This was a nice place to stop over between Etosha and Swakopmund. Clean and adequate rooms with good bathroom. Nice bar & restaurant overlooking pool with a very relaxed feel. Good food and service.

Martello, Louise - 28th Nov, 2017

another pleasant surprise, the place really exceeded our expectations (though they were admittedly not very high). the bed was comfortable, the staff friendly and accommodating, and they have a pair of African Grey parrots that you can chat with for hours! no hot water at night. an unusual billiards table at the bar, which was a comfortable place to have a couple of drinks. nice breakfast.

Scores, Nikki - 26th Oct, 2017

Nice and welcoming

Badiali,luca - 16th Sep, 2017

A comfortable if basic stopover, with a pleasant pool and relaxation area. Pleasantly surprised by food, which was good value for money, and a well stocked bar!

Wundram, Kathy - 07th Sep, 2017

Location perfect to visit white lady paintings. Clean toilets etc.

Dalmijn Igno - 27th Aug, 2017

What can one say. Basil does his best.

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

This was a bit of a shock after the luxury of Twfelfontein but the owner and staff could not have been more hospitable. It was clean, comfortable and safe, and very good value for money. I think that the experience of extremely aggressive beggars in town may have clouded our opinion of Uis. On reflection, we should have heeded Steny's advice and spent an extra day in Swakopmund instead!

Courtney, Claire - 03rd Oct, 2016

What a pleasant surprise!! The owner was a very good host and we could ask him all the questions we had about the area and the country!! We appreciated his interest in his guests and the hospitality. Food was also very good. Recommend this as a stop over. rooms was neat and clean.

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

staff were a bit unhelpful at the start, but were fine the next day

Cochrane,kevin - 19th May, 2016

Do not put anyone in this hole. The showers did not work. Ended up in the room without a shower cabinet. Luckily we could cut the visit short and drive to Swakopmund. No refund as "we need the money".

Lybeck, Stig Olof - 12th Apr, 2016

A good first day stop. The pool is wonderful after driving for 5 hours. The sunset tour was a great way to absorb the space and take a break from my own driving.

Reed, Michal - 10th Jan, 2016

Probably the least "atmospheric" of my stops; but I realize there aren't many options in that area.

Kessler, James - 09th Jan, 2016

Basic campsite but great pool, good food and friendly staff. Sun downer tour to the old mine highly recommended.

Van De Ven, Ronald - 04th Jan, 2016

The swimmingpool and other facilities are ok but the campsite is not very nice. For us the stop here wasn't very interesting, even if we understand that it is necessaey to stop somewhere before between Okaukuejo and Swakopmund.

Cots, Teresa - 25th Dec, 2015

Kitchen not well equipped at all. Accomodation spacious

Mcgowan, Sara - 28th Oct, 2015

Unusual, eccentric, saw a little slice of Namibian life with the various parties and dinners that were held there. Very helpful owner

Flint,jamie - 16th Sep, 2015

Rooms not up to date,first room problems with electric only one lamp work a lot of insects inside. We have changed the room but same problems with insects. Outside area nice and well kept. Employess very friendly. Dinner and Breakfast very well. Pets are amazing.

Weihrauch,sascha - 10th Sep, 2015

Very simple camp site, but deeply cozy! The restaurant and the bar are very nice and the whole ambience is very clean.

Zani,viviana - 26th Aug, 2015

We feel like it would be a good idea to find an alternative to this campsite for future clients. It was not up to the standard of the other campsites. The service during check-in was rude; we weren't given any information about the campsites or the property in general. The campsite itself was occupied by a large group of workers, who were loud. There were people (not tourists) moving through the campsites throughout the late evening/early morning. Only two of the sites were equipped with electric outlets. Finally, the bathrooms were not well-maintained or well-stockes (there was no toilet paper in the morning!).

Rosenburgh, Lauren - 23rd Aug, 2015

The camp was very full. Unfortunately not much rest in this camp as there was a "fly-in" that ended the night I stayed there and the participants in the event played loud music and partied until very late that night. Facilities for the price was quite sufficient.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

Campsite was OK, nothing special at all. Disappointed with the owner who said that he would take us for a sunset drive, but didn't arrive. We subsequently saw him taking other people, so we must have been bumped! Would have been nice to know as we would have gone to another place to see the sunset over Brandberg

Ward Able, Clive - 05th Jun, 2015

We thought the location of the camp wasn't perhaps as nice an area as the others.

