Beautiful spot, very nice people and very helpful, we had a wonderful time

Van Der Wal, Betty - 16th May, 2018

Like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful and extremely warm, good food and hospitality. The guide at the White Lady entrance hike smelled of liquor and we did not want to do the walk with him.

Mckenzie, Celeste - 28th Apr, 2018

Magnificent place on sunrise

Ledent, Guy - 07th Apr, 2018

The camping was ok but it doesn't have the view on the sunset on Brandberg

D'hoop, Isaline - 02nd Dec, 2017

Great place , good animations for the Elephants from desert. Rooms very simple.

Thurre,roger - 11th Nov, 2017

Basic accommodation. Good facilities and friendly hosts. We enjoyed the elephant drive.

Henderson, Jack - 28th Sep, 2017

Beautiful surroundings. Gorgeous drive to property. We would have liked to hike to the paintings - but FYI the local guides and tourists alike told us that it was at least a 4 hour round trip ordeal. Needed to get an earlier start on the day to do that. We did the elephant drive in the river bed. That was amazing.

Black,monica - 21st Aug, 2017

Very nice location. Good hike to Brandberg White Lady paintings

Creasey, Thomas - 27th Jul, 2017

Very nice.

Sparks, Paul - 20th Jul, 2017

Amazing place to visit if you want to see the White Lady. Reception area, bar and outdoor area very well kept and relaxing. Was bizarre not to have a single plug in the chalet and was unimpressed that there was no wifi available, especially after finding out they do have wifi but they just don't let guests use it. The staff were very pleasant, although we heard some information that they were not treated very fairly.

Gray, Robert - 13th Jul, 2017

We loved this Lodge and if we had more time, would have liked another night here just to spend a day by the pool. Beautiful setting and chalets very good. We took a guided elephant drive which was an amazing experience. The guide showed us what to look for and after an hour off-road we found a herd in the trees. We also visited his fiancée's school briefly which was great fun and gave us a chance to meet some children.

Morgan, David - 16th Jun, 2017

Magnificient place, but very old sanitaries...

Parvex, Sandrine - 26th Apr, 2017

The elephants are getting increasingly aggressive, there are a lot of warning signs up, more than the last time I was there. I'm very familiar with seeing elephant or driving close to elephant as I grew up in Namibia but there were two times on the second elephant drive we went on where I was scared, and I think that was for good reason, the elephants were not totally ok and showed some serious warnings towards our truck. Possible that a lot of people are feeding them at the campsite, and also that the driver of the truck was not making good choices about where to position himself. At the lodge there is an African Grey parrot in a small cage, with no environmental enrichment, water bowl positioned below the perch and so filthy, which is not a happy animal at all. I run a bird park in South America, I have a lot of African Greys and a few hundred other parrots, the points I'm making are pretty basic and objective, this animal is effectively mistreated and should not be part of an ecotourism experience. Must add that this booking was at my request as I know the place and wanted my friend to see some Ugab elephants.

Croukamp, Carmel - 07th Dec, 2016

The accommodation are quite basic but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the location. Restaurant excellent!

Sogne, Mauro - 21st Nov, 2016

Spectacular scenic location, very nice central lodge building with bar, pools, cactus garden and big vistas. However, the chalets are in need of a refurb. Of course, if the site is dependent on solar power then there are limits to the levels of comfort that can be offered, but my wife found it too rustic, poor lighting etc. Lots of mozzies. Similar comments can be found on Trip Advisor.

Lamb, Alistair - 06th Nov, 2016

The lodge is in a fantastic location, likewise the cabin we had. I personally found the Swimming and garden area really appealing, a green oasis in the desert, set against a wonderful mountainous backdrop. The cabin was Basic - but still excellent for the Price and completely served our needs. It is useful to have a torch to see your away around, and there are no sockets in the rooms to Charge your phone or a fridge, however it is easy to charge your phone in the main Building (they have a charging Point set up to do this) and the staff were very accommodating and we had no Problems having our cool blocks frozen in the kitchen freezer for us. We really enjoyed our stay here.

