Beautiful place in a unique setting. We really enjoyed it, a very nice place to end our stay. We really liked the staff, many very friendly and knowledgeable guides and hosts in other roles. Since this was the most expensive place we stayed, we were surprised when they told us their water was not drinkable. Stopped at an amazing crystal market in Spitzkoppe along the road on the way there.

Chernis, John - 23rd May, 2018

This was a great surprise as we didn't think to ask about a place like this but it is set up wonderfully and the team there are fantastic. it was such a great time to be there. Lovely, lovely place.

Jackson, Kelley - 16th Jun, 2017

The location is everything here. Beautiful vistas. Our tent was at the bottom of a walk-way with no view (overlooking a big rock), though -- which, while still beautiful, was less nice than those tents perched up higher with an expansive view. 

Rudy,daniella - 26th May, 2017

Amazing!! Food, people, accommodation! All fantastic

Ascolese,andrea - 04th May, 2017

Absolutely wonderful place! Our favorite stay of the holiday. We loved the design in harmony with the surroundings and most appreciated the walk for sundowners and the guided nature walk in the morning. These really added to our stay and we learned so much from the guides. The restaurant and bar was also great and the food was very tasty.

Harvey, Sinead - 04th May, 2017

Another interesting place, great sunrise walk. Nice food, amazing tented lodge with every comfort, great little swimming pool.

Read, Mary - 18th Apr, 2017

Another great lodge. Early walk with guide excellent.

Raphael,deborah - 13th Apr, 2017

Beautiful place!

Patterson, Jeanette - 07th Mar, 2017

Wish we had 2 nights here - one night felt a bit rushed

Sidwell, Martyn - 17th Oct, 2016

This place ticks all the boxes. Not cheap but well worth two nights. Accommodation gorgeous, service great, food wonderful.

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

Absolutely amazing, staff wonderful, inclusive walks great.....

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

Wonderful experience and lovely room Great place to stay a couple of days to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Montserrat, Jordi - 20th Sep, 2016

Our favourite lodge. The accommodation and location in the Erongo mountains amazing. Staff and food great.

Slade, Judith - 16th Aug, 2016

Very friendly, excellent management and staff, top lodge !

Debondt, Johan - 08th Aug, 2016

Wonderful in every respect

Haines, Linda - 27th Jul, 2016

This was a really special place. If we had a later flight, I would have loved to have spent a second night here. I loved all the walking trails. The drive to the lodge was also one of our favorites. I think it's a great way to end a trip.

Poreda, Jackie - 12th Jun, 2016

This was our favourite lodge for sure! We stayed 3 nights and we found it super cozy, good activities, good food, very nice guides. We like the room, the dining area with the small birds waterhole, etc.

Pina I Estany, Carles - 24th Apr, 2016

Nice tent between rocks Good walks

Alonso, Pablo - 24th Feb, 2016

Fabulous! What a location!. Tented chalets with spectacular views. Guided walks in the mountains and excellent food - breakfast and dinner

Long,colin - 15th Feb, 2016

Long drive for us, but the tented cabins were excellent. Scenery was wonderful, dassies making noises were great fun, guided and self-guided walks were a real plus for this lodge.

Wood, Graeme - 26th Nov, 2015

This is a fantastic location and the facilities were outstanding. It is clearly a place to learn and appreciate the natural beauty of the area including the Bushmen paintings.

Koch, Albert - 26th Nov, 2015

Beautiful place to stay, very relaxing, excellent food, guided walk and drive to see cave paintings very informative, guides very knowledgeable. Good independent walking trails. Leopards coming to drink at the waterhole during dinner was the icing on the cake!

Jepson, Bill - 09th Nov, 2015

The very best of the lodges. Food was incredible as were the accommodations and service! Would visit again in a heartbeat.

Cox, Joshua - 29th Oct, 2015

One of my favourites - stunning scenery and we had the best chalet (number 6!). It felt so private and was amazingly peaceful. The food was excellent here as was the guide. We did the sunrise hike, just us and the guide Immanuel, it was fantastic.

