Allison advised us to camp inside the park - the Lodge was full - and we are glad we did. This is a much bigger (and busier) campsite. Amenities are excellent.

Tatham, Charles - 13th Jan, 2018

NWR staff on the campsite not very friendly, but campsite itself good

Bultynck, CÚline - 27th Dec, 2017

Perfectly fine camp, though some campsites are better than others. We had a good one - #28. Not a 'wilderness' experience so if you have clients who are really looking to be away from everything, its not great that way - especially if other campers are playing music. But very important to be inside the gates at sunrise, so you can leave very early to get out to the dunes before it gets to hot and crowded. On this basis alone, it is worth it to stay here.

Shah, Gautam - 17th Dec, 2017

Great camp sites with plenty of space, each with a tap and barbecue facility etc.

Malley, Andy - 04th Dec, 2017

perfect to leave early to sosusvlei

D'hoop, Isaline - 02nd Dec, 2017

Very well equipped campsite, nice having the bar too. Facilities were very clean. No problems st all.

Geoghegan, Sarah - 14th Nov, 2017

We had Camp 4 and we still love the rceptionist lady (Prisca) for giving us that campsite. It's a beauty, we still miss it!

Huhn, Anja - 14th Nov, 2017

Clean campsite, kind staff!

Kok, Fien - 05th Nov, 2017

Location was ideal, as we were within the gates of the park and could easily make the trip for sunrise. The camp was well signed and had large designated areas for each group. The facilities were clean and well positioned and the staff were helpful during check in.

Waller, Matt - 02nd Nov, 2017

The camp is very well placed, so one may enter the park earlier than the hundreds of tourists... The pool is very small and with practically no sitting places The camping is enormous,one has to choose his place at the external borders and that it is ok; places inside are like a parking (crowded, noisy and too near one other) !

Moisescu, Dan - 01st Nov, 2017

We encountered a huge sandstorm, which felt a bit dangerous. Could have received more information at check in if this is common, or if it was known through the weather forecast. The campsite itself and the infrastructure was very good.

Andersen, Magnus - 12th Oct, 2017

Nice camp. Useful being able to travel towards the dunes before the public. Good small swimming pool and nice facilities. We enjoyed having a site with a little space surrounding it (didn't feel too crowded which was nice).

Henderson, Jack - 28th Sep, 2017

An absolute highlight - a beautiful campsite on the edge of the very wonderful Sossusvlei. Peaceful, good facilities, excellent access to the dunes and a wonderful tree on our site, big enough to put up a hammock! If you're South African, remember to tell them before paying for park fees, because they charge standard foreigner fees unless you tell them you're a neighbour!

Wundram, Kathy - 07th Sep, 2017

Functional campsite for the early morning trip to the dunes. The restaurant offers a shady spot for several beers while you wait to be served. Slightly muddy pool offers a great way to cool off and diversion for kids in the hot afternoon.

Ganzleben,catherine - 24th Aug, 2017

Excellent location for getting to dunes early. The shuttle service was very easy so we didn't have to drive on the 4x4 road the last leg. The campsite is very crowded. It would be helpful to select a campsite that is on the edge. We were in the middle of large, loud groups.

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

Amazing campsite

Slowe, Jon - 12th Aug, 2017

First camp site experience in Namibia, it was wonderful except that it was very windy and sandy while we were cooking. But, we are still loving it.

Nina, Ni - 03rd Aug, 2017

We never had warm water while we stayed there. n winter that is a bit uncomfortable.

Taljaard Lizl - 27th Jul, 2017

Enjoyed Sesriem Camp. Although sufficient showers available, they need attention. Otherwise enjoyable.

Nieuwdt, Joanne - 25th Jul, 2017

Really convenient for early morning entrance to Sosussvlei. Otherwise not So great. Camp feels over-crowded. We were probably unlucky but water was not running for all 3 days and it made it a bit difficult with such amount of people in the camp.

Tetourova, Lenka - 16th Jul, 2017

We were extremely happy, most beautiful setting, unfortunately never (not in the morning and not in the afternoon) could get hot water in the men's bathrooms.

Burger, Evan - 30th Jun, 2017

Of all the campsites we stayed in in Namibia, this was probably the most basic one. However, if you want to camp close to Sossusvlei and be there early for sunset on the dunes, it is the best option. All facilities were present.

Wouters, Arno - 28th Jun, 2017

enjoyed although ablution got a bit full at times

Bernhardi, Ian - 22nd Jun, 2017

It was good to have a place inside the park as we were able to start our drive to Soussusvlei before the park opened to other people. However there was a lot of noise during the night due to generators and road works nearby, which spoilt the atmosphere a bit

Lakin, Peter - 13th Jun, 2017

There wasn't good places for cooking at the campsite, otherwise, it was a good experience. The wind was extreme but we know you have no control over the weather.

