This is one of my favourite campsites of our trip. It is very well Set out, it has a very humorous outlook and a wonderful vantage point to observe hippos .

Roberts, Lin - 30th Sep, 2017

Cool vibe here. Staff has great sense of humor. We did the game drive from here and saw many animals. The camp sites have really neat bush toilets. The only drawback was a sewer smell next to campsite 16.

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

What is not to love about this place. We had a tree house ( no 5 and a half no less ) where we could lie in bed at night with the front open looking out to the river. Sleeping with the chorus of hippos grunting and elephants trumpeting. No frills again here,no internet limited power but a hot shower or a hammock to lie in is all one needs. The real draw card here for me is the much underrated Mahango national park just down the road, a little pocket of wildlife.

Lynch, Robyn - 21st Aug, 2017

Awesome place! Campsites and bar next to the river, very enjoyable atmosphere, cheap day trips, toilets and bathrooms with river view and so on. Definitely recommended!

Wouters, Arno - 28th Jun, 2017

Highly recommendable, in fact Ngepi Camp was one of our Highlights

Keevy, Alan - 16th May, 2017

The tree house concept was very nice. The camp is informal with a friendly staff. Not so very much to do unless you are in to fishing. I was advised that a private game ride in the reserve (in my own vehicle) would not show any animals (at this time of the year) and there wwas not enough of guests to facilitate an arranged ride with a proper guide etc. Nice stay all the same.

Nilsson, Lars Erik - 07th Mar, 2017

Loved it will definitely go back in 2018. The people there were so friendly and made you feel so welcome. And camped next to the river was amazing.

Brennan,dawn - 05th Jan, 2017

Great experience because the owner runs the place differently than other lodges, i.e. in a durable, sustainable way. Very inspiring!!

Baste, Alice - 19th Dec, 2016

Beautiful camp near the Okavango, many birds....

Lecunff, Chantal - 23rd Oct, 2016

Fantastic camp, extremely friendly and nice. Many funny things and signs everywhere. One of the best camps i've ever stayed. I wish i could stay longer.

Bogacki Marek - 19th Oct, 2016

Absolutely lovely campsite! Very special, felt as being on vacation! We saw a lot of elephants during the sunset cruise

Valkhoff, Vera - 08th Oct, 2016

Wonderful setting. People lovely. Really an upgraded camping site which is great. Be prepared for the road getting there.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 01st Oct, 2016

Excellent!! Nice hippo pool, great location, very relaxed atmosphere and nice staff. Free coffee/tea and wifi are awesome. The treehouses are amazing, and the campsites have power sockets and water but no lamps. Lots of mosquitoes, bring repellent.

Moreno, Teresa - 13th Sep, 2016

The one place we were not very happy about. Seemed disorganised. Inefficient, very slow, no information. Breakfast served late, and dinner not worth the money. They also ran out of food the second day (!) Poorer service and place in comparison with the others.

Tiroler, Zoltan - 25th Aug, 2016

Loved it!!

Welbourne, Glynis - 24th Aug, 2016

Ngepi camp is efficient for a step around this area, but they are not realy helpfull, and the Tree House are "just" a tent in the middle.. of a mess of branches and bush : our tent was 3 meters from the river... but we could not see the river.. ! And about camp site, if you want a warm water shower, you have to buy your own fire wood in order to make fire under the boiler.

Coudre,frank - 08th Aug, 2016

The family liked the place for its well organised eco-features.

Bartels, Chris - 03rd Aug, 2016

a fantastic experience to sleep in the trees in front of Okavango river!

Haquette, Clara - 01st Aug, 2016

Really fun experience staying in the tree houses at Ngepi and hearing the hippos at night!

Sullivan, Robert - 03rd Jul, 2016

very chilled out camp, good facilities and beautiful sites in the trees on the akavango

Savory, Heather - 16th Jun, 2016

Nice place, but ablutions could be cleaner. Service was polite but not particularly friendly. Treehouses were spectacular.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

Nice place to stay, with sound of hippos at night on adjacent river, protected swimming in the river. Specialised bird and other trips. Bush toilets and showers are a special feature.

Morrisey, Don - 01st Jan, 2016

A wonderful, laid-back, relaxing stop. We loved this place!! The hippie atmosphere and the relaxed staff made this one of the best stops on the entire trip. The only time during our stay here when we weren't chilling out was when we were out for a mokoro ride and getting chased by hippos. This was a beautiful place to relax, get in touch with nature, and love life.

Auge, Michael - 22nd Dec, 2015

We loved the camp and all the special facilities and ideas behind. We 'll come back.

Chaurasia, Neera - 27th Sep, 2015

One of our favorites. Nice atmosphere, good food and the prices are great.

Vrancken, Cindy - 24th Sep, 2015

The road in was a bit sandy for a small rental car but this was my favorite campsite and setting in Namibia. Could have easily chilled out there for a few extra days.

Hughes, Kevin - 14th Aug, 2015

Very beautiful campsite with very good food.

Vangenechten,ingrid - 14th Aug, 2015

Brilliant birdlife in camp. A walk with the guide is a must. Well-run and some brilliant unique accommodation options. Highly recommended.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

Stunning place. We had tree house 17 which was secluded, right on the river and a perfect place to unwind. Lying in bed we were serenaded by Hippo, Elephant, Lion and in the morning and late afternoon by the Fish Eagle. Food was acceptable and drinks cheap. Wonderful little place of Edwin

Zank, Edwin - 29th Jun, 2015

This grew on us after initially being uncertain. We thought the evening meal was a non event but the bar meals were fine. I think he does trade on the ecological aspects to cut corners though!

