An amazing place. The owners are just fabulous and have created an original oasis. There love of the cheetah's is apparent. Very impressive, a must do.

Monda, Dorte - 14th Jun, 2018

Very welcoming people, meals very well cooked. Unforgettable experience to be so close from cheetahs, even wild ones.

Bistos, Nathalie - 20th Nov, 2017

Very good room, so quite. Friendly and very helpful owners. The best meals of our trip

Ballani, Lorenzo - 17th Oct, 2017

An amazing save the cheetah Project! Nice Campsite and very nice Bungalows! Hi to Tolley an Roleen and thier children! You make us feel like home! And a very tasty kitchen!!!

Klein Elisabeth - 19th Sep, 2017

Incredible place, feeling like at home in the middle of the bush! Great kindness of the owners and extraordinary ceetah experience!

Marson, Pier Paolo - 18th Sep, 2017

we loved this place because it was miles from anywhere. Hosts extremely helpful and friendly, good home cooking and cheetah experience was fabulous.

Kinahan, Jackie - 21st Jul, 2017

Loved it. Like staying over with someone you know - owners are super friendly and provided amazing home- cooked meals. Experiencing the cheetahs close-up a wonderful experience!

Stassen, Lize - 14th Jul, 2017

The food here was incredible. It tasted like a home-cooked holiday dinner. We loved petting the tame cheetahs and going out to feed the wild ones. Tollie, Roeleen, and their family have a great mission and we really respected what they are trying to do with the cheetah population.

Aswin, Andrea - 01st Jun, 2017

Very fun and informative experience with the farmers family ! Definitely recommended ! Campsite on the farm is also very nice with basic facilities but a beautiful steiing among the trees !

Wender, Elsa - 14th May, 2017

Excellent throughout. Lovely stay.

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

loved it

Cochrane,kevin - 19th May, 2016

Just what we were hoping for. Accommodation was simple but adequate. Owners very friendly and helpful, home cooking for dinner was lovely. BUT the cheetah experience was fantastic, more than we hoped for.

Donovan, Dennis & Patricia - 28th Jul, 2015

Great, a fantastic experience, lovely people, beautiful place and accomodation.

Pezzolo, Matteo - 23rd Jul, 2015

A great experience. Unique. The owners, Tollie and Roeleen (sp?), said they wanted to give as close to a bush experience as possible and kept the chalets very basic. There was no `electricity` per se...a photocell collected enough power during the day to fuel 2 seven watt bulbs in the room (one at the door the other in the bathroom), but no outlets for charging etc., not enough light to read, and definitely no internet! :) In the afternoon, Roeleen sets a fire in a donkey boiler for hot water that lasts through the night. In the evenings they light kerosene lamps around the grounds so it looks quite romantic. VERY quiet! Nice, but people should understand when they come here that it is very basic, intentionally. I had the feeling of what it might be like living on a farm in Namibia.

Hill,karl - 19th Sep, 2014

Otjiwa safari lodge was very convenient on the way back to the airport

Reix, Daniel - 13th Sep, 2014

really enjoyed seeing the cheetahs here, that was a surprise!

Skelton, Monica - 29th Aug, 2014

Driving from Cape Cross Lodge through the Skeleton Coast, we arrived at destination around 4pm, just to be welcomed by a `you`re late... too late`. The game drive started much earlier so as a consolation, we spend time next to the enclosure watchin a female cheetah with her 2 cubs. When we saw the number of people that joined the game drive (over 30), we were quite happy to have missed the drive. There also a second enclosure on the other side of the camp. An early wake-up makes great photo oportunities and a close-up with the cheetahs.

Vermeulen, Jean-paul - 21st Aug, 2014

a wonderful experience with the cheetahs, excellent Dinner, very friendly hosts,a unique Lodge with a very romantic atmosphere.

Buchert, Thomas - 04th Mar, 2014

Great `climate`, wonderful cheetahs, a little bit poor dinner

Cezary Kopij - 02nd Oct, 2013

Nice family-run place. The rooms are clean but impersonal. The dinner was home-made but good. We experienced the walk with cheetahs but we did not known much informations about it in advance so we arrived just in time to do it. They did not tell us the price in advance and we read on the bill only at the check-out time.

Bezzi, Lorella - 21st Sep, 2013

impressive place with the cheetahs, nice chalet in the middle of the bush

Gonnet, Lisa - 04th Jul, 2013

Unique experience with the cheetah`s.

Dielen, Paul - 27th Jul, 2012

We appreciate very much the Cheetah game. Simple rooms but with a familiar athmosphere; we loved this place.

Leoncini, Silvia - 08th Jul, 2012

Very disappointing. this campsite is not really maintained. The bar garden is not very clean, facilities are old and decrepit. Very cold welcome on arrival, we felt we were intruding and not welcome at all. The same guy took us out on the "cheetah tour", but he had no interest at all, offered no explanations or comments on the cheetahs. He just seemed bored by it all, and just went through the motion because he had to do it. The web site for this farm does not correspond to the reality. I will definitely recommend to avoid this campsite to anyone who asks about it.

Jumeau, Janine - 16th May, 2012

very nice

Salerno, Diego - 19th Oct, 2011

best african style, very friendly family

Holler, Gerhard - 19th Oct, 2011

Feeding a cheetah is an unique experience.The owners were very friendly and it was great to chat with them in the evening in front of a delicious dinner (home-cooked meals).Beautiful accomodation!!

Solda, Matteo - 06th Oct, 2011

Very nice and friendly people. Exellent dinner.

Acosta, Carlos - 25th Aug, 2011

A fantastic place with equally fantastic people! Really, really nice !

Van Damme, Juergen - 04th Oct, 2010

Fantastic friendly service with clean, comfortable rooms and home-cooked meals from heaven! The wildlife being so close and accessible was the icing on the cake!

Lorimer, Gillian - 14th Sep, 2010

8/10 very good for children!

Marietti, Emanuele - 07th Sep, 2010

our second favourite for the special experience of being in a cheetah farm. the owners were very friendly and it was great to chat with them in the evening in front of a delicious dinner.

Benedetta, Nicastro - 07th Sep, 2010

for us one of the best, maybe because we sleep in a farm, with an another feeling than a hotel

Mauro - 07th Sep, 2010