Newell, Cindy - 06th Jun, 2017

Honestly, it's a bit expensive comparing with Etosha campsites of NWR ... I mean, it's spartiat, no table, no general or local lighting (and when the night fall at 6pm, you would like just a few light to eat ...). I know that we are in desert, but just near our campsite, there were some tables like a bar but no light ... However, landscapes are amazing.

Jarry Charles - Ismerie - 17th May, 2017

Basic camping site with basic amenities, sanitaries are old and everything isn't working very well.The places are quite nice under the trees, but you are very close to others with no privacy and the place stays quite noisy even at night. But the real true advantage is the location : next to the gate to the road of Sossusvlei, campers are allowed to access the road (60 km of tarred road) 1 hour before the others and be the first to climb Big Dady, the biggest dune above Dead Vlei, at Sunrise. That is a priceless experience ! One precious advice to every visitor with no experience of driving in the sand with a 4WD: stop at the first parking and take the 4WD bus shuttle or you will get stucked in the sand with the car before 200 meters !

Wender, Elsa - 14th May, 2017

Worst and a complete mess, but I do understand that it is the only camp inside the park and that allows guest to get prior to sunrise on Dune 45 You could just prepare the guests to the big mess that is this camp BTW, no water nor electricity one day...

LafertÚ, Bernardo - 10th May, 2017

Great camp - has everything needed for a comfortable stay. the staff were very rude in the shop but that didn't bother us too much. The wifi was also not given when asked. access to the park is great for the early morning.

Harvey, Sinead - 04th May, 2017

All good - facilities etc were impressive and open to non campers as it is the headquarters for the park. Great to be able to get in an hour before the others.

Welcome, Louise - 23rd Apr, 2017

The best place to stay in Sesriem.

Thongnun Kasidet - 21st Apr, 2017

Facilities a bit run down and Saturday night big party by locals till 3 AM. Rest all good.

Stuyck Marc - 27th Mar, 2017

Great campsite and very convenient for going to the sand dunes.

Boose Amber - 24th Mar, 2017

Very well managed camp (even has a sick bay with medical assistance). The place to stay/camp when visiting Sossusvlei.

Nilsson, Lars Erik - 07th Mar, 2017

Staff was not very friendly, even though we got what we needed. A little bit like public state service office.

Roald, Knut Halvard - 04th Mar, 2017

Wonderful place, the camping site had problems. No hot water in the womans bathroom, broken floor in womans bathroom, stuff like that.

Ronai, Manoela - 19th Feb, 2017

The facilities were adequate but unspectacular, as we expected given our research. We concur with reports we had read that the main reason to use this facility is the opportunity to reach the dunes for sunrise. We were pleased that we booked here for that reason.

Abbott, Lon - 16th Jan, 2017

Nearby garage for tire repairs came in handy - noted this routes receives a lot of traffic especially over the holidays, but this was the toughest stretch of driving of the entire trip. Warm reception and a beautiful stop. Dune 45, the drive to Dooievlei, and especially exploring Sesriem Canyon was a treat. Worthwhile to be inside the park.

De Beer, Elzette - 15th Jan, 2017

A beautiful campsite with all clean amenities. We really appreciated the beauty of this campsite

Boyd Shane - 10th Jan, 2017

Perfect and with astonishing views... one of our favorites

Baste, Alice - 19th Dec, 2016

Great camp--wish we could have spent more than 1 night there. Very sandy.

Zhang Muye - 27th Nov, 2016

Staying inside the gate allows you a half hour start in the morning - important if you want to climb a dune for sunrise or be at Deadvlei early. The staff tried to offer me a site with no shade (okay for 1 night but not my 3), then an informal site without electricity - but after polite persistance on my part did give me an excellent location with a large shade tree for the three nights I was there. They discussed that my voucher wasvfrom Cardboard Box several times which I think helped. It can be windy with blowing sand which is to be expected. The restaurant service was rather indifferent and the food very average but okay. Ablutions okay.

Nederlof, Nancy - 20th Nov, 2016

Someone suggested the other campsite was better at Sesrium - not sure if it was true. Restaurant food certainly pretty dire. But still much better than Zim national parks. Amazing location with Oryx wandering about the camp.

Gerry, Ulric - 29th Oct, 2016

Big shaded camping area, lovely view, facilities tired but clean. Excellent location, friendly reception team.

Whittingham, David - 29th Oct, 2016

Good campsite pitches with shade. a little A little noisy when large overland truck groups arrived Really god location in park allowing early access to dunes at sunrise

Brown-kenyon, Carol - 20th Oct, 2016

This camp has one disadvantage - there is no possibility to hummer tent's pin into the ground because the ground is concrete! This means you must use heavy Stones and still tent isn't pitched well. Beside this great place to stay.

Bogacki Marek - 19th Oct, 2016

Fabulous spot. Loved everything!

Jones, Terry - 10th Oct, 2016

Little disappointed with the camping here. Had a spot with no shade and not a whole lot of assistance from staff. Had my electricity go out and it was promptly dealt with though. Glad I stayed here to make the early run to Deadvlei.

