Excellent location and great accommodation. Highly recommended.

Nishimura,shinya - 19th Mar, 2017

Great place. The disadvantage is that it is outside of the park which makes it impossible to be early in the park. No night drives.

Tiroler, Zoltan - 25th Aug, 2016

Great spot just outside the park with tremendous infrastructure (electricity, hot water, loads of space).

Noble, Eva - 09th Aug, 2016

Very nice room. A lot of food variety at dinner buffet.

Bambagioni, Simone - 26th Jul, 2016

Modern lodges, superb food and great staff all a moment from Etosha's Anderson gate.

Jarvis,glen - 20th Jul, 2016

Had a great stay at Etosha Village, including lions and a leopard on our morning game drive, except for one small incident. I asked a woman at the desk if I could get the password to the wifi. She told me it wasn't working. I asked again the next morning and received the same answer. The way she responded made me think something was odd so I asked another person at their bar. She gave me the p/w and it worked just fine. I'm still not sure why the first person was reluctant to give me the info.

Pomtier, Scott - 25th Mar, 2016

excellent place before entering the park, Great dinner

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

funny place, very good food

Coggiola, Nadia - 22nd Oct, 2014

Nice style and set-up at Etosha Village with their canvas tents & outdoor bathrooms. The lodge is built like a traditional Namibian village, whilst the tents give the impression of camping in the African bush. I should also mention the food here was pretty much the best we had all trip. I liked the noodle bar and the buffet spread at dinner was awesome!! Good location close to Etosha park as well. 4 stars all round :-)

Rocliffe, Jamie - 03rd Oct, 2014

Great fun to stay in tents - loved the bathrooms! Great food.

Banks, Henry - 06th May, 2014

We very much enjoyed Taleni village. We loved the tents, and the showers were the best we had in Namibia. The buffet meals were great. We really liked this place and would recommend it.

Schler, Lynn - 29th Dec, 2013

Excellent, accommodation good and food also.

Hayes, Diane - 02nd Oct, 2013

We had a wonderful visit. thank you!

Landman, Melanie & Deon - 03rd Sep, 2013

One of our best memories! Much better than the hotels inside the Etosha.

Botzong, Philip - 29th Aug, 2013

absolutely great to stay in those tents with open sky shower

Hofler, Corina - 05th Aug, 2013


Lonmon-davies, Andrew - 12th May, 2013

This was my favourite. The tented camps were awesome and I loved to shower under the stars

Nieuwoudt, Gerrit - 29th Aug, 2012

Very nice accomodation, friendly staff

Roeters, Jolanda - 15th Aug, 2012

great buffet, lots of choice. nice management. wheelchair tent great with sense to pave path to tent. did not like that tent not on concrete but with slotted wood floor. scorpion on bed when we arrived. cold shower..yeek. great location for those on a budget, really overpriced internet

Oldham, Erica - 11th Feb, 2012

outstanding--nothing was too much trouble for management or staff.Food was excelent

Bing,fritz - 27th Oct, 2011

This was one our favorites.... outdoor shower.... so relaxing but I guess there should be a grocery store close by somewhere to buy groceries. We did not have any cooler, so did not have a chance to bring food with us.

Rwambuya, Soila - 12th Sep, 2011

great place (but so cold!) great food. Friendly people.

Meister, Francoise - 02nd Aug, 2011

Very, very nice. A real experience. The only thing was that our diner was included but because there weren't enough people (we were the only ones at diner and breakfast) we had no buffet, just a la cart and there was hardly any choice what you could order. So I think we paid to much for that.

Meeder, Rowena - 31st Jul, 2011

 a great experience. Will remember it fondly for a long time as perhaps the most memorable accommodation of our trip. Did not use the restaurant.

Watt, Sam - 11th Nov, 2010

Excellent site. The accommodation and food was excellent.

Long, Dodger - 08th Nov, 2010

Excellent food and interesting accommodation: the bathrooms with reed screen was a pleasure to use on a hot afternoon. Welcoming hosts and friendly staff, as well as the zebra, Spotty, made this a highpoint of our trip.

Deklerk, Sonja - 07th Nov, 2010

The lodge was beautiful and the staff was helpful.

De Angelis, Sandra - 19th Sep, 2010


Wish-baratz, Susanne - 10th Sep, 2010

Very good accommodation and food, exceptionally friendly staff

Hunerkoch, Bernd - 05th Sep, 2010

Really cool concept to have a tented lodge and thoroughly enjoyed my stay, staff were very friendly but the place is probably a tad expensive for what you get. However, it is very close to the park enterence which is a huge advantage from the other lodges outside the park.

Iskandar, Ian - 09th Sep, 2009