Our guide Alphie was excellent and a very safe driver!

Barrett, Michelle - 03rd Sep, 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed this overall - good mix of activities, everything running very smoothly. We did find the long journey North to Opuwo tiring, although the Himba village trip was very interesting. Guide was excellent, we were glad not to be driving and wildlife viewing in Etosha was the highlight of the trip.

Bushby, Richard - 24th Sep, 2011

I really enjoyed the safari. I felt it captured most of the highlights of where I wanted to go within Namibia, with the appropriate amount of time in each location. All of the hotels we stayed at were excellent and I was very happy with each of them. The guide was very experienced, and I felt fully confident in his ability and knowledge. We had no problems whatsoever with logistics, and all of the activities and hotels, etc, were as described in the itinerary. I would definitely recommend this tour for someone wanting highlights of Namibia.

Tyler, Monica - 08th Dec, 2009