Outdoor pool was closed. indoor pool was relaxing.

Badiali,luca - 16th Sep, 2017

Beautiful location for lovely walks at the end of the fish River Canyon. Unfortunately access roads were extremely degraded and corrugated for the last 20km, and the quality of the road to Hobas to the Fish River Canyon viewpoint was also very poor. The service in the restaurant at Ais-Ais was very poor, with unreasonably long waits for food, and the staff of the resort were also not particularly helpful. Although we paid for our two children to stay with us, there were no mattresses available for them and no offer of any assistance to accommodate them. Despite the spectacular location and very beautiful walks, we would probably not return to this resort.

Wundram, Kathy - 07th Sep, 2017

Enjoyed Ai-Ais and glad we pre warned about the renovations. Very limited shower facilities which are in need of some serious attention. Otherwise enjoyable.

Nieuwdt, Joanne - 25th Jul, 2017

This was being renovated - Namibia tourism not at its best. Nevertheless a lovely place and very enjoyable

Draper, Beverly - 22nd May, 2017

beautiful luxury rooms but obviously still very brand new so there were a couple things not working like the TV and Jacuzzi and then missing kitchen utensils like kettle and pans. but very comfortable and very nice. we loved our stay

Van Niekerk, Kerry - 09th Jan, 2017

Venue is badly managed and service is bad. Rooms were not consistent in their setup and room services. Air-conditioning apparently not working in most rooms and didn't work in ours. Cleanliness of rooms questionable. Food options very limited and in future I wont stay there, and will only visit briefly.

Kuhlmann, Ernst - 04th Jan, 2017

Poor management and staff service out of all the places we stayed at the staff were unfriendly very unhelpful, the pool was dirty.

Campbell Stone, Melandia - 23rd Dec, 2016

Very run down and all facilities need to be cleaned and fixed. Management are totally disinterested.

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

Nice location but every was old, dusty or broken. The shop was almost empty, they didn't have any milk, bread, cheese, eggs! The chalet was not too clean, the lights didn't work, in the area around the house there were plastic bags and garbage. But the hot water pool was great!

Sogne, Mauro - 21st Nov, 2016

Very nice camp, calm and relax. Good kitchen, nice bathrooms.

Bogacki Marek - 19th Oct, 2016

Great place to stay, but the place is poorly maintained and the staff seem to lack motivation to be excellent. Pity really.

Van Der Westhuizen, Johan - 22nd Sep, 2016

spa was great but the food not to good.

Barnardo, Sharon - 25th Aug, 2016

Friendly reception and gate control staff. Clean ablutions. Nice shady campsite. Lots of braai areas. Hot pool was a bit tepid. Shop a bit pricey and no 2 liter cooldrinks in stock. Newly baked bread rolls were delicious thanks.

Kirkwood Jennifer - 17th Aug, 2016

The only negative comment we have is that our apartment was right at the pool and you could hear every single word and sound coming from the indoor pool. Lots of wasted space in the chalet. Can put in more kitchen utensils to enable you to braai at the braai facilities.

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

needs some work, but a great venue. Service in the restaurant VERY poor!!

Hobday, Candice - 20th Jul, 2016

A great place. Smiling faces, good and reasonably priced food. Should be used as the standard for other NWR locations.

Jarvis,glen - 20th Jul, 2016

Needs some updating, e.g. our bungalow had a jacuzi but it did not work, trash cans had not been emptied, ...

Belmans, Tom - 05th Jun, 2016

Crowded and somewhat run down.

Gent,mike - 17th Nov, 2015

The room was very good - clean and comfortable. The service in the restaurant was terrible and we complained to the restaurant manager. There were no salad or vegetables to accompany the main meal. Staff were disinterested in serving, were uncommunicative and lacked the skills to interact with clients.