Gates,ron - 07th Oct, 2016

Nice, perfect for an early start to Sossuvlei

Hanni, Miriam - 27th Sep, 2016

The Sesriem Camp is very useful for tourists going to Sossusvlei. The check-in was handled without any Problems.

Werth, Doris - 22nd Sep, 2016

Busy, noisy and crowded. Only real advantage is that it's within the park, but don't expect much. Bathrooms were not that clean. There are much better camping options just outside the park gate, but you won't be able to enter/exit the park at the same times.

Moreno, Teresa - 13th Sep, 2016

Big groups were placed just inbetween the campsites, the campsite looked very much overbooked. There was enough space for the groups but about 75 people sharing 3 toilets and 3 showers was too much.

Van Kerkvoorde, Remco - 07th Sep, 2016

Commensurate with the fee paid. The local shop is not very well stocked compared to the one at the garage. Perhaps let people know this. Got mixed messages about the availability of wifi - which dod not end up being available. it would be nice if all the camping sites were provided with a brick wall - provides some "privacy" and protection from the wind. This time we found the tour trucks were a bit roguish - driving through the camp at excessive speeds and creating a lot of dust. (They were also very "lawless" driving into the park - easily in excess of 100kph!

Kannemeyer, Jeremy - 28th Jul, 2016

very windy and dusty but perfect for a one night stay to make the sunrise drive and climb to the top of the dune

Bird, Laura - 24th Jul, 2016

The campsite was comfortable and clean. The ablutions are quite old but we were satisfied with the cleanliness. It would have helped us to know exactly what time the gates closes and not only 'SUNSET'.

Van Niekerk, Johan - 19th Jul, 2016

Great camp site, we loved our pitch under a camel thorn tree and our close encounter with the local gemsbocks! Ablutions were always clean, staff was really helpful, kind and friendly.

Frezzato Enrichetta - 10th Jul, 2016

the best of the NWR resorts we stayed in

Potter, Suzanne - 09th Jul, 2016

Great campsite, good and helpful service (the little shop has almost nothing though)

Montagnon, Anne - 18th Jun, 2016

We had a quiet site which suited us perfectly. Bathrooms needs some upgrading in general, but overall we enjoyed our stay and being in the park gave us early access to Sossusvlei.

Du Toit, Margare - 16th May, 2016

Less romantic than at the pictures, rather busy

Wldarczyk, Zbigniew - 15th May, 2016

Hot water is a problem, specially if the camp is full

Steyn Danie - 11th May, 2016

Love this place.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

Ideally placed to leave early for sunrise and come back late after sunset.The facilities are in good state and clean!

Evrard, Daniel - 19th Apr, 2016

our least favorite. too busy. little sossus camp was much better.

Brown, Matthew - 13th Apr, 2016

all worked pretty well after having to be moved twice to different campsites.

Minyard Jepsen Donna - 31st Mar, 2016

We were surprised that their store held very few items. Campers are a little out of luck if they are hoping to refill their coolers here. We were even told we could not access their wifi as they were out of vouchers to sell. The staff in the Sesriem store were directing people to a neighboring property and their gas station/store.

Pomtier, Scott - 25th Mar, 2016

Fantastic place to visit. Two nights probably also enough rather than three.

Howes John - 24th Mar, 2016

Good camping facilities, kind and friendly staff at the camping restaurant. It is great to stay inside the National Park in Sesriem, because you can't do much during most part of the day when it is unbearably hot. To stay inside the Park allows you extra time to explore during the first hours of the morning and during dusk.

Rodriques,ana Luisa - 14th Jan, 2016

Very nice camp site. Advantage of entering the park earlier.

Lodder, Jasmijn - 04th Jan, 2016

Big camp sites with shade but campground is very busy (pool always packed) and hot.

Morrisey, Don - 01st Jan, 2016

Even if it is old and the swimmingpool small, we loved that place.

Cots, Teresa - 25th Dec, 2015

The Sossusvlei dunes were spectacular and staying at the Sesriem Camp allows you to have first access to them in the morning and last access to them at night. It is worth staying at for this reason alone. The camp itself had everything you could want in a camp.

Auge, Michael - 22nd Dec, 2015

Ideal stepping off point for Sossusvlei. The camp was great and the facilities were good.

Henderson, Iain & Pippa - 17th Dec, 2015

basic campsite, enough space, but unfortunately no wind-protection

Kiesow, Kai - 06th Dec, 2015

Good pitches and helpful staff. The ablution blocks are a bit run down but adequate.

Gent,mike - 17th Nov, 2015

Very nice place!

Grob, Urs - 16th Nov, 2015

Good situation. Facilities just OK.

Bravo, Mauro - 05th Nov, 2015

Spent 3 nights here and enjoyed our visit. The campground was not overly busy during our stay and we had a good site on the edge of the camp looking out over the plains. The ablutions were kept clean, had hot water and were more than adequate for the number of people in the camp. Sites had power, lighting, a tap and a tree (some a bit worst for wear) for shade. There was a good restaurant and well-stocked shop with fresh bread on site.