Bonell, Andrew - 01st Nov, 2016

To recommand; apartement ok; very well situated; very friendly people; a good dinner with a surprise (choir of the employees)

Schaller, Patrick - 01st Nov, 2016

The most basic of all our accommodation but still good for one night only

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

Lovely and our first experience of outside showers!! Amazed that the staff lit the boiler at 5am to ensure we had hot water in the morning! Good food and live music was entertaining!

Gambrill, Mary - 17th Oct, 2016

Incredible place, completely immersed in nature !

Caraffa,alessandro - 10th Oct, 2016

Much better than what I expected, jewel for campers and self catering

Kuhne,carsten - 24th Sep, 2016

Nice lodge in the middle of nowwhere but close to Brandberg and the White Lady. Dinner was ok but not great

Harter, Gregor - 28th Aug, 2016

Great location next to famous tourist site and rustic cabins. This accommodation is like "out of Africa". But food was good, but not as outstanding (in regards to variety and quality) as the other lodges.

Karge, Desiree - 26th Aug, 2016

Disappointing accommodation - well below standard - virtually no electricity, food basic, approach road - appalling

Henderson, Stewart - 27th Jul, 2016

The accommodation was rustic but fine.

Annear, Christopher - 14th Jul, 2016

excellent tented camp in fabulous location with good dinner available

Potter, Suzanne - 09th Jul, 2016

Rooms were a bit more basic OK. Lovely setting. Food was good.

Mckee, Pat - 06th Jul, 2016

Great location, very basic chalet, friendly staff

Chiba, Alex - 05th Jun, 2016

The "De Luxe" Tent was welcome for a change to the rooftop tent. Individual facilities are in good state and clean! We even had elephants' visit at the camp!

Evrard, Daniel - 19th Apr, 2016

A bit run-down but charming lodge, especially with a flock of elephants passing outside the bungalow windows early in the morning.

Ulmius, Jan - 16th Apr, 2016

Compared to other lodges this is very basic but that's reflected in the price. It was clean and the staff were great

Porter, Michelle - 19th Oct, 2015

Interesting place, great location, excellent dining facilities, back packer standard rooms though

Payne, James - 16th Oct, 2015

Awesome! Brilliant people

White, Lachlan - 15th Oct, 2015

Good staff, we liked the lit waterhole very much, I only think the owner should try less harder to be perfect and relax a little bit more and give the staff a bit more breathing space

Brouns, Johnny - 15th Oct, 2015

Wonderful place (Valley Ugab) The Tented Camp very clean and good accommodation. The receptionist was very nice and very efficient.

Martinez, Silvia - 24th Sep, 2015

Amazing place

Johansen, Niklas - 19th Sep, 2015

Common facilities are really nice. The room itself is very basic. Beware of elephants!

Grassi, Gabriele - 12th Sep, 2015

Was ok, we had also elefants in front of our lodge.

Lotter, Alfred - 06th Sep, 2015

It was so nice location and sunsetspot.

Sagawa, Takashi - 30th Aug, 2015

Beautiful setting but the rest of the experience was really subpar. Room so-so, stinky bathroom and bad food. Really the worse part of our Namibian trip.

Keusseyan, Celine - 29th Aug, 2015

very friendly and happy people who take care of us beautiful songs after dinner

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

Really nice with a lovely garden.

Buratti, Elisabetta - 19th Aug, 2015

A funny place with the tamed annimals. The houses were not especially charming. Maybe we are spoiled from an earlier trip where we had a lovely house and an unforgettable look to the very special rocks in Damaraland.

Nielsen,ove - 30th Jul, 2015

This is a lodge with great potential, but poor service (no wifi, no cocktails, no activities on offer, ordered something for lunch but only got it more than an hour later after two reminders from our side, no one asking if we wanted another drink the rest of the afternoon, ... ). Rooms are quite basic but ok. Receptionist told us it would stay hot until sunset, so better do the white lady visit early next morning, so we did. But in hindsight, temperatures dropped by 4pm, so would have been fine to do it on the first day. White lady visit is recommended - nice walk through a river bed.