King, Sarah - 21st Sep, 2015

As with all the accommodation Erong exceeded our expectations. Such a beautiful setting, although Ali (my wife) was a bit scared by the baboon noises during the night. As with Onguma we would have loved a second night here

Newsome, Michael - 04th Sep, 2015

Probably our favourite. Again a stunning location. Good food, service. Excellent (and free) guided walks.

Richardson, Gary - 26th Jun, 2015

A very nice place at a very reasonable price.

Knight, Jeffrey - 18th Jun, 2015

Very good walks with friendly rangers for all the family, amazing accomodation & restaurant location; quiet and beautiful

Michel Le Page, Valerie - 10th Jun, 2015

Thank you Chantelle for recommending this to me. Fantastic - cannot find a single fault. A brilliant morning walk with Kulo - having been on many previous guided bush walks - I can only say this was the best ever - learnt lots I never knew . Loved all the walks - could be pretty tough for some though. Yes will dream often about the bush in May there, the granite domes and the walks.

Robb, Yvonne - 09th Jun, 2015

The food, room, guides and staff were great here.

Durrington, Luke - 04th Jun, 2015

Most wonderful place!

Stolk,boudewijn - 31st May, 2015

Very relaxing

Humphries, Liam - 24th May, 2015

Another wonderful lodge. The hiking - both guided and unguided - was spectacular and the food was probably the best we had during our trip. The tents with their large outdoor seating areas were lovely. Can't fault it and would definitely return.

Barr, Rebecca - 25th Apr, 2015

Dramatic location. Breakfast excellent. Our dinner was very disappointing. Staff pleasant. More expensive than it should be for what you get.

Dub, Barbara - 20th Apr, 2015

Excellent in all areas. Great accommodation, service and wine!

Hall,stacey - 01st Apr, 2015


Pariset, Nicolas - 05th Jan, 2015

Stunning location, good food, friendly staff, excellent

Middleton, Richard - 19th Dec, 2014

Lovely accommodation and excellent food

Bevan, David - 16th Nov, 2014

The best food out of all we stayed at. Could easily have stayed two nights here.

Lyons, Josie - 06th Oct, 2014

A really elegant and superb place. Very knowledgeable guides. Beautiful setting. A wonderful pace and atmosphere.

Cooke, Sarah - 01st Sep, 2014

This was a great recommendation. Spectacular location, very friendly staff, the family room was perfect for the 4 of us, and the food was quite good. We did some nice hiking with their guide and much needed exercise. This would be a great place to start a Namibia trip and recover from the travel. If we return to it, I`d like to spend 2 nights there.

Loftus, Steve - 03rd Jul, 2014

Great place with good atmosphere and wonderful accommodation

Griffin,don - 19th May, 2014

Excellent place was most impressed with the staff service and the best food as good if not better than Olive Exclusive would recommend to anyone A lot of steps and hills although struggled with my knee but it was worth it will go back

Roessel, Martine - 17th May, 2014

Incredible view in the granites, nice walks.

Bailley, Vivien - 14th Mar, 2014

Fantastic, what a gem! And we, as over 50`s, landed up in the honeymoon suite!! This is really an amazing place! As the camp is not a Parks Board camp, and it is small, everything is personalised and the staff knows you by name, all the little things are given attention. The food was great, the service great, you simple cannot fault it in any way whatsoever. And of course, the honeymoon suite is simply the best!

De Klerk, Charlotte - 17th Jan, 2014

Loved it, location wonderful, food excellent, walks great with guides who spoke excellent English. Road there exciting

Wilson, Colin - 17th Nov, 2013

Wow!!!!!! Expensive but really worth it. The posh tents, the food, the environment and the wonderful sunrise walk with Coolis (don`t know how to spell his name) were all top notch. Again, would have loved to have been able to spend longer here as it felt like a good mixture of wildlife/adventure and chill-out.

Parkes, Simon - 16th Nov, 2013

Fantastic location if you like big (big) rocks. Lots of photo-opportunities of scenery.

