Very special place to visit this remote area. The place is very interesting charged with history. We are very close to people from the local community. The food is good, the rooms are very spacious and comfortable.

Agogue, Pierre - 16th Apr, 2017

Nice place but the food was really poor, low quality compare to the other place. The service is ridiculously slow but we were on holiday so it was not a problem.

Sogne, Mauro - 21st Nov, 2016

Good place, really better than some years ago... Food can improve!!

Roiter,lorella - 06th Oct, 2016

Great place and location. Potentially great rooms that unfortunately now require a bit of attention (TLC), especially the plumbing. One of us didn't get any water at all. My shower was lukewarm and the toilet leaked noisily all night which I could not switch it off without special tools. Not a good image for a water deprived country. Restaurant was good.

Cutter, Mark - 30th Aug, 2016

Again another excelent lodge. We received room number 2, having acces to our private tower terrace. Excelent staff.Congratulations.

Nedea, Octavian - 18th Jul, 2016

friendly staff - room ok bath needs renewal - dinner not good - they shouldn't try to cook "European" style

Richter, Martin - 14th Jun, 2016

This was perhaps the least welcoming of the lodges, the place was pleasant enough but not much warmth from the staff.

Leaver, Ellen - 29th Sep, 2015

Could do with some attention to the electrics and plumbing and things like the gap under my door but again perversely I enjoyed my night there. It has a somewhat idiosyncratic character that I was fascinated by and I enjoyed the company before dinner of some of the other guests who were passing through being employed in the area.

Elliot, James - 16th Jul, 2014

Rooms were clean and the food was good

Roessel, Elke - 25th Apr, 2014

rooms a little dark but clean and big enough, dinner the first night terrible, the second night ok, breafast not even average, no wine, the garden is very nice, the next time we`d look for another lodge in this area

Kratzsch, Karin - 02nd Nov, 2013

A one night stop-over. Food was not good, and the staff indifferent.

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013

Very special atmospere in an old German fort. Very friendly staff.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012

Beautiful and huge rooms, excellent dinner

Snaiderbaur, Maria Carla - 09th Sep, 2010

8/10 magical atmosphere

Marietti, Emanuele - 07th Sep, 2010

Interesting place, but the accommodation rather over priced for what you get (although staying in a fort is rather special).

Beekman, Madeleine - 09th Mar, 2010

Normal - good for one night

Kinder, Wolfgang - 03rd Feb, 2010

An interesting area but I found the lodge and the service a bit sad

Cenci, Cristina - 15th Sep, 2009