Tuytelaars, Tinne - 29th Jul, 2015

very neglected rooms.

Frasquier, Jose Manuel - 12th Jul, 2015

This place describes its chalets as 'luxury' - couldn't be more inaccurate! Seems to have potential, but there were no elephants,so we were advised simply to 'go for a walk' - no effort made to provide alternatives. There is no wifi, no opportunity to buy the most basic supplies, ie need to drive 40km to get basics. Food was reasonable value and evening singing and dancing was entertaining. Lack of aircon or good fans also made stay more uncomfortable than necessary

Thea - 09th Mar, 2015

Very disappointing - rooms were not very clean and there was a smell of sewage in the bathroom. On our bedlinen there was the dusty track of somebody's shoe which had clearly been used to move the bed. Place felt a bit rundown and "sad". However one night was okay, and we understand that alternative locations are limited.

Kingman,sylvia - 23rd Feb, 2015

This was the best of both worlds -- stay in a tent without the work! We loved the little gardens, and we were pleasantly surprised with the desert elephants coming through the camp. Amazing! The dinner buffet was nice, and the kitchen staff put together a fun show. The only problem we had was a hard time finding our campsite in the dark after dinner. They aren`t well-marked for night-time.

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015

Fantastic place to stay. Elephants walked in between the chalets, so close you could nearly touch them. Main lodge very nice, beautiful gardens and pools, fantastic food, friendly staff. Elephants were a bit naughty and ripped out some water pipes during the night, so water was in short supply in the morning. To run a lodge of this quality in the middle of nowere, without national electricity takes some effort.

Burger, Hugo - 27th Nov, 2014

Interesting because you need to drive a lot to arrive in this remote place. There you find quietness... `Simple` comfort but OK. Main interest if the desert elephants (when they are in the region). + Excursion (White laday). 2 nights was perfect.

Laloux,olivier - 19th Oct, 2014

Fantastic location and views and good evening meal, with very enjoyable entertainment from local villagers. Accommodation somewhat dated and in need of maintainance/rennovation.

Coates, Simon - 13th Oct, 2014

Great seeing Desert Adapted Elephants

Cummings, John - 03rd Oct, 2014

Beautiful location, but lots of bugs and some lizards in the room at night. This may be too much nature for some guests.

Murphy, Bernie - 12th Sep, 2014

very nice down to earth lodge run by people who really love their place.

Steigerwald, Katrin - 10th Sep, 2014

Comfortable and very hot water. The staff were great and did everything to make the guests feel welcome. Their choir performed in the dining room which was excellent. Then they visited the 2 campsites and sang there. we could hear it in the distance.

Greenwood, Stusar - 29th Aug, 2014

The positives: Beautiful position and attractive gardens. The staff were friendly and helpful. Ideally situated to visit the splendid Branberg Whitelady Painting, which we enjoyed. During our stay, a herd of desert elephants passed though the grounds of the lodge, and we were able to follow them along the riverbed in our 4x4 with the help of a guide. The negatives: Our brooms were in desperate need of updating (maybe the chaletsť are better) and were the worst value for money of anywhere we stayed in Namibia. They were dark and shabby with broken fixtures/fittings, including the windows, which did not close properly. The mats in the bathrooms were only fit for the bin. The land behind the rooms looked like a general dumping ground for building and domestic rubbish. The beds and bed linen were clean and reasonably comfortable, but the overall room experience was like a backpackers hostel. In addition, the water in the swimming pools looked uninviting and there was no Wi-Fi.

Proffit,katie - 25th Aug, 2014

Nothing special. Nice garden with swimming pool. Dinner below average

Hopmans, Marco - 14th Aug, 2014

nice, but a bit expensive for the services rendered

Bauer Ingrid - 09th Aug, 2014

the room is not nice, austere. restaurant ok, not the room. no activities planned

Picariello, Giorgia - 21st Jul, 2014

The road was not graded when we entered and the road almost impassable. We thought we were on the wrong road because there are no signs to confirm it is coming up. Seemingly uncaring management. Suspect the bed sheets had not been changed or laundered.

