This was a lovely spot, great accommodation, good food and hosts.

Falvey, Angela - 12th Apr, 2018

We liked the calm, personally and familiar atmosphere in this nice lodge!

Luzi, Armin & Pia - 02nd Oct, 2017

Excellent. Staff were very pleasant and helpful. A lovely spot where we wanted to stay longer.

Young, Jeff - 28th Apr, 2017

Friendly and good quality place with a nice view. Food is good.

Van Leeuwen, Leo - 07th Apr, 2017

Again, another lovely accommodation. It was, however, our least favorite. We enjoyed meeting and spending time with the owners, but found the required fire pit meet up/ and communal dining table a bit forced. It felt a little awkward, and was a disappointment after the other great places we stayed. The setting is spectacular, however.

House, Teri - 06th Jan, 2017

Great - you should encourage people to climb Little Waterberg at dawn - simply beautiful. And Oscar and Mia - 2 of the farm dogs - will escort you all the way up and down! The hostess also runs a charity to help the local children in education and she offers trips to visit the school. This was very worthwhile and could be advertised through your offices. Many people will want to see, learn and, most importantly, help with money and gifts. The later requires early knowledge as we could have brought books, pens, pencils etc with us.

Cromarty, Niel - 07th Nov, 2016

Great place to stay at the end of a trip - luxury after camping. Beautiful views of Waterburg Plateau from bungalow. Hosts very friendly - knowledgeable on birdlife - staff great and welcoming.

Brown-kenyon, Carol - 20th Oct, 2016

One of our favorite places and such a nice place to really start our trip. Loved the comraderie of the international group of guest and beautiful, healthy, gourmet food. We also appreciated the language lessons from some of the staff. Our game drive on their own plateau reserve was most memorable. The cabins were so lovely, with an extraordinary view that we really mourned that we didn't have two nights there.

Walker, Fran - 16th Oct, 2016

Well run and functional guesthouse. We were able to go for a walk and the temperature is a few degrees cooler in this area.

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

Hospitable night may have been enough.......

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

We really enjoyed hiking behind the property and talking to the owners over dinner

Leathe, Rebecca - 13th Jul, 2016

very gentle family & staff - we liked it a lot - great chetaah excursion

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

Very nice grounds, unique place to stay. We were in their "max" room (their vip equvalent) and yes the place itself and its view were AWESOME, we wished there were fewer bugs, spiders and geckos. We get it, we're staying in nature and some level of "visitors" is inevitable, but we killed a lot of bugs (including some massive spiders) in there and had to escort 3 geckos outside. Besides the bug issue, we really liked it. Meals were great and it was nice to be at a smaller more intimate table. Staff was very kind.

Franko, Brian - 08th Jun, 2016

good location, great visit to the cheetahs

Hope, Greg - 20th Nov, 2015

Lovely place to spend a couple of nights. Very welcoming, good food, rooms & views.

Jepson, Bill - 09th Nov, 2015

We really enjoyed our brief time at Waterberg Guest Farm and would have liked to stay longer. The staff were all very friendly and efficient and we enjoyed our evening meal sharing stories of our trips to Africa with other guests over dinner. We especially enjoyed a wonderful game drive on the little serengeti with Alfred. We have been on many game drives before and this was one of the best. Great fun and excellent sightings.

Baker, Brian - 25th Oct, 2015

The guest house/ farm is an excellent place to stay The farm provided a day trip through their property and into the Cheetah Conservation site, which was fabulous however we ran out of time to go to the Plateau

Payne, James - 16th Oct, 2015

Liked the setting, it was nice to walk up the crags behind the lodge.

Leaver, Ellen - 29th Sep, 2015

Nice setting. The dinner (nice food too) with all the guests gathering at the same table was a really good idea.

Keusseyan, Celine - 29th Aug, 2015

Stayed in a bungalow, was gorgeous. Lovely meals.

Hyndman, Mathew - 16th Aug, 2015

Lovely lodge and fun communal vibe at dinner. Friendliest staff of our trip. Definitely recommend a night here to or from Etosha.

Chambers, Ben - 03rd Jun, 2015

Superb accommodation and views. All Staff were very friendly and helpful. The owner was very knowledgable about all things Africa and we spent time during the evenings amiably chatting.

Fricker, Karin & Martin - 10th May, 2015

We loved Waterberg Guest Farm. The staff really made the place stand out. So friendly and warm! Our guide for the drive to the Cheetah Conservation Foundation was Lef (Spelling?) and he was fantastic! Funny, kind, informative and attentive.

Androsoff, Katya - 07th Apr, 2015

Very friendly - delicious food and good wines.

Barkworth, Clare - 31st Jan, 2015

Lovely place to stay, fantastic bungalow all on its own with amazing views of the mountains. We really liked the room. Good food with all guests sharing the same big table, very friendly staff.

Dhenin, Sophie - 29th Nov, 2014

We enjoyed and appreciated meeting and discussing with the owners. Staff is fabulous - especially the trip to the CCF. We find the Guest Farm concept very pleasant (see Namtib Farm) and will include more of these in our next trip!

Van Der Haar, Frits - 26th Nov, 2014

great view from the bungalow

Nunziante, Giulia - 29th Aug, 2014

This was the top destination of all the lodges we visited. Very cosy and beautiful guest farm. Treated very personally. Only few rooms so very familiar. It was a pity we only stayed for one night. We would stayed longer!

Toremans, Maggy - 02nd Aug, 2014

Stunning, truly amazing!

Herran, Frederic - 21st Jul, 2014

we felt very comfortable. Especially the family atmosphere at the dinner table and campfire.

Roessel, Elke - 25th Apr, 2014

Very friendly, familiar atmosphere. They provided a free upgrade to a bungalow for our single traveller with no additional costs.

Renner, Christian - 15th Sep, 2013

CCF Tour from Waterberg is great value for money and lots of fun.

Cuijpers, Wendy - 17th Jun, 2013

An easy place to stay in. Very good hosts. Advisable  to arrive early around 14:00 to do a game drive which  adds to the interest.

Costello, Keith - 23rd Aug, 2012

Beautiful room, but had expected more of the Waterberg Plateau.

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

Friendly, good bungalows (would have appreciated, if upper part of trees would have been cut a little bit in order to have a view to Waterberg from veranda. Also strange, not to close curtain et night...

Bescher, Klaus - 04th Dec, 2011

Very comfortable & a very different setting for our last night. A storm prevented our ascent of the little Waterberg but we enjoyed the company of Harry & Sonja at dinner. Ruppell's parrot kindly put in an appearance just before we departed for Windhoek & home.

Smith, John - 26th Nov, 2011

Comfortable room and a good atmosphere. We had not realised evening meal was one option and there was no vegetarian choice so were told we could have meal without the meat- but paid the full price. It would have been good if we could have known how the evening meal 'worked' and could have requested a vegetarian alternative earlier.

Gatwood, Colin - 20th Nov, 2011