My oldest daughter loved this activity & had a lot of fun standing to sand surf. My other daughter & myself were not prepared for the big climb initially & had difficulty keeping up, but that is totally my fault for not reasearching the activity beforehand. I was scared but just had to do it! And I thought it was so much fun!! My other daughter was too afraid to try so the instructor took her down once in a sitting position tandem style. I again thought this was above & beyond! He didn't have to do this but it gave her one try to see how it felt. Truthfully we were not physically up for this challenge but it was something we asked Allison to book for us so not her fault. Everyone was very kind & did not make us feel awkward tho and I'm glad I had the experience & can at least say I tried it!

Smith, Donna - 22nd May, 2017

Great activity for the whole family. Getting the DVD was great. We had a blast!

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

Phenomenal experience we did this on my sons 11th birthday and it was a major highlight of the trip for him and for all of us.

Beasley, Christine - 12th Apr, 2016

This is great fun and extremely good value for money. The fact that they include the video of the day's fun in the price is quite amazing. Just be prepared to take a few days to get rid of all the sand!

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

We were all a little tentative to start with but overall we had a good time. It was great that they provided a video of our trip and photographs. We weren't expecting this so it was an added bonus! Would recommend this experience.

Jenkins, Giulia - 24th Feb, 2015

the activities were fun and well organised. The transfer was good too.

James, Marleen - 21st Aug, 2014

Very nice and well organized, we did the ride two times, the second time was half price making it a bonus

Cisneros, Adolfo - 13th Jul, 2014

Excellent fun !!! Not to be missed !!!!

Beaumard, Jerome - 29th Aug, 2012

Well organised. Good fun and good value for money.

Hirt, Claire - 30th Oct, 2011

Lots of fun for he boys. Well organized.

Rutz, Lotta - 28th Apr, 2011