Kerlagon, Jeffery - 01st Jul, 2014

Good camp. I think the word `luxury' should be removed from the description of the tents. The light in the bathroom area didn`t work but the tent was comfortable. Staff very nice and friendly. Restaurant and bar area very nice and nice food.

Moate, Nicky - 30th May, 2014

My least favourite stop. Found the chalet to be unclean and very poor food.

Macdonald, Dee - 01st May, 2014

Although the site of the lodge was magnificent, I had great difficulty sleeping at night as there was only a very small fan to cool the room, really needs air conditioning. The prices for drinks were steep for Namibian standards

Lyons, Paul - 04th Mar, 2014

Brandberg White Lady was pretty bad. The beds were ok and a good range of bedding options from duvet to light throw was available, but the fan was inefficient, and the bathroom grubby with a stained and gross toilet, several mosquitos in the bathroom, and fairly inefficient shower. The television in the bar was not available to guests because the manager had the decoder in his room - this was confirmed by him. One pool was being filled and the other paddling pool was murky and quite unattractive but I went in anyway as it was so hot. The staff were excellent, however, very friendly and approachable. Dinner was horrible (tough meats, overcooked vegetables, bland rice, all looking like bulk purchase from frozen and just reheated) with the only good thing being the fresh bread and the singing and dancing from staff afterwards. We were also concerned that a young French couple who were camping arrived too late to make their own meal and asked if they could pay to join the buffet but were told by the manager that this was not possible, despite there being room available at the tables (and we would have been happy to share) and plenty of (horrible) food left over - not great service in that regard, and that was noted by us and by other guests there and we were not impressed. The Desert Elephants were also so far away from camp when we got there that there were no drives on to see them. I would not return there despite the good staff because of the management issues.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Not the most pleasant staff (manager) but still polite. Seem little interested by tourists. We were told elephant drive could go or not but no one come to tell us if so after the deadline while we were waiting. No advice was given to manage tings differently. We organized ourselves our drive with guides we met at brandberg cultural site.

Vandendries, Christophe - 08th Jan, 2014

A bit run down and the pool area a bit unclean with animals in the pool. Least favourite accomodation

Sumich, Kim - 18th Dec, 2013

Stunning views on the Brandberg and really nice road to get there. Opening your tent in the morning to see desert elephants marching over the campsite is simply amazing. The campsite was ok, but nothing special. Rating: 7/10.

Verheij, Felix - 13th Nov, 2013

wonderful location, excellent welcome and service...rooms could be better

Marescotti, Enrico - 10th Nov, 2013

Hier is ons baie vriendelik ontvang en ons het baie lekker hier gekuier. Hier was een van die min plekke wat moeite gedoen het om my met sy alergie te akkommodeer.

Van Dyk,annalien - 28th Oct, 2013

Pleasant, basic accomodation and most simplistic of trip.

Cutter, Leslie - 26th Sep, 2013

Helpful staff. Directions to chalet were slightly confusing. Chalet well laid out and comfortable. Curtain to bathroom virtually non-existent - more solid curtain would be welcome. Was not able to shut draught through windows under very windy conditions. Could get some tips from Etosha Safari Camp on their food. Tame meerkats was a treat.

Brink, Willie - 12th Sep, 2013

Common areas beautiful, while rooms are basic

Baroni, Jean- Pierre - 11th Sep, 2013

The place is amazing but our room was obsolete.

Ambrosio, Jean Pierre - 24th Aug, 2013

Gorgeous natural surroundings. Very good dinner in a friendly atmosphere.

Faria, Joao - 15th Aug, 2013

Water heated by fire under water tank - plenty of hot water. Walking distance to main reception area. Enjoyed feeding cheetahs and sundowner.

