Very memorable day trip which we really enjoyed. The lunch was far more delicious than we expected. Really nice to be able to drive along the coast and be between the dunes and the sea. Only downside was that due to very high tides we were not actually able to get into Sandwich Harbour itself. We were not told this until the driver picked us up.

Chernis, John - 23rd May, 2018

Beautiful place and friendly driver

Chulliat,oliver - 02nd Sep, 2017

Wunderful! Amazing! We had a great time. Anda Kay, our guide, was excellent. And the home cooked lunch between the dunes was so tasty and affectionately prepared... We enjoied it very much.

Ochoa, Silvia - 11th Jan, 2017

This was a highlight of our trip! I didn't research this ahead of time and mistakenly assumed since it said Harbour tour that this was a cruise! I discovered a brochure in the information book in our guest room the night before and was surprised to learn it was a dune tour! Our driver Burger was amazing, and appropriately dressed, we had a fabulous day.

House, Teri - 06th Jan, 2017

Very good. 4X4 driving quite an experience and it was a very interesting and fun day out. Lunch was delicious too!

Gambrill, Mary - 17th Oct, 2016

A fun day trip, especially enjoyed by our guests. (who hated the dust and gravel roads) A bad time of the year for birds.

Pollock, - 12th Sep, 2016

Absolutely first class. I think we were lucky in that it was a sunny, cloudless day and the tide was just right for driving to Sandwich harbour. The subsequent drive over the dunes was tremendous fun and Mike was a brilliant leader.

Henderson, Iain & Pippa - 17th Dec, 2015

Amazing! Our guide, Burger, made the difference in any case. We really enjoied a lot, one of the best moment of our trip.

Beggi, Valeria - 17th Sep, 2015

Great guide, excellent day trip

Middleton, John - 04th Sep, 2015

Had an absolute BLAST! It is the best way to see the area! Burger was amazing and funny and very knowlegeable. Lunch was supperb. Had a fun day out and learnt so much. Thanks!

Pearce, Jo-anne - 14th Aug, 2015

Excellent tour!

Pirotta, Enrico - 11th Aug, 2015

Wonderful surprise. Loved the dunes and Walvis Bay Lagoon bird watching was a treat. Berger was a great guide.

Barkworth, Clare - 31st Jan, 2015

We enjoed the tour, with Turnstone Tour very much. Thak you Bruno ! For me was the best place I visited in Namibia !

Berti, Saudo - 15th Dec, 2014

Good trip, great driver, bad car for five people!

Ramsay, Nina Joshi - 01st Oct, 2014

MUST SEE... if I did one thing on this entire trip, this would be it. I thought Sossusvlei, the dunes and Dead Vlei were amazing, but this surpassed it. Highly recommended. I would not recommend doing the combined dolphin boat / harbour tour as we took almost an entire day on the tour alone, so adding the dolphin boat would be too rushed. Epic.

Terblanche, Dave - 10th Jul, 2014


Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

This was an excellent experience made especially enjoyable by our guide, Ernest. His knowledge of the area and his amazing dune driving ability made the day memorable. We had met many other travellers who praised this tour and so we were looking forward to it and, needless to say, we now also recommend it to anyone going to Swakopmund.

Kapral, Sandra - 11th Oct, 2013

Excellent tour. Ernst the guide was fantastic.

Allen, Stephen - 03rd May, 2013

Excellent tour, above our expectations. Excellent and very experient guide (Ernst) who provided us a wonderful trip to Sandwich Harbor. Simply perfect !

Orfao, Antonio - 16th Apr, 2013

We were lucky enough to have Bruno Nebe, the company owner, as our guide and the tour was superb. Apart from what we saw, which would have been exceptional in its own right, Bruno was so knowledgeable on everything and anything, it was by far the best day we had in Namibia. I would recommend to anyone.

Langton, Sarah - 09th Apr, 2013

was very efficient - pick up was on time, the guide, Ernst, really superb in his knowledge of geology, history, botany and zoology, and his guided walk at Sandwich was really good - the scenery is fantastic, but his layer of information on top of that made it even better. Thankfully the weather played along - brilliant blue sky, while the day before it rained, the day after it was foggy, so all in all a very worthly excursion - exceeded my expectations!

Zcilavecz, Guido - 08th Apr, 2013

the meeting with Terence, our guide, was been very interesting and precious for all the informations and desert experiences that we`ve lived 

Fincato, Alessandro & Laura - 02nd Sep, 2012

What a fantastic tour operator - most awesome trip with adrenaline rush

Straussner, Rainer - 11th May, 2011

Absolutely wonderful. We could not have wanted more. Ernst was incredibly good, entertaining, and we learned so much. It was a brilliant choice.

Palfrey, Sonia - 12th Apr, 2011


Palfrey, Sonia - 12th Apr, 2011

Great tour, no rush, time to enjoy Sandwich Harbour

Panzeri, Alberto & Luisa - 08th Oct, 2010

The trip was very enjoyable and the tour guide had a very good knowledge of the area and history.

Fouche, Louise - 08th Sep, 2010

Ernest is one of the best guides ever

Vincent & Paola - 14th Nov, 2009

The guide was really good, it was like beeing on tour with a living encyclopedia, increible! 8 people in the tour, but with really diferent interests, we were looking forward for the dunes rides and others were crazy for the birds

Garcia Lorenzana, Camino - 15th Oct, 2009

As our luck would have it, no other guests joined us on this activity. Ernst, the guide, is very knowledgeable about the surrounding area and has a great interest in what he does. Again for us, being in the tourism industry, this was great. We managed to see toktokkies, a sindwinder, a chameleon, a lizard and a cartwheel spider`s nest. Not bad for a morning in the desert! We had some pumpkin cake (relly good) and coffee before racing around the dunes for a short while. Ernst then took us to the Swakop Rivermouth and we saw numerous bird species, including three that we hadn`t seen before (we try to identify at least one bird species that we haven`t seen on every Southern African holiday we go on).

Van Schalkwyk, Johann & Anja - 09th Oct, 2009

It was an interesting and unusual tour and the guide was informative. Very good lunch too! The only problem was the weather conditions (very windy) that meant it was not possible to get as close to Sandwich Harbour as we would have liked.

Cane, David - 10th Sep, 2009

The Sandwich Harbour tour will definitely remain one of our best memories. The guide (Ernst) was extremely competent (he seems to know every single bird in the region) and gave us a lot of explanations (historical background, econocmic and environmental issues, etc.). He really likes showing his clients around, we appreciated his enthusiasm. Great lunch, too (a full homemade meal which was delicious).

Moinard, Yves - 28th Jul, 2009