Great place. Not so personal but very professional welcome. The parking at the first chalets we were allocated were not great/ difficult to maneuver the car and we had 2 rooms with double bed. After going back to the reception to ask if it might be possible to get 1 x twin + 1 x double or even 2 x twin...... the ladies at reception didn't hesitate and allocated us 2 different chalets at no additional extra costs...... great service!! The only thing that i might suggest to let guests know is that they have to pay an additional fee to enter the park/ lake premises and again if you want to visit the dam, etc.

Allemekinders, Marije - 01st Jan, 2018

We would not stay here again, although the chalet was nice. There was drunken swearing and shouting from the time we arrived, maybe it is worse on a weekend. There were cats all over the restaurant that even sat on a chair at our table. Reception was v friendly but the restaurant service was v poor.

Whitehorn, Hilary - 09th Oct, 2016

lovely spot, good accommodation, helpful staff

Bray, Elizabeth - 07th Jul, 2016

Excellent accommodation in a nice setting

Gent,mike - 17th Nov, 2015

nice place but the night was very cold in the room

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

This resort used to be a good standard but has declined drastically over the past few years. Now overnight guests even have to pay to get to the resort inside the premises. After very high standards all around this place was the most disappointing.

Callebert,lois - 21st Jun, 2015

Big houses, clean but little outdated. Restaurant nothing special but free wifi

Hopmans, Marco - 14th Aug, 2014

Very nice room for the family. The food is not great. It was a good value, but not a place to send most visitors. It only made sense for us because of desire to stay close to Windhoek for flights.

Loftus, Steve - 03rd Jul, 2014

Lake Oanob and the accommodation were lovely. Would definitely recommend .

Leathers, Jeannie - 20th Oct, 2013

The restaurant was desapointing. Our chalet was great, and it`s a pity to stay just one night. But we regret not to know or not to understand that we could have cooked there.

Ambrosio, Jean Pierre - 24th Aug, 2013

Ok for a rest after a long trip, but not that special. It`s much better to cook your own dinner here, so come prepared. They almost forgot to include breakfast (which was included), so be alert to ask for it if you have it.

Vazquez, Jorge - 14th May, 2013

The luxury bungalow was awesome, great views over the dam and a very restful environment. The self catering kitchen was well equipped and had everything we needed. Do have some concerns about the resort restaurant, it is probably best avoided for anything other than drinks. Either the chef was having a very poor day when we stayed or the standards are extremely low.

Jones, Andrew - 23rd Aug, 2012

It was OK, but a bit cold. I think it is more a summer resort than a winterresort

Feidenhans, Robert - 12th Aug, 2012

incredible chalet and wonderful sight from the 1st floor, reception at its best. canoeing was a good experience to see birds on the Lake. we suffered from very noisy people drinking beers late in the night and going back and forth on rapid boat all day long, shouting, jumping in swimming pool with their clothes... the place has to choose between 2 kinds of residents ?

Bouthors, Vincent - 08th May, 2012

okay room and lovely view. But is to much a family holiday place for us. food was very bad.

Vermeulen, Eimert - 05th Mar, 2012

Beautiful resort - bit of a problem manoeuvring motorhome to designated site - alternative provided already had people camping there????? Eventually found a fit and had very pleasant 2 nights. Restaurant and food very good

Scotting, Brian - 14th Feb, 2012

Very romantic

Oven, Iva - 07th Nov, 2011

One of the best place visited.Excellent romm and spectacular sunrise. The best place to start or to finish the trip. Everyone gentle

Clerici, Riccardo - 27th Aug, 2011

Wonderful all around

Smit, Pieter - 25th Aug, 2011

a lovely place to stay

Mehl, Muriel - 06th Aug, 2011

nice and spacious acommodation,a very nice place for a stopover

Riffaud, Christiane - 31st Jul, 2011

a lttle paradise, excellent service, friendly staff and even comfortable and heatable rooms. :-))

Buchert, Thomas - 18th Jun, 2011

Great place to stay.

Ross-jones, Keith - 31st Aug, 2010

Good place to stay after a long flight. Nice bungalow with lake view, although more basic than other places and a bit smellier (due to thatch roof and its inhabitants!)

Van Foreest, Lynsey - 05th Nov, 2009