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

The location of the Brandberg White Lady is quite remote, and quite spectacular. However, we weren`t expecting our accommodations to be so basic. We did have hot water, but only two hours a day after someone lit the fire under the donkey. Electrical power is via a small solar panel at each `cabin` in so low one could not read by it. The quiet was lovely. We would not stay there next time.

Cortright, Janelle - 15th Jul, 2013

The hot water was a small issue. Food outstanding. Great staff

Rowley, Tony - 17th Jun, 2013

We arrived late but the owner was very welcoming and arranged a dinner for us. We would have loved to spend more time there.

Blondiaux, Marie-astrid - 06th Jun, 2013

so nice place like a home-farm. good food, nice service, nice chalets, very warm atmosphere

Fischer, Henrike - 21st Mar, 2013

The Service was good, though the excursion through the Ugab river was quite expensive, as they could not find more guests participating at the excursion. Luckily we saw the elephants. The guid(ess) at the Brandberg Hiking Trail to the `White Lady` rock paintings did not share enough information with us during the hike to the `White Lady` as she was in a hurry to get home.

Sohrada, Peter - 13th Jan, 2013

There was no fan in the room and the food was mediocre. The proprietor here did help regarding my shoes by calling Cornerstone for me. There seems to be no competition in this area so maybe that is why this lodge was lacking.

Laidlaw, Carol - 06th Jan, 2013

Great setting. Thought the lack of aircon in rooms would be an issue, but it was fine at night. Swimming pool was murky and off-putting though which isn`t great when you want to cool off during the day. Perhaps recommend to people that it`s probably not worth spending more than 1 night here (we spent 2).

Tessendorf, Richard - 06th Jan, 2013

Simple desert accomodation - good location ; a little far off the main road

Huang, James - 04th Jan, 2013

good food, friendly staff

Dalle Case, Daniela - 22nd Dec, 2012

Accommodation could be no working zips on tent!

Cuthbert, Pene - 25th Nov, 2012

Beautiful views of Brandberg

Tallo, John - 23rd Nov, 2012

A little bit sandy rooms, otherwise very nice location and staff.

Thuresson, Frida - 21st Nov, 2012

A lovely oasis of a resort down a tortuous track but well worth the journey.

Weir, Al - 12th Nov, 2012


Scalvini, Raffaella - 10th Sep, 2012

Nice location, but the rooms were not very clean. They had a lot of mosquitoes and we were kept awake by the donkeys which seemed to drink from water coming out of our bathroom! The ground of the main building and the swimming pool were very nice.

Patersons, Karen - 06th Sep, 2012

Just if I have to find something that can be maybe change a little...This place is amazing for the location, you can just walk into a beautifull area, but the rooms are not really clean, if you compare (of course)them to all the others places that we stay at...

Frilli, Deborah - 20th Aug, 2012

Very friendly staff, accomodation was Sober

Roeters, Jolanda - 15th Aug, 2012

Very beautiful stay, big wonderful garden,nice owner, very beautiful chalets, good food!!

Verstraete, Kris - 25th Jul, 2012

We stayed in a small cabin close to Brandberg. It is a very ecological place. We had everything we needed and the food was ok. People are very helpful.

Vancoillie, Caroline - 08th Jun, 2012

accommodation is fair, but service not great

Diedericks, Theresa - 26th May, 2012

Nice pool, big and touristfull camping. Not to "typical" and "locally handled"

Jonville, Edouard - 21st May, 2012

Fantastic setting. Liked the atmosphere of the main building and its surroundings. Room basic but OK for a night, bathroom could be improved. Set meal was OK, breakfast good.

Allen, Monica - 21st May, 2012

great for all : service quality, wonderful landscape, Jinx the lovely surycat, baby springbok, birds, warm welcome and a drink when you arrive, hot water brought at the chalet at 7.00 to enable you to have a first coffee under the veranda... road signs are not so obvious depending the way you come

Bouthors, Vincent - 08th May, 2012

We arrived late to this Lodge - in the dark after much driving, and were greeted by a very concerned manager who had been worried something had happened to us. We also needed to leave early the following morning and he was extremely accommodating and caring. We really only used this Lodge to sleep - and as the manager (owner?) was so kind and generous I feel that I can`t really comment on the things we didn`t like about this Lodge. It wasn`t really our cup of tea, but we appreciated the care and service.