Vaughton, Glenda - 16th Oct, 2015

Very nice

Porcellini, Elisa - 09th Oct, 2015

Well you go for the 1 hour head start to the dunes not for the camp site. Plus side is the camping under a shady tree (pitches 24 through 28 were near us and all good for this 28 being the best. Facilities worn but reasonably clean. Staff OK

Slatter, Marc - 03rd Oct, 2015

Very nice campsite with all the facilities you need

Vrancken, Cindy - 24th Sep, 2015

The campsite very basic, but good location.

Martinez, Silvia - 24th Sep, 2015

Amazing place

Johansen, Niklas - 19th Sep, 2015

The campsite that was booked in our name was occupied by someone else- instead of asking them to move we were given a terrible site in the middle of a couple of large groups- very noisy. A least favourite camp site.

Ottaway, Andrew & Marcelle - 08th Sep, 2015

very nice, very nice People (although from NWR), friendly, not really clean facilities, but ok, good coffe, shop well stocked.

Kredel, Katrin - 07th Sep, 2015

Beautifull spot and recomandable because in the park.

Lotter, Alfred - 06th Sep, 2015

Like the other NWR camps it wasn't very well maintained. We stayed in a pitch which was part of the overflow it was very open to the wind, but it was large and shady and private. It's a fantastic location and for the opportunity to get to Sossusvlei at dawn it's worth staying here, just a shame the camp is so run down. 6/10

Pycroft, Liz - 27th Aug, 2015

Very simple and basic camp site, but liked the chance to enter the Sesriem park site before sunrise and enjoy this moment direclty from the Dune 45. The restaurant is simple too and there is not much choice... but you are so closed to desert!!!!

Zani,viviana - 26th Aug, 2015

Only worth going to to be in the park an hour before and after sunset. Staff the unfriendliest we met. Overflow pitches inadequate.

Gayton, Adam - 26th Aug, 2015

Good campsite, ablution blocks reasonnably clean. The individual campsites are very nice with plenty of space. Of course the bonus is that you get the two extra hours in the dunes (one before, one after sunset). I'd say the restaurant was ok, not great, but ok.

Cremer, Martin - 23rd Aug, 2015

A wonderful spot. We had a pitch on the edge of the camp and so had a wide view over the surrounding landscape. Springbok wondered through, the pool was clean (if cold), toilet and shower blocks were very clean, and there was a reasonable shop and bar available. The greeting staff from NWR were mixed: one efficient but the man controlling the pitch bookings not so. They came across as disorganised, reinforced by finding someone else had already pitched a tent on the pitch allocated to us. We did get this sorted but this was an example of how some NWR hospitality staff still need training on customer service. People should be made aware of the popular early dash people make for the Dune 45 sunrise (which we were also part of), as if unaware the Overlanders revving up at 0520 could be somewhat of an unwelcome early morning surprise. Overall, we liked this camp.

Timbertopper, Sarah - 22nd Aug, 2015

Loved Sesriem camp and the Sossusvlei area.

Hughes, Kevin - 14th Aug, 2015

Very nice campsite!

Vangenechten,ingrid - 14th Aug, 2015

Quite easy to visit the red dunes of Sossuvlei early on the day.

De Busscher, Katia - 10th Jul, 2015

Very good campsite with reasonably well maintained facilities. Not all showers had curtains, so it could become a messy affair in those. Friendly and welcoming staff. Be aware that not all the roads IN the campsite are passable for sedan vehicles and you don't get warned about that beforehand. I got stuck metres from my campsite but the camp personell assisted to get me towed out in reasonable time.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

No problems. Nice site and facilities. Good shop and restaurant/bar

Ward Able, Clive - 05th Jun, 2015

A bit to busy and the ablutions not up to standard. There was no shower curtains and the floor was flooded the whole time.

Coetzee, Esme - 03rd Jun, 2015

the Location of the camp inside the park outweights all shortcomings of NWR

Juling Brend - 27th May, 2015

I would recommend against staying here. A very crowded and run down site.

Humphries, Liam - 24th May, 2015

Sesriem camp was well situated and pleasant to stay in.

Shaw, Liz - 12th May, 2015

I arrived after dark due to a storm and river flood and was admitted without any problem. It was a huge relief after a long day of driving. Thank you for ensuring I had safe refuge.

Kari Stevenson - 08th May, 2015

Camp really nice, information given along with the booking confirmation (map, fact that we had to arrive before sunset, etc...) very useful, clear and precise without being overwhelming.

Toni Pauline - 08th May, 2015

Very quiet and away from civilization (which was good). True camping experience.

Vanderhorst, Aaron - 07th May, 2015

Enjoyed the campsite!

Robson, Catherine - 24th Apr, 2015

Very happy with the campsite. They let us in even though we arrived an hour after sunset - which made us feel as if we had miraculously survived a stage of The Amazing Race! Excellent ablutions. Shop could have been better stocked - we had to go outside to the garage.

