Only lodge around - rooms would need renovation. No fridge. Restaurant was ok, though. They run their own SAN village, which is not obvious at first glance. We preferred to Go to the Little Hunters Village, which was so authentic, great experience and a fifth of the price for a Full-day experience.

Diehl,anke - 25th Aug, 2016

Nice location, not in the village. Tent cottages in need of maintenance. Little Boy best guide for the San village. No fan in the cottage, we got one from the reception.

Lybeck, Stig Olof - 12th Apr, 2016

We didn't go for the dinner because the set menu was very limited and cost quite high (210 N$)

Nazaruk, Tomasz - 09th Jul, 2015

Wonderful experience in Tsumkwe with San people. Very helpful people.

Rey Pubhoo, Marielle - 28th Aug, 2013

Very helpful people, good value quality/service.

Mauri, Amando - 06th Oct, 2012

The staff were very helpful and the service was good. The bungalows were a disappointment. The walls are made of a cheap particle board. The roofs are corrugated metal. There is no flavor of Africa. The wood walls in the shower are exposed to the water and will deteriorate rapidly. It is a shame they didn't put more into this reconstruction. The old bungalows had much more character.

Tusing, Jeff - 30th Jul, 2009