A great tour, but very rushed. Often had just hours at a town or location, limiting choice of activities to one. Suggest more time or less locations.

Bridgeland, Peter - 23rd Oct, 2017

Southern leg of the trip was perfect, Northern less so. Felt that other attractions could have been included like that meteorite visit, petrified forest and Spitzberg; it was heartbreaking to know we were so close to those attractions and not being able to see them. I understand that it's not possible to fit these attractions into the 7 days. Also, those not taking any activities on the lads day in Swakopmund could have been taken to see flamingos to Walvis Bay and see Dune 7 on the way - I did these in my own arrangement and liked it a lot.

Jovetic, Goran - 23rd Mar, 2016

Fantastic experience

Churchhouse, Veronica & Steve - 09th Sep, 2013