Foale Ssarah - 14th Apr, 2015

A large we'll run camp site the manager helped us book a local lodge when the car broke down some several kilometres away from the camp site, otherwise we would have been literally out under the stars.

Wilson, Vanda - 14th Apr, 2015

Pleasant atmosphere and good campsite. Ablution blocks were clean, well maintained and spacious too. I think it would have helped to have professional advice for travelling in the dunes. The shuttle to Sossusvlei was not available on the 2 afternoons we visited i.e. Good Friday and Saturday.

Weber Wilheim - 10th Apr, 2015

A very nice camp area. Maybe add information like gate closing times to be back from the Sossusvlei dunes or gate opening times to go and see the sunrise at the dunes.

Burger, Pieter - 07th Apr, 2015

We really had a good stay at Sesriem and our campsite was great with stunning views of the desert!

Ceronio Derick - 08th Jan, 2015

This was probably our least favorite place, mainly due to the shared bathroom/close proximity of campers -- but it was also our closest interaction with oryx and springbok, so that made it worth it! The campsite was a little less than we were expecting from our experience with Hoada and Waterberg Camp, with not much shade -- although there were other better sites here. Still, it was satisfactory for us and we enjoyed experiencing the wide variety of accommodations.

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015


Duffett, Jo-anne - 05th Jan, 2015

Also a very nice campsite with good bathroom conditions, friendly staff and right at the entrance to the Wildlife Resort.

Leber, Elisa - 30th Nov, 2014

Sesirem Camp was fairly well maintained and quite big. My only recommendation is to better direct those of us without 4-wheel drive cars (ours got stuck in the sand, we didn`'t realize how deep the sand was driving in).

Glickman Jessica - 01st Nov, 2014

We liked a lot

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

Very good camp. Well organised. Good location.

Waite, Nicholas - 04th Sep, 2014

Beautiful camping and great position to go early to Sossusvlei

Johnston, Neil - 26th Aug, 2014

The camps are nicely organised with everybody having their own electricity point and camel thorn tree for shade. The pool was not too cold and big enough for our teenagers to have some fun in. The showers were nice and warm and the toilets are clean. The shop has some basics but closed at 5. Luckily we had done a big shop in Swakopmund. It is well placed for the dune/ canyon visit and it had the advantage of allowing us to get to the dunes an hour before the park opens.

James, Marleen - 21st Aug, 2014

Awesome place

Camacho Alarcon Natalia - 18th Aug, 2014

The camp site was really nice. The ablutions were clean and the park generally was a pleasure to visit. The lady at the gate could have been friendlier, but generally we had a lovely visit.

Bornman Nocojan - 20th Jul, 2014

Beautiful and convenient campsites, with access to great facilities. Loved it!

Els, Tarina - 18th Jul, 2014

I used the camper here on a great little `pitch` with views stretching out over beautiful terrain. A good restaurant for dinner and on my final day for breakfast before heading out. I missed breakfast on my first full day there but was the first on Dead Vlei to catch the sunrise for some amazing photography. Don`t stay outside the park if you want to do that! This I believe is one of only two places to choose inside the park gates.

Elliot, James - 16th Jul, 2014

It is not very clear how park fees is calculated. We entered the camp at 7pm on the 25 and left early the morning of the 27th but had to pay for two full days.

Randt Du Angelique - 02nd Jul, 2014

Very nice

Butler, Elena - 06th Jun, 2014

Again very old and tired. In need of renovation.

Moate, Nicky - 30th May, 2014

Great location and good value.

Mitchell, Robert - 05th Apr, 2014

Brilliant, loved it. Need to mention more info on it- eg that it has a pool, in your emails.

Hodgson Tiffany - 03rd Feb, 2014

Great campsite. Sites are well spread out, with shade. Toilet blocks are clean and well kept with hot water available any time we used them. Ideal for Sossusvlei as you need to go through the camp anyway to access the road to the dunes. Basic food and drink available. We rated this 4/5 on Tripadvisor.

Paterson, Neil - 27th Jan, 2014

Good location good camping area. Everything you need available

Wilson, Andrea - 08th Jan, 2014

Well organised campsite. Proximity to gate at early morning opening a huge bonus!

Mantratzis Constantinos - 06th Jan, 2014

The campsite was ok. Please make sure though to book one of the original campsites, as the new campsites do not provide the same facilities (e.g. a tree with shade, etc.). Rating: 7/10.

Verheij, Felix - 13th Nov, 2013

not many showers there, queues

Kozlova, Tatiana - 06th Nov, 2013

A nice camp with some grumpy and some lovely staff. Shame about the generator running all night.

David, John - 28th Oct, 2013

Excellent camp site, worth every cent.

Gunstroop, Kim - 02nd Oct, 2013

The less pleasant people. If you need nothing, please ask! But the camp is top.

Morlier, Eve & Oliver - 17th Sep, 2013

Good - but generator coming on around 9.00pm for an hour of so is not good.

Padgett, Stephen - 16th Sep, 2013

Good site but without Water were scarce but understandable

Calitz, Basil - 14th Sep, 2013

Good facilities. Good maintenance. Campsite very big. Very good campsite and usefull to have access one hour before and one hour late for the park.