Strand, Peter - 16th Jul, 2013

We loved the love-birds that are coming in the morning, This was the reason to book this lodge. Very friendly staff, nice tent with great views, bed was a bit small. Nice walkings and star gazing. Good breakfast.

Gelder, Jeroen - 06th Jul, 2013

One of the best lodges on our journey, with well equiped tents, friendly staff/management and great food.

Van De Bunt, Jan - 01st Jul, 2013

Everything perfect, very Good Food, friendly staff, nice pool, hot water bottles in bed!

Korte, Eva & Ulrich - 14th Jun, 2013

We really liked this lodge, wished we could have stayed another day. We took a short afternoon walk with their guide, Culess (sp?), and a trip to a nearby riparian area the next morning, he was great. He knew all the birds we wanted to see.

Beardmore, Carol - 29th May, 2013

Am I pleased we decided to spend some time (2 nights) here- particularly after we`d spent time in Etosha, as the emphasis at EWL is more on landscape and walking- although I did see my first kill (more later). The set-up of this camp is excellent- the tents well-spaced, and the dining room and open terrace restaurant areas very lovely. Although it continued hot, we felt that accommodation in tents on stilts provided good air circulation and allowed comfortable nights. The food at Erongo was the best we encountered in Namibia. The walks were lovely, and we enjoyed the interaction with the guides. After breakfast on our second day I witnessed the following- about 10 feet from me. My attention was attracted by a very large, black wasp which had become quite agitated. It was being watched quite closely by a lizard. The lizard moved towards the wasp, which jumped onto its back but with no effect. Up to this point I hadn`t noticed a rather large (size of my outstretched hand) spider- which appeared oblivious to all of this. Next thing the lizard grabbed the spider and ate it whole- the body part was the size of a small kiwi. I sought an explanation. The wasp was actually a spider wasp, which had paralysed the spider with a view to pulling it to its nest so that it could lay its eggs in the spider. The lizard rather likes the taste of spiders, and pinched the wasp's kill, the wasp retaliated, but its sting cannot pierce the skin of the lizard. The stuff of nightmares.., fascinating nature red in tooth and jaw.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

excellent lodge, very good food, high service quality

Schmitz, Marc - 02nd Jan, 2013

Excellent place to stay

Habluetzel, Karin - 11th Dec, 2012

A luxurious camp in a magnificent setting.

Heintz, Daniel - 14th Nov, 2012

Very good. Nice people, great ambiance and views. Accommodation and food OK.

Norman, Graham - 05th Oct, 2012

Nice place to stay a day or two - good birding.

Bok, Arnold - 05th Aug, 2012

Loved it and we were so glad that we stayed there. Rachel's recommendation was perfect.

Travers, Ann - 15th Apr, 2012

Very good, a bit buggy, but the Mosquito netting helped and the operation was well done as was the dinner and the hosts were very pleasant.

Richter, Chris - 27th Feb, 2012

Beautiful place. We would like to return for a longer visit.

Mark - 12th Jan, 2012

Nice location. Good atmosphere. Nice stopover on the way back to Windhoek. The new tents are spacious and well organized.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Hot hot hot days! Lee and Murray and Ernestine were clear and welcoming. The setting was so different from the dunes and from the coast. The food was the best here of any of the places we stayed in Namibia. Not a lot to do here if you're not a birder, but definitely worth a night and morning to walk along the boulders.

Boldt, Dana - 28th Nov, 2011

Wonderful scenery & accommodation. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. A fabulous place to spend our first night in Namibia. Excellent bird viewing (if somewhat contrived) Very worthwhile walks in & around the camp.

Smith, John - 26th Nov, 2011

Beautiful place. Very nice and friendly welcome. This is the only place that took account of the fact that we were on a honeymoon and we found a welcome letter on our bed when we took our tent. Very nice gesture, much appreciated by us. This was the lodge where we found the food to be of lesser quality. The dishes were just average and not up to the standard of some of the other places. Fantastic mangager (Yohann or Johann) but we learned that he was only filling in as a replacement. Wonderful stay, if only for one night and great sunset drive to rockpaintings.