Coventry, Nicol - 02nd May, 2012

Poor food for dinner and brakfast. The management was not very friendly. I wouldn't recommend this place.

Groheer, Swantje - 23rd Mar, 2012

Although it is quite far from everyting, it is a beautiful place to stay and very friendly environment, good meals and nice staff

Van Bommel, Annelotte - 19th Mar, 2012

Amazing view when we woke up- after having arrived in the dark. Another palce it would have been good to have longer to explore

Gatwood, Colin - 20th Nov, 2011

Really nice place.The lodge it`s very very nice. We booked the Honeymoon room and we got a present at the room and a bottle of champagne for the dinner. The service was very nice and the sorroundings there were amazing.

Pau Chia, Noelia - 17th Nov, 2011

rooms need renovation,staff is not under control,not good organized

Feytons, Bea - 01st Nov, 2011

very disappointed. they reserved for us a flat for (honeymoon)on the back of the reception that was close to an engine working for most of the night – very noisy. Also they promised us a bottle of champagne for our honeymoon that we never received. Food also was not very good.

Salerno, Diego - 19th Oct, 2011

Lovely to be upgraded to chalet when our site was damaged by elephant. Loved the space around each chalet and the facilities

Moysey, Deborah - 14th Oct, 2011

More spartan than our other stops, but a wonderful experience. Accessability to the "white lady" cave paintings is a BIG plus, I'm very glad we stayed there for two nights instead of going to Twyfelfontein as originally booked. We stopped at the Twyfelfontein Lodge for lunch and I found it too oriented to the big bus crowd and overrated.

Weisfelder, Richard - 10th Oct, 2011

Not what we expected in terms of hospitality - probably a bad day. Campgrounds were well maintained and it was a very nice place.

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

We don`t like it, the tent was not so clean and without bed sheets. The staff were kindly but without organization.Bathroom in the reception was in a bad condition. More similar to a motorway restaurant that a lodge. We don't suggest it!!

Solda, Matteo - 06th Oct, 2011

The location is wonderful and it`s incredible to stay in the camping with the elephants outside. Only a reccomendation, the double tent had some problem because there was a lot of big spider inside. Be careful, please.

Maio, Federico - 04th Oct, 2011

units definitely not luxurious- maybe when it was built, but rooms in poor condition. The lodge location was superb. Food average, and quantities just adaquate.

Hopkinson, Gary - 28th Sep, 2011

The location is really amazing, but rooms are just ok. Dinner and breakfast were a little bit under average level. I am not sure I would recommend this place.

Mangini, Valeria - 26th Sep, 2011

Lovely place, would have liked some warning that the roads were gravel, then dirt, you really need a 4 wheel drive to enter safely.

Leach, Susan - 27th Jul, 2011

Friendly reception, helpful, nice garden and swimmingpool

Poppe, Rudy - 22nd Jul, 2011

The Brandberg White Lady Lodge was definitely more rustic than any of the other places we stayed. It felt more like an authentic safari camp than the other lodges.

Roush, James - 13th Jul, 2011

Great location, great hosts, enjoyed our stay

Kaszo, Attila - 02nd Jul, 2011

Accommodation was good and the location is amazing. The staff are great.

Poke, Fiona - 13th Jun, 2011

Stunning location and breathtaking views. Very convenient to see the While Lady Rock paintings as any other place would have been a relatively long drive away. Management was not very friendly though (to both guests and staff). There is a cute tame meerkat as well as a few other animals such as birds, a snake, etc.

Lohneiss, Susanne - 20th May, 2011

Beautifull place. Because of an overbooking of the campsite, we got nice bungalows.

Familie Gilies - Peeters - 30th Apr, 2011

Great camping site. Very helpful staff. After a heavy rainshower Stephen came to our site and asked if everything was alright and if we`d rather move to a bungalow at no extra cost

Fleischhauer, Georges & Michele - 29th Apr, 2011

Wonderful spot. I wish we could have spent another night here.