Corti, Francesca - 13th Sep, 2013

very nice camp

Barrier, Bertrand - 04th Sep, 2013

We camped here for 2 nights. Great campsite, with a short walk to the communal restroom/shower (hot water for showers). I recommend that you skip the masses who drive in the morning for the sunrise, and instead head to the dunes around 2 pm. The crowds are gone by then, and my daughter and I climbed Big Daddy with not another soul in sight. We had fabulous shadows for photos on the drive out at sunset. And don`t miss hiking the Seisreim Canyon, just a short drive from the campsite--it was stunningly beautiful.

Hensley, Kathy - 28th Aug, 2013

Stunning campsite, really big plots, nice pool

Titley, Jack - 10th Aug, 2013

Spacious camping pitch. Probably less than half full - would have seemed crowded I think if it was full. Able to access road to Sossuvlei half an hr before those staying outside the camp

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

Good accomodation. The only camp site were you can be the first to enter Sosusvlei and experience sunrise on the top of a dune :)

Van Laeken, Steven - 01st Aug, 2013

Lovely camp. Did have loud neighbours for one night - had to ask them twice to be quiet in the middle of the night (without much effect!).

Cain Julia - 14th Jul, 2013

Sesriem Camp had vey helpful people assisting us, clean bathrooms and in general we had a very pleseant experience.

Malan Willie - 12th Jul, 2013

Nice camp, enjoyed our stay. Ablutions was not well maintained, but not so bad that it cannot be used.

Kilian Hanno - 20th Jun, 2013

best stay to be early in the park

Huber Annina - 27th Apr, 2013

The camp was very nice and the staff very friendly. The kitchen staff even let us use there facilities to prepare two meals.

Mcmillan Christopher - 25th Apr, 2013

Great campsite we loved it.

Roan, Rosamund - 19th Apr, 2013

Sesriem campsite was wonderful - plenty of shade, space and privacy. It was raining during our stay so we spent a lot of time at the restaurant where the service was `unique`.

Ng May - 08th Apr, 2013

The location is really nice, firstly because of it's proximity to the park gate and also because of it's beautiful morning and evening vistas. We have read somewhere that people complain that the camp is noisy with lots of overlanders. Although there were two or three overlanders staying during our visit I have to say it was very peaceful. I did get woken up in the night but not other loud campers but instead by a springbok that was just outside our tent chewing on something crispy. Overall I think it is a really nice place to stay and we will go back again next time.

Weber - Hof Claudine - 08th Mar, 2013

Very nice spacious and shady campsites. There are many activities that can be arranged in this area but very little information available. There was no signs to advertise or brochures to see what was available.

Kincaid, Julie - 27th Jan, 2013

On arrival our booking was confirmed only, no mention of park fees, that was only discovered when we tried leaving the camp and told by a very rude person we dont leave until we either have park fees or leave our passports. Of the staff could not communicate properly when asked a question the reply was `hmmm` On having a cup of coffee we were told there was no fresh milk only power milk. The butter with the food was not served in a butter bowl or in little containers it was just put on the side of our plates. No one at the camp informed us there was a swimming pool, or the we could go view the canyon that we all found out from campers in the camp Inside Sossosvlei itself there are no `direction sign` so if you dont have a GPS you would never know where to find The deadvlei, or Sossovlei and the other view points. My rating for this camp and its facilities is 3/10

Huddlestone Wendy - 16th Jan, 2013

Very busy and disorganised campsite! Adequate for a couple of nights, but the only real reason you would choose to stay here is to have the option of accessing the dunes an hour before sunrise and after sunset, which you cannot do if you stay outside the park.

Leggat, Katheryn - 27th Nov, 2012

Personnel pas sympathique du tout. Néanmoins, camping agréable.

Valdenaire ,patrick - 21st Nov, 2012

Great camp site. Showers and Toilet block really clean. Our campsite was great!

Davis, Simone - 07th Nov, 2012

Based on our research I was skeptical of the crowds we`d find at the NWR Sesriem campsite, so it was a nice surprise to see the sites so well-spaced. We had one of the old sites shaded by a big tree and enclosed by a short stone wall. It was plenty spacious and we had water, a braai block, a campsite light, and electricity/plugs for recharging the cameras. Best of all, staying at this campsite enables you `insider access` to get a jump on the crowds -- only Sesriem campsite or Sossus Dune Lodge guests get early access to Sossusvlei -- as the external gate is opened to the public about 15 minutes after the internal access gate to Sossusvlei is opened to the `insiders`. This is essential for photographers seeking the early morning light and lack of crowds on the dunes, in Dead Vlei, etc. One final note: be sure to ask at check-in what time the gates are opened/closed since the hands on the `park hours` clocks at the entrance are clearly not updated regularly.

Fife, Kim - 22nd Oct, 2012

Well maintained, staff very helpfull and an unforgettable experience!

