Popa Falls camping site was in a bad state. Ablutions were not maintained well and many were out of order. Camp sites are unlevel making camping very uncomfortable.

Kruger Deon - 17th Jul, 2017

I have been disappointed in NWR camps before and this camp is no exception.Nice looking houses, fairly new, but thanks to no love and care, nothing works. The staff seems not to care. The only good thing about the camp is the morning drive to the falls. The guide was great. really an exception next to all the indifference of the rest of the staff.

Vermeulen, Eimert - 18th Jun, 2017

Great place, very nice bungalows only...there wasn't so much to do in the enviroment.

Denissen, Ingrid - 04th Dec, 2016

What a huge and positive surprise since we were last there. It was the highlight of Jeremy's trip!

Pollock, - 12th Sep, 2016

This was not what we were expecting - I thought we would be able to walk about in the woodland and go over bridges and fords over the river. It appears that they have developed some up market lodges - and have stopped everyone else entering that area. The only view of the falls was from the sunset bar - which was fine but a little limiting. The restaurant was fine - if a little limited on choice.

Howard, Jenny - 26th Aug, 2016

Easy to find - your instructions are unnecessarily complicated. Very high quality staff, and the only drawback is no TV - but these days that is a BIG drawback.

Newlove,tony - 11th Aug, 2016

Most beautiful room I have ever stayed in. Food great too.

Williamson, Jan - 10th Aug, 2016

We enjoyed the bush camping. Resort Manager and staff very friendly and helpful.

Zyl Van Ronel - 03rd Jul, 2016

Nice facilities, but staff service and motivation could improve. Nice boat tour

Levy, Danny - 31st May, 2016

The room was beautifully furnished,very spacious and comfortable. It is a great place to "stop over".

Koch, Albert - 26th Nov, 2015

Strange place. We had not visited here before so fancied giving it a go. The falls are little more than a rapid on the river so nothing to get really excited about. You can see why they are important in Namibia as it is so arid with very little flowing water anywhere. The accommodation was nicely kitted out but was shady and smelled of wet dogs (I think this was down to poor aircon servicing). The food was also the worst we had in Namibia. A plus side is the little Mahango game reserve just down the road from here. We saw Elephants, Buffalo, Hippo, lots of antelope etc all within about 30 minutes of being in the park. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

Excellent accommodation. Food good but service could be improved with better training. Excellent boat and game drives with knowledgeable staff.

Hallam, David - 31st Aug, 2015

Personeel baie vriendelik gewees. Ablusieblokke is nuut oorgedoen en lyk pragtig. Was heerlik om daar te kon kamp.

Preez Du Jasper - 26th Jul, 2015

Very nice also relatively new place. Staff were also extremely helpful and friendly. There was a young waitress Vicky who was absolutely fantastic. She is a huge asset to the lodge.

Duncan, Alison - 16th Jun, 2015

Very good facilities but the restaurant menu did not reflect what was actually available. Perhaps they should rather record available dishes on a chalk board.

Harlech-jones, Brian - 15th Jun, 2015

You can\'t book people in cottages/chalets 4 to 16. There is a shebeen nearby and on weekends (incl Sunday) is playing LOUD techno music until 2.00 am. That aside - nice new facility. The new cottages on the main river look nearly finished and VERY nice. One can actually book drives and boat trips via NWR. Kapinga on the boat and John on the drive are both very good and try to pick out stuff for a guest`'s specific interests. Mahango - once can drive on one of the roads no problem with 2 x 4, the other not. Buffalo one needs 4 x 4 - this is where we took the NWR drive and it is well worth it,

Murray, Drew - 13th Sep, 2014

New place of the NWR very nice

Stockmann, Esther - 15th Aug, 2014

new renovated campsite (and some bungalows), nice place (Rhino boat-tour)

Bauer Ingrid - 09th Aug, 2014

This was surprisingly nice, especially after driving thru this region of Namibia that is much poorer and definitely not as well kept. The rooms and location are great. The food is not special at all (a very limited menu and they were out of several items). We did their river cruise and saw lots of hippos and crocs, we all loved it and it`s a place we`d come back to (and a very good value). They are building some VIP rooms that extend over the Okavango river that are going to be fabulous.

Loftus, Steve - 03rd Jul, 2014

Very nice experience. The unit was clean and well looked after. Well managed resort and lovely and very relaxing.

Ronel - 30th Dec, 2012

Limited catering as the lady in the office also prepare the meals. They are very friendly and helpful. She might not be the best cook, but food was prepared adequatly. Rooms and bathrooms was clean.

Moller, Francois - 03rd Jun, 2012

only really a stopover

Attfield, Ian - 10th Jan, 2012

Popa Falls Resort was the only big dissapointment. Rude welcoming and no information whatsoever. Half the camping was closed and the part still open looked more like a carpark than a campground. We moved onto to a camp ground closer to Mahango NP, nicer camp ground for less money and closer to the park.

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

The place is beautifull, but I think the manager could follow better the maintenance of camp sites, toilets, light points. But I repeat: the place of the camp is unique!

Spada, Rodolfo - 27th Sep, 2011

We found it a bit run down and staff were not that helpful

Evans, Cheryl - 31st May, 2011

This was such good value for our money.  The rooms were comfortable and clean and the food was good. At that price I would recommend others to stay there

King, Ian - 10th Nov, 2010

Although a neat and clean camp, Ngepi, a few km on, is definitely the place to go.

Backeberg, Marianne - 07th Sep, 2010