Rothwell, Michael - 05th Nov, 2015

We saw many unenthusiastic reviews on this accomodation, so it was quite a surprise when we arrived there : the room is huge (like a small appartment), very nicely decorated. Comfortable beds. Surprisingly, weheras hot springs supply the pools, we had no hot water in the bathroom in the morning : maybe they run on solar but we received no specific information. Likewise, information provided at the reception on the walks around the hotel was limited. The restaurant is a convivial place to have dinner and breakfast. The main hall is quite beautiful.

Grassi, Gabriele - 12th Sep, 2015

We had a great time here, appreciated the pool and walkway. Unfortunately there was only a very limited offer for vegetarians.

Ehlers, Inken - 10th Sep, 2015

Best pool of the holiday. Baboons quite challenging. Friendly staff, if a bit holdiay camp-like.

Ward, Esme - 27th Aug, 2015

A real little oasis. Very friendly welcome. The campsites are nice but there are not many showers. The heated pool is super good. The spa looks dirty. We were really shocked to see the employees hunting baboons with slingshot instead of installing special bins so that baboons can not steal them. We come here to be in peace with nature not to be on a war land between staff and baboons trying to find food.

Durand, Pierre - 25th Aug, 2015

Beautiful campsite, but beware of the babboons!!! Luckily, we had filled our tank before our arrival, because there is a petrol station... without diesel! So watch out!

Vangenechten,ingrid - 14th Aug, 2015

The room at Ai-Ais was more than we could have hoped for. The view from the patio was amazing and the bed was so comfortable.

Hall, Wesley - 21st May, 2015

Very nice clean ablution nice clean camping site

Elfranco, Coetzee - 20th Jan, 2015

Superb, but we got raided by baboons and they keep tipping the bins, suggest the campsite invests in baboon proof bins as I kept catching packets flying past out tent from rubbish bins the baboons had tipped up wind.

Duffett, Jo-anne - 05th Jan, 2015

Warm water is very nice. Place is a bit neglected.

Umbricht, Regula - 14th Oct, 2014

In serious need of an upgrade. Staff exceptionally pleasant

Ayre, Ann - 18th Sep, 2014

Most populated lodging (lots of people). We drive to the nearby overlooks of the Fish River Canyon, which I would highly recommend to future travelers.

Murphy, Bernie - 12th Sep, 2014

The dissappointment of the trip; tired and low-stanrad. The`"hot` water was tepid at best and everything had a run-down feel to it. There restaurant food was basic to say the least and the spa facilities in short supply - massages and treatments had to be begged as there were no staff available to give them. Accommodation was ok but uninspiring. Would certainly not go again.

Davies, Richard - 10th Sep, 2014

the room was enormous. it was bigger that our house in London! we felt that if/when we come again, we would try to stay at Hobas so that we could see more on the canyon. was a pleasant stay there.

Greenwood, Stusar - 29th Aug, 2014

Nice place of the NWR but could do with some maintenance

Stockmann, Esther - 15th Aug, 2014

Ai-Ais was the most dissapointing place on our 18 day trip of Namibia. The staff are only there because its a job. When asked about the hot springs they knew nothing. The indoor swimming pool is shoddy and the tiles are very slippery when wet. There are 2 yellow signs saying floor slippery when wet. In fact a person in our party slipped and was badly bruised by the fall. Our basin in our room had no plug. In fact the whole resort needs a good re-vamp.Will never go there again. The road there is also dreadful.

Seagers, Heather - 09th Aug, 2014

Family chalet was neat but very big. Because it was quite cold, it wasn`t cosy. But we only stayed one night so not a problem at all.

Toremans, Maggy - 02nd Aug, 2014

Great place, needs to upgrade abblution facilaties though

Klopper, Hennie - 26th Jul, 2014

A lot of the campsites don`t have trees or shelter, but we luckily managed to find one that was perfect for us. We enjoyed our short hike and the swim in the river was awesome :)

Els, Tarina - 18th Jul, 2014

The resort was very accommodating and helped my son who managed to get out of the canyon to request help. 3 of them stayed at the chalets one night and they balanced the payment against the camping payment already received.