Andjelkovic Peter - 13th Oct, 2012

well organised, clean and nice campsite with the huge tree for shade.

Suter Nina - 23rd Sep, 2012

Excellent location, clean facilities, good value for money.

Wasserstrum, Ariel - 17th Sep, 2012

Camping with basic facilities. Showers and toilets in a very bad state. Camping site itself very nice under a big tree.

Fleischhauer, Georges & Michele - 11th Sep, 2012

Site filled with uneven sand, so much so that you have difficulty pitching your tent. Lots of thorns in the sand. Too many Overland Buses with too many people. Camp is extremely busy and noisy early morning and evening. The ablusions cannot cope with these numbers of people and are broken and dirty. Unacceptable. Very expensive and only on leaving you get slapped with the "Park Fee" which brings the fee up to R200 per person per day, irrespective if you visited the Sossusvlei or not. This has to be paid in cash, although they do not have an ATM. Their shop is a disgrace and they stock almost nothing. Bad. Bad. Very bad. We will definately not be returning, unless they get their act together.

Swanepoel, Nerine - 03rd Sep, 2012

I got one of the older campsite, which are the better ones. So I am very happy.

Carrijn, Rudi - 28th Aug, 2012

very crowded, sanitary facilities not very clean due to large groups of tourists - staff very friendly and helpful

Wilhelm, Barbara - 23rd Aug, 2012

Excellent camp site, good facilities and access to some of the most spectacular scenery in Namibia

Ferriman, Simon - 12th Aug, 2012

Very good, nice and clean

Feidenhans, Robert - 12th Aug, 2012

Initial NWR attempted to bump us into the overflow (seems they had allocated stands on the main campsite to drive-ins) which they gave up after I refused, everything was fine. Great location especially for getting the early start to the Dead Vlei in the morning. As at Namutoni, Im not a big fan of a bar with DSTV in the camp. Also, having a campsite shop close at 18.10 is silly.

Murray, Drew - 09th Aug, 2012

Good campsite

Anger, Ylva - 07th Aug, 2012

Nice camp but, honestly, looking back, this is the one area we would give a miss if we had to do the trip again. Great terrain but we are not sure it was worth all of the driving.

Pullford, Stephen - 01st Aug, 2012

Great Campsite. Nice people. Great views. Good food.

Rosenbrand-dadema, Lindy - 09th Jul, 2012

Clean and ok. Had everything we needed.

Bergstrom, Bo - 19th Jun, 2012

Try to book pitch 1 to 10. These are the old pitches and are more private then the others. There is a restaurant and a small shop. The ablution blocks are well maintained, but don`t count on a very good braai area. We had diner in the nearby (walking distance) Sossuslodge, which was very nice and romantic.

Verheyleweghen, Tom - 05th Jun, 2012

The campsite was convenient and the ablution facilities fairly neat

Du Plooy, Chris - 29th May, 2012

Despite all bad comments, we loved the place. Very well organized, clean and wild place!

Jonville, Edouard - 21st May, 2012

Very nice camp. Would go next time also.

Oblak, Jure - 15th May, 2012

nice place with large and comfortable camping zones, pretty clean swimming pool, nicest sanitaries we have had. shop, bar and restaurant are good.

Bouthors, Vincent - 08th May, 2012

Very full campsite - you will wake up VERY early! Many groups!

Rodder, Tanja - 04th May, 2012

Good location and great scenery.

Mueller, Manfred - 11th Dec, 2011

had a fantastic stay - thank you!

Smith, Danica - 21st Nov, 2011

07 oct 2011 Reception not very friendly. Campsite with braai and power point and a tree that is sometimes not adapted for roof tents. Restaurant so-so. But it's inside the park so you can go to the dunes earlier than the others. Fuel station.  

Buee, Christophe - 20th Nov, 2011

Excellent campsite with all facilities you could wish for. Lots of space, electricity, plenty of toilets and showers and a pool. Clean and well kept. Excellent value for money

Hirt, Claire - 30th Oct, 2011

Even if we arrived a bit late they still let us enter the camping site. We had a good time there

Andrique, Stephane - 18th Oct, 2011

An individual camping place with clean toilet facilities. Friendly and helpful hosts and good bar facilities. Many birds, geckos and scorpions. Does cater for larger tour groups which can sometimes be noisy. Recommend for access to National Park.

Terrett, Andrew - 17th Oct, 2011

Big positive surprise. After all we'd read we were a bit afraid of this camp. It proved to be very well maintained and a beautiful place.

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

Good and strategical camping because you are inside the park.

Maio, Federico - 04th Oct, 2011

Some problem for overbooking at the reception that give us a site occuped. We solved,without help from the reception, finding a free place ( at the reception don't know that is free!)The toilet not really clean, but you can put the tent under a tree. Water and braai near the tent. Perfect place to sossusvlei

Clerici, Riccardo - 27th Aug, 2011

Our camp site was private - however we had to clear the thorns from the tree and clean up cigarette butts before setting up our tents. The bathrooms are okay but maintenance poor but whoever designs them has never camped!

