We approached from Botswsana, and found good easy route in, roads excellent. Superb location, beautiful grounds

Marriott, Alison - 10th Oct, 2017

Highlight of the trip, best host, most relaxing accommodation.

Dawkins, Tim - 30th Sep, 2017

Lovely place, fantastic food, helpful staff and wonderful host Bettina. Definitely worth staying there rather than in Windhoek on your first or last night. You feel immediately as if your holiday has started (instead of staying in a big city) or you can stretch the holiday feeling a little longer if it's your last day. Nice pool and central lounge area.

Nobels, Ingrid - 04th Dec, 2015

Lovely setting, friendly staff, excellent food. This was a great first night stop - peaceful and comfortable and not too far from the airport.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

Very good. Excellent for last couple of nights. Staff and food very good. The sculpture gallery nearby was wonderful - more should be made of that in promoting this location.

Sutcliffe, Paul - 22nd Dec, 2013

A lovely oasis of peace an hour from the airport. Beautiful red earth, really thoughtfully laid out and beautifully decorated rooms, excellent food.

Walker, Jonathan - 21st May, 2012

The perfect stay! Lovely decorated, staff very friendly. Food superb. The lodge with a bush experience.

Buergel, Beate - 03rd Feb, 2010