Fowler, Tinks - 01st Jul, 2014

Unfortunately we were not very impresses with this resort. Waited a very long time to check in, even though there were a lot of people behind the counter, but only one serving clients. The chalet showed a serious lack of maintenance - lots of broken fittings, missing glassware and sand on the floors. This place is definitely only for a one-night stopover; would not want to stay there for an extended time!

Stassen,lize - 10th May, 2014

The room was ok, the direct access to the Spa very comfortable! The restaurant and the menus are ok, but not very extraordinary.

Hugentobler,michael - 09th May, 2014

Not very pleasant campsite. Very crowded.

Ansermino, John - 02nd May, 2014

The hot springs don`t seem to be as hot as when I was there in 1994

Gavagan, Ian - 06th Apr, 2014

The landscape is great, the surroundings are stunning! But that is it. The reception, the food and the service is really poor and disinterested. In fact, we saw a large rat walking the restaurant facilities.

Alves,thelma - 22nd Feb, 2014

Very lovely resort with friendly service, clean rooms and a convenient location near Fish River Canyon. The Hot Springs were a treat.

Graham, Katherine - 16th Jan, 2014

Friendly staff Perfect

Calitz, Basil - 14th Sep, 2013

Very basic accommodation, but extremely friendly staff.

Spangenberg Alet - 04th Sep, 2013

Baie vriendelike personeel gewees en het dit daar geniet. Sal dit aanbeveel.

Prins, Lia - 13th Aug, 2013

The facility does not seem to be well kept, in some areas it is world class, but then when in other it seems a bit neglected, so the overall sense is a bit confusing. Then the baboons is an issue, running through the camp and stealing food etc. This is a major reason why I will not go back again.

Janse Van Noordwyk, Deon - 08th Aug, 2013

Large TV in bar area so we were able to watch the Wimbledon final! Lovely outdoor pool

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

Very nice stay; busy; beautiful walks;

Boyd, Lee - 25th Jul, 2013

everything was absolutely wonderful about Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort and we had an amazing time with our kids! suggestions for future travellers: -bring your own food, the shop isn`t well stocked and it`s quite expensive -the spa is lovely but don`t expect your typical `spa` service. the treatments were absolutely fine but there isn`t really enough people staffing the place so my lady had to pop out of the treatment a few times. -take cash, their telekom connection is not great so cards cause a problem Otherwise we will definitely go back better prepared! the Staff is all lovely and very helpful and friendly!

Cameron, Cindy - 15th Jul, 2013

Campground not as nice as some others but enjoyed the pools.

Cain Julia - 14th Jul, 2013

Ai-Ais is a beautiful oasis in between the Nothing, we enjoyed our stay very much. Clean and tidy. Could perhaps do something about the shop, not so good.

Groenewald Jan - 09th Jul, 2013

Although this is a beautiful resort, there is a lack of management. This is not cheap accommodation, and when we arrived the chalet was full of sand and dust, not properly cleaned. The jacuzzi did not work and the bathroom plug in basin was missing. Although I reported this, only the cleaning was done. Poor service in the restaurant was also experienced. I would rather stay in a b& b next time.

Morland Caroline - 28th Jun, 2013

Excellent resort with friendly staff, but the maintenance of the resort should be improved, e.g. water not draining from shower, even after complaint and attempt to fix the problem still existed.

Jacobs, Johan - 07th Jun, 2013

Place looks great, but here also bathroom trouble. Toilet is is standing half loose, bathroom door stands stuck halfway and door handle is broken

Van Den Bon, Patrick - 20th May, 2013

Very nice. Lovely room. Quiet. Dinner choice in the restaurant a little bit poor, especially the first night (4 choices of steak, no alternative), but food was ok.