Bowie, Rhena - 26th Apr, 2011

It is very well situated with great views to the Brandberg. White Lady is just 15 min away by car. There is a nice garden and a lot of birds. The staff seems to consist of local people - thats great. They always tried to do there best.

Stange, Peter - 12th Apr, 2011

Beautifully laid out lodge in the middle of the desert. Excellent pool and food. The grounds were amazing with their desert plants and the views around spectacular. However, not nearly so welcoming as Etosha Safari Camp and the management were elusive and not particularly helpful.Our room was adequate but nothing special.

Robinsons, Paul - 07th Apr, 2011

Quite the desert oasis. In the evening, we arranged to have a birder take us on a game drive. The next morning, a person with limited knowledge of birds lead the trip.

Kofoed, Clair - 16th Oct, 2010

perhaps the place we dont enjoy as well as the other because for us there were too much people there, tourist car etc...but the situtation was very beautiful

Vergonzane, Eveleyne - 15th Oct, 2010

Basic but clean, lots of space and privacy. Good welcome.

Ingle, Larry - 10th Oct, 2010

nice place very nicely situated in the natural enviroment.

Molnar - 08th Sep, 2010

8/10 very nice

Marietti, Emanuele - 07th Sep, 2010

Very good will want to stay and do a trip around the mountain will definitely return

Goldblatt, Rob - 31st Aug, 2010

Very dirty tired "tented site" which needed a complete revamp with better quality tent, but we enjoyed it nevertheless - the staff at reception were somewhat indolent; the story that they only do game drives if there are 4 or more people is very poor and bad for business - cant expect everyday to be a winner when one is in business. However the venue was still very enjoyable due to the location and atmosphere.

Banwell, Adrian - 10th Jun, 2010

Very nice and welcoming

Vogler, Maike Dr - 07th Jun, 2010

Hospitable and welcoming staff and lovely chalet rooms overlooking beautiful scenery

Blackshaw, Victoria - 08th Apr, 2010

Camping there is probably a better option (in their preset up tents, if you don`t have your own) as the cabins are not well ventilated and very hot in summer. The food was bad. Location brilliant.

Beekman, Madeleine - 09th Mar, 2010

very good cannot complain about the services

Ramnarayan, Bronwin - 04th Feb, 2010

WOW !! Beautiful !! Best experience of the entire trip !!

Buitendacht,conrad - 03rd Feb, 2010

This is the area on our trip that I had least expectations for, however I absolutely loved our time there. We had a 'Luxury tent' and it truly was luxury. If you like rustic and like being at one with nature then this is the place for you. We were woken up by herds of goats, donkeys and a vast array of interesting birds. The place had a really nice to feel to it.

Brown, Jeff - 03rd Dec, 2009

Once again a very pleasant place to stay with a nice crew. A special thought to the woman at the reception (I can not remember her name) who very kind and gave me good advices

Rambert, Charlie - 09th Oct, 2009

A nice place, but not worth to stay more than one day.

Peters, Sven - 09th Sep, 2009

Not good. When heating water all the smoke went into the room and the smell was very strong. The food wasn't very good.

Alvaro, Fernandez - 09th Sep, 2009

Really bad road, one of the worst we encountered in the whole trip!

Mcdougall, Neil - 28th Jul, 2009

A lovely friendly lodge. We stayed in the chalets and the tents. The tents were far better and the chalets to close together. The tents were much better. However in South Africa when they say self catering that means the cutlery and crokery, braai grid etc are provided. This was not the case here. We did not have any of these items with us. The lodge however did help out with items from their kitchen. They were very hepful. Perhaps they should do like the Sossiesvlei Desert Camp and give you all the cultlery etc when you check in

Stewart, Iain - 27th Jul, 2009

The Brandberg White Lady has some really good accomodation, but the meals were slightly below our expectations.

Willemse, Andre - 27th Jul, 2009