5 star rating. Excellent customer service and accom was great considering it was a tent. Excellent game drives and the ambiance around the main restaurant with the water hole and hide was exceptional.

Fowler,diane - 24th Sep, 2017

The staff was friendly and the location was great (less than 100m from the gate). The camp was a bit simple but you could see lots of animals from the reception.

Torres, Ana - 19th Aug, 2017

This place is one of the nicest places we have ever stayed - beautiful setting. Dining room overlooking a very busy water hole. Pool area exceptional, as was service and food.

Kinahan, Jackie - 21st Jul, 2017

Could have stayed here a lot longer, loved it

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

very nice staying there ..probably the more professional people found in Nambia

Botteon,carlo - 18th Aug, 2016

Very basic and expensive. Better to look for accommodation inside Etosha.

Gafni, Oren - 19th Jul, 2016

Very good service, food, people and location. Just a pity the first night we didn't have hot water in our shower but then it was ok.

Beggi, Valeria - 17th Sep, 2015

Andersson's Camp has tent-style accommodations, and the main lodge is open to the air. In the wintertime, you don`t like the cold, this place might not be for you. The hide is great and I can see how that would offer an extraordinary way to view wildlife, though the only animals around when we were there were zebras and guinea fowl.

Borstein, Jan - 18th Aug, 2015

Love, love, love Andersson's Camp! Everything is outstanding: service, food, accommodations, guiding. And the hide for viewing animals is not to be missed. We wished we could have stayed longer, in fact one of my kids would like to live there :-) One important note: while the Carboard Box materials and even the Andersson's materials say that guests cannot go on drives on the Ongava resort during the day, this did not turn out to be the case. We went on an afternoon/sundown drive, when we arrived, and then another drive the next morning. These two drives were some of the best of our entire trip. I cannot recommend Andersson's enough. Their staff are so welcoming and provide top-notch service.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

Rustic but comfortable accommodations.

Trilling, Larry - 13th Jun, 2015

Really friendly hosts, game can be seen from the main terrace and they have a lovely hide to access underground to the very same waterhole and be there with the animals. Their guided game drive is awesome, lions and white rhinos a few meters from you

Molowny, Daniel - 28th Nov, 2014

A very special place. I liked the design of the main house + cabins, the closeness of the waterhole, the excellent guide we had.

Wagner, Ina - 20th Oct, 2014

Heinrich, the GM, was absolutely brilliant. One of the best hosts I have ever encountered.

Lyons, Josie - 06th Oct, 2014

Great hide, but need to be really quiet there, and will get rewards of fantastic game viewing day and night

Ramsay, Nina Joshi - 01st Oct, 2014

Very kind service. The rooms are a little bit run down however and would need serious refurbishing.

Maganza, Florian - 24th Aug, 2014

A wonderful lodge. The staff were great and made us feel really welcome, facilities we fantastic (loved the raised pool at the bar), the water hole and ground level hide at the dining area were idyllic (even though the Rhino and Lions didn`t read their e-mails inviting them to be there at 7pm). Would definitely recommend Andersons Camp to others. Also one of our top 3 lodges.

Blenkinsop,don - 03rd Jun, 2014

fantastic, people there were so kind. We meet Valencia a waitress and she was fantastic. She organized a show singing so well. Also Madri and Lew (I don`t know if I write the name correctly but he is the blond boy) were took care of us in the perfect way. They showed us the first Lion. We have to thank them and also Shilongo which was the perfect guide of our safari together.

Pervilli, Simona - 01st Nov, 2013

Andersson Camp is a beautiful location. Only just outside Etosha NP - the turn-off is literally metres from Andersson Gate - it provides a wonderful oasis after a long road trip. The managers and staff are very helpful, efficient and friendly. The chalets are lovely and the food fantastic. The camp has a small footprint on the environment and the buildings are sympathetic to the environment. Luxurious without being over-the-top. I would recommend this camp to others.

Hughes, Kylie - 19th Oct, 2013

Perfect located at the entrance to Etosha, basic tents, very nice and special bathrooms, very friendly staff, very motivated guide, nice and warm athmosphere, waterhole with lions! good food, to reccomend.

Korte, Eva & Ulrich - 14th Jun, 2013

Fantastic experience - loved it. Great people/adequate food/basic accommodation

Norman, Graham - 05th Oct, 2012

The Andersson Camp is located next to the Andersson gate of Etosha, which is handy. We got a very personnal service. It is a luxury camp, but it was quite cold in the tent at the end of May. There is a waterhole, but we did not see that much wildlife.

Vancoillie, Caroline - 08th Jun, 2012

Andersson Staff is exceptional friendly and helpful at all times! The tents are basic and the camp is fenced, so childfriendly. Overpriced if you don`t qualify for SADC rates.

Buchert, Karoline - 04th Jun, 2012

This place had the nicest and most wonderful staff of our stay. They really went out of their way to make our stay pleasant and personable. Very close to the Etosha gate. Their waterhole was good too (rhinos). This was initially a second choice because we could not get room inside Etosha but we had no regret!

Andriamialisoa, Fanja - 28th Aug, 2011

Enjoyed the lighted waterhole experience, seeing a rhino during dinner. The room was rustic but servicable, except that the spacing between the sink and bath is dangerously small. Service at meals could be better.

Sampson, Michael - 12th Oct, 2010

Very comfortable lounge area with view of good waterhole. Acommodation reasonable. Food poor.

Mundell, Wyn - 04th Oct, 2010

It was outstanding, especially the quality of the guides.

Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009