Verwerft, Inge - 11th May, 2013

This was our first visit to Ai-Ais and I sincerely hope not our last. We were impressed by the friendly staff, the cleanliness of all amenities and the beautiful layout of the campsite and facilities.

Toit Du Janice - 28th Apr, 2013

We visited Ai Ais in 2010 and it was lovely. We were very sad to see how things have gone down quite a bit and I think it lets experience down quite a bit. It looks like there is absolutely no maintenance done. The bathrooms were appaling. The saddest was when we went to see the spring source and how the fence was broken, the lights were smashed. I think it just leaves one wondering if we should go back and if we do, what state would it be in then. We did however stay for an extra day because we do like the area and enjoy the hikes. So enough said.

Niehaus Bobby - 10th Apr, 2013

Lovely setting and very comfortable. Loved the Hot Springs after a days travelling! Both rooms however had no hot water in the showers.

Wescott, Sharon - 09th Apr, 2013

Ai-Ais is still a beutifull place but needs some attention to the pools as they are starting to look delapidated with tiles lose and gone. Further there is no complaint at all.

Justus, George - 07th Apr, 2013

Reasonable, too big, food could be better.

Huiskes, Inge - 14th Mar, 2013

What an amazing Oasis. We found Southern Namibia stunning. The people and the service was second to none (even though it was a very quiet part of the season every care was taken for our stay. The accommodation was beautiful, the pools indoor and outdoor were lovely, and the surroundings were spectacular!

Hanraty, David - 30th Jan, 2013

was too hot in summer, we canncelled one night there. also we thought that we could hike there which was not possible.

Malfent, Daniela - 28th Jan, 2013

We were quite disappointed in Ai-Ais. The facilities were good but the services were lacking. There was virtually no-one to advise on any tourist type of information etc.

Bezuidenhout Alet - 06th Jan, 2013

Food at Ai-Ais wasn't not as good compared to the previous camps

Huang, James - 04th Jan, 2013

outside pool was very nice. Inside spa could have been cleaner (assume water stains the tiles, but there are products to remedy this)

Van De Walle, Stef & Evi - 18th Nov, 2012

Nice relaxing way to start the holiday

Pretorius, Desna - 18th Oct, 2012

Very good facilities spoiled only by the poor upkeep and maintenance (blocked sink drain in Spa, broken window and door hinge in restaurant, etc.)

Scott Dave - 14th Oct, 2012

Excellent accomodation - very happy with facilities

Esterhuise, Ilse - 28th Sep, 2012

Still a great camping site. Quiet and peaceful. We had a lovely time. We will go there again.

Swanepoel, Nerine - 03rd Sep, 2012

good spot

Hope, Tobe - 23rd Aug, 2012

The campsite was spacious and had BBQ, electricity and a light. There were also community ablutions, such as toilets and showers (with hot water), kitchen and wash-up facilities. In conclusion, we had a nice stay in Ai-Ais and would recommend it to other people, although it's a little far away from Fish River Canyon.

Rojo Mateu, Monica - 18th Aug, 2012

The individual campsites were a bit small compared to the rest of the trip, but it was OK

Feidenhans, Robert - 12th Aug, 2012


Oliver, Lindy - 18th Jul, 2012

Enjoyed our stay. All the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Stander, Elmarie - 17th Jul, 2012

Was not impressed with servicing of rooms. Two of the rooms were not serviced until we have complained. Will not recommend people to have dinner in restaurant. Very basic menu with limited options.

Reyneke, Hennie - 16th Jul, 2012

coming back after some time, it was well noted that the change from so called government operated camps in the past, it did very well proceeded into modern tourist orientated lodge. Very helpfull and friendly staff.

Vogt, Doris - 06th Jun, 2012


Diedericks, Theresa - 26th May, 2012

We thought the rooms were ungraded nicely, but not kept up in that house keeping was very poor....no hangers, no toilet rolls even though we requested them; no plug for basin - just slack staff. Keys missing from our room so just the security gate worked. The restaurant for dinner was poor in that a very limited menu. Breakfast was okay. Sorry that they have done away with self catering.