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

this is a really excellent lodge - lovely low key service and excellent food and tent -- we had the `honeymooners` suite!

Davies, Linda - 13th Nov, 2011

Our highlight and favourite lodge! Very nice and friendly staff. We were received with a welcome drink and a young girl lead us around and explained us, what they offer (time for meals, guided walks and tours, sundowner walks etc). We had room service (not on your website). The price for accommodation included two different early morning guided walks (2 or 3 hrs walk)and a sundowner walk on the next hill (drinks to be payed extra). We were lucky, we had our private guide on both mornings, because nobody else wanted to walk. I don't want to fail to inform you, that our very friendly guide Gelasius Kamwange was absolut top - he told us everything, about Namibia, Erongo Mountains, history, animals, weather - he really knew all the small details and he could answer each question.

Isermann, Rita - 02nd Nov, 2011

Excellent accommodation amount the mountains. Very good food and could have enjoyed an extra day there.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

excellent place, with great service/restaurant and nice people

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011

Stunning setting and very well run lodge

Huzzey, Chris - 07th Jul, 2011


Brooks, Jean - 12th Apr, 2011

Beautiful lodge with excellent food

Dumont, Jacques - 04th Apr, 2011

Nice and quite, good to make a break

Thiriaux, Philippe - 23rd Oct, 2010

Just perfect

Brinks, Hans - 04th Oct, 2010

Very enjoyable stay. Spectacular camp layout and surroundings. Food very good. Acommodation good Very good walks and birding with excellent guide.

Mundell, Wyn - 04th Oct, 2010

Beautiful, loved it!

Mena, Celia - 04th Oct, 2010

Very nice evening meal. Staff very friendly.

Johnson, James - 06th Jun, 2010

nice and great service

Scott, Nigel - 05th Jun, 2010

Lovely location and lovely food. We did however got a bit lost in some of the trials as they were not very well marked at places and we had to turn around.

Lam, Fong - 04th Jun, 2010

Excellent lodge, the best food we had on the whole trip. Nothing much to do around the lodge but it's a perfect setup to chill out after a long drive. The room are so well positioned that you realy feel alone in the bush.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010

Very special! Excellent accomodation and meals. Great bushwalks.

Bateman, Tony & Sandy - 09th Apr, 2010

The best lodge we stayed in. Wonderful location, great care in every detail, very kind staff. A special place where I would suggest to stay for more than just one night.

Meloni, Pierpaolo - 19th Jan, 2010

This was an interesting experience. The accommodation is a bit rustic but the food, staff snd setting made up for that. The only thing we would have liked was air conditioning as it was extremely hot and the fan in the tent was not sufficient.

Perch, Jane - 15th Dec, 2009

Friendly hosts. Good meals. Being less than 15 mn from a small town does not feel as remote as other places.

Rodrigue, Natalie - 10th Dec, 2009

Very nice - but it's showing it's age. Beginning to feel a little run down - but we still liked it. The managers were really good here

Bahra, Sanjit - 03rd Dec, 2009


Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009

Very impressed, liked the walks

Best Tours - 17th Nov, 2009

One of our favourites. Really good food!! Amazing place.

King, Damian - 11th Sep, 2009

enchanting place

De Gennaro, Luca - 09th Sep, 2009

Erongo was truly a delight. This was largely a transit stop for us so we only had a bit of time in the evening to enjoy it and left first thing the next morning. I wish we had more time. The sundowner walk was wonderful. This lodge truly went out of their way to allow our daughter to join us for dinner before I took her back into Omaruru. We will always be grateful for them making that possible.

Jackson, Stanley - 09th Sep, 2009

Exceptional service and food..a must stop!!!

Noel Naidoo - 27th Aug, 2009

It'a unique place worth to be visited. peace and landscape are marvellous, people very kind and efficient

Visentin, Marta - 03rd Aug, 2009