Balls, Paula - 11th Jan, 2015

A little busier than we were expecting as this is quite a popular camp. I can see why though as it`s a lovely place, very sensitively set up, loads to do and get involved in, but with very reasonable prices. The village tour was great, really authentic and interesting. We were initially concerned as there didn`t seem to be enough bathrooms for the number of campers, but in the end it didn`t seem to be a problem. Some of the camp pitches seemed set up slightly oddly - you can`t park on the grass which limits your options, and it turned out we had communal sinks/kitchen area within what looked like it should be our pitch - so privacy is non -existent when camping here! Overall well worth a stay here, but a little too busy for me to stay for an extended length of time. Nearby National Park is fabulous for game viewing.

Leggat, Katheryn - 07th Jan, 2015

wonderfull place. The atmosphere was very good!! This was the best campsite we have visited.

Bisseling, Pepijn - 08th Nov, 2014

Loved the accommodation! Bamboo curtains to three sides, almost overhanging the river. My car alarm went off at 3:00am, resulting a scary torch-lit (and probably stupid) walk in the dark. The new management are making a great effort to pick the place up and it will be even better in future

Barton, Richard - 15th Oct, 2014

An unusual place but we enjoyed our time there. The tree houses are an interesting experience.

Abbott, Peter & Carol - 06th Oct, 2014

Wonderful all round experience, great campsites,quirky ablutions!,good service and food.

Bray, Elizabeth - 13th Sep, 2014

We were slightly worried about what to expect, but I think I had asked Allison for this camp, so it was down to me. As it happened they really gave us an excellent Christmas Lunch, which made Christmas for us. It does seem a bit disorganised and some of the staff do have training issues, but we gave this 4/5 on Tripadvisor. It might only have been 3/5 had it not been for the efforts they went to on Christmas Day.

Paterson, Neil - 27th Jan, 2014

The way to the camp is very sandy and less experienced 4WD driver should be aware of it.

Vandendries, Christophe - 08th Jan, 2014

Good but better for younger people, slightly disorganised but internet very good.

Vickers, Stephen - 21st Nov, 2013

What a surprise to stay in tree house and setting. Should have stayed another night

Krige, Skip - 04th Nov, 2013

We were disappointed with Ngepi.It was dirty and disorganised.The local guides crowded the bar area and restaurant all day.I never saw the Manager during our 2 night stay.I am not sure how they ever received a Getaway award.

Van Wyk, Pieter - 23rd Oct, 2013

A good place to stop. Food and service were good, with an old-world atmosphere. The river cruise was noteworthy however.

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013

Really nice place to stay two days. I love the fact that they are self-sustainable (surplus!) and joining them for dinner is the best you can do because the food they prepare for dinner is outstanding!

Joosten, Winnie - 12th Oct, 2013

Super staff

Cezary Kopij - 02nd Oct, 2013

this is the place we love love loved staying at,so happy we got two days here, but thought the staff was unhappy and unfriendly

Detzner, Anne - 13th Sep, 2013

Very pleasant campsite. We had spot #2, and it was very quiet and peaceful. We also took the river cruise and saw lots of hippos--very special! Lovely place.

Hensley, Kathy - 28th Aug, 2013

Camp was excellent. Food excellent in evening although breakfast ordering a bit weird. Order at bar - gets passed through to kitchen (or not in our case). Some people left after waiting too long for cooked breakfast.

Moore, John - 25th Aug, 2013

Great location, but treehouse was in a poor state. Management did not show much interest and unfriendly staff. No one showed us around. Dinner was served late (after 8 PM), and we had to skip breakfast because it was only available after 7 AM. Place needs some extra investment and a management that is more involved.

Van De Bunt, Jan - 01st Jul, 2013

quirky, but we got into it. staff very nice. food good. boat ride was great.

Beardmore, Carol - 29th May, 2013

Excellent service, very amusing and also very knowledgeable. Will definitely go back there when I return in the future.

Gavagan, Ian - 19th Mar, 2013

beautiful location, good food

Van Den Weghe, Godelieve - 11th Oct, 2012

Loved this one. Treehouse was great. Major chill out by the river. Good food /bar.

Macleod, Ian - 16th Jul, 2012

We loved Ngepi because you really can relax there.  The accommodation is fairly rustic - that was a bit of a shock to me, but because the general `living areas` (bar, pool, sundeck, lawns etc) are so lovely, you forget about the bathrooms in particular. The rooms are essentially bamboo huts, and they were very neat and clean. I think perhaps the bathrooms could be tidied up slightly, but don`t mind that they have no roofs. I did think that the food, especially the set meals each eventing, were over priced. R120 for meatballs, rice and veg and a slice of apple pie was a bit much, and the same the next night for roast chicken. We got around that by ordering burgers from the lunch menu late in the afternoon as an early dinner. However, all that doesn`t detract from the fact that we really did love our time there, especially the fact that the kids could roam freely on bicycles or fish, and swim in the pool in the river and we really enjoyed our trip on the mokoros on the river. All the staff were friendly and helpful too.

Carnie, Sheena - 04th Jan, 2012

Lovely rustic place, be sure to know there is no doors on the chalets and you are not walking distance to reception, signage to the camp and roads are confusing and makes you feel intimidated in strange country, but otherwise this is a awesome beautifull truly African experience. Will definitely return.

Wentzel, Jo-anne - 21st Sep, 2011

Fantastic - river side campsite great environment

Houghton, Brian - 29th Aug, 2011

Ngepi camp is always a winner, should have stayed longer

Fourie, Tinus - 25th Oct, 2010

This was the most amazing camp of all!! I would defintely recommend anyone who visits this area to make a stop for a few nights here. Overlander groups are situated in a separate camp area, so ablutions were perfect, and very romantic! We ended up staying here for 2 nights and only spent one night at the Popa Falls Resort.

Backeberg, Marianne - 07th Sep, 2010