We love this camp! Perfect for a romantic get-away for two, with magical sunsets over the Etosha Pan. Not a lot of animals as there is no waterhole, but during the rainy season you see quite a number of Oryx and the occasional elephant walking along the pans edge. Great, spacious and comfortable bungalows and very friendly staff :-)

Skauerud, Vibeke - 09th Apr, 2018

Stunning location overlooking the Pan however no animals encountered. Intimate and quite compared to other Etosha accommodation options. Good meals and friendly and efficient staff. Pool was a great oasis on a hot, windy day. The Bungalows are very comfortable and are beautiful inside with amazing views.

Martello, Louise - 28th Nov, 2017

Amazing position on the salt flats, wish we had been there longer to sit on the cabin balcony and just enjoy being there. Food disappointing, but a real challenge to produce anything in a kitchen which was not much more than a large tent with a long openair walkway to the diningroom.

Sanderson, Sarah - 17th Aug, 2017

What a brilliant setting and the rooms were great, particularly the outdoor showers! Minor issue was that there was no ice on the day we arrived. Fortunately we had our own! Very friendly & helpful staff. The bush was very lush, to our surprise, and consequently the game viewing was a bit difficult but the birding was great!

Spark, Steve - 09th Mar, 2017

Very, very good Lodge and nice people. thank's. we give 4 stars!

Costa, Carlos - 07th Jan, 2017

great potencial, nice team. they need more support for do better. I liked and i will back

Costa, Carlos - 07th Jan, 2017

Great staff but management is lacking

Munday, Katherine - 19th Sep, 2016

Beautiful, beautiful place right on the pan. Good service and food. BUT far too hot for a summer booking as they don't have aircon and the bedrooms face West so get the full afternoon sun in the afternoon. It cooled at night so we had lovely dinners on the veranda overlooking the pan and an ice cold pool to swim in. During the day we just had to stay away from the camp as it was just too hot. Would be lovely in winter I expect.

Martin, Barbara - 05th Jan, 2016

Loved it here. Never stayed before and it was a delight. Staff are very welcoming and it is a very different atmosphere to other camps. Views across the pan are unbelievable and the stilted accommodation is lovely. This was the best accommodation on our three week trip. The food is very nice too. The location is good for accessing the waterholes around Namutoni.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

we never heard about this camp earlier, and that is the shame because the location is very nice, and the service was very good. Such a contrast with Dolomite for an "up market" camp. The only downside is that there is no waterhole nearby so at this season the game drive starts with a 45mns drive to the closest waterholes, and return. That can be frustrating if you stay more than 1 night,

Mouradian, Pierre - 05th Sep, 2015

Onkoshi was very enjoyable, I would highly recommend it to other tourists.

Shaw, Liz - 12th May, 2015

Service generally good, but rooms very hot with no fridge. Food okay. Again you need to sign for bar bills, in order to avoid problems!

Hall,stacey - 01st Apr, 2015

Whilst all staff are very polite and the setting nice - it is not a camp I would recommend. It needs a lot of "polishing" to be called even a semi-luxury camp. You had to dance between the squirts of water from the shower. The tables at mealtimes were boring with no candles or decoration. There was one lady taking the orders at mealtimes,doing the serving, and assisting at the bar. Was happy when our time came to leave

Wilkinson, Colin - 23rd Feb, 2015

Excellent location at a quieter end of the park. Perhaps not such a `personal` lodge as others stayed in and the accommodation could be a bit hot...eaves not deep enough to keep out the sun.

Worton,deb - 06th Jan, 2015

On the very far NE part of Etosha, this camp is now accessible by 2WD vehicles. It is remote, quiet (we were the ONLY ones staying there!), and absolutely serene. It was a really nice change from Okaukuejo. Definitely worth a stay for a night or two of your stay in Etosha for a little `splurge.`

Sumiani, Jeri - 09th Nov, 2014

At the top but few animals around. You have to drive till Namutoni...

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

Accommodation superb, Food great, most staff excellent. We were lucky because we came across a pride of 5 lions close to the camp. However, this camp is probably not a great choice as a location in the dry season to see wildlife. Never stayed at Namutoni, but its location is probably better.

Jewel, Steve - 08th Sep, 2014

The roads to Onkoshi was under construction so drive to Onkoshi was hazardous. However, we were abel to self-drive to Onkoshi - The sections of the roads that were completed are very good. This was my favourite camp. It has a very special beauty. The staff exceptionally friendly. Accommodatiion was great and the food excellent. Would love to return someday. Enjoyed game drive.

Tyldesley, Audrey - 26th May, 2014

Lovely, beautiful place and exciting road which was fine with a 4 x 4. Food good, service excellent but would be much improved with a waterhole.

Wilson, Colin - 17th Nov, 2013

Lovely accommodation, food was OK, quite far from the main road though so you are quite stuck out there and there aren`t many animals near the pan. Unfortunately the game drives were terrible in terms of the knowledge of the drivers. Rather drive yourself to a waterhole.

Gunstroop, Kim - 02nd Oct, 2013

very nice place, quiet

Rigaud, Federic - 29th Apr, 2013

great staff, all very helpful and friendly

Zonneveld, Peter - 06th Jan, 2013

Excellent setting on the Pan but a long way out

Bennett, John - 03rd Sep, 2012

beautiful. sorry we could not enjoy this camp longer - we arrived only at 9pm (car break-down) but the way to Onkoshi was great.

Mariman, Karin - 13th Jan, 2012

Nice. However, food was only ~ok, compared to price level. In general, NWR camps still often cannot compete with private lodges especially in terms of food. Not sure why. I think it is the quality of food supplies.

Schlenker, Stefan - 25th Nov, 2011

Very enthusiastic staff, good food quality, great location. Lodge is still very young - maybe they could have a few books/games etc in the lounge area to give guests a few more relaxation options. Accommodation excellent.

Ramsden, Neil - 05th Jun, 2010