Very nice location and private. The welcome was a bit poor. I just get the key in the hand without any information. I would have expected information about the walks or the drives in the chalet.

Cuttier, Ariane - 10th Dec, 2016

What a breathtaking place! We'll be back here in a heart beat.

Van Blommstein, Jane - 28th Dec, 2015

Very well designed architecture integrating the natural environment with giant boulders in the houses etc. Very nice. Seems more like a long-weekend away with friends from Windhoek spot. Great for the first night of a trip, but would not recommend it if it was to come after sossusvlei or Ai Aiba as it would seem a disappointment as, even though the area is beautiful, there is not much happening there.

Terblanche, Dave - 10th Jul, 2014

A good one-night stop. A different experience and ok for what it was. Food and service was good. we had fun walking on their property with their dogs!

Hopkinson, Gary - 23rd Oct, 2013

birding was OK. As an overnight between WDH and WB it`s good, really got to appreciate the habitats we passed through. the trip b/w namibgrens and Swakop took longer than anyone estimated, we didn`t get to Swakop until way after dark. Good food!

Beardmore, Carol - 29th May, 2013

The guest farm was breathtakingly beautiful. However, we stayed there two different nights on our trip, and both times we were received quite unfriendly. It felt like we were an inconvenience to the woman in the reception house. They can maybe work on their people skills and guest welcoming skills.

Van Zyl, Ronelle - 22nd Mar, 2013

Nice people, accommodation somewhat more basic, but is was on our request. Food was ok

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011