and champagne lunch a real treat.

Middleton, Richard - 19th Dec, 2014

The half-day cruise was a great way to see a range of sea life - most notably the massive seal colonies on Pelican Point. A nice lunch was also included.

Colombo,emilie - 18th Dec, 2014

Outstadning value for money. Very very well run on the catamarn that we were on. Dont think youd get same experience on the other catamarans they run. We were on Silversand.

Waite, Nicholas - 04th Sep, 2014

Excellent. Very lively guide.

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

cold, we saw just fins of some dolphins but the oysters were super delicious

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

Great way to end our trip. Enjoyed getting close up to the seals and pelicans.

Tidy, Kevin & Heather - 31st Aug, 2012

very good, great fun, will definetely recommend this!

Werth, Charlotte - 19th Apr, 2012

Most enjoyable, with excellent service and refreshments

Bagley, Elizabeth - 27th Jul, 2011


Rutz, Lotta - 28th Apr, 2011

Stunning! It was great to be on the Catamaran. Even though we were 16 on the boat, there was plenty space for every one. The blankets and sherry were a nice touch to keep us warm before the fog lifted. At lunch, there was no shortage of food - the 3 course meal included more fresh oysters than we could manage! The seals were gorgeous and we managed to see two different types of dolphin. Christo, the guide, was great as well as the skipper and the assistants.

Van Schalkwyk, Johann & Anja - 09th Oct, 2009