Beck, Maureen - 27th Jul, 2011

Helpful reception, nice welcome, great breakfast

Langdon, Chris - 22nd Jul, 2011

Great campsite within the National Park so you can get a head start in the morning toward the sand dunes for sunrise. The camp sites themselves are all individually walled with a tree for shade, light and braai pit. Very cool indeed.

Tywnam, Stephen - 11th Jul, 2011

Great camp!

Bonfadini, Eric - 13th Jun, 2011

Great basic campsite. It was really good to be inside the gates for a head start in the morning and not having to rush out at sunset.

Poke, Fiona - 13th Jun, 2011

We were given a lovely campsite, was good that they allocated a specific site to the bookings as the campsite was full. Also do the recycling system which is great. Ablutions were good.

Townsend, Nicky - 08th May, 2011

Alot of thorns where you have to pitch your tents, which puncture all our matresses. Would be nice if they can clean/sweep it reguleraly.

Van Rooyen, Gerhard - 11th Apr, 2011

Satisfied, but a little busy.

Ververgaert, Rene - 30th Mar, 2011

All the national park camps in namibia were beautifully maintained, with good amenities and felt very safe. excellent

Bullock, Laura - 24th Oct, 2010

good camp site. allows early departure for sossusvlei. Nice bar. could be enlarged to allow more flexibility in dates for visiting and choose of camp site.

Kurpiers, Thomas - 15th Sep, 2010

Make sure you allow enough time to get from Windhoek to Sesriem before sunset as its a big drive and the gates close at sunset. We made it with only 5 minutes to spare. Definitely worth getting at 4.30 to get to the gate for the 5.15 opening so you an get out to the dunes for sunrise. Dont forget to look out for animals on the way back to the camp later in the morning.

Lynch, Louise & Chris - 07th Sep, 2010

Big camp sites, lovely pool, but ablutions (although cleaned regularly) again over utilised by large groups of overlanders. Very friendly management.

Backeberg, Marianne - 07th Sep, 2010

such a great camp

Bruderlin, Wal - 07th Sep, 2010

great campsite, beautiful, wonderful hot showers and clean ablutions. helpful staff, well-stocked though expensive shop, nice bar.

Bennett, Stacey - 01st Sep, 2010

Shop very poorly stocked with it being a high profile tourist area we would have expected far more. Otherwise a great camp.

Ross-jones, Keith - 31st Aug, 2010

Very pleasant and not crowded. wouldnt want to be there in high season tho as overcrowding is evidently a problem

Banwell, Adrian - 10th Jun, 2010

Very nice place, hot shower, clean, lot of space between campsites

Brebant, Sebastien - 04th Jun, 2010

Although we discovered we are not really "campers", found the facilities here to be acceptable -- good showers etc, useful shop.

Bateman, Tony & Sandy - 09th Apr, 2010

Sesriem's washroom facilities could use upgrading to bring them to the same standard as those in Etosha.

Fischer, Martin - 08th Apr, 2010

Nothing much more than a base for the dunes.

Brown, Jeff - 03rd Dec, 2009

We had to pay an added tax to entry in the park. We didn't receive any information about it

Aprilli,vittorio - 22nd Nov, 2009

The worst camping in Namibia and the most expensive, but you can stay one hour later in sossusvlei because you stay in the camp (and it really worth it). One of the receptionnist is really kind and the other agressive (so hope you have good luck), showers overflooded, and really dirty, needs to clean more in the evening, due to the red sand from the dunes...) The camping sites are under big trees and when you have a roof tent; it's not realy convenient, you have to be really careful

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

The facilities and camp sites were great, and we had a wonderful time. One thing of note was that the staff was noticeably unfriendly and did not seem knowledgeable. For example, we asked them about whether it was possible to rent quad bikes. We had to speak to 3 or 4 different people (all who were rude) before finding out that it wasn't possible there. This is the type of information I would have expected them to know, given the surroundings.

Delich, Charity - 05th Nov, 2009

Very basic camp but strategic position to enter the park 1 hour before the external tourists. The only possibility to see the sunrise on the dunes!

Veglio, Pierpaolo - 26th Sep, 2009

New buildings (shop/bar etc.) since we stayed last time. Basic infrastructure great when installed, but clearly an issue re 'ongoing maintenance'. What a pity that the place isn't run anywhere nearly as efficiently as the Engen fuel station across the road. New lady in reception (just transferred from Halali?) very helpful - hope she can influence things for the future. Still the best place to stay to be able to see the sunrise at the dunes!!!!!

Humphries, Barbara - 10th Sep, 2009


Chaziris, Georgios - 09th Sep, 2009

good camp

Giorgia,franco - 09th Sep, 2009

We found the prices very high for a campground without electricity, but everything was clean and nice and we have enjoy the days we where there

Van Zutphen.ans - 09th Sep, 2009

The campsites were beautiful. The toilets, showers and swimmingpool were old and need some renovation in the future.

Rippens,anja - 09th Sep, 2009