Jeffery, Denise - 24th May, 2012

Very nice location and accommodation, clean, spacey Food selection and variety could have been better Service at reception perfect and very friendly, the same for the tyre centre Staff at restaurant quite poor, orders 70% wrong, did not listen and did not care at all The men staff sitting at the restaurant to supervise???? wher not customer friendly and helpful at all, no welcome, no smile, no help when things are busy, very unpleasant (they just showed the tough boss). Big discrepancy to the other staff.

Frede, Katharina - 19th Apr, 2012

The resort was lovely [very hot weather, but that was to be expected] The food was excellent, and the service was great

Damant, Magnon - 19th Mar, 2012

Little bit of a treat, loved that your room opens on to the hot springs.

Du Preez, Gina - 10th Jan, 2012

Stay was fine, as expected

Groetelaers, Liseth - 24th Dec, 2011

Beautiful place. Maintenance is a little lacking -Front door first could not unlock and thereafter could not lock (in both units we rented) Shower first did not work, then shower head fell off. Kettle lid did not close well, potentially causing steam-burns. Meals extremely expensive.

Paulsen, Juliette - 08th Oct, 2011

One of the best camping. The swimming pool is fantastic and the services are good.

Maio, Federico - 04th Oct, 2011

would consider one of the Canon Lodges as a better location if the Fish River Canyon is the destination.A rather sad establishment.

Hopkinson, Gary - 28th Sep, 2011

nice place to relax at the end of the trip

Murray, Simon - 30th Aug, 2011

It was to big for us. Not personnoley and the food was less than on other places. We asked for mountain room We go at mountainroom, that maens the mountain was 15 meters from our balconey. So we looked at a wall of rocks.

Pheninckx, Tiny - 25th Aug, 2011

Below standard and not at all recommendable - the low light of our trip

Schulze, Dieter - 01st Aug, 2011

The campground and amenities block well thought out and set up. The hot springs pools were an unexpected and welcome indulgence.

Bobeldyk, Simon - 11th Jul, 2011

Very nice resort. Bathrooms seems dated already and not enough showers are avaialble. The shop at the resort is very expensive and does not carry enough stock. Basic essentials, which they said would be available, was hardly ever available during our stay. (ice, bread etc) This shop could do a lot better if it had better prices and better stock.

Botes, Stefan - 04th May, 2011

point of interest, pure camp, nice service

Pochop, Tomas - 15th Mar, 2011

We regretted not having more time here for a hike and the waters. The room was excellent, the food only so-so.

Sadrozinski, Renate - 16th Nov, 2010

Ai-Ais turned out to be an excellent choice for our 2-day stay, well worth visiting again

Naude, Rayno - 21st Sep, 2010

very beautifull place in nice enviroment. We had a room directly conected to the termal pool. It was wonderfull.

Molnar - 08th Sep, 2010

This was a great campsite also.

Brockwell, Debra - 31st Aug, 2010

Not the sort of place we would go to again. It's just a spa, of no particular interest

Fisher, Allestree - 10th Jun, 2010

great new look!

Mostert,cisna - 07th Feb, 2010

very good cannot complain about the service - but was very hot

Ramnarayan, Bronwin - 04th Feb, 2010

Nice since the upgrade. Had a relaxing time. Facilities neat & clean. Restaurant could be better stocked, as quite a few dishes on the menu were unavailable. Ice was in short supply. Otherwise, very pleasant indeed.

Classen,danielle - 02nd Feb, 2010

An amazing adventure to camp here with the majestic mountains surrounding you. Very clean ablution blocks and cooking facilities.Indoor pool a must! The Fishriver Canyon left us speechless- one of God's amazing creations.

Steyn,mariaan - 14th Oct, 2009