Shaw, Liz - 12th May, 2015

we loved the quiet village

Coggiola, Nadia - 22nd Oct, 2014

Hotel in general was well below average

Evangelista, Paulo - 16th Oct, 2014

Great atmosphere, incredible old style pub, kindness and good food...

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

First impression was that it could do with a minor face lift, but having said that, the fine gravel on the ground was a relief after all the dust and the pool was amazing. The showers were good, but there was no toilet paper in the toilets which was no problem once we knew, but all the other camps have paper in the toilets so we didn`t come `prepared`. That would have been handy to have known beforehand. The boys enjoyed the table tennis and the wifi. We visited the white lady the next day, which is a bit of a track back and it meant that after visiting the vinger klip,we didn`t have time for the fur seal colony at cape cross. If I was going to do the trip again, I would try the white lady campsite.(for no other reason then the position)

James, Marleen - 21st Aug, 2014

Good basic accomadation. Felt a bit less safe there. We had a room with a door out to an unsecured area. There also seemed to be quite a few people wandering about.

Rattray, Hugh - 02nd Aug, 2014

Logement très propre, bonne nourriture

Lourdas, Panayotis - 26th Jun, 2014

very good

Therond, Jacques - 30th May, 2014

We enjoyed the stay in the Brandberg Rest Camp a lot

Roessel, Elke - 25th Apr, 2014

quality can be better

Tassent, Philippe - 29th Nov, 2013

Would not use it again, even though everything was sort of OK. In this region we preferred the White Lady Lodge, camping.

Harms Stefan - 28th Aug, 2013

You have for what you pay!

Meister, Francoise - 20th Aug, 2013

Camp site is ok. Accomodation is ok. It has a nice and big swimming pool. We did a sunset trip with the owner of the Brandberg Rest Camp. This was really nice: we did a nice trip, we saw some beautiful spots and learned a lot of the town where this Rest Camp is located.

Van Laeken, Steven - 01st Aug, 2013

Good, clean rooms. Our `single` group member unfortunately got separated from the rest of us and stayed in another part of the camp.

King, Barbara - 15th Jul, 2013

OK, normal location, not to bad not excellent. Poor restaurant.

Mauri, Amando - 06th Oct, 2012


Tenret, Didier - 05th Oct, 2012

Nice place. Everything looks a bit old (70's) even if it was all repainted/refurbished. Clean flats and good beds. Prices for day trips (elephants ...) should be posted at the reception.

Beaumard, Jerome - 29th Aug, 2012

We were out and about most of the time. The accomodation is a bit old fashioned compared to the other places we stayed at but it didnt bother us. Also the cheapest dinner we had the whole trip (and it was good too)

Nieuwoudt, Gerrit - 29th Aug, 2012

Quite spartan and not too close to the `White Lady` site. It was in the town which was an advantage, but it had a Mad Max feel about it. vast, empty and slightly run down. I appreciate that it was cheaper, and that tourists should have a variety of different levels of experience.

Costello, Keith - 23rd Aug, 2012

Setting of this accommodation is not very attractive.

Heijnen, Tom - 18th Aug, 2012

Very basic and possibly over priced. I would camp there (rather than stay in the lodge) next time around.

Pullford, Stephen - 01st Aug, 2012

I rather prefer another Camp the next time, which is closer to the Brandberg and not in the City. It was nicer, when we were at the Camps, which were in the middle of somewhere.

Hanika, Anne - 18th Jan, 2012

least organised ( did not know about our arrival) nothing special but cheap

Zaehringer, Jens - 02nd Oct, 2011

very clean friendly place

Murray, Simon - 30th Aug, 2011

Really enjoyed this place, Basil made us very welcome and give us good advice about where to find the Desert Elephants. This was such a good stop over.

King, Ian - 10th Nov, 2010

Looked a little down-market compared with our other accommodation. However the small terraced room was clean with pristine bedding and there is a 25m pool.

Howard, Robert - 13th Apr, 2010

It is indeed very simple. But it was clean. For a sort stay you will survive.

Griffioen, Jacob - 21st Sep, 2009

Basic and very "local" with pink walls and plastic curtians - but clean, and food was ok and every body was friendly enough.

Mccarthy, Peter - 12th Sep, 2009

middle of nowhere, quite a strange place, lots of people from vilage came by to try and sell us gems etc, but owners were lovely, african singing in the evening in the bar etc

Kidd, Tara - 27th Jul, 2009