The tour was great, and I will gladly recommend it (and Cardboard Box Travel Shop) to other travelers.

Bruneski, Tara - 06th Nov, 2017

The driver and guide were excellent

Parvin, Rosemary - 30th Jan, 2017

Very good package. The hotels were good, the time of the safari as well. The driver Philip and guide Abel were excellent and we had a great time with the group. Thanks to both of the for making a difference

Nitzsche, Carlos - 14th Sep, 2014

I enjoyed this safari and Chameleon were excellent. Exceeded my expectations would recommend.

Pereira, Victoria - 08th Jul, 2014

Excellent tour with terrific guide. Great introduction to Namibia

Jenkins, Krista - 30th Jan, 2014

We had a fantastic time on this trip. The trip was well-paced. We were especially impressed with the quality of accommodation and the food on the trip. Our tour guide, Francois, was fantastic and did a great job. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone.

Hoszpodar, Elbe - 25th Nov, 2013

Good operation and guide. Very satisfied.

Todaka, Toyoji - 11th Jun, 2013

Very well tailored safari with a good company and competent staff.

Gray, Sheila - 20th May, 2013

We loved this tour. As mentioned before, the guide did an excellent job and the accommodations were lovely.Our only suggestion would be more time in Swakopmund. We had to leave by 11 which meant that the only activities available to us were sky diving and quad biking as all the other activities went until at least midday. This is nowhere near enough time to enjoy Swakopmund!

Frater, Vickie - 22nd Dec, 2012

Fantastic !!!! We were lucky to have an excellent guide/driver/cook/friend (Morne) for this tour. You then realise that having such a person really makes the difference. All the sights, scenaries and visits were excellent, accommodation was great around Etosha and Sesriem. Potential clients should however be warned that there is a lot of driving in this tour, so that people are ready and aware about it. I just regret that we couldn`t sleep inside Etosha and therefore enjoy the waterholes late at night and very early in the morning, as non residents have to leave the park at 17:30 and can only return at 06:00. Maybe such an option could be offered for those intereseted as I believe it is worth the extra cost.

Beaumard, Jerome - 29th Aug, 2012

We enjoyed both tours. The accommodation was excellent and our guide, Beanie, was very knowledgeable. The food was lovely and plentiful. Both tour group sizes were very small which was good which allowed us to enjoy our experiences with like minded people.

Browne, Linda And Leslie - 31st Aug, 2010

This was excellent. The accomodation on the tour self was outstanding. Their guide, Joe Dinn, is an excellent guide and made our safari an unforgetable experience. Would recommend this to all my friends.

Van Rensburg, Family - 05th Nov, 2009